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30/09/2018 2:45 pm  

Hi guys!

I have kept in touch with Daniel for months and my friend Marcos. My lack of time has prevented me from participating in the forum.
My mother is having new growth of glioblastoma (diagnosed in 2015)
We are using the same 2DG metronomic protocol as Marcos. Currently it seems that everything is stable.

I will share our treatment line. Any suggestions will be appreciated:

- Nanothermia 2 times a week at 120w
- 2DG Metronomic once a week at 3grs. (3ml / h.) Combined one day with nanothermia
- 80mg temozolamide combined the two days of 2DG
- 600 mg of ribavirin every day
- 200 mg celecoxib every day
-1700 mg metformin every day
- 10 ml empty liposomes all days (20ml in nanothermia days)
- 100mg canagliflozin combined 1 day with nanothermia
(distanced 48 hours from 2DG)

I am studying taurolidine .... and a peptide vaccine directed to the PTEN mutation

Daniel suggested me:

- Besentabs but they can also help reduce the acidity around the tumor and that may be good for glyoblastoma that are highly acidic. Just that we need to clarify the impact on the absorption of temozolamide.

- Add another cycle of metronomic 2dg in the week

-Add another mitochondria inhibitor next to Metformin like Atovaquone

-Add an MCT1-MCT4 inhibitor like Ibuprofen if possible, to reduce the lactic acid export that may result following the use of Metformin

-Use other glycolysis inhibitors during the days my mom is not on 2DG. One that is accessible is Vitamin C in high dose, but you can try to search for other glycolysis inhibitors.
If not, maybe you extended the use of canagliflozin to a time closer to 2DG admin but not overlapping that ............................. ..........

I hope to participate in the forum!

Best regards to all

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30/09/2018 9:17 pm  

Hi Manuel,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. I understand how difficult it is as you have so much to take care of, including taking care of your dear mom and working full time as the same time. So please use your time for that instead of spending time discussing on this website. What i only ask from you and others with whom I communicate by e-mail is that when there are general questions (not personal), please ask them on this website from time to time so that others can benefit from the related discussion. This is because lately I spend most of my time answering e-mails and calls, and as a result I have no more time to reflect the learnings here on the website so that others benefit.

I would also like to add again that all the ideas and knowledge I share with you or others (including that going through private communications) goes with the Disclaimer on this website. Everyone has to use that as input only while discussing with their medical doctor the best approach in line with patient’s status, and should not replace the medical advice.

Beyond that, I am happy to hear about the fact that your mom is doing better and she is now in a stable situation since you implemented approaches to support chemo, which as I understood was not anymore effective prior to that. I very much think 2DG metronomic plays a major role in that outcome.
Indeed, I think Taurolidine is a treatment approach that is relevant for glioblastoma, but it requires an intensive treatment.
Increasing slightly the frequency of 2DG metro may be an easier approach that could help.

Kind regards,

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03/10/2018 10:09 am  

Hi Daniel.

I believe that you were wrong which has written the protocol is Manuel my friend,is the protocol of his mother.

kind regards.Marcos

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03/10/2018 3:43 pm  

HI Marcos,

sorry for writing your name while responding to Manuel.

I did had Manuel in my mind as I was speaking with him on the e-mail too, but just wrote your name instead. Sorry for that. I'l change it now.

Kind regards,