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Low dose IL-2; and young donor HLA mismatch stem cell and leukocyte infusion

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Anyone here (Daniel) ever heard or used low dose IL-2 as T and NK cell simulator to kill cancer. I have MDS high risk with U2AF1 (S34F) mutation (not a good one for treatment) and some missing chromosomes delete 7q, del 20q and a rearrangement KMT2A. I did a few 14 day cycles and got great boast in WBC from .8 to 2.1; platelets from 70 to 175; But nothing from RBC’s. The my doctor added revlimid and over next 4 cycles of IL-2 all blood CBC values crashed badly platelets to 30’s, wbc to .8 and hemoglobin fell to 4.5 so I became transfusion dependent. Stopped the revlimid did one more cycle of IL-2 the a transfusion of young donor HLA mismatch stem and leukocytes infusion.  No chemo pre or post. That was 3 weeks ago. Had one more 2 bag red cell transfusion, but numbers have come up a bit and appear stable now. I’m taking many supps, including d3; 12 gms of C; LDN 4.5mg. D beta glucan; high dose b complex, pro and pre biopics; 11mg of trentoin; 11mg of tadalafil (cialis). Was looking for others to help NK, and T and B cells while suppressing those same cell suppressors. 
 The IL-2 also helped in improving the function of cytoxic T cell and NK cells. Since the revlimid those had fallen to a fraction of normal range. I have read that my mutation is involved in defective RNA splicing but no current drugs that target this.

our other clinics trying IL-2 or interferon as stimulators of immune system? Others with high risk MDS had luck with any immune therapies?


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