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13/01/2020 3:55 pm  


btw, Amplitude-modulated electromagnetic fields for the treatment of cancer: Discovery of tumor-specific frequencies and assessment of a novel therapeutic approach , article discusses technique for finding resonant frequencies as:

Patients are lying on their back and are exposed to modulation frequencies generated by a frequency synthesizer as described below. Variations in the amplitude of the radial pulse were used as the primary method for frequency detection. They were defined as an increase in the amplitude of the pulse for one or more beats during scanning of frequencies from 0.1 to 114,000 Hz using increments of 100 Hz. Whenever a change in the amplitude of the pulse is observed, scanning is repeated using increasingly smaller steps, down to 10-3 Hz. Frequencies eliciting the best biofeedback responses, defined by the magnitude of increased amplitude and/or the number of beats with increased amplitude, were selected as tumor-specific frequencies.

The exact duration of each examination was not recorded but lasted on average three hours. Each patient was examined an average of 3.3 ± 3.4 times (range 1 – 26).

some thoughts on method:

- most probably they did implement some kind of successive approximation to speed things up.

- Device should use much more than one beat to detect the resonance to eliminate patient muscle, heart and lung, and other body exterior and interior movements impact on measurement.

- synchronous detector is beneficial placed close to the port

- device may implement tricky algorithm when resonance is found to filter out false resonance detection

- they may measure resonance frequencies of healthy human in advance to eliminate negative effect on normal cells (if there are any). so those won't be scanned.

besides that, not a rocket science (on electronics and software side) but needs considerable time to implement, and test before practical benefits will be obtained. 

My respect to inventors if they can bring this to the market for affordable price so suffering people can benefit from it asap.

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