Citric Acid Inhibits Fermentation


Update 03 September 2018: Today I became aware of a recent (2017) scientific paper published in Nature magazine, one of the most prestigious and high impact magazine, discussing work on Citric Acid performed at Harvard School of Medicine, and concluding the following: “Our data suggests that citrate can inhibit tumor growth in diverse tumor types and via multiple mechanisms. Dietary supplementation with citrate may be beneficial as a cancer therapy.” (Ref.) Given the fact that this work was performed by a world leading medical school and published in a world leading scientific magazine, I see this as a strong support for the work of Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay reporting response in various cancer patients (see below), work which I have questioned before. I’ve also wrote a short update post here.

Citric acid exists in large amounts in a variety of fruits and vegetables, most notably citrus fruits and was first time isolated from lemon juice.  Its salt form, Citrate, is an intermediate in the citric acid cycle (also called TCA cycle, TriCarboxylic Acid cycle, Krebs cycle, Szent-Györgyi – Krebs cycle), a central metabolic pathway for animals, plants and bacteria.

LemonIn others words, Citrate is a major product of mitochondria, the engine of the cell. When there is to much Citrate going out of the engine, it means there is enough energy produced by the engine and a feedback mechanism will “talk” to the glycolisis (Ref.), the path through which fuel is provided to the engine, and ask to reduce the amount of fuel. As a result, the more Citrate builds up in the cell, the more the cell will think it has enough of what it needs and will reduce or even shut down the glycolisis process.

Since glycolisis (or fermentation) is essential in most cancers to obtain various elements required for the survival of the cancer cells (e.g. fast energy production, anti-oxidants, etc.), glycolisis inhibition may directly lead to the eradication of cancer cells. Inhibiting glycolisis will also lead to a lower amount of acidity produced and exported by the cancer cells and thus a better tumor environment in which the immune system (T cells) will reactivate (Ref.) or chemo therapies can go through without being deactivated (protonated). From this point of view, I would expect that Citrate can both work alone but also enhance chemo therapy (Ref.) and immunotheraphy.

From a scientific point of view, the inhibitory effect of glycolisis triggered by Citrate is well understood and recognized (see references in the Mechanism section and Reference section). So there is no question about that. This is why Citrate has been indeed proposed as an anti cancer agent. However, the questions is whether the same theoretical and laboratory results can be achieved in humans.

Interestingly, Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay in Mexico, was one of the few proposing and using Citric Acid to treat and cure cancer patients so far. While Dr. Alberto reports are typically very short, of anecdotal stile, the results emerging out of that indicate that in some advanced cancer patients Citric Acid used as stand alone therapy may lead to tumor regression in patients with various tumor types. His number of published case reports is truly impressive to me. Yet, it is a pitty to see the anecdotal stile of the published reports as they are difficult to judge. Here is Dr. Alberto’s Twitter account where he is constantly sharing links to new published successful cases:, and here is the Facebook page

Off course, the questions that remains open to me is how many patients were treated with Citric Acid to get to those successful cases reported.

Update 25-02-2017: If Dr. Alberto would be the only one to claim curing cancer patients with Citric Acid, the story would not stand so strong and more evidence would be required. Yet, one of the contributors on this website (thank you Dr. Helga) has recently pointed out that Citric Acid has been used successfully against cancer since 1866 and reported at that time in the respectable scientific journal “British Medical Journal”

So what we have here is an element that is cheap, safe, easy to administrate (orally), accessible, with acceptable theory regarding the anti cancer mechanism and as Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay and those before him suggested, relevant in various types of tumors.

However, it is my personal opinion that Citric Acid comes with a risk as well. This is just my theory, and that is due to the fact that it may also represent a fuel for cancer cells out of which some cancer cells may produce cholesterol, much needed for fast cellular division and hormone production. To reduce or eliminate this risk, as discussed below, I would always combine Citric Acid with a Statin and HCA. These drugs/supplements will not only reduce this risk but also are drugs/supplements with well known anti cancer effect as well.

