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Nivolumab + Cabozantinib --- Metastatic Kidney Cancer

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Hi friends, just sharing the following here:

New first-line treatment option for metastatic kidney cancer

19 Sep 2020


The results of the phase 3 CheckMate 9ER trial have provided a new first-line treatment option for patients with metastatic kidney cancer. The late breaking results are presented at ESMO 2020.

The trial took two drugs used as monotherapies in the second line, nivolumab and cabozantinib, and combined them for use as a first-line treatment against standard of care, sunitinib.

The combination was superior to sunitinib for progression-free survival, overall survival, and response rate. There was a consistent benefit of the combination over sunitinib in numerous subgroups including age, sex, PD-L1 expression, bone metastases, International Metastatic RCC Database Consortium (IMDC) risk group, and region of the world.







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