Colon and Colorectal Cancer

Here are a few relevant elements. I will further improve the page when possible:

Artesunate (Artemisinin): Cheap anti-malaria drug shows promise against colorectal cancer 

Monocarboxylate transport inhibition potentiates the cytotoxic effect of 5-fluorouracil in colorectal cancer cells 
In other words, Quercetin, Ibuprofen, Statins, Apigenin, etc. will help while Butyrate may not help in this specific case, i.e when using 5FU. Note that Butyrate on the other hand will help Artesunate

Indeed, here is another article indicating Quercetin or Statins as a potential solution to inhibit MCT4 in colorectal cancer

Mebendazole: Repositioning of the anthelmintic drug mebendazole for the treatment for colon cancer: ” Indeed as a first indication of this possibility, a patient with refractory metastatic colon cancer was treated with MBZ at the standard anthelmintic dose of 100 mg twice daily. The patient experienced no subjective adverse effects at all from the drug and computerized tomography evaluation after six weeks of therapy showed near complete remission of the metastases in the lungs and lymph nodes and a good partial remission in the liver (case report accepted for publication in Acta Oncologica).” Ref
Can be bought on eBay. Long time administration with no toxicity even at 1g/day. I will dedicate a specific post to Mebendazole. Its absorption will be improved by Cimetidine administration and if taken with fatty food that will further be improved.

2016: Mebendazole and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory combine to reduce tumor initiation in a colon cancer preclinical model.

Cimetidine (Tagamet)Repurposing drugs in oncology (ReDO)€”cimetidine as an anti-cancer agent 
Can be bough on eBay. Used at 800mg/day with food, 400mg morning and 400mg evening. I will dedicate a specific post to Cimetidine.

AspirinUse of Aspirin postdiagnosis improves survival for colon cancer patients
Used at a dose of 100mg/day.

CitalopramNovel drug candidates for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer through global inverse gene-expression profiling

MetforminA Potential Therapeutic Agent for Recurrent Colon Cancer
Used at about 1g/day. I will dedicate a specific post to Metformin.

SalinomycinSalinomycin inhibits the growth of colorectal carcinoma by targeting tumor stem cells

NitazoxanideThree-Dimensional Cell Culture-Based Screening Identifies the Anthelmintic Drug Nitazoxanide as a Candidate for Treatment of Colorectal Cancer

Pyrvinium: Repurposing the FDA-Approved Pinworm Drug Pyrvinium as a Novel Chemotherapeutic Agent for Intestinal Polyposis
Pyrvinium pamoate – used at a dose of 5 mg/kg/day – (an Anthelmintic drug over the counter in countries like Sweden, Norway, etc.)

Glutamine deprivation: Colon cancers with PIK3CA oncogenic mutations are addicted to glutamine –
PIK3CA mutations reprogram glutamine metabolism in colorectal cancerNature Communications(2016)  “In layman’s terms, we discovered that colon cancers with PIK3CA oncogenic mutations are addicted to glutamine, a particular nutrient for cancer cells. We also demonstrated that these cancers can be starved to death by depriving glutamine with drugs.”

Retinoic acid suppresses colorectal cancer development, study finds

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9 thoughts on “Colon and Colorectal Cancer

  1. hello D,
    a quick question; would you use Mebendazole if your were about to start on MG? i’ve read somewhere that Mebendazole might increase the LDL levels which is the major risk of taking MG too. is that a correct assumption?

    1. Hi Pouya, I would like to stay away from suggesting what to do as I am not a medical doctor.
      However, what I can say is that in general, if I would be concerned with combining multiple components, I would give priority to the most relevant and possibly include the other latter step by step.
      What are the Indian medical doctors suggesting?

  2. thanks D,
    i haven’t asked about Mebendazole yet. I’m trying to collect all the questions i have regarding the drug combinations,etc for when i get to India which i have been told, should be around 26th july. don’t worry about sharing your personal opinion, i’m not going to do anything without their consent. i take your opinion only as information. the way things work here. 🙂

    1. Hi Pouya, I am not worried. I know you are a clever reader.
      First is about your protection off course, but is also about my protection and that of the existence of this website.
      I am not here to advise, but to share my findings with all of you so that we all know more and save time for some.
      I do hope and expect the reader will do the same, i.e. sharing info and views here.