Funny enough, while writing the end of this article I realize it now may make scientific sense to drink lemon juice in order to kill cancer (see the estimations on how much lemon juice or grapefruit juice we would need to drink daily, in the Source section of this post). I never believed this is possible before, but now, based on all these references and mathematics, it may makes sense. Note: Lemonade therapy is also suggested / used in hospitals as a therapy to address kidney stone formation / nephrolithiasis (Ref.1, Ref.2, Ref.3)

Results in Humans:

There are various case reports, nearly all from Dr. Halabe, indicating Citric Acid is effective against various forms of cancer, in humans:

Hypothesis proved…citric acid (citrate) does improve cancer: A case of a patient suffering from medullary thyroid cancer
A patient with Glioblastoma Multiforme who improved after taking citric acid orally
A Comment to the Article Published in the APJCP by Choi and Co-workers about the Treatment of Cancer with Citric Acid
Effects of sodium citrate on proliferation and apoptosis of ovarian cancer cells
Case Report: A Patient With Pancreatic Cancer Who Improved After the Treatment with Citric Acid That She Received
A Patient with Metastatic Colon Cancer who Improved after the Treatment with Citric Acid that He Received.
Pathological report of a patient with cancer of the esophagus improved considerably after receiving citric acid orally
Remission of multiple myeloma after receiving only citric acid orally
Case Report: A Patient With Invasive Bladder Cancer Who Improved After The Treatment With Citric Acid That He Received
Effect of citrate on malignant pleural mesothelioma cells: a synergistic effect with cisplatin.
Here are some more anecdotal reports:

However, since I wrote this article, two visitors of this website (both Lung Cancer stage IV) who tried Citric Acid are reporting no improvements after one or two months of Citric Acid usage:

Comment 1

Comment 2

Therefore, the wide effectiveness of Citric Acid against various forms of cancer has still to be demonstrated by sources other than Dr. Halabe.


Citrate is a key intermediate in both catabolism and anabolism and occupies a prominent position in cell energy metabolism. There are two sources of  intracellular citrate:

1. Citrate is produced inside the mitochondria within the Krebs cycle. When the cell has excess energy, citrate is transported out of the mitochondrial matrix across the inner membrane via the mitochondrial citrate transport protein (CTP). In the cytoplasm, is then broken down by the ACLY (ACL) enzyme into

  • acetyl-CoA
    • for fatty acid synthesis and
    • cholesterol production
  • oxaloacetate
    • to be converted back to pyruvate and enter mitochondria again

This process is depicted in this picture and this one

pipelineHigh concentrations of cytosolic citrate can inhibit phosphofructokinase, one of the most important control “knob” in the mammalian glycolytic pathway. A high level of citrate means that biosynthetic precursors are abundant and additional glucose should not be degraded for this purpose (Ref.)

Therefore, high concentrations of citrate will inhibit the conversion of fructose 6-phosphate, into its next step in glycolysis, i.e. fructose 2,6-bisphosphate (F-2,6-BP).

Interestingly, a fall in pH also inhibits phosphofructokinase activity (Ref.) representing a link between the cancer treatment strategy focused on cancer cell acidification I discussed in another post (Ref.) and glycolisis inhibition.

Obviously, the inhibition of glycolisis is highly relevant in cancer cells and it can lead to cancer cell death. Indeed this fact has been demonstrated in several papers (please see the Reference section).

2. Citrate is not only produced by mitochondria but can also be taken up from blood through PMCT plasma membrane transporters (Ref.) or the so called NaCT (Ref.). Because NaCT is more activated in the acidic environments (Ref.1, Ref.2), cancer cells may absorb higher levels of Citrate compared to normal cells.

