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Second Key Pathway --- Colon Cancer Stem Cell Growth

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Hi friends, just sharing the following here:

Scientists discover second key pathway in colon cancer stem cell growth

News Release 28 Oct 2020

In breakthrough colon cancer research, scientists:

- have discovered a link between two key signaling pathways crucial to the development and growth of colon cancer.

- identified the link between the retinoic acid or RA signaling pathway and another pathway critical to tumor development, called the Wingless-related integration site or WNT pathway. WNT signaling gone wrong is associated with numerous cancers, likely contributing to drug resistance and tumor recurrence.

"There are only a handful of major pathways involved in the regulation of stem cells that control development of the embryo, and we are finding for the first time that dysregulation of two of them, both WNT and RA signaling, are equally important to the development of colorectal cancer...

- contributed to the understanding of normal stem cells and how cancer stem cells play a role in the development and spread of colorectal cancer.

APC mutations in human colon lead to decreased neuroendocrine maturation of ALDH+ stem cells that alters GLP-2 and SST feedback signaling: Clue to a link between WNT and retinoic acid signalling in colon cancer development

Published: October 28, 2020





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