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Organic Vs Inorganic

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Hi everyone, this topic is something I always though is worth being further discussed as I personally believe there are many misconceptions around it.
are you guys convinced that taking organic stuff is better when battling Cancer? for an instancem I once came across a study in which it had been implied that organic Copper was generally better absorbed on animal models which hit me hard since we know that higher Cu levels are in favor of tumor's angiogenesis. what do you think?

p.s this is Pouya btw, it's the first time I have managed to post something with my registered ID.

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Hi Ergin,

I believe you use Cuprum sulphuricum ("blue vitriol"?) to kill fungi & bacteria on your fruit trees, no? That is a very effective poison against those pests but it is also a poison for humans. Copper itself wouldn't work so effectively. And it is true that copper is a proangiogenic, cancer promoting element in itself.



ps. Thanks for your kind responSe to my other comment πŸ˜‰

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Done! πŸ™‚ Sometimes I am also working on private things my friend Ergin. Like now, I am arranging a monument at the place where my dear wife is buried.

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There has been a research which shows that organic food consumption was result in lower risk of cancer