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Happy 2020!

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2019 has been another big year for the forum! The positive indications that we started to see in 2018 continued in 2019 and we look forward to another big year in 2020. It is very gratifying to see that posters finally appear to be deriving at a minimum some benefit from our efforts.

Certainly the biggest story of 2019 in metabolic cancer treatment was Fenbendazole. For the first time a treatment readily available online without prescription has emerged: cancer patients and their advocates have voted with their feet and their wallets. Reports suggest that some nations have been deluged with requests for it. I have seen major online stores that are out of stock. Anecdotal reports are also emerging that replicate the original finding. This is the first mass people's uprising that I am aware of demanding and achieving metabolic cancer therapy. The other metabolic treatments that we have followed for years for a variety reasons (cost, safety etc.) did not have the same potential for a near instant global uptake. It is very rewarding to see that the message that we have been promoting for many years, finally has been able to reach the people who can benefit from it. Hopefully, during the Fenbend frenzy, people will realize that a more comprehensive metabolic strategy is available that could help them.   

Syrosingopine and metformin has also been of significant interest to the forum in 2019. We have seen some initial responses with this metabolic combination and we will be interested to see how they are maintained in the new year. Shutting down NADH recycling clearly has substantial biological plausibility and can offer us a clear demonstration of metabolic therapy in action. 

I am also greatly looking forward to results with the lactate monitor idea. If we can work through any snags, then this could be of great help to patients. We have an endless number of combinations at our disposal, yet it is typically not self-apparent which might be the best. We might say that we want to shut down OXPHOS subunit 1 and glycolysis, though we now know of many many ways of doing this. Each of these different treatments (e.g. honokiol and metformin for subunit 1) while they might on paper be thought equivalent, in fact impact a different set of secondary pathways. Lactate monitors might allow us to find  which combination is the best for any given patient. This is a very exciting possibility.

3-BP inching towards clinical trials was a massive positive and big surprise. Immediately, after the Bracht trial was concluded, we heard news that another company is intending to bring 3-BP into clinical trials, possibly within a year or two. This is extraordinary news! Properly formulated 3-BP with carefully pre-selected patients should have have large anti-cancer effects.  


It is a joy to see our efforts finally begin to help our friends on forum.

We are learning and growing together and we are getting stronger together.

Indeed, metabolic therapy went viral in 2019 with Fenbendazole as a new global consciousness emerged whereby the ideas that we have discussed here and elsewhere for many years finally reached the mainstream.     


Blessing and continued success for us in 2020!

Happy New Year everyone!



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Well said! Many blessings, J and a very happy new year!

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Happy New Year, our dear and enthusiastic friend J!

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Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year my friends! 😀