Nant 'vaccine.'  


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26/11/2018 10:26 pm  

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong presented evidence at SITC

In both the triple negative breast cancer and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma trials patients had failed four to six lines of therapy. Three of eight experienced irPRs (- 70-100% reductions) and another three had irSD (two having shrinkage of between 21-49%).

In the metastatic pancreatic group all had failed at least three lines of therapy. Currently, less than 20% of patients goes on to receive third-line systemic therapy Such patients have a median survival of 1-4 months. Nine out of ten treated had irSD (with three having shrinkage of between 6-27%). The median survival of the group is 9.5 months with a number continuing treatment.

Here is one patient with head and neck cancer who had a 100% reduction

Here is a link to the trials

This can be improved upon. For the two vaccines, it makes sense to target neoantigens as well as cancer stem cells. Then, using IL-15/TGFB instead of just IL-15 Also adding on RP-182 (in some cases) NEO-201 and Nab-5404

All of the above are in the Nant pipeline.

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28/11/2018 6:07 pm  

Thanks a lot! Very interesting! I will read the details this eve.