Citric Acid Inhibits Fermentation


Update 03 September 2018: Today I became aware of a recent (2017) scientific paper published in Nature magazine, one of the most prestigious and high impact magazine, discussing work on Citric Acid performed at Harvard School of Medicine, and concluding the following: “Our data suggests that citrate can inhibit tumor growth in diverse tumor types and via multiple mechanisms. Dietary supplementation with citrate may be beneficial as a cancer therapy.” (Ref.) Given the fact that this work was performed by a world leading medical school and published in a world leading scientific magazine, I see this as a strong support for the work of Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay reporting response in various cancer patients (see below), work which I have questioned before. I’ve also wrote a short update post here.

Citric acid exists in large amounts in a variety of fruits and vegetables, most notably citrus fruits and was first time isolated from lemon juice.  Its salt form, Citrate, is an intermediate in the citric acid cycle (also called TCA cycle, TriCarboxylic Acid cycle, Krebs cycle, Szent-Györgyi – Krebs cycle), a central metabolic pathway for animals, plants and bacteria.

LemonIn others words, Citrate is a major product of mitochondria, the engine of the cell. When there is to much Citrate going out of the engine, it means there is enough energy produced by the engine and a feedback mechanism will “talk” to the glycolisis (Ref.), the path through which fuel is provided to the engine, and ask to reduce the amount of fuel. As a result, the more Citrate builds up in the cell, the more the cell will think it has enough of what it needs and will reduce or even shut down the glycolisis process.

Since glycolisis (or fermentation) is essential in most cancers to obtain various elements required for the survival of the cancer cells (e.g. fast energy production, anti-oxidants, etc.), glycolisis inhibition may directly lead to the eradication of cancer cells. Inhibiting glycolisis will also lead to a lower amount of acidity produced and exported by the cancer cells and thus a better tumor environment in which the immune system (T cells) will reactivate (Ref.) or chemo therapies can go through without being deactivated (protonated). From this point of view, I would expect that Citrate can both work alone but also enhance chemo therapy (Ref.) and immunotheraphy.

From a scientific point of view, the inhibitory effect of glycolisis triggered by Citrate is well understood and recognized (see references in the Mechanism section and Reference section). So there is no question about that. This is why Citrate has been indeed proposed as an anti cancer agent. However, the questions is whether the same theoretical and laboratory results can be achieved in humans.

Interestingly, Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay in Mexico, was one of the few proposing and using Citric Acid to treat and cure cancer patients so far. While Dr. Alberto reports are typically very short, of anecdotal stile, the results emerging out of that indicate that in some advanced cancer patients Citric Acid used as stand alone therapy may lead to tumor regression in patients with various tumor types. His number of published case reports is truly impressive to me. Yet, it is a pitty to see the anecdotal stile of the published reports as they are difficult to judge. Here is Dr. Alberto’s Twitter account where he is constantly sharing links to new published successful cases:, and here is the Facebook page

Off course, the questions that remains open to me is how many patients were treated with Citric Acid to get to those successful cases reported.

Update 25-02-2017: If Dr. Alberto would be the only one to claim curing cancer patients with Citric Acid, the story would not stand so strong and more evidence would be required. Yet, one of the contributors on this website (thank you Dr. Helga) has recently pointed out that Citric Acid has been used successfully against cancer since 1866 and reported at that time in the respectable scientific journal “British Medical Journal”

So what we have here is an element that is cheap, safe, easy to administrate (orally), accessible, with acceptable theory regarding the anti cancer mechanism and as Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay and those before him suggested, relevant in various types of tumors.

However, it is my personal opinion that Citric Acid comes with a risk as well. This is just my theory, and that is due to the fact that it may also represent a fuel for cancer cells out of which some cancer cells may produce cholesterol, much needed for fast cellular division and hormone production. To reduce or eliminate this risk, as discussed below, I would always combine Citric Acid with a Statin and HCA. These drugs/supplements will not only reduce this risk but also are drugs/supplements with well known anti cancer effect as well.

Funny enough, while writing the end of this article I realize it now may make scientific sense to drink lemon juice in order to kill cancer (see the estimations on how much lemon juice or grapefruit juice we would need to drink daily, in the Source section of this post). I never believed this is possible before, but now, based on all these references and mathematics, it may makes sense. Note: Lemonade therapy is also suggested / used in hospitals as a therapy to address kidney stone formation / nephrolithiasis (Ref.1, Ref.2, Ref.3)

Results in Humans:

There are various case reports, nearly all from Dr. Halabe, indicating Citric Acid is effective against various forms of cancer, in humans:

Hypothesis proved…citric acid (citrate) does improve cancer: A case of a patient suffering from medullary thyroid cancer
A patient with Glioblastoma Multiforme who improved after taking citric acid orally
A Comment to the Article Published in the APJCP by Choi and Co-workers about the Treatment of Cancer with Citric Acid
Effects of sodium citrate on proliferation and apoptosis of ovarian cancer cells
Case Report: A Patient With Pancreatic Cancer Who Improved After the Treatment with Citric Acid That She Received
A Patient with Metastatic Colon Cancer who Improved after the Treatment with Citric Acid that He Received.
Pathological report of a patient with cancer of the esophagus improved considerably after receiving citric acid orally
Remission of multiple myeloma after receiving only citric acid orally
Case Report: A Patient With Invasive Bladder Cancer Who Improved After The Treatment With Citric Acid That He Received
Effect of citrate on malignant pleural mesothelioma cells: a synergistic effect with cisplatin.
Here are some more anecdotal reports:

However, since I wrote this article, two visitors of this website (both Lung Cancer stage IV) who tried Citric Acid are reporting no improvements after one or two months of Citric Acid usage:

Comment 1

Comment 2

Therefore, the wide effectiveness of Citric Acid against various forms of cancer has still to be demonstrated by sources other than Dr. Halabe.


Citrate is a key intermediate in both catabolism and anabolism and occupies a prominent position in cell energy metabolism. There are two sources of  intracellular citrate:

1. Citrate is produced inside the mitochondria within the Krebs cycle. When the cell has excess energy, citrate is transported out of the mitochondrial matrix across the inner membrane via the mitochondrial citrate transport protein (CTP). In the cytoplasm, is then broken down by the ACLY (ACL) enzyme into

  • acetyl-CoA
    • for fatty acid synthesis and
    • cholesterol production
  • oxaloacetate
    • to be converted back to pyruvate and enter mitochondria again

This process is depicted in this picture and this one

pipelineHigh concentrations of cytosolic citrate can inhibit phosphofructokinase, one of the most important control “knob” in the mammalian glycolytic pathway. A high level of citrate means that biosynthetic precursors are abundant and additional glucose should not be degraded for this purpose (Ref.)

Therefore, high concentrations of citrate will inhibit the conversion of fructose 6-phosphate, into its next step in glycolysis, i.e. fructose 2,6-bisphosphate (F-2,6-BP).

Interestingly, a fall in pH also inhibits phosphofructokinase activity (Ref.) representing a link between the cancer treatment strategy focused on cancer cell acidification I discussed in another post (Ref.) and glycolisis inhibition.

Obviously, the inhibition of glycolisis is highly relevant in cancer cells and it can lead to cancer cell death. Indeed this fact has been demonstrated in several papers (please see the Reference section).

2. Citrate is not only produced by mitochondria but can also be taken up from blood through PMCT plasma membrane transporters (Ref.) or the so called NaCT (Ref.). Because NaCT is more activated in the acidic environments (Ref.1, Ref.2), cancer cells may absorb higher levels of Citrate compared to normal cells.

Here is a good reference to get a better feeling on the above processes

As a side note, Prostate gland, is known to produce and release large amounts of citrate during its normal secretory function. (Ref.) This may be a reason why not to use Citric Acid for prostate cancer and possibly other cancers of hormone producing cells.

Other anti cancer effects of Citrate may be related with its capability to promote acetylation of histones, to inhibit tumor angiogenesis and other potential mechanism (Ref.)

Citrate also causes anticoagulation by chelation of calcium, and is likely to lead to magnesium chelation as well. (Ref.)

Update 30-March-2017: 

Citric Acid seems to also inhibit pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH): “Citrate inhibits the interconversion of the inactive form of pyruvate dehydrogenase to the active form of the enzyme.” (Ref.) I did not know this, and if this is true, Citrate should not be used with DCA since the whole point of DCA is to re activate PDH by inhibiting PDK

In other words, if the results presented in this paper are true, when using Citrate + DCA we may need to make a choice between the use of DCA and that of Citrate since DCA will try to activate PDH while Citrate will inhibit PDH. If Citrate indeed inhibits PDH, I expect Citrate will win the fight since it may act directly on PDH while DCA acts indirectly through PDK.

Citrate also inhibits Citrate Synthase, an enzyme acting the first step of the citric acid cycle (or Krebs cycle):

The inhibition of PDH and Citrate Synthase by Citrate, indicates that Citrate may not only interfere with glycolisis but also mitochondria function in cancer cells.

Dose & Administration:

Although there are publications suggesting sodium citrate as an anti cancer element too, Dr. Alberto insists in using Citric Acid only as that was clearly demonstrated to be effective.

The daily dose seems to be min 4g/day and up to 30g/day. Yet 4g to 8g/day seems the most common dose used by Dr. Alberto.

It has been claimed to be completely safe. It is recommend to be combined with juices or meals (as powder or capsules). Some people are taking it with antacids like omeprazole to reduce the GI side effects.

Start with 500mg 3x/day and move up to the target dose of for example 10g/day.

Some more ideas for its application:

  • In order not to have Citrate converted to acetyl-CoA, and also to build up faster Citrate in the cytosol, inhibit ACYL with HCA ( That means, it may be wise to add HCA capsules (1. to 3 g/day) during Citrate administration.
  • In case Citrate is still converted to acetyl-CoA even if HCA is used, use Statins (FDA approved drugs) to inhibit further cholesterol production
  • It may also be wise to target and slow down mitochondria during Citrate administration with e.g. Metformin, Doxycicline, etc.
  • Update 25-02-2017: Interesting enough, it has previously suggested that DCA, another well known anticancer drug, can induce the accumulation of high level of citrate inside the cytoplasm and with that inhibit glycolisis (Ref.). Therefore, a good addition to the Citric Acid treatment may be DCA.
  • Update 30-March-2017: According to additional info I came across and shared as an update in the “Mechanism” section, it doesn’t make sense to add DCA to Citric acid since DCA will try to reactivate PDH while Citric acid will inhibit that. Therefore, based on the latest info, I would not use CA+DCA at the same time but try one for longer time, if I would see progression I would switch to the other. So maybe one month try and observe the markers?

Actually, if I think more, due to the ACLY over activation in many cancers (Ref.), I would not take Citrate without inhibiting Citrate conversion to acetyl-CoA with ACLY inhibitors. Therefore, I would always use HCA supplements when on Citrate therapy. I would also use a Statin (preferably lipophilic) to make sure the cholesterol production will be limited while on CA. Specifically, hormone producing cells such as prostate cells are very capable to convert Citrate into acetyl-CoA as they typically have to do that in order to obtain the cholesterol required for hormone production (Ref.). Note: I read somewhere that Metformin may also downregulate ACLY but cannot find the reference right now.

Because Citarte is transported inside the cells by a Na coupled transporter (Ref.), I guess table salt may enhance Citrate absorption.

Update 27-02-2017: Ergin, one of the contributors on this website, has recently pointed out a relevant paper This paper suggest (but is not totally clear) that CA may boost gluconeogenesis (that is different than glycolisis) leading to a high glucose level in the blood. If this is true, it is something we do not want. So what we can do about it?
First, anyone who is using CA can measure his blood glucose levels using a typical measurement toll that can be used to measure glucose at home. If indeed, the glucose levels are increasing after CA, what I would do is to always use Metformin before CA administration. That is because Metformin is an inhibitor of the gluconeogenesis.

