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Preparation of the emulsion containing squalene for intravenous administration

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Here is an example on how Squalene was formulated for intravenous administration ready to be given to patients at a hospital in Finland. Other substances can be formulated in the same way. The technique is simple and I thought this is useful to have it here:

"CM-like lipid emulsion containing squalene, called squalene emulsion, was prepared by dissolving squalene into commercially available Intralipid® 200-mg/ml fat emulsion (Pharmacia, Stockholm, Sweden) as follows.

- Liquid 98–100% squalene (Sigma, St. Louis, MO) was first filtered with a sterile Millex-GV 0.22 μm pore size filter unit (Millipore, Molsheim, France) to ensure its sterility.

- To make squalene soluble, 80 mg of squalene was dissolved in 0.9 ml of 99.5% ethanol (Apoteksbolaget, Umeå, Sweden), and

- the squalene–ethanol 1:9 (v/v) solution was subsequently dissolved in 100 ml of Intralipid®."