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Deuterium-depleted water for adjuvant treatment of cancer

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Dear friends,

Has anyone used deuterium-depleted water (DDW) as an adjuvant or stand-alone cancer treatment?

In my research, I have come upon these relevant studies, which suggest that DDW could be an effective add to conventional cancer treatment:

  1. "A Retrospective Evaluation of the Effects of Deuterium Depleted Water Consumption on 4 Patients with Brain Metastases from Lung Cancer" (2008), link
  2. "Deuterium Depletion Inhibits Cell Proliferation, RNA and Nuclear Membrane Turnover to Enhance Survival in Pancreatic Cancer" (2021), link
  3. "Anticancer Effect of Deuterium Depleted Water - Redox Disbalance Leads to Oxidative Stress" (2019), link
  4. "Effect of Systemic Subnormal Deuterium Level on Metabolic Syndrome Related and other Blood Parameters in Humans: A Preliminary Study" (2020), link
  5. "Deuterium Depleted Water Effects on Survival of Lung Cancer Patients and Expression of Kras, Bcl2, and Myc Genes in Mouse Lung" (2013), link
  6. "Study of the deuterium depletion water in the cancer medical treatment in Japan" (2003), link

What are your thoughts on DDW?

Kind regards,

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Hi, have you read the book: Cancer and the New Biology of Water by Dr. Thomas Cowan MD

Here is some more info

Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW)

Deuterium (ᒾH) can accumulate in the water of our cells. High deuterium levels could be a result of excessive ᒾH loading from processed carbohydrate intake in place of natural fat consumption{ref}. Many studies have shown that when we reduce deuterium in our body, this has a remarkable antiproliferative effect on cancer.
How to get DDW? You can buy DDW, but it's expensive. Alternatively, there are claims you can prepare DDW at home. Here's how:
" Deuterium water (heavy water) has a higher freezing point than ordinary water, slightly above zero Celsius, but it does not mean that all heavy water will be frozen. Therefore by holding the temperature at about 1°C, you can get some ice that contains D2O or DHO in a higher concentration than in liquid because the freezing point for H2O is lower. This is a way you can reduce the deuterium concentration of the water about 8-10 ppmHowever to achieve further decrease you have to freeze this water in further steps. " {Ref}

Evian mineral water has 145ppm of deuterium {ref}, which could considered to be DDW but likely not therapeutic. Using the above-mentioned freezing technique, you then should be able to reduce deuterium in Evian water to below 125ppm by freezing (1°C) and removing ice three times.

However, this study shows only a 3ppm reduction after freezing water 6 times. Note that they froze the water at -18C for 2-3 hours and kept the non-frozen water, and repeated this process 6 times.

Other methods to reduce deuterium in our body:

  • eat fewer carbohydrates
  • eat plenty of green veggies
  • walnuts and almonds are low in deuterium
  • sunlight

Studies on DDW in cancer

  • Deuterium Depleted Water Inhibits the Proliferation of Human MCF7 Breast Cancer Cell Lines by Inducing Cell Cycle Arrest."Our results showed that treatment with DDW especially in 30–100 ppm concentrations imposed the highest cell growth inhibitory effect."{study}
  • Deuterium depleted water effects on survival of lung cancer patients and expression of Kras, Bcl2, and Myc genes in mouse lung.{study}
  • Deuterium Depletion May Delay the Progression of Prostate Cancer {study}
  • Deuterium-depleted water (DDW) inhibits the proliferation and migration of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells in vitro {study}
  • Pre-Clinical and Clinical Data Confirm the Anticancer Effect of Deuterium Depletion {review}
  • Anticancer effect of deuterium depleted water- redox disbalance leads to oxidative stress{study} "Our results indicate that DDW inhibits cell proliferation mainly through causing a disbalance between ROS production and neutralization in mitochondria, and thus inducing oxidative stress in the cells. DDW also modulates the expression of proteins involved in such cell-wide processes as cell cycle, oxidoreductase activity, p53 signaling pathway, glutathione metabolism, etc. The proposed model explaining the bulk of observations suggests that, when the concentration of deuterium in the media becomes lower than inside the mitochondria, the mitochondrial membrane potential increases, which enhances ROS production and leads to cell growth suppression. However, when DDW concentration becomes even lower, the feedback loop is activated and the ROS balance becomes restored. The time scale of DDW action also hinted that DDW may arrest or prolong late S and G2-phase in A549 cells; however, testing this hypothesis experimentally was outside the scope of the current study. Summarizing, DDW seems to have potential in antitumor therapy, especially in the modalities inducing oxidative stress in cancer cells."
  • The effect of deuterium depleted water on apoptosis and growth rate of cancer cells {study}
  • The biological effects of deuterium depleted water a possible new tool in cancer therapy{study}
  • Deuterium-Depleted Water Influence on the Isotope 2H/1H Regulation in Body and Individual Adaptation {study}
  • Anticancer Effect of Deuterium Depleted Water - Redox Disbalance Leads to Oxidative Stress {study}

References and Sources




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Thank you, Johan! Very nice resources. I have ordered the book by dr. Cowan and am eagerly awaiting to learn more about deuterium-depletion. We have started with about 118 ppm water (diluted) Qlarivia water, aiming to lower down to 105 ppm, and then ultimately to about 85 ppm slowly over a period of 3 - 4 months. Fortunately, it does not seem we have to do this "forever" as the body can be adjusted to improve its ability to remove deuterium. I think few of us can afford DDW in the long run. 

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