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Colitis & Supplements

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I have stage 4 renal cell cancer. The treatment to date has been an immunotherapy combination which I had a great response to, but it had to be stopped due to me being diagnosed with colitis. I radically changed my diet and cut out all diary, this has calmed down colitis for me. Just about to try supplements and off labels. Should I look at restoring my gut health before starting supplements? The next treatment is going to be a TKI treatment

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Dear @traybroth

I am glad to hear you have good response to immunotherapy. I would expect NAC and Quercetin to help with automimmune reactions such as those you experience from immunotherapy. 

I would already start with supplements and one that I think every cancer patient should have is Curcumin in high dose. 

When selecting the supplements and repurposed drugs please check if the TKI that you are going to use requires to be metabolized by the liver into its active form. If yes, you need to check which supplements and repurposed drugs will affect the liver enzymes, and make sure to take the interacting supplements and drugs away from the TKI.

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