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Curcumin enhances the efficacy of Paclitaxel (Taxol) - recent study

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Here is a study of curcumin added to paclitaxel in breast cancer: #! - study from Armenia 04/2020
Efficacy and safety of curcumin in combination with paclitaxel in patients with advanced, metastatic breast cancer: A comparative, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial

„analysis revealed that the ORR of curcumin was significantly higher than that of the placebo (51% vs. 33%, p < 0.01) at 4 weeks of follow-up. The difference between the groups was even greater when only patients who had completed the treatment (61% vs. 38%, odds ratio ==2.64, p < 0.01) were included.“

Curcumin was administered intravenously in this study so a good absorption brand of curcumin is needed for people who want to take
a curcumin supplement orally.

I sourced Theracurmin from Natural Factors :

It seems to have blood thinning effect for my mum (judging by increased hemoptysis mum has on it) so I guess the absorption is good.

My mother has lung cancer (NSCLC) and we are going to try adding curcumin to her current chemotherapy with paclitaxel as there are indications of similar effect of curcumin in lung cancer. 



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Dear Michal,


Thank you for sharing. Curcumin is one of the best that exists outside the conventional space. And taking it intravenously may be the best way. There are compounding pharmacies in Europe that have the IV solution available and at accessible prices.

When it comes to the oral form, in my view, I would always use high dose Curcumin/Curcuminoids to cover about 70-90% of my daily target dose, and the rest of 10-30% I would use one that promises high absorption. Btw, besides absorption, it is important that the formulation allows the substance to reach the tumors once it is in the blood, which is not the case for all. The reason for this is that when Curcumin is formulated to increase absorption, it also increases the chance to be taken up by macrophages before getting to the tumor. Formulating the supplements to avoid such mechanism makes them extremely expensive and unavailable to normal people (consumers).

This is why, at MCS Formulas I selected two different products: Curcumin C3 (which is the one that delivers high dose) + Liposomal Curcumin that may deliver improved absorption.

However, if I would have to chose only one, I would always chose not to rely on the supplement manufacturers promises about the absorption and go for a high dose Curcumin capsule such as Curcumin C3 or any other that I would find to deliver high dose/capsule. (note that many labels are missleading suggesting that there is more in a capsule than actually is - so we always have to look carefully at the list of ingredients and not front label).

Using 30mg/day only (or this dose range) such as Theracurmin is very unsuitable in my view regardless of how high the absorption is promised by the companies.

Note: To make sure that there is no conflict of interest in my statement above I should say that Curcumin C3 is available not only under MCS Formulas brand but also under brands such as Doctors Best.

Kind regards,