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Olanzapine may help control nausea, vomiting in patients with advanced cancer

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When the study was unblinded, the research team learned that all 30 participants recorded nausea scores of 8-10 on the first day of the study. After one day and one week, nausea scores in the 15 patients who received a placebo were all still 8-10 out of 10. In contrast, the 15 patients who received olanzapine had scores of 2-3 out of 10 after one day and 0-3 out of 10 after one week. Correspondingly, these patients reported less vomiting, better appetite and better well-being. No patient-reported adverse events were observed among trial participants receiving olanzapine. "Olanzapine given at 5 milligrams per day for seven days markedly improved patient quality of life with no side effects," says Dr. Navari. "And as a generic drug, it's also relatively affordable, with a one-month supply often costing anywhere from $10 to $15."

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