Stomach carcinoma. Need advice  

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01/03/2018 9:49 pm  

I am sure you have searched types of lymphoma.I know 2 other cured patients from it.

Stage is very important,you are right.And treatments are not same.Please be careful,may be you will loose time while searching natural substances.

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03/03/2018 9:23 pm  

My sister?  I have a brother and sister Daniel. You made a mistake i think. And t hanks for you good wishes. Maybe i should open a new thread at Lymphoma forum but i am undiagnosed yet. The last 6 months were my toughest months ever. 

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03/03/2018 10:52 pm  

I apologize. Now I see the thread was that of irfan. I've made a mistake due to the similarity of the usernames and discussions on this thread. 

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