As a result of our discussions so far, to address the potential weak spots of CA treatment, I would combine CA treatment with Metformin (500mg) and HCA (500-1000mg) (both ingested about 30 min prior to taking CA). Metformin would address potential increase of gluconeogenesis by CA, and HCA will address potential conversion of CA in cholesterol and other fuels for cancer via the potentially upregulated mevalonate pathway as previously discussed.

There is a good amount of scientific evidence suggesting that both HCA and Metformin have good potential against cancer. As a result, including the two will only increase the chance of success.

Update 28-02-2017: Following our discussion on the potential increase in blood glucose level after taking CA, I did check if there is any such increase in my case. I mixed 4g of CA with water and took that at once. Measured blood glucose once before taking CA and a few times after, at 5min, 30min and one hour. During this time, there was no specific increase of the blood glucose.
This may be specific to my case, so others may want to check for themselves, but these results are not supporting the claims in the article Yet, everyone should check this for himself. Based on this result, Metformin would not be necessarily required when using CA but I would probably use it anyway given its important benefits in cancer.

Update 01-07-2017: Here is a relevant questions and a relevant answer to that that I thought may be good to add it here too:

Indeed pentose phosphate pathway (PPP) is very relevant in cancer and inhibition of glyco may redirect glucose and in turn fuel PPP. And as explained here “PPP is especially critical for cancer cells because it generates not only pentose phosphates to supply their high rate of nucleic acid synthesis, but also provides NADPH, which is required for both the synthesis of fatty acids and cell survival under stress conditions.”
Therefore, if we inhibit glycolisis after G6P (see, which is what CA may do, we also need to make sure we inhibit or reduce PPP or alternatively the activity of mithocondria (with e.g. Metformin) which otherwise will switch on fatty acids.

Interestingly, PPP can be reduced/inhibited by DHEA, which seems to inhibit glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, the rate-limiting enzyme in the pentose phosphate pathway. DHEA can be found as a supplement online

BUT, we need to be careful because as the reference above states, “in contrast to the expected resistance exerted by the elevated PPP in response to certain drugs, the PPP may sensitize cells to other therapeutic drugs. Indeed, it appears that the high levels of NADPH generated by a hyperactive PPP sensitize cells to anthracyclines. Anthracyclines are a class of antibiotics used in cancer therapy, and the most commonly used member of this class is adriamycin, also known as doxorubicin. Anthracyclines are metabolized by cytochrome p450 reductase to produce free radicals, which induce cytotoxicity72. Because NADPH is a cofactor that is required for this activity of cytochrome p450, the high levels of NADPH generated by the PPP may sensitize cancer cells to doxorubicin”.

In summary:
– CA may lead to increased activity of PPP
– PPP is relevant in cancer and its inhibition may help fighting cancer
– PPP may be inhibited by DHEA, which can be found as a supplement online
– some tumors (such as adrenocortical carcinoma) naturally produce high levels of intracellular DHEA, inhibiting PPP
– but active PPP may help some specific chemos such as doxorubicin – therefore CA during doxorubicin may be beneficial


Safe but here are some attention points:

Contraindicated in severe renal impairment with oliguria or azotemia, untreated Addison’s disease, adynamia episodica hereditaria, acute dehydration, heat cramps, anuria, severe myocardial damage, and hyperkalemia from any cause. (Ref.)

Large doses may cause hyperkalemia and alkalosis, especially in the presence of renal disease. Concurrent administration of potassium-containing medication, potassium-sparing diuretics, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, or cardiac glycosides may lead to toxicity. (Ref.)

Academic investigations are currently running focused on limiting absorption of Citrate as this approach might mimic caloric restriction, decrease fatty acid and cholesterol biosyntheses, prevent obesity, and extend life-span (Ref.). Consequently, long term use of Citric Acid may be detrimental.


It can be found everywhere including at iHerb:

It can also be obtained from the lemon or lime juice but also from other sources:

  • The juice of lemons and limes squeezed from the fruits contained the most citric acid (48 and 46 g/L, respectively) (Ref.)
  • Grapefruit juice and orange juice from ready-to-consume, 100% juice formulations contained 25 and 17 g/L, respectively. Orange juice squeezed directly from oranges had a lower citric acid content than ready-to-consume orange juice. (Ref.)

So based on the above it seems that in order to ingest e.g. 10g of citric acid/day we need to drink about 250ml lemon juice. This seems feasible to me and offcourse, I would drink this mixed with water during one day. Alternatively, I would drink about 500ml of grapefruit juice daily, which I think is very easy to achieve. What is not clear to be yet is the bio availability difference between using the fruit as a source or the commercially available powder.

Funny enough, I now realize that with this article and the enclosed references it now makes scientific sense to drink lemon juice in order to kill cancer. I never believed this is possible before, but now, based on all these references and mathematics, it makes sense. 🙂


Phosphofructokinase 1 glycosylation regulates cell growth and metabolism

Cancer cells must satisfy the metabolic demands of rapid cell growth within a continually changing microenvironment. We demonstrated that the dynamic posttranslational modification of proteins by O-linked β-N-acetylglucosamine (O-GlcNAcylation) is a key metabolic regulator of glucose metabolism. O-GlcNAcylation was induced at serine 529 of phosphofructokinase 1 (PFK1) in response to hypoxia. Glycosylation inhibited PFK1 activity and redirected glucose flux through the pentose phosphate pathway, thereby conferring a selective growth advantage on cancer cells. Blocking glycosylation of PFK1 at serine 529 reduced cancer cell proliferation in vitro and impaired tumor formation in vivo. These studies reveal a previously uncharacterized mechanism for the regulation of metabolic pathways in cancer and a possible target for therapeutic intervention.

Glycolytic enzyme inhibitors effectively kill cancer cells

Metabolic quirks yield tumour hope

Citric Acid Induces Cell-cycle Arrest and Apoptosis of Human Immortalized Keratinocyte Cell Line (HaCaT) via Caspase- and Mitochondrial-dependent Signaling Pathways

Citric acid is an alpha-hydroxyacid (AHA) widely used in cosmetic dermatology and skincare products. However, there is concern regarding its safety for the skin. In this study, we investigated the cytotoxic effects of citric acid on the human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT. HaCaT cells were treated with citric acid at 2.5-12.5 mM for different time periods. Cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis were investigated by 4,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole dihydrochloride (DAPI) staining, flow cytometry, western blot and confocal microscopy. Citric acid not only inhibited proliferation of HaCaT cells in a dose-dependent manner, but also induced apoptosis and cell cycle-arrest at the G2/M phase (before 24 h) and S phase (after 24 h). Citric acid increased the level of Bcl-2-associated X protein (BAX) and reduced the levels of B-cell lymphoma-2 (BCL-2), B-cell lymphoma-extra large (BCL-XL) and activated caspase-9 and caspase-3, which subsequently induced apoptosis via caspase-dependent and caspase-independent pathways. Citric acid also activated death receptors and increased the levels of caspase-8, activated BH3 interacting-domain death agonist (BID) protein, Apoptosis-inducing factor (AIF), and Endonuclease G (EndoG). Therefore, citric acid induces apoptosis through the mitochondrial pathway in the human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT. The study results suggest that citric acid is cytotoxic to HaCaT cells via induction of apoptosis and cell-cycle arrest in vitro.

The biological significance of cancer: mitochondria as a cause of cancer and the inhibition of glycolysis with citrate as a cancer treatment

In this article, I present the hypothesis that cancer presents due to the domination of the cell by mitochondria, which, from an evolution viewpoint, appeared in multi-cellular living being with the incorporation of a bacteria into a primitive cell, the bacteria sustained itself as mitochondria and these conserved their identity and bacterial characteristics, based on this, the hypothesis is suggested of the biological competition between the cell and the mitochondria; the mitochondria, on establishing itself as an independent entity within the cell, created the need to permanently remain in the cytoplasm of the cell, thus, from an energy viewpoint, when a cell becomes malignant, the mitochondria are the sole beneficiaries, as there is an ideal environment at the cellular level for the mitochondria to sustain their functions, and from this hypothesis, the treatment for fighting cancer consists of inhibiting glycolysis, being the principal source of energy for the mitochondria, this is achieved by administering citrate to cancer patients, as the citrate inhibits the phosphofructokinase enzyme, the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and the succinate dehydrogenase enzyme of Krebs cycle, thus, the mitochondria will be forced to limit their metabolism and, secondarily, will lower the reproduction capacity of the cell in general.

Inhibition of Mcl-1 expression by citrate enhances the effect of Bcl-xL inhibitors on human ovarian carcinoma cells.

The inhibition of two major anti-apoptotic proteins, Bcl-xL and Mcl-1, appears essential to destroy chemoresistant cancer cells. We have studied their concomitant inhibition, using ABT 737 or siRNA targeting XL1 and citrate, a molecule which reduces the expression level of Mcl-1.Two cisplatin-chemoresistant ovarian cell lines (SKOV3 and IGROV1-R10) were exposed to ABT 737 or siRNA targeting XL1 and citrate at various individual concentrations, or combined. Cell proliferation, cell cycle repartition and nuclear staining with DAPI were recorded. Western blot analyses were performed to detect various proteins implied in apoptotic cell death pathways.Mcl-1 expression was barely reduced when cells were exposed to citrate alone, whereas a mild reduction was observed after ABT 737 treatment. Concomitant inhibition of Bcl-xL and Mcl-1 using ABT 737 or siXL1 associated with citrate was far more effective in inhibiting cell proliferation and inducing cell death than treatment alone.Given that few, if any, specific inhibitors of Mcl-1 are currently available, anti-glycolytic agents such as citrate could be tested in association with synthetic inhibitors of Bcl-xL.

Citrate Induces Apoptotic Cell Death: A Promising Way to Treat Gastric Carcinoma?

Gastric carcinoma is frequent, particularly in China, and therapy is often inefficient. Because cancer cells are partly or mainly dependent on glycolysis to generate adenosine triphosphate ATP (Warburg effect) and/or to produce precursors (of lipid, nucleotides, etc.) for building new cells, any inhibition of glycolysis may slow down the cell proliferation and/or may kill cells. The antitumor effect of citrate, an anti-glycolytic agent inhibiting phosphofructokinase (PFK) was tested on two human gastric carcinoma cell lines. Materials and Methods: Cell viability and morphology were assessed after 24-72 h exposure to citrate (5, 10, 220 mM). Apoptosis was assessed by annexin V-FITC/PI staining and Western immunobloting. Results: A 3-day continuous exposure to citrate led to near destruction of the cell population in both cell lines, apoptotic cell death occurred through the mitochondrial pathway in a dose- and time-dependent manner, associated with the reduction of the anti-apoptotic Mcl-1 protein in both lines. Conclusion: Citrate demonstrates strong cytotoxic activity against two gastric cancer lines, leading to an early diminution of expression of Mcl-1 and to massive apoptotic cell death involving the mitochondrial pathway.


The reduced concentration of citrate in cancer cells: An indicator of cancer aggressiveness and a possible therapeutic target.

