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The First Time Design of Cancer Nutrition as Specific to Treatment with Its Mega Analysis, Potential, Benefits, and Drawbacks by Ugur Gogus

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I started reading this book a few days ago and highly recommend it. 

"The main aim of the detailed review in the book is to design a diet which is specific to chemotherapy as complementary for the first time to enhance anticancerogenic effect of the chemotherapy. Only such a diet may help to oncologist, dietician and patient with cancer for a better prognosis. It should never be disregarded that any of the food which is contraindicated with the effect of the chemotherapeutic agent on the signaling, pathway or enzyme would have to limit the expectation from the chemotherapeutic agent."

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ugur Gogus was graduated from Faculty of Veterinary in Ankara/Turkey in 1986. He completed his doctorate in Meat Technology in Food Engineering Department of Faculty of Agriculture in Turkey in 1995. He has reviews, researches and books as related to food and antiaging, functional foods, meat hygiene, food microbiology and food safety. He has also several oral presentations in many countries including China and United States of America. He has been honoured with International Professional of the Year 2006 (International Biographical Centre, as teaching staff in Middle East Technical University, Vocational School of Higher Education, Turkey.

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