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Intense Exercise (Or Adrenaline Rush) can inhibit cancer cell growth and help prevent it too ?

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Taking a cue from the following 2 studies; it seems Intense Exercise can help inhibit Prostrate cancer (likely others too) growth ? Seems like the Adrenaline Rush contributes to inhibit the cancer cell growth.

Would like to have comments on the following points:

  1. Does it (intense exercise) have any considerable benefits in humans for the patients already diagnosed with some form of cancer ? Atleast to the patients who are in suitable physical condition and dealing with comparatively less aggressive cancer ? 
  2. Can it (intense exercise) be considered a good enough recommendation from specifically "cancer prevention" strategy pov ?
  3. If #1 or #2 are Yes...then can there be some other form of activity (e.g. going to high altitudes which are less testing physically as compared to intense exercise) induce the same "Adrenaline Rush" as induced by intensive exercise and still have the same positive effect on cancer or with respect to prevention ? 



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Taken a long time to get a response to this ! But. Huge subject and often neglected. Exercise works on so many levels. This has been recognized in Australia - exercise prescription is now a component of standard of care. There is tons of literature on this subject - search in the domain of Exercise Physiology.

Exercise stimulates the immune system, boosts Natural Killer cell activity, stimulates the lymphatic system - the 'house' of our immune system, is anti-inflammatory, stimulates metabolism including our bio-chemical systems, raises Resting Metabolic Rate, promotes gut health, detoxifies, promotes homeostasis, promotes hypertrophy and prevents sarcopenia, etc etc etc.

A combination of resistance and endurance exercise is recommended. Some speed work also, if possible. Avoid over-training as this depletes the immune system and defeats the purpose. Cycling, running (or both), rowing, tennis - whatever you are into. Start where you are and do whatever you can - and persist. Persistence pays! For professional help find a good exercise physiologist - they can at least get you started without injury. And you can take it from there.

The only deviation for people with cancer would be to take aspirin before exercise. This prevents cancer cells from hiding from the Natural Killer Cells and spreading. Cancer cells coat themselves in platelets and saturated fat to hide from the immune system. Aspirin prevents that and exposes the cancer cell to the Natural Killer Cells. Check with your doctor first.


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How exercise stalls cancer growth through the immune system

People with cancer who exercise generally have a better prognosis than inactive patients. Now, researchers have found a likely explanation of why exercise helps slow down cancer growth in mice: Physical activity changes the metabolism of the immune system's cytotoxic T cells and thereby improves their ability to attack cancer cells.