Proliferating cells reduce their oxidative metabolism and rely more on glycolysis, even in the presence of O2 (Warburg effect). This shift in metabolism reduces citrate biosynthesis and diminishes intracellular acidity, both of which promote glycolysis sustaining tumor growth. Because citrate is the donor of acetyl-CoA, its reduced production favors a deacetylation state of proteins favoring resistance to apoptosis and epigenetic changes, both processes contributing to tumor aggressiveness. Citrate levels could be monitored as an indicator of cancer aggressiveness (as already shown in human prostate cancer) and/or could serve as a biomarker for response to therapy. Strategies aiming to increase cytosolic citrate should be developed and tested in humans, knowing that experimental studies have shown that administration of citrate and/or inhibition of ACLY arrest tumor growth, inhibit the expression of the key anti-apoptotic factor Mcl-1, reverse cell dedifferentiation and increase sensibility to cisplatin.


This site is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. Through this site and linkages to other sites, I provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. I am not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this site. This is just my own personal opinion regarding what we have learned on this road.

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      1. Dear ergin,
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        Now i have some small funds for laboratory work LOL 😀
        But i think this is very important. IF this is true.

        Take care brother,

        1. Dear Alex,

          Citric acid is used for cleaner.Chelation heavy metals etc.So it should kill yeast,bacteria etc.
          And also on lab tests it is very effecive on cancer.
          And VERY VERY synergetic with chemo again on lab.%100 cell death on highly resistant mesothelioma cancer.
          Question is when digested?Blood counts:)?And all types of cancer?
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          1. Yes yes Ergin.
            I am not a scientist, but i like to test a little 😀
            I agree with your questions…..digestion i think is a big problem if CA is indeed as effective.
            Because to be honest stomach acid should be enough….. and this reminds me of a video i saw, someone saying that cancer is caused by your stomach acid not being acidic enough, between other things. He is not a doctor if that matters anymore.


      2. Please don’t listen to what Dr. Halabe says. There is a reason why he has been ignored and ridiculed by the medical community for years and it’s because his treatment is idiotic. I know he’s a charlatan because he would ask my sister (who was stage 4 breast cancer) to call his patients and tell them that she had been cured, when it was clear that she wasn’t. She died of cancer and he still denied that she had cancer. He uses typical brainwash mechanisms of questioning pharmaceutical companies’ intentions and the doctors’ greed to convince patients of his method, which have never been tested or proven. The only papers about this method are the ones written by him and submitted to online “journals” that have no credibility.

        Please listen to your doctors and don’t let yourself be dragged into these idiotic hypotheses by ignorants. Halabe is not even an oncologist, he is just a small time pediatrist in Mexico City that built this theory to try to get a patent on.

        The only thing that citric acid will give you is severe reflux. Stay safe and best of luck.

        1. Dear Francisco,

          Thank you for your post and warnings.

          I think in life we should always listen to those who have to say something around us, but not just listen and do that. Instead, listen, learn and apply your logic, judgement, feeling, before any action. What I am trying to do with this website and the posts here is not to build them around claims and believes of people (doctors, scientists, patients). Instead I am trying to build the posts around scientific evidence.

          As discussed above (see references), based on scientific evidence, Citric Acid may be able to modulate weak spots of cancer cells and with that act against cancer cells. Also in my view, there is a risk that Citric Acid will fuel the many times up regulated mevalonate pathway that in turn may fuel cancer cells. This risk can be reduced or eliminated by the use of HCA and Statins during CA treatment. (But we should be aware the risk is there and needs to be addressed.) As a result, I can not agree with your statement “idiotic hypotheses by ignorants”.

          As a scientist, I must agree with you that the journals where the case reports have been published are more of an anecdotal nature. On this line, I will check my post above and reformulate where needed to reflect this view.

          Yes, the first thing to do is to listen to our medical doctor, ask the right questions, and if he is willing to help, put the right treatment strategy in place together with him. You have to think carefully what is the right treatment since even the medical world doesn’t know how to effectively treat most of the advanced cancers. That is why I started this website.

          Having said that, I do not like to discuss here the credibility of people behind claims, but the credibility of science behind treatment tools like CA.

          Kind regards,

          1. It wasn’t my intention to put down other people’s research other than Halabe, my comment about reflux was unnecessary although Halabe tells you to take omeprazole to counter CA’s effects. The idiotic hypotheses comment is directed strictly at Halabe and his claim that CA by itself cures cancer at a 100% success rate.

            I am glad that you can appreciate that when Halabe tells you dismissively to “read all my papers” you will be treated to purely anecdotal evidence and that many people that he claims to have cured did not even have cancer in the first place. We have a production company that has been investigating charlatans like Halabe for a while, and they will be the subject of both a documentary and a legal investigation into their practice since it has become painfully clear that Halabe has taken his love for CA too far and also is advocating its use on kids who have diabetes as a cure with the same passion.

            It is interesting that I found this forum as I can disengage CA the way Halabe promotes it from more serious research like the one you are trying to conduct in our documentary. We have asked biologists and chemists for our research and the consensus is that no serious study has been conducted to prove CA’s effects and that there are many compounds that are corrosive to human cells and would inhibit their reproduction , but that the real problem is localizing the effect on the tumor in the human body. They also question whether the metabolization of citric acid through digestion leaves markers that prevent the conglomeration of citric acid on a tumor inside the body by the immune system as it does not recognize CA as a “friendly” compound.

            This is beyond my scope, but I am glad that you try to maintain an objective view on your website. Cancer is not like other diseases in the sense that it is “tailor made” by each patient by their own body, so we might have to wait for some time or other types of treatment (like nano-technology) but hopefully investigations like these can complement others who are fighting for the same thing in making cancer a more treatable condition. Dictatorial, if I may use that word, statements regarding something as 100% effective hurt and discredit more than invite others to provide valuable information.

            Good luck to you and everyone here looking for answers. I am sorry that I was rude previously, but this topic is very sensitive to me as I have first hand experience in both cancer and Halabe’s ways.

            My sister died 2 months ago and I took a break from work and family to be with her in the last 6 months of her life. Her breast cancer metastasized to her brain and she had a hard time expressing herself, but even up to her last week on this earth I could still make her smile like the stupid little brother that I always was to her by doing stupid things and making the same stupid jokes. Value your families and your time with them. I understand the pain that you are all going through and I wish I could help you, but unfortunately I can only recommend you stay away and don’t listen to Halabe, but do listen to others who truly wish to help others and are not on an egotistical crusade for recognition.

            All the best.

            1. Dear Francisco,

              Thank you very much for your balanced comment. Your contribution clearly adds value to this post. I am so sorry to hear about your loss and its so nice to hear about what you did for your dear sister. I can so much understand the pain related to that. Although, I have a technical and scientific background, and although currently science only scratches the surface of this field, I very much believe that this life is just a small part of something larger and we will meet again our loved ones. I very much agree with your advise to the visitors: “Value your family and your time with them.” To that I would add: “Don’t spend all your time fighting and searching for treatment options. Instead try to allocate some time every day to do something with your loved one that you rely enjoy”.

              Kind regards,

        2. Dear Francisco,
          I am terribly sorry for your sister’s death, i wish you good health and peace of mind. It is tragic, i feel it.
          If what you said is true, that is very very very sad. Still we should look at the actual science and raise an eye brow to the claims
          I too believe CA may not be what it should be in my mother’s body. And may not help. However…..
          A sugar pill is still in some cases effective, while i’m in part with you on this one, do try to relax a little.
          My mother has been feeling better since starting citric acid, it is true, not administered alone, so citric acid may still be next to placebo for that matter, still the science is there and to refute science would be illogical.
          It is true her tumor markers have gone up but i do notice a slight decrease in speed. (Again, not citric acid alone)
          My mother has not had any reflux, she just finished taking about 450g of it in about a month.
          I’m with you on this one as science on paper and in the lab may show one thing and in reality things could go in another direction due to various unknown elements.
          That’s why every theory that is to become fact, requires proof of principle.
          Again terribly sorry about your loss. 🙁

          I’m so sorry and i wish you all the best,
          Thank you very much for your feedback on citric acid.

          1. I do believe that placebos like the treatment that Halabe gave my sister were crucial in extending her life. She lived for 2 years after her diagnosis and, although her cancer kept spreading, she was in good spirits for about a year and a half. She also did all of the holistic treatments available. The problem with Halabe is that he urges patients to stop any other medical treatments, in my sister’s case there was nothing to be done, but there are others that could benefit from chemo or radiotherapy. He is also very corrupt. Oncologists would not operate on my sister’s breast tumor before she treated herself to make it smaller, which is standard, so Halabe convinced a PLASTIC surgeon and a GYNECOLOGIST (friends of his) to operate on her to remove the tumor and reconstruct the breast against all of the oncologists’ warnings. This most likely spread the cells as the tumor was already the size of a softball and would require daily draining. He maintained that it wasn’t cancer, that it was an infection and that CA would cure it.

            I hope your mother keeps getting better. I am no expert on cancer and I can only comment about my experience with this particular character. Do give her anything she needs to get better and in good spirits. I understand what you’re going through and it is tough. I am sorry to intrude like this but I cannot stand by and read what this guy claims without interfering. I hope you could see him in real life, he has the look and the attitude of a schizophrenic. He truly believes that pharma companies are after him and are boycotting his treatment, when he hasn’t even ever submitted one scientific study.

            Stay safe and best of luck to you and your mother.

            1. Dear Francisco,

              That is terrible. Why did he convince your sister to get the surgery by the a plastic surgeon?! Did he make money on this “transaction”? Shouldn’t this be illegal? I am very sorry for the loss of your sister and it is wonderful of you to have taken time off to be with her. Very few people can do this.

              I personally believe CA helped me. But I recall late-stage cancers have a higher CA content than early cancers. Maybe, late cancer recovers the TCA/citrate cycle that is broken in a “young” cancer? That would also explain contradictory info on the cancer mitochondria, as raised by Wondering.

              Best wishes,

            2. Dear Helga,

              Yes he made money and of course it’s illegal and unethical, this is why we’re looking at him and the others involved to not treat anyone ever again.

              Again, my research was limited but one thing to remember is that the body will not just start metabolizing citric acid as an inhibitor and we can’t “teach” it to. The methods that the body uses (encapsulation, for example) are imprinted in the DNA of disease-fighting cells and it is not yet proven how the body would react favorably to the consumption of citric acid through digestion. Maybe nanobots can directly inject CA into a cancer cell, but that is still science fiction. I will consult more with the chemists that we used. Ironically, the most positive reaction we got from a chemist is one who works in a pharma lab. The others and other biologists were dismissive as they could not read enough scientific documentation. The positive comments were about studies finding CA to be an inhibitor, but the negatives are the ways to localize and to get the body to use it properly.

              All the best

            3. Dear Francisco,
              At this point what is important i feel is that you did your best in helping your sister.
              Another important thing and i support you here is to tell the story, so that each of us can learn something.
              I asked the dear doctor to show more information related to his claims and did not respond yet. As did others. And he responded to them in a manner that would correspond to your telling. As you can see.
              In the end it’s all up to each and every one of us to do what we believe and feel is best. Sometimes we do make sad mistakes. Indeed sometimes guided by those who could and would exploit our desperate emotions to use for their own benefits. Because they value their material benefits more than a life.
              This is where i always like to say, humans are pathetic… as a species. No wonder the aliens aren’t coming.
              Those who should guide us to better health *MD’s*, we look up to, with hope and blind trust only to sometimes realize, they are corrupt humans who think they will take the money with them in heaven where depending on religion 72 virgin girls are awaiting to serve them as if they are special.
              Not going into religion here.
              The point is, they are all still human, chances are they are corrupt at heart or unaware of the best solutions.
              Then there is the inability to act despite awareness of the best solutions due to the corruption higher up, money, politics, ethics, race, religion, so on…
              Again, pathetic…. makes me wonder how there is still some progress made, some……..
              Those nanobots you were talking about, yeah… those nanobots….. personal opinion.
              Not going to happen 🙂 Ever.
              Strong film suggestion.
              Transcendence (2014)


            4. Prostate Cancer & Nanobots sci-fi episode, The Outer Limits – The New Breed

              spoiler alert.
              Things don’t go well for that one + bonus issues.
              The failure level is so great, it’s almost real.


