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Hello everyone.

I've been wondering what may be the best combination of drugs, supplements, diet and lifestyle for a close relative of mine that has estrogen positive breast cancer with numerous metastasis to lung, liver, lymp nodes and pleura. Tumor markers have increased by a bit, but not too much yet. Only symptoms right now are constant coughing and a pleural effusion. She was stable for about 3 years with few symptoms until it was recently discovered that the cancer has metastisized to her liver as well. The doctors are unfortunately mostly useless, while the person in question is very reluctant about taking everything I'm giving her. I recently convinced her to get her cholesterol tested, and it showed slightly elevated LDL but very high triglycerides and low HDL. The good news is that in 2 weeks of treatment with the drugs, supplements and diet her CRP went down by half. Her tumor markers however have increased more than they ever have before, although I've read that treatment can initially give a false positive or false negative.

Currently, her doctors are giving her:
10 mg Tamoxifen 2x day
10 mg Everolimus 1x day

Unlike the doctors however, I'm not interested in slowing down her eventual demise. What I'm interested in is complete remission, or at the very least some progress in the right direction. Currently I'm giving her (I would give more but she is very resistant to taking everything):

500 mg Metformin 2x day
75 mg Dipyridamole 3x day
100 mg Aspirin 1x day
100 mg Mebendazole 1x day
5 mg Melatonin 1x day

HCA Garcinia Cambogia 500 mg 2x day
Berberine 250 mg 2x day
Citrus Bergamot 500 mg 2x day
Honokiol 260 mg 2x day
Sulfurophane 50 mg 2x day
Feverfew 380 mg 2x day
Ursolic Acid 250 mg 2x day
Vitamin D3 10000 IU day
DHA/EPA combined 2000 mg day

Supplements I've removed:
Curcumin (I've read that it reduces absorption of Tamoxifen and Everolimus)
Quercetin (I've read that it reduces absorption of Tamoxifen and Everolimus)
Bromelain (I've read that it reduces absorption of Tamoxifen and Everolimus)
Piperine (unsure whether it boosts or lowers absorption)
Milk Thistle (can have an estrogenic effect)

Drugs that I might add or increase dosage:
800 mg Metformin 2x day
40 mg Propranolol 1x day
Doxycycline (not sure about dosage yet)
Azithromycin (not sure about dosage yet)
Statin (Pitavastatin, very unlikely right now but might be an option if she changes her mind, could use some recommendations for cholesterol lowering supplements for now)
Hydroxychloroquine (not sure about dosage yet)
IV Vitamin C (not sure how I'll administer this as the doctors obviously won't)

Supplements that I might add or increase dosage:
Berberine 500 mg 2x day
Tocotrienols (not sure about dosage yet)
Magnesium (not sure what type and dosage yet)

Diet is "mostly" ketogenic, at least as far as I'm aware, although they generally don't like the food they are eating and want to eat carbohydrate rich foods instead. Black seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, fish oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, fatty fish, avocados, some limited dairy products and nuts/seeds are the fats she mostly consumes. Lots of vegetables, including broccoli and cabbage. Growing my own broccoli sprouts would be a better alternative to broccoli because of the high Sulfurophane content. I am worried about the cholesterol and the ability of cancer to use fats for fuel even on a ketogenic diet. I'm also not 100% sure how much protein she is consuming as that could also fuel the cancer.

She is under a lot of stress, so I am very much considering adding Propranolol as soon possible.

I've probably left out a few things, but please let me know what you think I could improve. I've been researching cancer for a few years now, and while it is great to finally get the opportunity to test everything out myself, it is quite unfortunate that it has to be under these circumstances.

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Dear @zuchzeus

Thank you for your question, I will look into the details and answer asap today or tomorrow.

Kind regards,


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Yes, thank you for replying. I forgot to mention that she is also currently taking:

350mg EGCG 2x day

12 mg Iodine

Black Seed Oil 1 Tablespoon 2-3x day

Sea Buckthorn Oil 1 Teaspoon 1x day


Her tumor markers have recently risen again, although everything else is normal or has improved as far as blood tests are concerned. Tumor markers may have possibly been elevated because of a large pleural effusion.


I will add another reply if I think of anything else that is relevant to the discussion.

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Sorry to hear about your relative.  How is she doing?  

Were you able to find a helpful protocol? 


Best wishes,


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Hi Daniel,

First of all, you have a birthday coming up, I wish you a very happy birthday in advance!

Would you please be so kind and look at my current protocol for ER+ PR- breast cancer that appears to be waking up? I also have a persistent parasitic infection and low stomach acid. 

I did research and tried to find things that target many areas.  My food choices are also based on this.

Do you see any adverse reactions? (I did a search, but many of the things I'm taking did not show up in the list - MSM/K2/Fenbendazole/Honokiol/Magnolol).


Metformin 500 mg bkfst/dinner

Multi vitamin w/o copper/iron

D3 5,00 IU bkfst

K2  bkfst

Calcium bkfst


Fenbendazole 10 mg/kg with fat bkfst/dinner for 10 days around new moon/full moon

Praziquantel 70 mg/kg every 6 hours   for 3 days new moon/full moon

(Berberine/olive leaf extract for rest of the month)


MSM 2.6 grams after lunch/dinner  (anti-cancer/anti-parasitic)

50 mg zinc  after lunch MSM

1,000 mg C  after lunch MSM


400 mg Magnesium Glycinate   dinner


Recently ordered Curcumin, Honokiol and Baicalein.

It appears as the Honokiol (it's 95% Honokiol + Magnolol) gives the biggest bang/broadest targeting of breast cancer's weak spots.  I was considering starting with 500 mg twice day. Is that too low?

Considering Honokiol also has blood sugar lowering capabilities, is there a good way to add it to the protocol with Metformin to help reduce the chance of decreasing blood sugar too much (I get hypoglycemia sometimes when stressed)?


If you would be so kind as to tell me if you see any potential adverse reactions, or problems with my approach, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you for all that you do. It's amazing and so very helpful.