2DG dosage?  


tom and jo
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21/04/2019 3:59 pm  

My wife Jo was first diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in april 2015

Thought she was all clear before scan revealed approximately 20 small bilateral lesions in her lungs, the largest 8mm, other 7mm,  rest too small to measure

 She joined a trial; combination with [nanoparticle albumin-bound (nab)]-paclitaxel [Abraxane] and an AKT inhibitor

 Scans showed a 50% reduction after 2 months. Stable for the next 2 scans.

The 4th, Multiple small lung metastases <10mm LAD: unequivocal progression

 We are looking at 2DG to stabilise/reduce/starve the tumours but not sure of the appropriate dosage nor who to ask about this. In one report: recommendation of orally 1-14 of 21 day cycle - 30/45/60 mg with 45 was the recommended dose but that cannot be right for everyone? 7.5 to 15 times greater achieved in patients taking 2-DG orally once per day?

any thoughts very gratefully received


Also, I read that 2DG is best immediately after chemo. Jo stopped chemo around 8 weeks ago, having been on it as part of the trial for around 6 months. Is it too late for the efficacy then?

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25/04/2019 3:43 am  

Hi Tom, here's a link to the page on 2-DG: https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/2-deoxyglucose-2-dg/

Daniel wrote: "1g was based mainly on knowing the typical dose used in German clinics.
The administration time would be related to the 2DG dose and not to the water content, but I guess 2h would be even more safe, specifically when starting. As mentioned before, I would make sure that whenever I start a new treatment there is a medical doctor to help me in case of unexpected reactions, to reduce any unexpected risks."

IMO it's never too late. Also, you might want to enhance Glycolysis inhibition using natural compounds such as Turmeric, Graviola, Cardamom, Ginger, Quercetin, Resveratrol, Apigenin, Citric acid.

Hope this helps.


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26/04/2019 1:08 pm  

Hi Johan, thank you for the response! Very helpful!
These days I was busy with setting up things around as I just stop my job (to focus on helping people) and need to make sure I also start other activities to increase the chance that I can help people for long time and do that for free. 

Hi Tom,

I am sorry to hear about the challenges. Regarding 2DG, the best way to use it in my view is in combo with other strong treatments (chemo, radio, surgery or alternative/new). Best is to use it after such treatments, given intravenous in a metronomic way (e.g. 24 to 48 h continuous) so that it increases the chance of effectiveness for those treatments, as well as reduces the chance of recurrence through various mechanisms discussed elsewhere on this website. 

However, I do know one patient who could not take chemo any more and decided to only go with 2DG metronomic intravenous combined with one intravenous alternative/new treatment (Salinomycin) and a few re purposed drugs. While he was in a difficult condition (45kg) when he started the treatment with no other conventional treatment option, he succeeded to survive and reduce his metastatsis while under this treatment approach (brain mets, liver mets, bone mets,  and other places). Yes, the treatment schedule they used was very intensive: 48h 2x/week of metronomic 2DG.

I think metronomic 2DG would add value anyway even if not combined with chemo, and even if not done very intensive like in the example above. But I would combine it with mito inhibitors such as Doxycycline and Metformin. A long list of Mito inhibitors is here https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/a-list-of-mitochondria-inhibitors/

If you have a doctor that is willing to help your wife with giving her 2DG metronomic, please let me know and I will connect your doctor with the academic team from US Miami School of medicine who can support your doctor with the required knowledge. Nevertheless, to answer your question, the typical dose used for metro 2DG is in the range of 0.5 to 1g/24hours. The drug is available on prescription at a German pharmacy.

Beyond this, please check this website (and separately the forum) using the search option and keywords like "triple negative" or "TNBC". You should find more relevant info.

I hope this answers your question and helps.

Kind regards,

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21/09/2019 7:10 am  


Hi, what would be a good source to purchase 2-DG?

I would appreciate your reply.

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21/09/2019 1:22 pm  


Hi Aiselin,

Here is the pharmacy in Germany that sells 2DG solution for intravenous administration https://www.apotheke-koenigstein-app.de  

However please note that to increase the chance of response, 2DG should be given metronomically intravenously. If you have a medical trained person who is willing to help you with that please let me know and will connect him/her with the academic team in US and I will also give you some ideas to possibly increase effectiveness of that.

Kind regards,