          2. Dear Francisco,

            I also disagree with you. You might be right about Halabe, to some extent, because he wants recognition so badly that he might be prone to distorting the truth, sadly. However, I am also taking citric acid and never got reflux. My condition (whatever I have, not diagnosed yet) seems to be improved by CA. Also, my father followed his doctor’s advice religiously and took all the chemo that was prescribed for him, and he died from it. I know he died FROM it because the last chemo he took killed him within one week.

            Nevertheless, I am not saying all chemo is bad, or even this might have helped less advanced patients than my father. Still, drug companies are predatory and many doctors are probably “bought” by them. I have no proof but “cui bono” should be our guide in cases of doubt.

            Best wishes,

            1. Here is a very nice website where you can see in US how much your MD receives from pharma companies:
              Dollars for Docs

              That should now be available in some EU countries as well, although I think is not mandatory:
              Disclosing information on payments to doctors has already had positive effects in Europe

            2. Hi Daniel,

              Wow. I looked up the doctor I had while in the US and he is on the list although received only a few hundred bucks. On the other hand he was a very conscientious, great doctor, he gets 5 out of 5 from every patient’s evaluation.

              But transparency is very nice.


  1. Dear Francisco,
    I am very sorry about your loss.I understand your position now.
    You feel responsibility on people and you want to warn people.You are so brave firstly.Thank you and congragulations.
    I really wonder the full history.How did you find Halabe?Is he popular there?Is there any other patient you met and cured or not?
    We are talking on CA from lots of months and there is a probibility of feeding cancer with using citric acid without statins.
    We already did not see any cured patients nor any improvements on tumor markers.
    In one of his messages in this post Halabe wrote to Wondering ,”after 10-15 days all of the patients are in remission,believe it or not”.
    May be some people will be angry with you because all of us are believing the power of placebo.
    I am very sure that Halabe saw some cured patients but i am not sure that they used citric acid alone.
    I am wiriting and erasing about citric acid everytime to friends to stop using it.But if it really works but takes too much time?
    Now your words are more important for me than Halabe’s words.
    Kind Regards

    1. Dear Ergin,

      I don’t really know how my sister found Halabe, but she tried everything and everyone to find a cure. He is not popular, but in recent years he was interviewed because he was treating a tv host, but the tv host’s wife claims that he was never sick and that he never had cancer. I don’t remember well because it was a tabloid story and he never mentioned CA, because he knew he would be questioned about it. I just did a quick google search on Fernando del Solar and Halabe and the story is really convoluted and handled by tabloids, which makes it worse.

      There are phone records and Whatsapp or text messages from Halabe asking my sister to tell his other patients that she was cured, even after she had a tomography done which had found the lesions from the tumors in her brain. He still maintained that she didn’t have cancer and that the doctors were wrong.

      I am not a doctor or an expert in cancer or about CA, so I would never recommend you stop using it. All I really come here for is to warn specifically against Halabe’s “results” which are dubious and unworthy of scientific review. CA may be a good alternative for treatment, but there’s simply not enough information yet on its efficacy. It may have helped my sister, but Halabe’s method is still questionable.

      The truth is that my sister lived for 2 years after being diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and she never did chemo or radiotherapy. All methods she did were holistic or alternative and I’m sure that the hope of being cured kept her alive when traditional medicine told her that there was nothing to be done.

      All the best to you in this unfortunate journey.

      1. hey hermano Francisco,


        i highly appreciate your check in. My condolences to you in light of your loss. Freaking cancer. how sad your story ………:( :(:(. hate it.

        Re Halabe, i haveread some mexican forums and it was obvious to me that peope writing there dont really trust him, this was already suspicious, then i saw weird forums in both spanish and english where he was acting paranoid, aggressive… and pretty much talking to himself.

        here he did not answer any single questions, he accused me twice that i had not read his “scientific writings…”. its not hard to read those as they are like 6 rows.

        This forum is full of honest and good people (even some doctors as i notice),
        he is the only exception…

        all the best,

        1. Dear Wondering,

          I am glad I found this forum with another point of view on CA and where people could see, even through the internet, what a pathetic character Halabe is. Cancer is enough of a burden without people of this kind trying to coax people into their “100% proven through science” method which are scams. Hopefully we’ll make this charlatan stop here through public shaming and legal action.

          All the best to you and a great day

          1. Dear Francisco,

            It’s important not to put all the things in the same bucket. We need to be fair. Basic science is showing that Citrate inhibits glycolisis process. There is no question about that, and that is already learn in university. This is why I would make the distinction between CA potential to modulate an important pathway in cancer, and your negative experience with Dr. Halabe, which are two different aspects. I hope you agree.

            You mentioned you were in contact with various scientists. May I ask what was the reason for that? Did they help you with any specific (new) treatment?

            Kind regards,

            1. Dear Daniel,

              The reason why my team and I were in contact with different chemists and a couple of biologists (not only in Mexico, but in Canada and India as well) was for research for a documentary about the differences both in treatment and humane care between traditional medicine and alternative medicine. It wasn’t in depth research into CA, but the question did come up because of the treatments recommended by Halabe and I was already investigating him. I almost interviewed him a year ago, but my sister asked me not to do it, as she knew already the topic of my research and she didn’t want to have problems with Halabe.

              Chemists were very adamant about me getting it through my head that the medium and the limits of the medium is very important in chemistry. So, citrate inhibits glycolysis, but how do you change the programming of cells in the body to administer more than needed if they are encoded to work under certain thresholds? You can consume all the CA you want but the truth is that your body will decide when it’s had enough and will discard the rest. There is also no way to instruct our cells to specifically target others with citrate right now, until we learn how to code cells with new DNA orders. Applying citrate directly to the cell might lead the body to respond by encapsulation, which might be an interesting alternative, but not one that is currently explored.

              As always, there’s the science and the blackboard work that is proven and after comes the engineering phase where they try to work it into different mediums. So, when various scientists were confronted with this question, they go “Sure, in a petri dish, citrate inhibits glycolisis, but humans aren’t petri dishes and it’s not only one cell, so we have to test how the body will react to these changes in the scale of a condition like cancer”

              All the best

            2. Hi Francisco,

              Thank you for clearly explaining what you think and the source of that.

              As you probably realize, with this website I just want to understand beyond believes. Just facts. And as soon as facts indicate something else, I will reconsider my views.

              With that in mind, I should say I met a lot of people explaining to me why something is not possible or the limitations of what can be done. All of those seeing the limitations were some of the best scientists, in some case best of the world. Once that happen during my PhD, it happened again when I started working in industry, and it happened again in oncology. But everytime I could show they were wrong and things were are actually possible.

              In this context, I am not that of a supporter of those explaining why CA would not work, without scientific evidence supporting their statements. When we deal with cancer, and when we need to find answers we should not just act based on assumptions. We need to be sharper than that.

              In the same way as the scientist explained why CA would not work because the body would eliminate what it will not need, I could argue that the body is not capable of eliminating what it doesn’t need. Otherwise we could eat kilograms of Salinomycin and nothing would happen. But the reality is that eating 100mg will kill us.

              From a scientific point of view, I can argue, that cancer cells are well equipped with transporters capable of absorbing anything that may represent “food” for them. The same applies to CA: Next to that coming from mito, intracellular citrate is transported from the extracellular source into the cytoplasm via the action of PMCT or NaCT presented in the plasma membrane. Transport of Citrate by human NaCT is enhanced by acidity Since most aggressive cancers are characterized by high acidity around them (as we have deeply discussed on this website), Citrate will be most absorbed by tumors compared to normal cells. Once absorbed Citrate can inhibit fermentation (see ref above). Like I said, there is a risk that Citrate will fuel cholesterol or fatty acid synthesis and this is why CA should not be taken alone, in my view, but with relevant inhibitors of those pathways.
              As you see, if we do take the scientific line, the reality is that there is both constructive and destructive potential behind CA, in cancer. But the potential is there and it has been demonstrated even 100 years ago. Unfortunately, it comes with some risks as well …

              You mentioned that the scientists from pharma were actually the most open minded regarding this subject. To me that makes very much sense. Pharma industry has some of the best scientists and I am sure that most are very well intended while trying to find answers to cancer. But like in any company, even if you find a very nice solution to a problem, if there is no business potential behind and no IP the project will be stopped rather sooner than latter.

              Kind regards,

            3. Dear Daniel,

              I understand your point and I do believe that the best option now would be for a scientific study to be conducted with human testing. I am not a scientist and all I can do is echo the sentiments of those that were asked and the repetitive answer was ” We don’t know because there is no significant testing of these hypotheses. CA and other compounds do seem to work against cancer, but it’s not important unless someone decides to fund a study where we can draw conclusions from.”

              There must be a reason for that, because if what we believe from big pharma were true, they would be trying to accumulate Aspergillus niger, but they’re not. Citric acid is so widespread that then the only reason would be that they’re trying to stop this information from spreading, but they’re not doing that, as we’re discussing the topic right now in this forum without any problems. You can get citric acid easily and cheaply from a number of resources.

              From a historical perspective , this would mean that it doesn’t work so big pharma doesn’t care if you put it into your body or not, it is not threatening to the options that they have. Unfortunately, you and others must be ready to accept that this might be true.

              Now, if you can get a study going by emailing institutions and providing them with your research, you might get a positive response. If you’ve already tried that and they’re not interested, then the truth may be that they’re not interested because they’ve probably figured out by now that it is not a viable solution., It’s not a complicated or specially dangerous study to perform, so it’s kind of unbelievable that there is not a human study with controls that hasn’t been done already.

              In a highly unscientific, anecdotal personal study, the only person that I know who followed this treatment was not cured and the cancer didn’t stop spreading. As a placebo, I believe that it worked, my sister’s spirits were high with this treatment because it offered a cure, something that traditional medicine had already told her didn’t exist.

              All the best and keep at it if it’s something that you believe in. My opinion, and others’ will be naturally skeptical, but they are still fair and might make you open your mind to other possibilities.

              Kind regards.

            4. Dear Francisco,
              Indeed this comes after the regretable death of your sister. Trully saddened by that. Big hugs.
              I’m just an average person, but looking on the internet before even first visiting this website, i did find out that cancer uses more than fermentation.
              I say this not to advocate for citric acid, but because this may be information that you and/or your sister did not obtain or haven’t looked for.
              It is my view that with or without CA, other sides of the same problem must be addressed to reach favorable results.
              To be honest CA is not the only substance that will stop the cancer from fermenting nutrients.
              I feel your pain, i think the point has been made.
              Thank you for making it, it’s very important.
              Do try to enjoy Easter and have a nice weekend.

            5. Do you know why i believe Frank too much.
              Because he came here when there is no responce seen with patients in this website,
              like his sister.

              As i read and if it is true ofcourse,in a Mexican forum about an ovarian cancer patient who used citric acid,her ca 125 rised like a rocket in months.
              Than if it is true we have to be careful,it may not be the cure of all cancer types.Or when used as a standalone therapy it may feed cancer.
              Everybody should choose their own way,but we have to talk here about our experiences and share what we searched,lived or read for humanity.
              We saw lots of times that cancer types have all different behaviours.
              So exact talking is impossible for cancer.
              And still i am thinking that may be it works for some cancer types For example stomach cancer.
              Kind Regards

            6. Hi Ergin,

              I agree with you but I have one question: How many patients that we know used CA and for how long? Can you make a summary of that?

