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2 Key Events: Turn Normal cells ---> Cancer

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Hi friends, just sharing the following here:



Upregulation of Antioxidant Capacity and Nucleotide Precursor Availability Suffices for Oncogenic Transformation

Available online 6 November 2020



The team discovered how the transformation from a phenotypically normal cell to a cancerous one involves the enhancement of two key elements: antioxidant defense and nucleotide synthesis. 



 "We took a unique approach and looked at the cellular changes driven by a particular metabolic enzyme, which turned out to be the key here.

Strikingly, we found that for a phenotypically normal cell to become a cancer cell, all it needs to do is to be equipped with the extra capacity to endure oxidative stress and produce nucleotides."

Shut down these metabolic pathways, the study suggests, and the cells don't become cancerous.



The findings also lend further evidence shown in clinical trials and other studies that antioxidants in fact support tumor growth, not decrease it.

For a tumor to form, it needs a robust antioxidant defense; giving it more antioxidants provides an ideal environment for it to do that.


The findings also provide an explanation for the observation that compounds interfering with nucleotide biosynthesis are among the most successful chemotherapeutic drugs for cancer.

Importantly, the study reveals a molecular framework to better understand the process of oncogenesis and a potential road map for new approaches to treat cancer, the authors said.

"Now we can say that the oncogenic transformation comes from two fundamental steps," Yang said.

"Our study also suggests that combining therapeutics that affect both events, some which are already in clinics, would be more effective at preventing normal cells from becoming cancerous."