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mTNBC w/ lung, bone, liver mets: Just started 9th line treatment

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Hi all, 

My wife just started a 9th line treatment for mTNBC.

Briefly, we have used the following:

1. Neoadju. AC
2. Neoadju. Docetaxel
3. Cisplatin + Paclitaxel
4. Xeloda + Atezolizumab
5. Eribulin + Everolimus
6. Cabozantinib + Nivolumab
7. Gemcitabine + Bevacizumab
8. Ipatasertib + Nab-paclitaxel + Atezolizumab
9. Lipo. Doxorubicin + Atezolizumab
10. Lipo. Irinotecan 

11. Talazoparib

The best response was PR with Cisplatin+Paclitaxel but we only had 5 months of treatment duration. All others the best response was SD with 4 month treatment duration. 

NGS shows AXL, AKT2 amplification, BRCA2, tp53, FGFR3, NOTCH3, etc. 

Can anyone in similar situation as us (in later lines) suggest treatment regimens for mTNBC?

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Hi Ksh,

I just read your e-mail. We could try to speak on Thursday or Friday.
Next to what you are already doing, have you considered the combo of higher dose Mebendazole with Griseofulvin? It was just discussed a few days here

Kind regards,