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Seeking some directions on alternatives for Metastatic TNBC

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Hi Daniel,

Hope you are well. Firstly many thanks for your wonderful inputs on my first post to your forum. It was amazing that you respond with such promptness and in a comprehensive manner to queries of your members. Needless to say, how immensely valuable this blog is. 

For my Mother who is has been diagnosed with Metastatic TNBC (see Ref for details).

I am posting a new thread given the broader nature of my query and also as I am adding some references in-line which might be relevant for some of your readers. I apologize if my list of queries is too long. Please take your time. 

1. Interventions to inhibit brain lesions:

(i) We have recently started Tetrathiomolybdate (TM) for my Mother. Would you know or have come across anyone or case study whether TM crosses Blood Brain Barrier and if it inhibits brain lesions. 

(ii) LOX inhibitor: My Mother is also taking a daily dose of 6 capsules of Boswellia Serrata (by HealthyHey).  She currently takes 2 capsules three times preferably with olive oil, (given Boswellia is poorly absorbed, just like curcumin). The driver for this intervention is this 2007 case study by Dr. Dana Flavin: Boswellia as LOX inhibitor.  FYI, my Mother was occasionally taking a lower dose (1-2 same capsule 4-5 days a week) preventatively, even prior to brain lesions showing up on last scan (as I read the above paper several months back). Now, since brain lesions still showed up, we don't know if Boswellia only works above a certain dose, or if it was not helpful in TNBC from stopping brain metastatic activity or some other reason. 

Assuming, if LOX is the driver for brain metastatic activity (as the above paper suggests), would a stronger LOX inhibitor like Aflapin (a proprietary and more potent LOX inhibitor), often used for relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis be also helpful. Do you know anyone using a similar intervention? I am planning to add it for my Mother hoping that it should not harm. If you have any thoughts to share, would be very helpful. 

(iii). Any other interventions say used for primary brain cancer, like Perillyl Alcohol (POH), or any other natural compound be worthwhile exploring? Do you know anyone with brain mets who might have benefited with POH? Given, POH's almost no toxicity profile, we are exploring to add it as well.  

POH Intra-nasal Protocol related question: Since POH is not water soluble, per your POH post, your second experimental formulation, excludes Kolliphor and only used POH with Ethanol. Is this one something that could be given in a nebulizer? Since, you mentioned that even Ethanol and POH didn't mix well, what would be the best route of giving POH intra-nasally? 

Per your and Jcancom's comments on the same POH post, is POH-3BP a better solution for brain mets? Has it been clinically tested in humans on any type of cancer? 

(iv) There has been some work on Chemo agents like Temozolomide used for primary brain cancer to target brain mets from other solid cancers, but the results have been mixed with <10% response rate (see Ref). Do variations like TMZ-POH combination tested clinically anywhere? I see some pre-clinical studies in NSCLC but not sure if any work has been done in breast cancer. 

2. Other metabolic approach driven/off-label drugs:

What are your thoughts on other off-label drugs (mostly from Jane McLelland's book) for TNBC. Some like Metformin, Berberine, Niclosamide, Statin (simvastatin or atorvastatin), Doxycycline, Itraconazole, Dipyridamole etc etc. Given my Mother is already taking a whole range of supplements, we are struggling on identifying which off-label drugs to must add and their right protocols (to avoid interactions and enhance absorption). FYI, she is already taking Metformin (in addition to her Type2 Diabetes dose), Fenbendazole and TM. 

Would you know anyone from your blog or elsewhere who could give some suggestions regarding which drugs are a must. 

3. Any list of chemosensitizers by cancer type and chemotherapy agents:

I tried to look up natural agents or off-label drugs that could boost effects of chemotherapy agents. My Mother is currently on Xeloda and I couldn't find any specific chemosensitizer for it. I believe 5-FU is the closest drug to Xeloda for which Astragalus and Curcumin helps which she is already taking. Any thoughts?

Separately, prior to Xeloda my Mother has taken Paclitaxel and Carboplatin, for which I compiled a list of chemosensitizers from online sources and inputs from Dr. Keith Block's book, "Life Over Cancer". If you wish, I will be happy to share with you/your group an excel sheet which covers some key ones. Excel sheet just needs some clean up a bit to make it understandable. If you wish to have it, I will do the needful. 

4. Other natural agents that can target TNBC:

Could you guide, per your experience or by your blog's readers if agents like Artemisinin, Artesunate etc or other items like MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), Sulphoraphane, Graviola extract, B-17 (oral or IV) might help in case of TNBC treatment? Other IV items like IV Vitamin C, IV Curcumin or other IV items might be worthwhile? Does CBD or THC or a combination product have benefits for TNBC. 

5. Experiences with 2-DG:

In your response to my post, you mentioned about 2-DG and a friend of yours who is giving 2-DG with Salinomycin to her father and has got some success. Could you please connect me with her. Any other experiences with Salinomycin use. FYI, I am a bit concerned given Sal is highly experimental.  