  3. Good points dear D. Totally agreed.
    One thing that made Mebendazole very interesting for me was that when i was reading about the woman that you’ve referred to in this article, i noticed that she has the KRAS mutation in common with my mom. While it might not be a decisive factor here, being in a somehow similar position i just felt like it’s worth giving this a try.

  4. I was looking for some information about DCA.
    Has anyone some knowledge that DCA could help cancer to spread?
    Text below comes from here:

    There is a publication that says DCA increases the growth of colon cancer. Is that correct?
    There is a publication which reports that DCA enhances the survival of colon cancer cells. This paper is flawed because the researchers looked at the effects of DCA on cancer cells with a complete absence of oxygen (anoxia). While hypoxia (low oxygen) may be common in tumours, anoxia (complete lack of oxygen) is not a normal situation. In very rapidly growing tumours, there will be areas of anoxia, however colon cancer generally does not behave that way. In summary, we believe our clinical findings from treating actual patients are more meaningful than this lab study done under artificial conditions. DCA (both oral and intravenous) can be an effective treatment for colon cancer based on our extensive clinical experience. DCA can cause symptom improvement, tumour shrinkage, tumour stability, or reduction in the colon cancer blood marker CEA.

  5. Hi everyone. I would like to introduce myself and my situation with the disease.
    First and foremost, I would like to thank Daniel for his generosity which can not be expressed with words. Also to the people that are going through this tremendously difficult disease that are actively participating by sharing their stories and are willing to help others, like Marcos, Ergin, Emad, Jess, Alex, Ovidiu… I’ve been reading your posts and stories.
    People like you make me keep faith in human kind…

    My name is Caio and my husband is Laurent, we live in Barcelona Spain.
    Laurent ( 47 years old) was diagnosed with colon rectal cancer in May 2017.He underwent chemo, radio and then surgery.

    Straight after the surgery, still in the hospital, he nearly died, because the stitches in his bowel opened up causing a severe peritonitis. Words can’t describe the horror I went through.
    He was left with a permanent colostomy. After the shock of all this, we started to recover and he was doing well untill 2 weeks ago that we had the news: The cancer is back.

    He went from stage II to stage IV, as it has metastasised. It seems to be a rare ( or unusual) one, as it is on a muscle (gluteus) and not on a vital organ luckily, so we are very confident about it, although there are moments where I am terrified quite frankly. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions as he means everything to me really.

    I have been doing a lot of research which brought me to cancer treatments, suggested by a post of Cancer integral in Spain on the 2-DG protocol and in the approach of cancer as a metabolic disease.

    So now it comes the part where I ask for help (the amount of information is so overwhelming I don’t know where to gest started).

    The chemo he is doing is Folfox with Panitumumab. Done one cycle. Will do 5 more, every 2 weeks. Then, possible surgery depending on the outcome.

    Some of the things I am interested:

    Anti-worm drugs.
    The idea is to combine Mebendazole, Albendazole, Fenbedazole and maybe Nitazoxanida, in synergy with Cimetidine by alternating them.
    Any thoughts on dosis or other relevant info?

    I have great interest in this medication, although I also fear about cachexia as he is a thin person normally and is even thinner lately .(70 kilos /1.83mt height). I also fear about hypoglycemia and acidosis. But I would like to get him started.
    Any thoughts on dosis or other relevant info?

    Fasting and Ketogenic diet.
    Since 4 weeks he is not eating any kind of sugars, no flours, bread, pasta, etc. Mainly proteins and fats, plus a lot of greens ( no fruit, except berries). he also fasted for 48 hours couple of times. But we also have the same concerns as the ones with metformin.

    Artesunate ( or artesiminin).
    My idea is to buy from this place in germany:
    Not sure how to best consume it though. Should it be as tea? I bought once in Spain, not sure it was the same one, it said “Ajenjo” and it turned out so extremelly bitter that is nearly impossible to drink, not sure if it t is the same stuff.