Here is a good reference to get a better feeling on the above processes

As a side note, Prostate gland, is known to produce and release large amounts of citrate during its normal secretory function. (Ref.) This may be a reason why not to use Citric Acid for prostate cancer and possibly other cancers of hormone producing cells.

Other anti cancer effects of Citrate may be related with its capability to promote acetylation of histones, to inhibit tumor angiogenesis and other potential mechanism (Ref.)

Citrate also causes anticoagulation by chelation of calcium, and is likely to lead to magnesium chelation as well. (Ref.)

Update 30-March-2017: 

Citric Acid seems to also inhibit pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH): “Citrate inhibits the interconversion of the inactive form of pyruvate dehydrogenase to the active form of the enzyme.” (Ref.) I did not know this, and if this is true, Citrate should not be used with DCA since the whole point of DCA is to re activate PDH by inhibiting PDK

In other words, if the results presented in this paper are true, when using Citrate + DCA we may need to make a choice between the use of DCA and that of Citrate since DCA will try to activate PDH while Citrate will inhibit PDH. If Citrate indeed inhibits PDH, I expect Citrate will win the fight since it may act directly on PDH while DCA acts indirectly through PDK.

Citrate also inhibits Citrate Synthase, an enzyme acting the first step of the citric acid cycle (or Krebs cycle):

The inhibition of PDH and Citrate Synthase by Citrate, indicates that Citrate may not only interfere with glycolisis but also mitochondria function in cancer cells.

Dose & Administration:

Although there are publications suggesting sodium citrate as an anti cancer element too, Dr. Alberto insists in using Citric Acid only as that was clearly demonstrated to be effective.

The daily dose seems to be min 4g/day and up to 30g/day. Yet 4g to 8g/day seems the most common dose used by Dr. Alberto.

It has been claimed to be completely safe. It is recommend to be combined with juices or meals (as powder or capsules). Some people are taking it with antacids like omeprazole to reduce the GI side effects.

Start with 500mg 3x/day and move up to the target dose of for example 10g/day.

Some more ideas for its application:

  • In order not to have Citrate converted to acetyl-CoA, and also to build up faster Citrate in the cytosol, inhibit ACYL with HCA ( That means, it may be wise to add HCA capsules (1. to 3 g/day) during Citrate administration.
  • In case Citrate is still converted to acetyl-CoA even if HCA is used, use Statins (FDA approved drugs) to inhibit further cholesterol production
  • It may also be wise to target and slow down mitochondria during Citrate administration with e.g. Metformin, Doxycicline, etc.
  • Update 25-02-2017: Interesting enough, it has previously suggested that DCA, another well known anticancer drug, can induce the accumulation of high level of citrate inside the cytoplasm and with that inhibit glycolisis (Ref.). Therefore, a good addition to the Citric Acid treatment may be DCA.
  • Update 30-March-2017: According to additional info I came across and shared as an update in the “Mechanism” section, it doesn’t make sense to add DCA to Citric acid since DCA will try to reactivate PDH while Citric acid will inhibit that. Therefore, based on the latest info, I would not use CA+DCA at the same time but try one for longer time, if I would see progression I would switch to the other. So maybe one month try and observe the markers?

Actually, if I think more, due to the ACLY over activation in many cancers (Ref.), I would not take Citrate without inhibiting Citrate conversion to acetyl-CoA with ACLY inhibitors. Therefore, I would always use HCA supplements when on Citrate therapy. I would also use a Statin (preferably lipophilic) to make sure the cholesterol production will be limited while on CA. Specifically, hormone producing cells such as prostate cells are very capable to convert Citrate into acetyl-CoA as they typically have to do that in order to obtain the cholesterol required for hormone production (Ref.). Note: I read somewhere that Metformin may also downregulate ACLY but cannot find the reference right now.

Because Citarte is transported inside the cells by a Na coupled transporter (Ref.), I guess table salt may enhance Citrate absorption.

