Cancer Cure? OX40 TLR9  


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05/02/2018 5:43 pm  

The recent research using OX40 intratumoral injections and TLR9 cured most mice of various types studied. This is a highly promising approach. The many clinical trials with OX40 now underway are systemically dosing which might not be as effective as an intratumroal dose. However, a new trial is now starting that will use the protocol used in the mice.

This is very exciting! I wish that through the power of social media that the truth about this treatment can be known as soon as possible. It could take many years for this knowledge to be gained if the usual clinical trial process were to be used. In fact the below clinical trial is expected to enroll 15 patients over the next 2 years. We can't wait! We want our lives to live again  NOW! Life should be more than misery.

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06/02/2018 9:55 am  

Jcancom, very good idea to open a new topic, since this treatment deserves its own space in the forum. I can imagine that Head Neck, Skin cancers, Lymphoma, Peritoneal Cancers can be addressed by this treatment very easily. Due to the fact the tumor is artificial.

So I really hope, other companies will open similar trails for other cancers as well. 

But maybe it is not a magic bullet. Bromopyruvate cured also nearly all cancers in mice...

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06/02/2018 10:03 pm  

Hi J,

Apparently, people did not comply with your wish to move the conversation to here but I do. You are right on, monoclonal antibodies and a lot of immune based therapies are dangerous, cause autoimmune disease, shut down the kidneys, etc. All the more exciting that this ox40/tlr9 ligand combo is safe and less taxing for the immune system. 

Regarding sponsoring by the PI, I doubt he sponsors it from his pocket, more probably from his grant. As you are so enthusiastic and have a high energy to get things done, and seem to be in the US, how about helping this guy with crowd funding?

At the same time, we could also set up a page for Daniel to support this research of his. His articles are immensely informative and more in-depth than anybody else's with practically a layperson's approach but with amazing knowledge and care.

If anybody knows how to proceed about crowd-funding, please respond!




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