              I totally agree we should talk about our experiences here – that will only make us more informed and stronger in a world in which cancer is maybe the biggest scientific challenge.

              Kind regards,

            7. Dear Francisco,

              Thank you for your very balanced reply. I very much appreciate that.

              With my response, I was just trying to balance some of our discussion with scientific facts. I wrote about CA not because I specifically believed in it so much but because I found a cluster of scientific information indicating its potential against cancer, next to the anecdotal stories. Given this fact, for those who have no other options and no money, CA may be relevant. The risks of fueling the cancer that comes with using CA may also be addressed with cheap and accessible supplements and drugs, e.g. HCA+Statins. Note, that as soon as I have learned about the risks, I have always highlighted them as I think is extremely important for all of us not to be biased.

              I do not think big pharma ever tried to suppress CA. I see big pharma as a train going on its track driven by revenue growth and profitability as any business in this world. Substances like CA, 3BP, etc. would never get their attention simply because it doesn’t make sense from a business perspective, due to its wide spread availability and low cost.

              Due to the same reasons mentioned above, we can contact as many universities as we like. If there are no funds to support the study of substances like CA there will be nothing more done than just a small study and a scientific publication. Never a clinical trail as long as the world works as it does today. So if we would really want to see new promising substances going into clinical trials, we should focus on a way to collect funds instead of trying to convince universities. I spoke with many Universities and they are in the same situation. They find substances with high potential and then they are stuck, not finding anyone interested to invest, probably because they publish their results in academic papers and then is difficult to file a patent on it.

              From an anti cancer effectiveness point of view, I do believe much more in other substances like 3BP, Salinomycin, Diflunisal, etc. and that is reflected in most of my comments.
              Again, to me CA is something I would try if I would have no other option and if the cancer does not depends on hormones.

              I was wondering, what is the status of the documentary you intended to produce? Is that ready? If you have a link on that or any of the previous docs you produced, it would be great if you can share with us some links here.

              Kind regards,

      1. Thank you very much my brother Alex,
        Really you make me happy.I understand how we are a good family here.I also take personal messages from Emad.
        I love you all.
        As Wondering said,This forum is full of honest and good people.

        1. I really meant that Ergin:)

          To prove that, i am happy to give accomodation for 2 nights for any core person here plus one in Budapest.For free.

          I am in good mood after some wine;)

          1. Haha,Wondering i understand who drinks and writes at nights here.
            Sometimes,we see some agressive people here during nights.The reason is because of it:))
            But we are dealing with cancer,we have to relax and i like the way of people making humors here.
            We also need this.

          2. Thanks for that W! 🙂
            I am not sure how is at “here” but I expect Budapest to be great.
            So we will have to send you some wine prior to our arrival to make sure you are going to maintain your offer?

            1. Hehe, i meant for any core person here (on this page) plus one person (if needed) in Budapest;)

  2. Dear Daniel,
    May be you dont know how important your words are for lots of us.When i was reading your posts i wrote only Daniel in chrome search and read what you wrote before on that page.
    Citric acid is a different subject.I think more than our and also your knowledge except lab results because there is no human result except Halabe’s results.So we have to talk both positive and negative effects.
    I think too much about not to enter conversations about citric acid,but my conscience didnt permit it.
    It is a human life.If it boosts cancer??But there is the other side ,if it works?This bites me day by day.
    I met a professor and talked about citric acid.He said if you show me only 3 cured patients i will use it to all.

    All of this chaos is coming from Mr Halabe.If he didnt write that patients taste remission in 10-15 days,or citric acid is the cure of cancer(all types) if used as a standalone etc etc.
    He closed all doors to other treatments which makes brain mixing.
    I am sure we all think that there are 2 possibilities.
    1.Citric acid is the cure of cancer.
    2.Halabe is schizophrenic because he doesnt earn money from this.
    If he said that CA helps too much but needs time and new treatment becareful ,use statin,try it and if no responce after 3 months for example :stop it,that would be more realistic.
    But he came here very agressive because he had no answer to most questions.
    Sometimes i think that he is a crazy psycology proffessor and wants to show the world the power of placebo.
    Honestly didnt you think just like that?
    If we think the other side,Halabe has a life,he is human so he has a family.He has a job,how brave he is that he puts his name to public,we are talking about whole world.Thats why i am thinking that he should see some cured people with citric acid or he thinks
    the patients only use it.
    For your question,CA users as a summary:Meech,Paul,Alex,Ergin,Francisco,a lady in Mexican forum.
    I know only 6 patients.The only long user is Paul ,may be the answer is with him.
    I began to use it days before chemo so i have hope it will work perfect with chemo in theory(lab results).
    If it reached the cells as a pure citric acid,the chemo should work perfect.But i didnt see responce.Thats 1 week ofcourse but while ca125 is rocketing you can not try it one more time,we have no luxary.

    May be one day i will say thank you to Halabe because i am thinking to use citric acid intraperitoneal for last chance.
    It is highly effective on direct contact with cancer from lab results.
    Kind Regards

    1. I’m using CA about 9.5 months now.
      Also there’s Spiderman in Mexican forum with 22k+ messages so i don’t think he’s Halabe’s social bot or something.
      But i must to admit that dr. Halabe is… plenty strange man.

      If there was no lab results from different persons I would not use citric acid.

    2. Hi ergin
      U can me add as ca user. I dont trust halabe but ca can still work though. Its not a cure like 3bp but i hope it helps. He is truly a disturbing man. Regards w

    3. Hi Ergin, All,

      Thank you for the trust.

      I think we discussed too much CA. Is not bad because we learn a lot from our discussions, sharing info, etc. But I will move forward from this subject and will only add comments on this post if there is any new relevant scientific reference or report.

      So far, from my point of view, the following is the summary on CA related discussions:

      1. From a scientific point of view, at high enough levels intracellular Citrate can stop fermentation in cancer cells. This is based on basic science and many references to support that can be found in this post and related comments.

      Here is an example of a statement supporting that: “Strategies aiming to increase cytosolic citrate should be developed and tested in humans, knowing that experimental studies have shown that administration of citrate and/or inhibition of ACLY arrest tumor growth, inhibit the expression of the key anti-apoptotic factor Mcl-1, reverse cell dedifferentiation and increase sensibility to cisplatin.”
      Inserm UMR 1199, Biology and Innovative Therapeutics for Locally Aggressive Cancers (BioTICLA), Caen, France; Normandie University of Caen, France; Service de Chirurgie Thoracique, Hôpital Pasteur, Nice, France.
      ISPB, Faculté de Pharmacie, Lyon, France; Université Lyon 1, Lyon, France; INSERM U1052, CNRS UMR5286, Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon, France.
      This reference was added by Frank Liu –> Thank you

      2. Also from scientific point of view, Citrate can be taken up from blood via membrane transporters that are more active in acidic environment, which means the more aggressive are the tumors, the higher the Citrate absorption by the cancer cells is vs. normal cells.

      3. However, if the intracellular Citrate (absorbed or produced by the cells) does not reach high enough levels to inhibit glycolisis, there may by a risk to further fuel the tumor growth. This may be the case for tumors that know well how to handle Citrate, by converting it in e.g. cholesterol, fatty acids, etc. These are the tumors that e.g. have up regulated mevalonate pathway and this is typical for many tumors, specifically those that produce hormones, e.g. prostate, etc. but not only. Inhibition of these pathways may be achieved with e.g. HCA and Statins. However, we will never know if HCA and Statins will be able to reach the tumor and fully inhibit the targeted enzymes and do their job to eliminate the risks discussed here. As a result, this is a serious risk that has to be considered.

      4. Based on the above, Citric Acid is an attractive treatment option as it offers chances to fight cancer when there is no other option left, it is cheap, accessible and easy to implement, but it may also lead to tumor growth.

      5. From a case report on humans point of view, there is one very old good scientific report showing effectiveness of Citric Acid in a cancer patient, and since that time we only have the reports of dr. Halabe, which from scientific point of view most are highly debatable due to the very limited evidence presented in the reports.

      6. From a purely anecdotal point of view, we saw several cancer patients, users of CA. To my understanding (please correct if I am wrong):
      A few of the users are reporting trusting CA:
      – Paul – colorectal cancer – from reports doesn’t feel like negative or positive impact of CA
      – Menace2 – nasopharyngeal cancer – using CA after remission (next to others) and staying well – not clear if that is due to CA or others
      Several not trusting CA:
      – Ergin – ovarian cancer – reported fast marker evolution while on CA – suspecting CA was the reason for that. update: I checked and the reported growth was taking place prior to CA
      – Alex – lung cancer – mom feeling better but markers evolving – once stated markers evolving slower then before?
      – Francisco – breast cancer – tumor evolved during CA – overall better outcome then expected but interpretations is that was placebo and not CA – in direct contact with dr. Halabe in Mexico – very negative experience with dr. Halabe

      Please correct me if I’ve interpreted incorrectly any of the anecdotal reports mentioned above. Also please feel free to add any of other anecdotal reports you find on the web, negative or positive.

      7. Finally, as part of the summary of our discussions on this subject, I would like us to make a difference between discussing dr. Halabe on one hand and discussing CA on the other hand, i.e. disconnect CA from dr. Halabe’s character discussions. More specifically, I would very much appreciate if we can focus our energy on expending our cancer knowledge and less on judging people. There is no time for that, I think.

      To conclude, based on the above, I would seriously consider if we should or not use CA. In hormonal dependent/producing cancers I would simply not use it. Instead, I would strongly consider strategies such as the Anti Cholesterol Strategy

      Kind regards,

          1. Haha Daniel,you catch me,you are really clever?I had a bad day tomorrow we had a referandum.
            I must stop talking about CA and especially Halabe.
            We have to understand that they are 2 different subjects as you said.

            1. May be you have to talk about dosages from now on.
              Because we are using his protocol and dosage,isn it??

  3. Reporting latest result of my wife’s blood test, albumin level is down to 35g/l from 37g/l four weeks ago. Nowadays there will be only one blood test per month. Last two weeks without DCA. Her general condition keeps improving, tumor is shrinking – I can feel by hand. I am the same track as Alex and thinking about CA+DMSO direct exposure of tumor or possibly sodium+potassium citrate+DMSO for plan B. We should be careful not to change the natural pH in bowel, I think.

      1. Your mother’s albumin is just excellent but be careful with diclofenac as it can cause heart-attack, blood clots and bleeding at the same time.

        Kind regards

      1. Hi Daniel,

        I stopped DCA because you advised it. As you pointed out DCA and CA can work in opposite ways. CA is still on until next blood test then we will change to DCA and see if there will be any difference.

        Kind regards

  4. I have the X ray photographs of Francisco´s sister when the lung metastasis dissapeared in less tan one month when she received citric acid on December, 2014.

  5. Francisco´s sister recommended me more than 50 patients with cancer, I talked to 20 iof them yet, they are cured with the citric acid received, one of them is Lourdes, Daniel, the one that you didn´t want to publish her testimony, another one is this patient that I published her results:

    I could not publis the results of Francisco´s sister because she received other treatments than citric acid, most of them could be toxic, I told her, including those that could caused pseudotumor cerebri..

    Rest in peace Francisco´s sister, we were very good friends..

    1. I’m sorry to bring this chaos into this place which is for well wishing and search for truth, but I have to reply simply to some statements.