Update 27-02-2017: Ergin, one of the contributors on this website, has recently pointed out a relevant paper This paper suggest (but is not totally clear) that CA may boost gluconeogenesis (that is different than glycolisis) leading to a high glucose level in the blood. If this is true, it is something we do not want. So what we can do about it?
First, anyone who is using CA can measure his blood glucose levels using a typical measurement toll that can be used to measure glucose at home. If indeed, the glucose levels are increasing after CA, what I would do is to always use Metformin before CA administration. That is because Metformin is an inhibitor of the gluconeogenesis.

As a result of our discussions so far, to address the potential weak spots of CA treatment, I would combine CA treatment with Metformin (500mg) and HCA (500-1000mg) (both ingested about 30 min prior to taking CA). Metformin would address potential increase of gluconeogenesis by CA, and HCA will address potential conversion of CA in cholesterol and other fuels for cancer via the potentially upregulated mevalonate pathway as previously discussed.

There is a good amount of scientific evidence suggesting that both HCA and Metformin have good potential against cancer. As a result, including the two will only increase the chance of success.

Update 28-02-2017: Following our discussion on the potential increase in blood glucose level after taking CA, I did check if there is any such increase in my case. I mixed 4g of CA with water and took that at once. Measured blood glucose once before taking CA and a few times after, at 5min, 30min and one hour. During this time, there was no specific increase of the blood glucose.
This may be specific to my case, so others may want to check for themselves, but these results are not supporting the claims in the article Yet, everyone should check this for himself. Based on this result, Metformin would not be necessarily required when using CA but I would probably use it anyway given its important benefits in cancer.

Update 01-07-2017: Here is a relevant questions and a relevant answer to that that I thought may be good to add it here too:

Indeed pentose phosphate pathway (PPP) is very relevant in cancer and inhibition of glyco may redirect glucose and in turn fuel PPP. And as explained here “PPP is especially critical for cancer cells because it generates not only pentose phosphates to supply their high rate of nucleic acid synthesis, but also provides NADPH, which is required for both the synthesis of fatty acids and cell survival under stress conditions.”
Therefore, if we inhibit glycolisis after G6P (see, which is what CA may do, we also need to make sure we inhibit or reduce PPP or alternatively the activity of mithocondria (with e.g. Metformin) which otherwise will switch on fatty acids.

Interestingly, PPP can be reduced/inhibited by DHEA, which seems to inhibit glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, the rate-limiting enzyme in the pentose phosphate pathway. DHEA can be found as a supplement online

BUT, we need to be careful because as the reference above states, “in contrast to the expected resistance exerted by the elevated PPP in response to certain drugs, the PPP may sensitize cells to other therapeutic drugs. Indeed, it appears that the high levels of NADPH generated by a hyperactive PPP sensitize cells to anthracyclines. Anthracyclines are a class of antibiotics used in cancer therapy, and the most commonly used member of this class is adriamycin, also known as doxorubicin. Anthracyclines are metabolized by cytochrome p450 reductase to produce free radicals, which induce cytotoxicity72. Because NADPH is a cofactor that is required for this activity of cytochrome p450, the high levels of NADPH generated by the PPP may sensitize cancer cells to doxorubicin”.

In summary:
– CA may lead to increased activity of PPP
– PPP is relevant in cancer and its inhibition may help fighting cancer
– PPP may be inhibited by DHEA, which can be found as a supplement online
– some tumors (such as adrenocortical carcinoma) naturally produce high levels of intracellular DHEA, inhibiting PPP
– but active PPP may help some specific chemos such as doxorubicin – therefore CA during doxorubicin may be beneficial


Safe but here are some attention points:

Contraindicated in severe renal impairment with oliguria or azotemia, untreated Addison’s disease, adynamia episodica hereditaria, acute dehydration, heat cramps, anuria, severe myocardial damage, and hyperkalemia from any cause. (Ref.)

