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Hibiscus Flower Extract --- Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells

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Hi friends, just came across so sharing the following here:



Hibiscus flowers are a “death sentence” for breast cancer cells, says research

NOV 17, 2019

Researchers from the University of Windsor in Canada revealed that the extracts from the Chinese hibiscus flower (Hibiscus rosa-sinesis) have potent anti-cancer properties.

The study, published in BMC Contemporary and Alternative Medicine, found that the extracts not only induce cell death in breast cancer cells – it does so without harming non-cancerous cells.

The team also noted in the study that using hibiscus extract as an adjuvant can increase the effectiveness of conventional drug therapy for cancer.

In addition, it also reduced the number of drugs needed for each session – which decreased the risk of toxic side effects in patients.


A flower that causes cancer cells to die

Traditional healers often use Chinese hibiscus to treat health disorders.

Studies have shown that the flower’s extract possessed antioxidant and lipid-lowering properties.

Earlier studies have found that the extract had considerable anti-cancer activity.

A 2015 study by National Defense Medical Center researchers showed that a related species inhibited triple-negative breast cancer with few toxic side effects.
For this study, researchers investigated the efficacy of Chinese hibiscus on breast cancer cells.

They extracted a water-based solution from powdered hibiscus flowers.





Hibiscus flower extract selectively induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells and positively interacts with common chemotherapeutics

Published: 06 May 2019



Current therapeutic approaches to treat metastatic breast cancer, although effective, have shown many inadvertent side effects such as genotoxicity due to a lack of selectivity.

Thus, these treatment plans are not suitable for long-term usage.

Natural health product extracts are safe for long-term consumption and some have shown to be medicinally active containing multiple bioactive compounds able target multiple vulnerabilities in cancer.

One of which, Hibiscus rosa-sinesis (hibiscus) extract, has been reported to have many medicinal and anticancer properties due to its antioxidant and hypolipidemic effects.





Hibiscus extract is effective on breast cancer, most notably on generally resistant triple-negative breast cancer, while being selective for normal healthy cells.

Hibiscus extract could supplement chemotherapeutic regimens as an adjuvant and lead to a more efficacious treatment approach to reduce chemotherapy dosages and related toxicity.





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