      There are text messages from you to her asking her to call your other patients to recommend citric acid as a cure for cancer when she still had a tumor the size of a softball in her breast. My sister did not know Fernando del Solar, you asked her to call him. She did not bring the patients to you, she served as a “success story”. The lung metastasis X rays are a mystery, since she didn’t show them to anyone, strangely enough. I am intrigued why you didn’t reply to the surgery claim, but I can understand why.

      To all, my sister was beyond help, which is why Halabe wasn’t as dangerous to her, but there are others who are in earlier stages and who have more options for treatment that should not listen to his rants. I’m glad that he replied the way that he did, so you can all see how he really is. My documentary is in pre production and I hope to have a trailer ready by June. I will be glad to share it here if you’ll have it.

      Again, I’m sorry to have unleashed this here, but I feel like I have a duty to at least warn others. I have not attacked CA, it may be a viable treatment, but I do attack and condemn claims of “curing” cancer, especially with a 100% success rate.

      All the best

      1. Hi Francisco,
        thanks for your clarifications. in a way the Dr has been surely dangerous to your sister too:
        1) money – that can be spent elsewhere
        2) if she took the advice to rely on CA only. (even if it works for some a bit – why to ignore other possible treatments? )

        1. the tumo with a size of a softball that she had will be the first tumor in history that reduced with antibiotics… it was an abscess caused by a biopsy… and his doctor also knew that…

          1. Yesterday I called her doctor he was totally agree that it is impossible that a breast cancer causes brain metastasis without lung, liver or bone metastasis, those brain metastasis were never biopsed, the most probably diagnosis was pseudo tumor cerebri, caused by holistic treatments… and, if this man doesn’t begin a legal process… I will… finally, his sister didn’t remind in silence… she talked with many many parientes when she was cured, the same time that she told me that his brother wanted to talk to me… but he didn’t..

            1. I am sure you are talking about her gynecologist, who was at the operation, after which he concluded, with the results from pathology in hand, that the tumor in her breast was malignant, as were the ones removed from her stomach and her neck. There is proof that my sister was never cured, the only x-rays that say something different you keep in your office, which is a little strange, to say the least. I didn’t talk to you because my sister knew that I was going to debunk all of your claims and she asked me not to do it because you have an anxiety problem and you don’t take this well. Threats on the internet are useless.

              To all, again, I must apologize. I have had to deal with this and at least 6 other characters defending their methods, even through scientific proof. It’s hopeless to reason with them, I don’t get angry anymore. I had hoped that he would answer precisely in this way for everyone to see his reactions and his lack of understanding of the scientific method and I was correct.

              Hopefully this does not take anything away from the credibilty of this website. In contrast, the moderated answers here to impossible claims can be testament to a moderate community in search of the truth in a scientific, impartial manner.

              All the best

            2. hi Francisco,
              can you quickly summarise the most disturbing charachters and their false promises in your region? i want to be compare them to their central european counterparts.
              Here we have people who claim that given herbs and tees from central and south america (always so mystic for us) cure each cancer quickly……

            3. Because maybe those herbs and tees are prepared with citric acid, and I already published that fact…

            4. Dear Wondering,

              As crazy as it seems, Halabe is not the creepiest character I’ve dealt with. The first definitely goes to an argentinian who lives in Mexico City that claims that he can detect brain anomalies through speech patterns. The brain anomalies that he speaks of don’t refer to medical conditions, but “states” that the brain is in. That is, he claims that the brain has moods and works relative to them. He has printed books and posters detailing his treatment with incredible grammar and orthographic mistakes. He claims to have survived Stage 4 cancer metastasized to the brain, liver, pancreas, stomach and lungs with his treatment. He’s as fanatical as Halabe, but at least Halabe is cheap, this guy’s therapy costs about $20,000 USD for 5 sessions.

              There is also a doctor in Mexico who creates his own mix of medicine depending on the patient. He claims to have treated our current presidents’ cancer, which incredibly may be true. He will not disclose what is in the vials that he uses which are laid out very colorfully in his office. He is also quite expensive and will only see you about once every 3 months. He is very polite and calm, he is either in the know of something special or a perfect psychopath.

              There are a number of new age treatments available as well, which might go more into the teas that you mention, but there are too many. From chamomille to mescaline, all seem to be the cure for cancer, according to them.

              There’s also the blue scorpion venom from Cuba. In marketing it, they portray an electric blue colored scorpion and even the solution that they give you that supposedly contains the venom is tinted blue. If you look for the blue scorpion, you will find that it is a species, but it is not blue, maybe you could detect a tinge, but nothing like in the pictures of the guys wanting to sell you the venom. The venom has also no distinct blue color in nature, but they add coloring to it. When confronted they tell you that the photos are correct and that that is the way that the scorpion looks under blue light.

              If you’re in this forum, it means that you’re doing research and looking for answers, so it’s easy to reject all this as nonsense. The problem is that not many people are as proactive in researching, even if they’re the ones with the disease. This is what these charlatans prey on. People that have been diagnosed with cancer are very vulnerable and we should let all of these cretins know that they can’t just get away with it.

              The best way to do this is spreading information and facts. I applaud all of you contributing in this website and especially Daniel, for its creation. It is amazing to me that we can make this connection even though we are so far away.

              I am still in a sad state from the passing of my sister, but nothing gets my hopes up as much as reading the experiences of people going through the same and much worse with this attitude stemming from the search for the truth.

              All the best

            5. We are also happy to have you here.

              As you said,sick people are vulnerable and its hard to draw the line between what MAY help you and what is very unlikely to help you if you dont speak for instance english. Even if you do. There are always dilemmas.

              Many people with cancer believe in charlatans in my country (who mainly sell teas, herbs and mushrooms as REAL cures) as they have absolutely no access to real studies, real information. There is the mainstream oncologic info claiming that diet does not matter much, that you can’t improve chemo and that its all about genes (except for lung cancer they say), they dont talk about anything just about your freaking weight…”you need to keep that…”. Its pathetic.

              And then there are the “cure” sites ..with no real evidence. These represent 90% of the info you can easily get. Nothing on repurposed drugs for instance …. one of the biggest weapons terminal folks have.

              many people cant read ncbi studies, daniel’s page or for instance CancerIntegral, a great site in spanish. They accept to die or go to charlatans. And this is where standard medicine is making a big mistake, if not a sin. With their attitude and ignorance they are sending people to charlatans.

            6. and one more thing..quite frustrating for all of us i believe. Its not for you..just thinking out loud.

              Most people not deeply affected by cancer laugh about anything that is not part of the medicinal paradigm (including metformin, dca, 3-bp..etc).

              Even if there are many reports by now about partial or complete responses, people dont hear about these. Most doctors dont mention and dont care. Respect for the exceptions, as always.

              Media is mixing up drugs like 3-bp with things sold by charlatans. They think that everybody with cancer is so desperate that he / she stops to think normally and starts believing in non-sense claims. Yes, surely there is a period where you try simply everything. I am not just talking about that.

              most people think anything not done by doctors is useless per se.

              and than you start reading real studies..real cases.. and you see how narrowminded standard medicine is. and how strong chemo + radiation and these methods could be together!

      2. Thank you Francisco for your very valuable input here. I agree: someone claiming 100% success rate of curing cancer without hard evidence is at least highly questionable. Off-course it will be a pleasure to see your documentary and if its fits my values/views (i.e. unbiased views based on clear facts, that help evolution) we can also make a post out of that.

  6. and please, if you want to discuss with me, do it in consecutive order… is very hard to look for comments in different places from this fórum…

  7. and I have never tested citric acid in patients with type I diabetes mellitus, I just published the fact that a patient with pancreatic cancer and diabetes get cured from both diseases with citric acid, and how she stopped the use of insulin, and how citric acid can also be effective as a diabetes mellitus treatment:

    but talking about that I am testing it with humans is completely false, in Mexico we called this fact: calumnia.

    1. Dear Dr. Halabe,

      Thank you for adding your point of view. I respect your point of view as I do for all the visitors. I did not published the testimony received because based on various facts (IP, etc.) I suspected that was not from a real patient.

      Kind regards,

  8. I hope Daniel, I really hope, that History won’t be to hard whith all of those persons that attacked the fact that citric acid is effective as a cancer treatment…

    1. Nobody attacked CA. But some did attack you.Your english is fine, but your spanish writings are of the same paranoid style. I dont believe that citrid acide alone cured anybody, and NOBODY is claiming this, your patients are silent. The actor took lots of stuff. Its not a problem? In the case of fernandos sister you said IT was…

      Still, i wish all the Best to you. With children who have a disease other than cancer…

    1. Dear Dr. Halabe, one of your post was filtered out automatically and could find it in the trash folder. I approved the comment. However, please keep the discussion focused on CA. Please do not diverge and do not use this website to create a list of your articles outside cancer field. Also please do not post again links that you already shared. Also please do not discuss here about your intentions on legal actions against anyone. That you need to take it offline. If you do that, the value of this post is declining. Please note that this is not something that fits with the purpose of this website.

  9. All right… having here the case of a patient that survived 2 years after the diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer with lung metastasis without chemo or radiation is just…. incredible… incredible because she received citric acid.

    1. Dear Dr Alberto,
      My mother has been drinking Citric Acid in it’s purest form we could obtain thanks to Daniel and the wonderful people who are in this community and support the foundation. (THANK YOU)
      So far she drank more than 500g, still the markers for her cancer have increased, i admit slower than expected but still increased.
      My mothers cancer is of the lung with bone tissue of the spine invaded, she is now doing this treatment after surgery. 5g/3X day.
      Please do note that Citric Acid is not the only thing my mother is taking.
      While i admire your work and passion, i can not help to think that maybe something is missing or wrong.
      It may be that Citric Acid would work best against cancer if given IV or in the form of an enema, if that’s even possible.
      The reason i say this is because i do believe in it to be quite effective, but it has to reach the tumor to do so.
      I feel the need to say that my educations is not even close to medicine or biology or chemistry, so these are just speculation.
      And if what Francisco is saying is true then that is very very very sad.
      Also i would like to point out that my mother personally knows another woman who has done absolutely NOTHING to cure herself from cancer and she lives today just fine. I’m not saying citric acid is not good in theory, i’m saying maybe you are biased and wish to spread that without considering people’s health.
      Because when you are biased, doing NOTHING could become “the cure”. And that’s obviously illogical and counter-instinctive.
      This goes back to the placebo effect that also seems to affect the people who administer it not just the patients.
      To your relief, Citric Acid may still be “effective against cancer” as you say, if administered differently, since for my mother so far it doesn’t seem to fair great orally.

      Many thanks,

  10. Thanks Alex but tumor markers are not diagnosis of cancer, you have to check other studies and laboratories,..

    And, in Science and Medicine if any treatment doesn’t work, that fact has to be publish in journals…

    1. Dear Dr Alberto Halabe.

      i’ve just said to you in my previous reply that the only effect citric acid had on my mother was to give her a bad taste in her mouth.
      That’s all it did visibly after an intake of 15g/day in it’s purest form we got.
      VERY FAR from “effective against cancer”
      Our experience is saying “don’t waste your time with citric acid or Dr Halabe’s statements”.
      As for markers not being a diagnosis, yeah i agree, but don’t use that as an excuse, a back door to avoid the inevitable.
      As any rational unbiased scientist would do, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your claims, statements, work, facts. All that based on the negative response citric acid treatment and you have been getting lately and in the past.
      Looking forward to your next big thing, whatever it may be, we may try it, but do realize we are going to look at the markers for a good clue if that next big thing does work or not and how or loved ones actually feel, since many of us would rather NOT go all the way till the unavoidable end on blind faith.
      I know someone else who does the same thing sadly but with another substance. A more “local” Dr Halabe. 🙂
      These are my own personal thoughts and opinions based on how my mother actually feels, how others have felt, and lastly, the markers……… that clearly show, the tumor didn’t get beaten by the citric acid at all, they mostly said hi to one another and both went on with their busy day.
      Good for food flavoring, ineffective for cancer fighting. Do consider that statement.
      Lab work is great, tests are awesome, science is cool but results are negative. These are the facts.
      Thank you,

  11. … and try, that the medical journal were you will submit your article about “the failure of citric acid in a patient with cancer that received many treatments for cancer, including toxic treatments based on the tumor markers only…” will be a journal indexed in were my articles are..