    2-DG. I would like more info on this one. Once we have a private doctor ( we will try to use this approach. It would be great however, to have idea of how much it could cost, to know if we can afford it or not.

    3-BP Same as the 2-DG. I would like to know more, Coud not find info on how/where to get ahold of.

    LDN. Very interested in this drug. But we need a prescription. We will try once whe have a private doctor.
    Any thoughts on LDN ?

    MMS. I coudn’t find scientific papers on this. Isthis a possible treatment or just quackery?

    Vitamin C IV.
    This is very pricey here in Spain ( around 2000 euros for 10 cycles).
    We are willing to give it a try, although our finance is a bit fragile at the moment, so it would be great to know if you think this is worth it.

    Itraconazol. Any one knows how to take it?

    NSAIDs. Here it gets interesting and I have a theory in his case. Laurent has had Chronic Ulcerative Colitis for almost 30 years now. I believe his cancer started because of so much inflamation and for such long time. He was never allowed to take NSAIDs, because according to the gastroenterologists they were bad to him. So he never took them.
    Interestingly enough, there are studies with some drugs being really good for colitis, such as anti worm drus like Metronidazole and LDN. Too much “coincidence” for me but no one has ever seem to have noticed this relationship. I think he coud benefit from NSAIDs so I would love to hear what you think about this.

    Also interested in other drugs such as DCA, Doxycicline and Salinomicina. But will consider that in the future as these are more complicated and there are a lot to get started with.

    We also do supplements and vitamins which I can write about in a different post, but I am trying to focus more on medicines this time.

    I apologize for such a long post, If you could point out which of those treatments are the best to start with at this point?
    Thanks in advance from the bottom of my heart.


    1. Dear Caio,

      I am very sorry to hear about the challenges you had and have and hope that your dear husband will be better and better. Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Answering your questions:
      1. Cimetidine is usually used continuous at a dose of 800mg/day. 400mg in the morning and 400 in the afternoon. While my wife used Cim for 3 years with no issues, please check interaction of Cim with other drugs you may use. Some points about this I addressed here Let you doctor know you are using this as it has to be stoped during any medical intervention due to its blood thing effects and interaction with other drugs.
      I would take care with Albendazole due to toxicity at the liver. The others you mentioned are less toxic so its nice to use them in cycles. For info on dosis etc on Mebendazole please read this and on Fenbendazole please read this
      2. Metformin is a very good one in my view and the usual target daily dose in 1500mg/day. Some people are using only 1000mg/day. It is usually started at 500mg/day and increase after a week at the target dose. Some are taking it with food to avoid some stomach issues. Some are using the light version/ slow release to avoid dome side effects.
      3. Ketogenic Diet has to be restricted. If it is simple Ketogenic diet, it can be even worse than a normal diet. Restricted KD is difficult – this is why I prefer just normal alkaline diet – you need to discuss with experts in KD if you want to go this route
      4. Artemisinin – as I understand you bought Artemisia Annua. The source is good. I like it. The one you bought in Soain and that is bitter was not Artemisia Annua but I thing Artemisia Absinthium which is also good. I would take it both as a tea and as capsules. You can easily make capsules at home. You can buy empty capsules from e.g. iHerb and buy a cheap tool that helps you make the capsules at home. More about dose etc you can find here
      5. PLease let me know what is the info you need on 2DG
      6. Info about 3BP is discussed here and in the related comments and here
      7 No need for prescription on LDN
      8. No opinion on MMS at this point but you may want to read this
      9. Vit C its always good. You can buy it from pharmacies in euro at a price of about 300 euro for 10 cycles at 50g. You need a prescription from your doctor in order to buy the IV vials. Pharmacies listed here has it
      10. The dose on Itraconazole was discussed here
      11. Regarding NSAID, Low dose Aspirin (100mg/day) for example it is known to help against colon cancer – there is scientific literature on that

      I hope thsi answers some of your questions. As you can see, a lot of the questions are already addressed on this website 🙂

      Kind regards,

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