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Mitochondria inhibitors are important in the fight against Glioblastoma  


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09/03/2019 9:49 pm  

Researchers in Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Brain Tumor Center, found out that mitochondria inhibitors are essential in targeting glioblastoma cancer stemm cells stem-cells-could-be-trick-treating-glioblastoma-study-finds?fbclid=IwAR1KINsphKc7JOkJwVX2DYP8skjZWhAhDIMyuhQX7VrTb8Wx38XRRs98BL4

The paper was published recently in one of the best scientific magazine, i.e. Nature: Gboxin is an oxidative phosphorylation inhibitor that targets glioblastoma

The mito inhibitors they used was a complex V inhibitor.

A list of mitochondria inhibitors can be found here

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Thanks for sharing the info Daniel!

I keep thinking all the time about improving current therapy .....
Inhibiting the enzyme glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) may be an important action to improve 2 DG.
There are a couple of interesting molecules that act here: polydatin and dhea
What do you think about IV polydatin before 2dg?

Best regards and I hope you have had some well-deserved days of rest! you deserved it! 😉


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manuone, I am so glad that you are never fully satisfied; that you are always looking for something else. This the right attitude to have when coping with cancer. Often cancer can seem dormant and people will then relax their guard. However, this is an illusion. Even when the numbers might seem to moving in the right direction, the true threat of ongoing metastasis goes unrecognized. Continuing your research efforts during the these lulls is a very wise strategy.

Perhaps another target to consider is GAPDH. GAPDH is a pivotally important enzyme in glycoysis because it is where the payback of ATP begins. The first half of glycolysis actually requires an "investment" of ATP to get started. Hitting GAPDH (as 3-BP and koningic acid do) can result in extreme energy crisis because there is then no ATP dividend.

{D, I really like this idea of having lists of OXPHOS/glycolysis inhibitors that are categorized according to their specific mechanisms. In fact, it turns out from this article that there are different mechanisms of inhibiting an enzyme and this results in different outcomes. So, even while 3-BP and koningic acid both  inhibit GAPDH,  KA has a specific effect on the Warburgian glycolytic flux through the cancer cells.} 



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Citric acid induces caspase dependent apoptotic glioma cell death



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