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Metformin + Keto diet = 3-Bromopyruvate (3BP) ?

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Below article seems to say combining ketogenic diet and Metformin have same effect of 3-Bromopyruvate (3BP)

Is it true? Is it all anti-tumor activity of 3-BP?

Please share your finding, so I would be encouraged to share & ask about my finding here, more.

With above site you can see research journals freely

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mahdi2, Dayspring is probably the world's top 3-BP clinic. The protocol that they use includes 3-BP, ketogenic diet and vitamin C among others. This is a strong metabolic strategy and they appear to have achieved significant success with their approach.

It is especially impressive how much they have been able to reject typical chemotherapy. On blog we have seen patients who had large responses using a metabolically supported chemo approach, however, once the cancer found a way to break through the chemo, there was enormous and rapid grow back. Having the ability to use less toxic approaches (such as metabolics) clearly has a large advantage. With the right protocol with the right doses etc. metabolic treatment of cancer certainly will be very powerful.