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10/05/2017 9:12 pm  

Hi all my friends

regarding my mothers case , as a metastatic breast cancer patient , we have a very good chance to treat my mother in a clinic in Poland

and a weak chance to treat her in Turkey


regarding Poland , if anyone have any little bit of information about clinics in Poland , please share it here , either negative or positive

of course this would be a possible help from our government and they are choosing only limited countries like Poland , Turkey and Jordan , and German clinics are not available


recently a friend of my father send him this website


he said that its a clinic in Poland that is available for my mother , but I don't find any helpful information about the clinic , maybe one of you have some


waiting for your comments , thank you very much


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10/05/2017 10:25 pm  

Hi Emad,


There are only 2 clinics in Turkey that i know.They are private.Others are hospital.


And those clinics doesnt have technology of TACE.

Only hospitals have.And we have to search which hospitals.

Please tell me what your government give permission so that i can help you.

Which hospitals you have permission from government?Or what situation?

Which city?

I have no idea of Tace.Please help me on mail so that i can help you.

I have no idea of Poland nor Turkey about TACE.


Kind Regards