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Rotation of Supplements - Theories / Rationale

Leora Caylor
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Hi Daniel, wondering your thoughts on rotational strategies for supplements. Do you think a strategy of 1 month on / 1 month off makes more sense, or rotations within the week (such as 4 days on / 3 days off). I know some supplements are good to take ongoing, but those that might show benefit rotationally - what makes more sense to you? Monthly or within the week? 

For example, our ND recommended 4 days on of AHCC, 3 days on of Reishi - repeat. This, versus one month on of AHCC, one month on of Reishi. 

Thank you in advance! 

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Hi Leora, I would indeed go for one month rotation when the patient is in the cancer prevention mode. But I would make sure that the supplements used in the rotation will continue to address the most relevant aspects in prevention, such as inflamation and the immune system.

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