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Rectal cancer stage III b N1M0 gone after radiation/chemo, advice needed

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Hi to all.

My story: 6 months ago I was diagnosed with stage IIIb rectal cancer with 3-4 lymph nodes involved, but no metastasis. The tumor was 5x6 cm about 8 cm from the anus. I am 40 years old guy from Slovenia 🙂

I started with chemo treatment XELOX (Oxaliplatin IV and Capecitabine tablets, 2 weeks on, 1 week off) in july 2020, had 4 cycles, then in october received 22 radiation therapy treatments and then again 2 more rounds of XELOX. This is so called complete neoadjuvant therapy, which was intended to shrink the tumor so that it would be easier to remove. 

I went to hopital  for surgery to be done on 20.12.2020 (total mesorectal excision). A few days later I was relased from the hospital after MR scan and colonoscopy shoed that cancer has disapeared completly. They took 4 samples from colon during colonoscopy and all came back negative. But lymph nodes they cannot test as they can only be tested if removed during surgery.. I am not on watch and wait approach which means colonoscopy every 3 months and PET scan done every 6 months.  

My question is, should I remain on the protocol I used during the treatment or should I change it. Lets assume I am NED, should regime now change as I hopefully no longer have cancer and so should focus more in the cancer prevention therapy so that it does not come back? Or should I continue using supplements that help to kill cancer cells which probably helped along side chemo/radiation. 

A few days ago I have read an article how colon cancer cells switch to survival mode during chemo/radiation to survive the treatment and then come back after chemo is stopped... SO I am afraid to stop taking supps, but on the other hand taking 30 pills and some off label drugs each day is tiresome, expencive and maybe even damaging.. 

What I did during chemo:

- at least  two 30 minute speed walks  + weightlifting 2 times a week
- a lot less milk, protein powders and read meat then before
- a lot more fruits and added some vegetables, but there is a lot of room to improve there. 
- green powders two times a day
- 3 times a day green/white tea with added turmeric (curcumin), ginger, cinnamon..
- psyllium husk after lunch
- baby aspirin 80mg once a day
- metformin 200mg with breakfast, 200mg with dinner
- berberine 400mg with lunch
- milk thistle + quercetin before breakfast. Some days I also take nattokinase / serrapeptase, but on those days I then do not take baby aspirin. I am afraid of internal bleeding as those all medications thing blood
- flax seeds, chia seeds, cocoa, cinnamon and walnuts in my morning oatmeal
- Omega 3 three times a day 2 caps
- Resveratrol after lunch
- Melatonin 20mg before bed
- Propolis 3 times a day
- Fucoidane in the morning
- Astragalus before bed
- Apigenin before bed
- Omega 7  (sea weed buckthorn)
- Black cumin oil after lunch
- Astaxantin 
- Reishi extract
- Milk Thistle
- Magnesium citrate
- Vitamin D3 with K1 and K2
- Lutein
- Indole 3
- Glucosamine sulphate
- Aged garlic 
- 10mg of simvastatin before bed
- CBD oil (during chemo and radiation I took CBD/THC paste, now only CBD oil)

Also ordered and will start taking:

- red yeast rice extract
- sulphoraphane 
- artichoke leaves extract
- honokiol

I hope I made the right decision by forgoing major surgery, but only time will tell. If there is active cancer still in my lymph nodes, then for sure I made a mistake.. But keeping fingers crossed 🙂

So again should I continue to eat that many supplements (I have found a lot of them in the study which focues on killing colorectal cancer cells from different pathways, from apoptosis to other means..). 
Should I rather focus on some of them and increases dosages and timings? Add other off-label drugs from Janes course (I have read a book and enrolled in the study course)? I currently do not take dipiridamodel, mebendazole, only very low dosage of statins.. So I am thinking maybe I should focus more on off label drugs and ditch the supplements. Not sure what to do and if I should not focus on my immune system and "treat" myself as a healthy person and to avoid getting cancer or to continue with the protocol as If I still have rectal cancer. IF my lymph nodes are also not infected then I can maybe asume cancer cells all gone and then there is no need to take supplements which deal specifically with colorectal cancer and kill/inhibit them. Also no need to focus on angiogenesis as if there is no cancer cells then no need to block angio etc.. 

thanks for help guys and best regards from Slovenia





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Hi Tomaz,


Thanks a lot for this very intresting report. I just responded to your e-mail.


Kind regards,