Alpha-Gal-Cer Immunotherapy  


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08/11/2017 10:04 pm  

Very startling!

About 30 years ago Japanese researchers found that the Okinawan marine sponge Agelas mauritianus had a potent immunochemical that they refined and enhanced to yield KRN7000. This chemical induces a strong cytokine release by Natural Killer T Cells (NKT cells). A new form of this molecule alpha-c-galactosyceramide has been found to be up to 100 times more potent.

Below web site also mentions another form in development 7DW8-5. When this was combined with the vaccine adjuvant MPLA an anti-cancer effect was seen. PMID:27132023

It is frustrating though after all of these decades of research none of these products are available to patients. Yet, the potential for this class of chemicals is BIG. It could be used in vaccines, diabetes, cancer...