    1. Dear Dr. Alberto and Alex,

      I think you both should moderate your thoughts:

      To dr. Halabe:
      The fact that Alex mom used 15g/day CA for one month is clear, and the fact that tumor markers are still growing it is clear as well. They did not used any treatment that could be considered toxic. It is actually one of the most clean treatment you could have. They even stopped DCA in order to go on with CA. Based on this, we can clearly conclude one patient with lung cancer has used CA for one month while continuing to experience tumor progression.

      Please accept this result and do not try to find all kind of justifications. Your statement about LDH is NOT right. It is well known that some of the tumors can grow nicely without any impact on LDH. I am sure that you know that as a medical doctor, so I am surprised you are using such an argument. Please accept the reality and do not try to create your own reality by rejecting anything not fitting that.

      To Alex:
      The fact that in your experience CA did not help, which is clear to me, doesn’t mean it will not help others. It only means that if CA works (which remains to be proven from our point of view) is not working for ALL but just for some. That would not be strange but would actually fit the reality. What would be strange is to find CA effective in 100% cases.
      Asap, I will add your report in the body of the CA post above.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel,
        I am very sorry for interrupting your conversation.There is a wrong calculation in Alex’s dear moms markers.
        It doesnt slowth the growth of markers.If you divide total rise numbers in to days,you will see x2 rise daily after begining hca+CA.
        It is very exact.But we should not make injustice to citric acid.Mr Halabe is right in a situation.Noone has tried citric acid alone.
        Kind Regards

        1. Hi Ergin, i dont believe that CA alone would do better than CA + others, its probably just a justification for the lack of success with many patients from dr halabe. I think it would be suicide to rely on ca only.

          Most antimetabolics not directed at genes have synergistic impact.

          1. Hi Wondering,
            May be i am misunderstood.I also dont believe CA but believing is not enough.And we have no proof that it doesnt work alone.
            What we see from our friends and my mother is:CA+HCA doesnt work or worstly boosting cancer.
            But you are right,i am not brave enough to use it alone for months,wait and see the results.

            1. This is stg like below,
              MG works perfect for some and a very good cure rate.If the paper is true ofcourse.
              But when you add a perfect drug metformin,it reduces MG in blood ,it is exact(real papers).

          2. Hi Ergin,

            I very much agree with W. Maybe we also should not eat to make sure we are only on CA. As you can see from my comment above, I also think we should not extrapolate the experience of Alex to all tumors and patients. Therefore, no injustice. As you know, I always do my best to be as fair as possible.

            Regarding the markers, I am not sure what you mean with x2 rise daily. Can you please explain in details, so that I understand what you meant?
            What I see in the markers is a CEA constantly growing since January, with a slower growth in the second part of February (possibly related to high dose Aspirin he said he used?) and a CA19-9 showing a typical tumor development that accelerates as time goes. To me, the point I learn out of the markers evolution is that only the treatments of second part of February may have had an influence on the tumor growth, in the sense of a potential slow down of the development (but still development). In conclusion, the markers indicate that overall Alex needs to consider using a different treatment approach as nothing of what he used this year really worked to stop tumor growth.

            Kind regards,

            1. Hi Daniel,
              Alex’s mothers counts begining from 18feb:
              CA19-9: 18Feb 6 Mar 5 Apr 19 Apr
              18 20 27 33
              (18 days,%11 rise) (14 days,%22 rise)
              18 feb-6 march:16 days,rise is 2.
              2/16: 0.125 daily rise in markers.

              Begining of HCA+CA
              6 March-5April:30 days,rise is 7.
              7/30: 0.23 daily rise in markers.

              5 Apr-19 Apr: 14 days,rise is 6.
              6/14:0,43 daily rise in markers.

              A clear progress on markers after adding HCA+CA.

              Now may be 0,5 rising daily.
              The calculations is same in CEA markers..
              He said growth is slowed after hca+ca.
              No it is not.

            2. Ofcourse daily results are not exact,may be today 2 units rise,tomorrow 1 unit but i get a % result above.

  12. Again, that case must be publish, DCA is toxic, chromium can be toxic, other compounds can be toxic, and LDH is a predictor in cancer, you are not a Doctor, Daniel, please, stop your confusions..

    1. Dear Alberto,

      1. For clarifications, indeed I am not a medical doctor, just a doctor in science. BUT please note, that on this website, as stated in the Disclaimer it doesn’t matter if we are doctors or not. This is not a place for medical advises! What matters here is having clear and logical arguments to support your views.

      2. To me the confusion is created when someone sees two major markers constantly going up during 4 months, and someone else is saying “Don’t worry about that, LDH is low”. Yes, I do agree that in most of the cancers LDH is correlated with tumor evolution (but not only) but there are also tumors where LDH is not a reliable marker to understand evolution. That is the reason why the world is using tumor markers when those are available.

      Yes, I also hope and would like to see CA effective. That is why I wrote this post.
      But I will not mix my hope with objectiveness of this website.

      Kind regards,

      1. D, do you have references for “LDH is not a reliable marker to understand evolution”
        I am not sure whether someone could have very low LDH along with extensive cancer.
        I have seen statements like that in articles, though I was not quite sure what to make of them.

        Typically you think that you have pyruvate –> lactate in cancer which then keeps you from moving farther
        in energy metabolism. LDH seems deeply intertwined with cancer, though yes it would not always be so.

    2. what you dont seem to understand Alberto is that cancer patients do not care about toxicity if they have a higher chance of survival with a given med. Daniel is a lot more scientific than you will ever be. and not because of language barriers…

  13. … and, again, I hope that History won’t be to hard to all those persons that denied that citric acid is effective as a cancer treatment…more, if that could affect any person that could be helped…, on time

    1. Mr Halabe,
      Are you really thinking that markers are rising in all the patients and they are ALL not realted to progress?
      Is citric acid has a boosting effect on markers :)?

  14. Patients with prostate cancer with bone pain that the pain disappear in two weeks after the treatment of citric acid and the phosphatase alkaline decrease to a half… the tumor marker was high the first two months, but after that it began to decrease also… again, you are dealing with patients, not with tumor markers

  15. Another important clinical fact, in general, patients with active cancer do not incrase their weight, they are constantly loosing weight, if you give citric acid to a patient with active cancer and he or she begins to increase their weight, that only fact can be considered as a success in treatment.

    1. Yes, especially mexican people, Doctor, like the one on this thread other than you. Lets ask him how he feels about me and you.

      Im a cancer patient – You are a charlatan. I really hate your lies about your method “curing everyone” in weeks.

      by the way i am taking CA (among other stuff) – and if i improve, i will mention that i took CA.

      1. you have no idea of what the people here go through as you only see patients from the other side (i suppose ).

        you can only imagine how hard it is to find sense and meaning among the trash and lies about all kinds of pseudo scientific treatments, i dont even want to go through those.

        With the help of websites like this people get help. And then you as a doctor make claims here that you cant even prove (like your claim about curing everybody in weeks, see above and then the ex president of USA….. ) Daniel mentioned a false patient claim from your IP address. This makes this page and community look bad – no coincidence that Fernando decided to share the story of her sister.

        You are a doctor, you have some authority, you should not make claims you do make using the fact that people TRUST doctors.

        You should not make up statistics, your patients are FULLY silent if alive.

        i trust and know that you believe in CA. In that sense you are not lying.

        But please dont make up things and then accuse me of negativism.

  16. Wait for the moment when this history will be history…
    … try to imagine it…
    this forum is about 0.5% of the history of the cure of cancer with citric acid,.
    All of you will be judged by the most relevant jury ever: Humanity..

      1. by the way i dont see why humanity would judge anybody who did not believe that a simple acid CURES EVERY CANCER FAST 🙂 anyway. I hope it helps some people.

  17. New report about my wife’s condition.In six weeks she was taking CA but no DCA as Daniel saw possible opposite effects.The last two weeks we changed CA to sodium citrate because of abdominal pain. Her albumin remained the same 35g/l, CEA tumor marker went up from 31 to 40 compared a month ago.Tumor shrank ~60% , from ~5.5kg down to ~2kg, from 22cm to 12 cm in diameter, due to CT 19.January – 24.April. All metastases from liver disappeared but a possible new one (2cm) showed up. Primary tumor has shrunk 50% in size – it has never happened before by a single millimeter. Body composition analyzer scale indicate possible growth last week – maybe that is why her CEA is 40 now. Chemo was switched from FOLFIRI to FOLFOX in January. Now we will drop CA for a month and take DCA instead, hopefully we can come to a conclusion then about CA. She feels so much better now so testing different treatment options carries pretty little risk.

      1. Dear Ergin,

        We have started with T3 for two weeks ago, she takes 12.5mcg/day – could not increase yet because of high pulse count (80 instead of the usual 60).

        Kind regards

        1. Dear Paul,
          I am in communication with Dr Aleck Hercbergs,inventor of T4 depletion strategy.He is a very kind doctor and helps alot.
          I observed same side effects just like yours.But 6,25×2 mcg/day is low i think.
          After 3-4weeks,T4 is very low in blood,so hypothyroidism begins very fast.
          You have to take blood counts frequently during adjusting TSH.Especially first month.
          And i think the rise which you observed in Ca-markers is because of hypothyroidism.
          Ca125 rose from100 to 420 in 2-3 weeks.But now declining very fast for my mother.
          You have to check tsh,probably 6,25x3mcg/day will be ok.He said me to take 12,5x2mcg/day.

          Kind Regards

          1. Dear Ergin,

            We cannot take blood tests as we wish here. Healthcare Center is testing TSH, T4, T3 once in a month then we must argue to get the results. Doctors here are working against us and not helping. I raised her dose to 3×6,25mcg/d because her pulse dropped to 50 yesterday, our target is 2×12,5mcg/d. Her TSH was 23 on Mars 28, we have not got the latest results yet, no Ca-markers of her were tested ever. So we are in a blind mode guessing us forward.

            Kind Regards

            1. Dear Paul,
              You can check also hypertension,it is also a good sign of hypothyroidism.
              It is caused by edema ,the result of hypothyroidism.
              And when thyroids are in control,excess edema is released by urine so lots of minerals lost.
              Both hypo and hyper-thyroidism(too much hormone) causes side effects.
              Do you mean her tsh was 23 before this strategy?
              Kind Regards

            2. I am sorry,i mean probably the rise in CEA marker is caused by hypothyroidism.Not Ca-markers.

            3. Hi Ergin, can you please shortly explain how you connected the hypothyroidism with the markers increase? Is there any literature you found on this subject, or it is your guess? Thank you.

              Kind regards,

            4. Dear Ergin,

              Yes, TSH 23 was measured before we started with T3 but we lowered her T4 dosage from 75mcg/d to 12.5mcg/ gradually From January to the end of April. Now it is 0mcg. Her blood pressure increased to 121/75 71as of today, not much but she always had 105/65 60 all her life.

              Kind regards

            5. Dear Paul,
              If i true understand after thyroid surgery,she began to use T4.
              On this x-mas you observed a rise in T4 and very low TSH like zero.
              So you lowered T4. After that high TSH and she entered hypothyroidism.

