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Innate Immune Training --- Anti-tumor Activity

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Hi friends, just sharing the following here:

Priming the immune system to attack cancer

Date: October 29, 2020

Source: University of Pennsylvania

New research showed how immune 'training' transforms innate immune cells to target tumors.
The findings could inform new approaches to cancer immunotherapy or even strategies for preventing tumor growth.




Their work, published in the journal Cell, found that "training" the innate immune system with β-glucan, a compound derived from fungus, inspired the production of innate immune cells, specifically neutrophils, that were primed to prevent or attack tumors in an animal model.

"The focus in immunotherapy is placed on adaptive immunity, like checkpoint inhibitors inhibit the interaction between cancer cells and T cells," says Hajishengallis, a co-senior author on the work.

"The innate immune cells, or myeloid cells, have not been considered so important. Yet our work suggests the myeloid cells can play a critical role in regulating tumor behavior."

The current study builds on earlier work published in Cell by Hajishengallis and a multi-institutional team of collaborators, which showed that trained immunity, elicited through exposure to the fungus-derived compound β-glucan, could improve immune recovery after chemotherapy in a mouse model.



Innate Immune Training of Granulopoiesis Promotes Anti-tumor Activity

OCTOBER 29, 2020

• Trained innate immunity (TII) promotes anti-tumor activity
• TII is linked to transcriptomic and epigenetic rewiring of granulopoiesis
• Trained granulopoiesis promotes an anti-tumor phenotype in neutrophils
• Trained granulopoiesis might bear potential for cancer immunotherapy





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I came across a clinic called Immucura in Gibraltar/ Malaga which looks at priming the immune system by (what I can gather from their leaflet) adjusting the various immune cell ratios to increase white blood cell activity and down regulating hyperactivie immune cells and subsequently using dendritic cell vaccines. I was wondering if anyone has come across this clinic and in particular in respect of GBM?

My family member has recently been diagnosed with GBM so bit new to researching the various options and approaches, but it does seem like priming the immune system prior to DC vaccination makes sense (and have noticed a number of trials have used immune boosters with DC vaccines).

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From what I can tell, Immucura is selling snake oil. I asked them for more information about the antigens they were using to activate the dendritic cells in their "vaccine" and they tried to avoid answering at first, but when pressed said they cultivated the dendritic cells in the patients own blood. Very unfortunate that there are some people shamelessly taking financial advantage of people in distress.

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Very unfortunate that there are some people shamelessly taking financial advantage of people in distress.