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TNBC / testing strategies in a NED situation

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@jens Hi Jens,
great to hear from you! I really hope you have been finding your way through this incredibly difficult time.

Thank you very much for your message and the interesting study. Azithromycin is definetely on the list. At this point Bianca and I just find it very hard to decide what to do. Due to her NED situation Bianca's oncologists say "don't do anything except exercice and a healthy diet". Because the primary tumor was found in Feb 2021 (after 3 years, recurrence is unlikely) and the recurrence in 2022 was very small (9mm), which makes it rather unlikely that it was able to spread. Still, the CTCs went up a little, but on a level that you can also find in healthy people.

So the reason for my hesitation is that I do not want to overreact and give advise that possibly does more harm than good. I am also struggling to assess the propability of cell study results applying to cells in a human organism. However, in the study it says: "This strategy effectively results in the synergistic eradication of CSCs, using vanishingly small quantities of two antibiotics." So maybe we can use a very low dose for a month or two. I guess we will discuss it with the doctor who was willing to prescribe her Doxycycline since we would need a prescription anyway.

Many thanks again and all the best,

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