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TM in Metastatic TNBC with recent progression on Capecitabine  


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02/06/2019 10:58 am  

Hi Daniel - 

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Hi Daniel - Firstly I cannot thank and appreciate your immense efforts and invaluable insights on your blog. I have been reading several of your posts to gather ideas and directions.   

My Mother in India has been diagnosed with Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Sep 2018 with about 5cm * 4.5cm tumor in right breast and metastatic activity in liver (two masses) and small nodule in lung and bone. She started on metronomic NAB-Paclitaxel (first on Paclitaxel but shortly changed to NAB-Paclitaxel due to hypersensitivity) and Carboplatin for 6 cycles. She also received Zoldronic Acid in alternate cycles for bone lesion. By 4th cycle most of her metastatic activity was gone and some residual disease was at primary site (tumor broken down into 1-2cm and much lower SUV uptake) and some disease in lymph nodes. By end of 6th cycle, there were some signs of drug resistance (some mild increase in lymph nodes SUV uptake but unchanged size) and some nodular thickening of left adrenal gland. At this time, in mid March 2019 her drug was changed to Capecitabine (pls see set of herbs and supplements she took during this time at end of this post). Separately, about 10days before the scan (mid May 2019), we started daily Fenbendazole, no days off (with Vitamin E but not the CBD oil per your another blog post and Joe Tippens post elsewhere) and stopped two days before scan. 

So far, after 2.5 months on Capecitabine, most recent scan showed three new subcm spots in brain. Rest of the disease has also slightly worsened. Increase in SUV at primary site, one of two liver masses which earlier showed central necrosis showing some FDG uptake, slight increase in SUV uptake at lymph nodes (size unchanged), some suspicious activity (malignancy not confirmed in bone).

While decision is to be made on chemo, I was thinking if Tetrathiomolybdate (TM) might be a worthwhile adjuvant to add. I read your article and comments on TM:

I acknowledge that TM works best for NED cases, but original work of Dr. Brewer had patients with residual disease and some of them responded well and had stable disease. I also read that subsequent discontinuation of TM has seen many patients their disease returning back with more aggression. So, once started TM needs to be continued. Sourcing will be a big challenge in India, but plan to order it from a Hawaii pharmacy in US in doses of 4-6months or so. 

I am seeking your suggestions or feedback on adding TM from here onwards. If you have any other thoughts or suggestions even if it includes other modalities or suggestions, please send some pointers.

Deeply appreciate your life-saving work again!!

Natural Herbs/Supplements: From mid-to-end of Nov 2018 we have been giving her an extensive set of supplements including high absorption Curcumin (with separate curcumin with black pepper and olive oil), Matcha Tea + EGCG supplement, Milk Thistle, High DHA Fish Oil capsule, Metformin (higher dose as she is Type2 diabetic), Melatonin 15mg each night, Medicinal mushroom powders (Maitake, Reishi, Turkey Tail), Breast Defend capsules, Astragalus, Chinese ten-tonic supplement and some other Ayurvedic drugs (wheat-grass, aloe vera, giloy, ashwagandha etc). She also takes baking soda. We also added Berberine (both tablet as well as tincture) from April 2019. Diet wise she has been a vegetarian all life and never took any egg, meat or liquor. 

Note: We do not have access to IV Vitamin C and IV Curcumin in India but we have recently sourced Liposomal Vitamin C satchets which we also added. 

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03/06/2019 1:26 am  

Dear Kapil,

Thank you so much for your kind words, which I would like to forward to all those kind contributors on this website.

I am so sorry you have to go through this and hope your mom will be better and better.

Indeed, I think TM is a good one to try. There was a pharmacy in Germany selling this based on prescription from your doctor - maybe they can send it to you to India? -

Please read the following comments including content relevant to you:

In addition, I have the following points to add:

  • 2DG metronomic added after chemo may help the effectivness of chemo 2DG metronomic is given intravenous. If you have a doctor in India willing to help you with that please let me know and we can connect him with an academic team from US to support with information on how to implement - 2DG solution for IV is cheap and can be bought from German pharmacy (prescription required)
  • Salinomycin intravenous is expected to help as well, specifically in cases of breast cancer - it is more difficult to implement in a safe manner but possible - after you read and learn about it, if you like I can share with you info on how I used to prepare and give - please note this is a highly experimental therapy
  • A patient that became also a close friend has been using the combo of 2DG metro and Sal for her dad for long term and the brain mets (and other locations) were reducing during the therapy - I can put you in contact with her if you like
  • Baicalein (not Baicalin) (can be bought from China in a purity range of about 98% or higher) is expected to be relevant in case of breast cancer - it is an antiviral as well - a major institute from US was preparing to start up a clinical trial for breast cancer on it - not water soluble so it needs to be given with oil starting up in the range of 100mg/day and moving up as tolerated
  • take care with baking soda - it could be good against cancer but it should not be taken during chemo that is of weak acid type
  • metformin and berberine and any other therapies that are directly targeting directly cancer cells should be halted for 2-3 days before chemo and restarted during the day of chemo
  • this combo may also help

I hope these ideas help. If you have questions please let me know.

Kind regards,