Large doses may cause hyperkalemia and alkalosis, especially in the presence of renal disease. Concurrent administration of potassium-containing medication, potassium-sparing diuretics, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, or cardiac glycosides may lead to toxicity. (Ref.)

Academic investigations are currently running focused on limiting absorption of Citrate as this approach might mimic caloric restriction, decrease fatty acid and cholesterol biosyntheses, prevent obesity, and extend life-span (Ref.). Consequently, long term use of Citric Acid may be detrimental.


It can be found everywhere including at iHerb:

It can also be obtained from the lemon or lime juice but also from other sources:

  • The juice of lemons and limes squeezed from the fruits contained the most citric acid (48 and 46 g/L, respectively) (Ref.)
  • Grapefruit juice and orange juice from ready-to-consume, 100% juice formulations contained 25 and 17 g/L, respectively. Orange juice squeezed directly from oranges had a lower citric acid content than ready-to-consume orange juice. (Ref.)

So based on the above it seems that in order to ingest e.g. 10g of citric acid/day we need to drink about 250ml lemon juice. This seems feasible to me and offcourse, I would drink this mixed with water during one day. Alternatively, I would drink about 500ml of grapefruit juice daily, which I think is very easy to achieve. What is not clear to be yet is the bio availability difference between using the fruit as a source or the commercially available powder.

Funny enough, I now realize that with this article and the enclosed references it now makes scientific sense to drink lemon juice in order to kill cancer. I never believed this is possible before, but now, based on all these references and mathematics, it makes sense. 🙂


Phosphofructokinase 1 glycosylation regulates cell growth and metabolism

Cancer cells must satisfy the metabolic demands of rapid cell growth within a continually changing microenvironment. We demonstrated that the dynamic posttranslational modification of proteins by O-linked β-N-acetylglucosamine (O-GlcNAcylation) is a key metabolic regulator of glucose metabolism. O-GlcNAcylation was induced at serine 529 of phosphofructokinase 1 (PFK1) in response to hypoxia. Glycosylation inhibited PFK1 activity and redirected glucose flux through the pentose phosphate pathway, thereby conferring a selective growth advantage on cancer cells. Blocking glycosylation of PFK1 at serine 529 reduced cancer cell proliferation in vitro and impaired tumor formation in vivo. These studies reveal a previously uncharacterized mechanism for the regulation of metabolic pathways in cancer and a possible target for therapeutic intervention.

Glycolytic enzyme inhibitors effectively kill cancer cells

Metabolic quirks yield tumour hope

Citric Acid Induces Cell-cycle Arrest and Apoptosis of Human Immortalized Keratinocyte Cell Line (HaCaT) via Caspase- and Mitochondrial-dependent Signaling Pathways

Citric acid is an alpha-hydroxyacid (AHA) widely used in cosmetic dermatology and skincare products. However, there is concern regarding its safety for the skin. In this study, we investigated the cytotoxic effects of citric acid on the human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT. HaCaT cells were treated with citric acid at 2.5-12.5 mM for different time periods. Cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis were investigated by 4,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole dihydrochloride (DAPI) staining, flow cytometry, western blot and confocal microscopy. Citric acid not only inhibited proliferation of HaCaT cells in a dose-dependent manner, but also induced apoptosis and cell cycle-arrest at the G2/M phase (before 24 h) and S phase (after 24 h). Citric acid increased the level of Bcl-2-associated X protein (BAX) and reduced the levels of B-cell lymphoma-2 (BCL-2), B-cell lymphoma-extra large (BCL-XL) and activated caspase-9 and caspase-3, which subsequently induced apoptosis via caspase-dependent and caspase-independent pathways. Citric acid also activated death receptors and increased the levels of caspase-8, activated BH3 interacting-domain death agonist (BID) protein, Apoptosis-inducing factor (AIF), and Endonuclease G (EndoG). Therefore, citric acid induces apoptosis through the mitochondrial pathway in the human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT. The study results suggest that citric acid is cytotoxic to HaCaT cells via induction of apoptosis and cell-cycle arrest in vitro.

