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imuno -- anyone tried this treatment?

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I wonder if anyone has any experience or knowledge about this treatment called imuno (, especially for solid tumors like lung cancer. 

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Dr. Yamamoto successfully sold his patents and related IP to Efranat, in late '09, who listing him as a ''co-founder'' (and inventor of GcMAF)


I know they tested batches from other companies claiming to sell it, but couldn't find the molecule


Fast forward to '14, a trial (NCT02052492) was initiated, and around a year later, some data presented


However, it seems they couldn't raise any further funds and went out of business.

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Dear @dumbcritic, that trial was interesting. We have seen recommended by that the imuno be nebulized to get it to the lungs for efficient treatment. It seems the concentration in imuno are much higher than the concentration in the trial.

Here is another interesting article: "GC protein-derived macrophage-activating factor
decreases α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase levels in
advanced cancer patients" (2013)

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@dng050 What dose did imuno recommend to you? I couldn't find this on their website.

At variance with other immune stimulating molecules that target only one type of cells (e.g. macrophages), imuno® targets all cells of the innate immune system and, because of this, helps to direct the adaptive immune system against cancer cells, cells infected by viruses, and cells harbouring abnormal proteins or pathogens.

This statement makes me nervous. If you increase all immune cells, you may increase regulatory t cells, which would be counterproductive.

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