Breast cancer bone ...

Breast cancer bone metastases (especially lytic mets) and PPI  


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01/09/2017 10:16 am  

Thank You, Daniel, for showing the importance of PPI and cancer. 

"...Proton pump inhibitors appear as potential modulators of bone metabolism in the context of bone metastasis.

In this context, since in the resorption process osteoclasts solubilize the bone mineral phase through the secretion of acid to the resorption lacuna by proton pumps of the vacuolar type, V-ATPases, PPIs appear as potentially pharmacological modulators of osteoclastic activity, particularly in pathological situations characterized by hiperactivation of osteoclasts such as osteolytic metastases associated with breast cancer.

It was observed that the presence of the three PPI at certain concentrations inhibited osteoclastogenesis in both co-cultures, particularly in the presence of omeprazole.

Previous studies have reported that OMEPRAZOLE could inhibit bone resorption at concentrations similar to those found in blood during therapeutic use of these molecules, likely because of inhibition of vacuolar H+ /ATPases.

In conclusion, PPI appeared to have the potential to control the destructive effects of OSTEOLYTIC metastases, which might open doors to new therapeutic approaches regarding this pathological condition."



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Thank you Ieva for the very interesting reference!