              BUT after that treatments began to work very fast.
              Did you do it because you know hypothyroidism and treatments works together?
              Sorry for my excitement but i am really shocked.Than this strategy is working.
              Kind Regards

            6. Dear Ergin,

              Yes, I became aware the bad influence of high T4 just around X-mas, she had high T4 above the roof through 2016 , I’ve read Daniel’s post. There was no other choice than decreasing her T4 if we wanted follow the rule of “do no harm”.

              Kind regards

    1. That is great Paul! I am so happy for you!
      This should be a reference to anyone showing that we should never give up: with the right treatment (chemo or not) it is possible to reduce such a large tumor to half in several months!

      1. Thank you Daniel, we do not smell victory yet, we won a battle but not the war. Feels like walking on the edge, every time she took a pause in treatment, cancer attacked with rage.

        1. Hi Paul,

          I understand, but winning such a battle in a war that is the challenge of this world is already a great result, even if the tumor is not completely gone yet. I wish you a lot of success further and please share with us anything you find interesting in terms of treatments. I saw your list from below and there is one I did not know, i.e. nimesulide. Thanks.

          Kind regards,

          1. Hi Daniel,

            She takes nimesulide only during chemo’s 44 hours, that is 5 tablets – it has synergism with 5-FU. The best painkiller I’ve ever seen but it can cause liver collapse, forbidden in most countries.

            Kind regards

    2. hi Paul,

      clearly a reason to celebrate! Strong regression in terms of tumor burden.

      Did you ask the oncologist if such a strong reaction is typical with FOLFOX?

      tumor marker increase can be because of dying tumors on short term (weeks) – much could have happened in the last month. You will know more in one month. lets hope that this is the case.

      can you pls remember us what she was taking other than chemo and CA? Sorry, so many comments ..

      1. Hi Wondering,

        We dare not celebrate yet but we are in good mood now – as you say next month will be important.
        Her oncologist said that FOLFOX is not better than FOLFIRI but has more side effects. It is unusual to have such a strong response when it is a stage 4, KRAS mutant cancer from the beginning – just like pancreatic cancer it is very difficult to treat. So at least once a year she can hear from some doctor that she has 0% chance to survive – that’s the spirit! That’s how to boost a patient’s confidence.
        It is a long list what she takes , I posted it December 9.,2016 – close to top of page.There are many changes since that time, no more Aspirin, ibuprofen, d-limonene, quercetin, PQQ or NADH.No more oxidant and antioxidant days. Added new : Thunder God Vine, nimesulide, Ca+Mg, gingko biloba, MSM, phellodendron, nettle leaf, phlorizin, ashwagandha, ginger oil, naringin, apigenin, sage leaf, rosemary,heparin and lately T3 instead of T4. As cancer mutates we also mutate treatment.

        1. Hi Paul,

          I know i know.. still i think you should celerate milestones like this…regardless of the final outcome. Just a side note and keep surprising the doctors! W

        2. Hi Paul,

          I hope your wife continues her marvelous response to the treatments! Here is what I spotted in Science today:
          “No escape for KRAS mutant tumors
          Yevgeniya Nusinovich
          + See all authors and affiliations
          Science 02 Jun 2017:
          Vol. 356, Issue 6341, pp. 918-919
          DOI: 10.1126/science.356.6341.918-i
          Info & Metrics

          KRAS mutant tumors are usually resistant to PARP inhibitors, one of the newest classes of anticancer therapeutics. Sun et al. discovered that inhibition of MEK or ERK (proteins in the RAS pathway) reversed PARP inhibitor resistance in KRAS mutant tumors in mouse models of aggressive tumors such as ovarian and pancreatic cancer. Because MEK and PARP inhibitors are clinically approved drugs, they provide a readily translatable therapeutic combination to treat human cancer patients.

          Sci. Transl. Med. 9, eaal5148 (2017).”

          Unfortunately we don’t have a subscription to Science Translational Medicine but you can directly write to the author to send you the article. I think it is quite an important finding for people like your wife with a KRAS+ cancer.

          Here is the link to this news item in Science:

          Kind regards,

            1. Thank you Helga, you are great ! I have registered for subscription but could not read the article, tried to purchase article but no luck so next step will be sending an email to author. My wife still feels fine, nobody could suspect she has cancer.

              Kind regards

  18. Serum citrate concentration increased significantly (p less than 0.05) 30 minutes after a single oral dose of citric acid and remained significantly elevated for 3 hours after citric acid load.
    No significant difference was noted in serum electrolytes, arterialized venous pH and carbon dioxide pressure at any time after citric acid load and between the 2 phases. Thus, the citraturic and citratemic effects of oral citric acid are largely accountable by provision of absorbed citrate, which has escaped in vivo degradation.

  19. Citric acid is converted to liver glycogen after oral use.

    ”Free citric acid administered orally to the albino rat in doses of
    100 mg. per 100 gm. of body weight is rapidly absorbed, the rate
    of absorption being proportional to t,he amount in the gastrointestinal
    The absorbed citric acid disappears as such but appears to be
    transformed into liver glycogen in a way which suggests a mole
    for mole relationship. ”

  20. Mitochondrial transplantation: From animal models to clinical use in humans.
    PMID: 28342934

    D, this sounds like big news!
    Replacing mtDNA could have substantial implications in cancer and a lot of other diseases.

    When might Germany allow this treatment?
    There is already a published phase 1.

  21. I am freaking D !!!
    This is huge!

    “Our results show that 10 min following mitochondrial transplantation myocardial function is significantly enhanced as compared to hearts receiving injection of respiration media (vehicle) alone and that this function remains enhanced for at least 28 days–the end point of our studies …

    “Five pediatric patients in critical condition who were unable to be weaned off extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support due to myocardial dysfunction .. were treated with autologous mitochondria.
    … all 5 patients had significant improvement in their myocardial systolic function. All but one patient were successfully weaned off ECMO support by the 2nd day … Ventricular function improved to normal systolic function with no regional hypokinesia detected in any patient at 10 days”

    Further this was not a technically demanding treatment.

    “The methodology for the isolation of mitochondria for use in mitochondrial transplantation is simple and rapid and can be performed in under 30 min. The freshly isolated tissue is homogenized using a commercial automated homogenizer …”

    1. Very interesting. Maybe you can find their patent. 🙂
      If you do, maybe you can start a topic on forum as it doesn’t make sense to continue this discussion the the Citric Acid page.

  22. Mitochondria organelle transplantation: introduction of normal epithelial mitochondria into human cancer cells inhibits proliferation and increases drug sensitivity

    “In conclusion, the introduction of normal mammary mitochondria into human breast cancer cells inhibits cancer cell proliferation and increases the sensitivity of the MCF-7 human breast cancer cell line to doxorubicin, Abraxane, and carboplatin. These results support the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in cancer and suggest the possible use of targeted mitochondria for cancer therapeutics.”

    1. Dear J,

      Great find, whoever spotted it. Amazing, if healthy mitochondria can replace the diseased one in cancer cells or heart tissue. I wonder though if the part of the tumor that was not affected by the mito injection (i.e. didn’t change) will not dominate over the ‘corrected’ tumor cells, i.e. how effective this procedure can be in cancer.

      Also, a suggestion: if you cite a PMID here, could you please do it with a whole link. As this site won’t let you copy and paste, one would have to type in the entire pmid when trying to look it up.


  23. The methodology for the isolation of mitochondria for use in mitochondrial transplantation is simple and rapid and can be performed in under 30 min. The freshly isolated tissue is homogenized using a commercial automated homogenizer. For our uses we have used the Miletenyi gentleMACS Dissociator (Miltenyi Biotec Inc., San Diego, CA)… Once the tissue is obtained homogenization can be performed in 90 –120 s.

    The homogenized tissue is then subjected to brief digestion (10 min on ice) with subtilisin A (Protease from Bacillus licheniformis, Type VIII,Sigma, Aldrich, St. Louis, MO) and the digested homogenate filtered through a series of disposable sterile mesh filters. The filtration can all be performed in 2 –3 min. The mitochondria can then be used for direct application or can be concentrated by centrifugation (9000 rpm at 4 °C for 10 min). The mitochondrial yield using this methodology is approx-imately 1 × 10 9to 1 × 10 10 mitochondria, using the two biopsy tissue samples ( b 0.1 g) and provides sufficient mitochondria for quality assur-ance and quality control assessment

    Once isolated, the mitochondria are immediately used for mitochondrial transplantation.

    Following determination of mitochondrial number and viability the isolated mitochondria are suspended in 1 mL of respiration buffer containing 250 mmol/L sucrose, 2 mmol/L KH 2PO4, 10 mmol/L MgCl2,20 mmol/L K+-HEPES buffer, pH 7.2, 0.5 mmol/L K+-EGTA, pH 8.0, 5 mmol/L glutamate, 5 mmol/L malate, 8 mmol/L succinate and 1 mmol/L ADP. Quality control and assurance parameters have been previously described by us (Preble et al., 2014b). The isolated mitochon-dria are then directly injected into the ischemic zone of the eart justprior to reperfusion using a 1 mL tuberculin syringe with a 28- or 32-gauge needle. The injection volumes are 0.1 mL and contain approxi-mately 1 × 10 7 mitochondria at each injection site. This volume is opti-mal and allows for mitochondrial uptake within the myocardium with no back-flow leakage of the injected mitochondria. In our studies, e
    have found that 8–10 individual injections are sufficient to cover the area-at–risk, although the absolute number of injection sites can be increased.

    Mitochondrial delivery The direct injection of mitochondria is simple and allows for focal concentration of the injected mitochondria. In our studies the number of mitochondria used for direct injection is 1–3×107mitochondria

  24. D, this is massive!

    Mitochondria are at the center of cancer (and most other diseases).
    I don’t think you would have any argument with that.

    If it is now possible to simply replace defective mitochondria with a simple easy procedure, this changes everything.
    We have endlessly talked talked about mitochondrial pathology and how it relates to HK2, PDH, OXPHOS, …
    though there has not been any obvious way to actually correct any of these problems fully.

    With mitochondrial replacement you could send in a fresh batch.
    CRISPRing them to improve OXPHOS and other mitochondrial function seems the next obvious step.
    Of course, adding in some new genes might also be useful.
    Can’t wait to see the first generation of gene edited oncolytic mitochondria!

  25. This changes the entire conversation.

    Mitochondrial replacement should be safe and easy.
    Perhaps now we can move away from thinking in terms of 3-BP and other chemos and think more in terms of
    using simple and fully “natural” approaches to cancer treatment. Replacing functional components such as mitochondria
    along with perhaps other mitoboosters might be all that is needed.

    Would Germany allow this treatment now?

    Very very excited!

    1. Hey J, you are already registered on this website. So you do not need to register again. You should be able to simply create a new topic there as a registered user. I haven’t heard anyone so far having trouble with that.

  26. D, don’t know what I am doing wrong, though I can’t post to the forum, can’t log in, can’t register, can’t nothing.

    I have been thinking: why aren’t cancer patients treated with IV feeding?
    This would seem to have several advantages.

    For example, you could have a highly controlled diet.
    You could perhaps treat directly with ketones etc. .
    Also with a medical diet you could give a precise diet that could exclude amino acids such as serine, etc.. and other needed by cancer.

  27. Dear friends,

    We are going back to CA treatment, my wife had a month without CA but on DCA and her albumin is down to 33g/l from a steady 35g/l before CA hiatus. We will try to combine it with DCA this way: CA in the morning and at noon, DCA in the evening.

    Kind regards

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