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Organic Acid Test Results

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Dear friends, 

My wife has mTNBC and has failed many chemotherapy regimens. We are trying some metabolic inhibitors (metformin, dca, 2dg, doxycycline, etc). 


After about a week of latest addition (doxycycline), we performed an organic acid test and the results (notable ones) are following. 


1. High Suberate: Indicating that FAO is taking a place at peroxisome more frequently. 

2. Very high Citrate, Cis-aconitate, Isocitrate

3. High Malate, A-Keto, Hydromethylgutarate but normal Fumarate and succinate. 

4. Normal Pyruvate and Lactate. 


It seems that on average mitochondria is not functioning well... (probably more on normals cells than cancer cells?). Anyone who has done acid test or can make sense of these results, please help!