6. Challenges in lowering blood sugar:

My Mother is a Type2 diabetic from past 4-5 years. Prior to her TNBC diagnosis in Sep 2018, she has been taking Metformin 1000mg daily which we have now increased to 1500mg daily (given Metformin's anti-cancer activity). She also started Berberine daily since two months back, for it's glucose lowering and some other benefits. Still her HbA1C has been hovering around 5.7-6.0 range. Now, acknowledging your comment on stopping metformin and berberine 2-3 days before chemo, how to best implement this for a Type2 diabetic. Also, is that comment specific to IV chemo agent or also applicable for Xeloda, taken orally? Any alternative drugs or natural products that could better control the glucose levels? My Mother is also following a very strict diet and has been a lifelong vegetarian but still lowering of HbA1C has been a challenge.

I also read your post on Phlorizin and Phloretin. Would it be worthwhile for my Mother?

7. International Alternative Clinics

What are your thoughts based on feedback heard from others or your blog members on Alternative Clinics in Mexico, Germany or elsewhere and if they are worth considering. Any thoughts on when should one consider them in their treatment process? 

I am well aware that this is a laundry list of questions. So, please accept my apologies if the list is too long. Even some rough directions or inputs will be very helpful. 

Best regards,


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Dear Kapil,


Indeed, these are many questions some of which can be discussed for hours. Due to time constrains I will try to answer each but very short and to the point:

1. I just did a short search for you and it was easy to find indications that that TM may cross BBB: Bis‐choline Tetrathiomolybdate as Old Drug in a New Design for Wilson’s Disease: Good for Brain and Liver?

2. I like Broswellia and I would keep that for brain tumours - I would probably change the brand

3. I do not know Aflapin - if you have more info please share with us

4. The info I shared on POH is the best I could compile and should be enough to for anyone to move to the implementation phase. If you like you could also write to Manuel (a contributor on this site helping him mom with brain cancer) - he also considered POH and may be able to answer more questions. Regarding POH-3BP, I was in contact with the research team behind - they also started a pharma company so I am not sure how much they can share but you can contact the authors. Their e-mail address is in the scientific publication on POH-3BP.

5. I like the drugs discussed by Jane. Many of them I also discussed and included in various strategies such as this one which I think is very relevant to breast cancer

6. Regarding the chemo sensitizers, the discussion is long. I addressed this aspect in various parts of this blog. You can read these articles

Would be great if you can share your Excel file. 

Some of the best chemo sensitires in my view are 2DG metronomic + Salinomycin + Metformin +Mebendazole. Doxycycline and Auranofin could be also great due to the addressed mechanisms.

7. Please send me an e-mail and I will put you in contact with the lady helping her dad with 2DG and Sal and who saw reposne of brain mets while on this combo and some other repuroposed drugs

8. I like Artemisinin and Artemisia Annua, Vit C, Curcumin, CBD, THC. I do not like B17 - a lot of input from doctors and patients indicating no response.

9. For blood glucose question, please read this and for insulin resistance this

I like Phlorezin but it's easier to implement 2DG metronomic which may have a similar outcome.

10. Clinics in Germany and Mexico are expensive. The best is to put together a strong treatment protocol, make sure you have a medical doctor who helps you implement that and have sources where to buy the drugs. That is what I would do. Fighting advanced cancer may be a long battle and spending resources too fast on a clinic is debatable. Off course, if financial resources are there, going to a clinic may help you to have the time to focus on putting together a strong treatment strategy.

I hope the answers help - it was a long list indeed 🙂

As these are general questions, I hope others will contribute to the discussion.

Kind regards,


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Dear Daniel,

Accept my apologies for the delayed reply. Though I have been regular reader of your forum somehow I missed responding to your super valuable inputs to my queries. I am responding point wise to the above. For few I am adding some info. 

1. Many Thanks for sharing the study. 

2. Would you know of a brand for Boswellia to give to control brain lesions?

3. Aflapin is a well known LOX-inhibitor and there have been RCT (Ref) for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. There is another similar drug called 5-LOXIN, but another RCT found Aflapin to be superior. In terms of composition, Aflpain has about 20% AKBA (most potent constituent of Boswellic acids), slighlt lower than 30% AKBA in 5-LOXIN. But, Aflapin has higher bioavailability which possibly leads to superior outcomes.

With the assumption that 5-LOX is one of the important culprits in cancer spread, I felt a 5-LOX inhibitor like Aflapin should be good. Though, I am not aware of it's use for anti-cancer purposes.

4. Please share Manuel's contact info with me. I have separately shared info on POH on your original post. 

5. I also like Jane's off-label drug suggestions but somehow I find this blog unparalleled in knowledge. I think your posts are self-contained and very comprehensive for someone to go from nothing to direct implementation based on their needs and situation.

6. I am going through the wealth of info on here. 

Please bear with me as I have not been able to get to cleaning my excel sheet before sharing with you. To add I am in between relocating between countries with family. I will respond as soon as I get a breather. 

7. Sorry I am still a novice at extracting your email from your blog. Please send or PM me yours. Mine is [email protected]

8. Many Thanks for inputs on all these compounds. Specially for B-17. One less thing to consider on my list. 

9. This is very very helpful. I will try to incorporate these. 

10. Very helpful inputs on foreign clinics. 

Best regards!