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Dr Navarro's HCG test. What do think?

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What do you guys think about Dr Navarro's HCG test.

I did this test two times and it put me in cancer range. My score was 52.2. I've met many people with cancer who did this and they were always positive for cancer. I have around 20 swollen lymph nodes and did one biopsy four months ago. They removed one of my lymph nodes and the result was nonspecific lymphadenopathy. I am still worried because of this test and because no healthy person has swollen lymph nodes. But my oncologist doesn't believe this test and thinks that i  have a virus in my blood. 

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yes i have heard of the Navarro Test, i haven't tried it yet, but I was diagnosed as having an 18mm noddule on my lower left lung and a couple of tiny ones somewhere else. But i refused to go for the PET/CT Scan because many are saying it can make cancer grow.  From what i have read being a researcher for at least 15 years, i took all the particulars of this test, and thought if i could use a few of my protocols, and maybe then have a test, and see what it comes out like?  I was told by the doctor it looked suspicious and that is enough for me to believe they are going to tell me something awful.  I have read reviews about this and most have said it is very accurate? However, my son Paul was a bit sceptic, but as i refuse to have any Pet scans, i thought it might be one way of knowing where i stand. I wonder, as you feel by what you said, whether it is correct or not? Why don't you send your message to Dr. Navarro and ask his opinion and what the oncologist told you? There is another doctor in the USA who does this as well? I didn't write down his name, but am sure you could find him, if you put the ....... test and who does it in the USA, then if you have one done by him, and it shows differently, it might give you a good idea? Just a thought.  I am typing this at 7.15 am in the morning United Kingdom time, and i believe this site is American? Not sure, but if i find the name of the other doctor, it will be easy to contact you and leave the message because you are the only one that has mentioned the Navarro test. Rosina x