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Dietary supplementation with a specific combination of high protein, leucine, and fish oil improves muscle function and daily activity in tumour-bearing cachectic mice

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"In conclusion, this specific nutritional combination of high protein, leucine and fish oil improved the cachectic outcome of mice inoculated with the C26 adenocarcinoma cell line. The carcass, fat and muscle mass increased and the muscle function and daily activity improved when compared with tumour-bearing mice on the control diet. These data show that single ingredient interventions have limited value, and support the need for a balanced combination of different ingredients to enable a multi-targeted intervention to achieve beneficial effects in the complex conditions of cancer cachexia, as reflected in changes of body composition, muscle functionality and daily activity. The findings are clinically highly relevant, because muscle function and daily activity contribute to a great extent to the quality of life of the cancer patient (Morrow et al, 2002). In addition, an improved condition of a patient, as reflected in body composition and physical performance, contribute to compliance of the patient to the anti-cancer therapy (Andreyev et al, 1998)."