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Should Alternative Medicine concede victory to Mainstream Medicine?

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Last week Nektar Therapeutics released very strong results for NKTR-214 in a phase 1b/2 trial across all types tested including melanoma, renal and lung. They intend to expand to breast and bladder .

Other strong reports have also emerged. Engineered T cells have recently been FDA approved after overwhelmingly impressive results.

The TRK inhibitor (1% of cancers) LOXO-101 posted massively positive results. This is the best cancer response that I have ever seen.

These treatments offer greatly improved survival and quality of life for patients. There are many many other equally impressive cancer therapies that are now working through the clinical trial process. For many patients, mainstream medicine now might offer the best chance for patients. This will become more easily discernible over the next year or two.

Perhaps alternative medicine should now concede the victory to conventional medicine. It is not so much that alternative medicine is not or could not demonstrate efficacy, instead the scientific method used in properly conducted clinical trials can establish that treatment results are highly reproducible and predictable. For example, one of the latest T cell therapies has a price tag of almost half a million dollars, yet payment is conditional on a curative (or nearly so) response. If cancer is close to being defeated, we should all be happy; no matter how this was actually achieved.