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Natural supplements in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia.

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Hi ,


I was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia five years ago. All this time I have taken Nilotinib = 4 x 150 mg /day . Now I have BCR - ABL = 0.111 .

My health is stable, I have a good physical condition, service, family and I'm, generally speaking, an active person.

Along with the basic treatment I took a  mountain of natural supplements and I tested all kinds of natural substances .

Currently I take: curcumin, quercetin, vitamin D3 + K2, zinc, selenium, medicinal mushrooms and others .

Because  almost all leukaemia patients face decreased platelets, I would like to tell you what I used to increase platelets:

  1. Beetroot juice . The famous beetroot juice really helps but there will be problems with his administration. I tried it in combination with carrot juice, with apple juice, with lemon.

At first , it worked. But, OMG, it was really hard after about a month. My wife advised me to try with parsnip and I discovered that it is easier to swallow if you add  parsnip juice . Also, I  took it with  a few olives after swallowing. It works like this.

Don't administer for more than a few months because from what a doctor told me, her sister who did a too long  cure has grown too much iron in her blood.


  1. Carrot juice. Very easy to drink .
  2. Wheat powder juice . I found it easy to take and very useful and in other diseases .
  3. Vitamin B12 sublingual . It's easy to take and with pretty quick results.


Just a simple combination of 2 of these, will have a platelet growth effect.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your experience to help others @real

Kind regards,