The biological significance of cancer: mitochondria as a cause of cancer and the inhibition of glycolysis with citrate as a cancer treatment

In this article, I present the hypothesis that cancer presents due to the domination of the cell by mitochondria, which, from an evolution viewpoint, appeared in multi-cellular living being with the incorporation of a bacteria into a primitive cell, the bacteria sustained itself as mitochondria and these conserved their identity and bacterial characteristics, based on this, the hypothesis is suggested of the biological competition between the cell and the mitochondria; the mitochondria, on establishing itself as an independent entity within the cell, created the need to permanently remain in the cytoplasm of the cell, thus, from an energy viewpoint, when a cell becomes malignant, the mitochondria are the sole beneficiaries, as there is an ideal environment at the cellular level for the mitochondria to sustain their functions, and from this hypothesis, the treatment for fighting cancer consists of inhibiting glycolysis, being the principal source of energy for the mitochondria, this is achieved by administering citrate to cancer patients, as the citrate inhibits the phosphofructokinase enzyme, the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and the succinate dehydrogenase enzyme of Krebs cycle, thus, the mitochondria will be forced to limit their metabolism and, secondarily, will lower the reproduction capacity of the cell in general.

Inhibition of Mcl-1 expression by citrate enhances the effect of Bcl-xL inhibitors on human ovarian carcinoma cells.

The inhibition of two major anti-apoptotic proteins, Bcl-xL and Mcl-1, appears essential to destroy chemoresistant cancer cells. We have studied their concomitant inhibition, using ABT 737 or siRNA targeting XL1 and citrate, a molecule which reduces the expression level of Mcl-1.Two cisplatin-chemoresistant ovarian cell lines (SKOV3 and IGROV1-R10) were exposed to ABT 737 or siRNA targeting XL1 and citrate at various individual concentrations, or combined. Cell proliferation, cell cycle repartition and nuclear staining with DAPI were recorded. Western blot analyses were performed to detect various proteins implied in apoptotic cell death pathways.Mcl-1 expression was barely reduced when cells were exposed to citrate alone, whereas a mild reduction was observed after ABT 737 treatment. Concomitant inhibition of Bcl-xL and Mcl-1 using ABT 737 or siXL1 associated with citrate was far more effective in inhibiting cell proliferation and inducing cell death than treatment alone.Given that few, if any, specific inhibitors of Mcl-1 are currently available, anti-glycolytic agents such as citrate could be tested in association with synthetic inhibitors of Bcl-xL.

Citrate Induces Apoptotic Cell Death: A Promising Way to Treat Gastric Carcinoma?

Gastric carcinoma is frequent, particularly in China, and therapy is often inefficient. Because cancer cells are partly or mainly dependent on glycolysis to generate adenosine triphosphate ATP (Warburg effect) and/or to produce precursors (of lipid, nucleotides, etc.) for building new cells, any inhibition of glycolysis may slow down the cell proliferation and/or may kill cells. The antitumor effect of citrate, an anti-glycolytic agent inhibiting phosphofructokinase (PFK) was tested on two human gastric carcinoma cell lines. Materials and Methods: Cell viability and morphology were assessed after 24-72 h exposure to citrate (5, 10, 220 mM). Apoptosis was assessed by annexin V-FITC/PI staining and Western immunobloting. Results: A 3-day continuous exposure to citrate led to near destruction of the cell population in both cell lines, apoptotic cell death occurred through the mitochondrial pathway in a dose- and time-dependent manner, associated with the reduction of the anti-apoptotic Mcl-1 protein in both lines. Conclusion: Citrate demonstrates strong cytotoxic activity against two gastric cancer lines, leading to an early diminution of expression of Mcl-1 and to massive apoptotic cell death involving the mitochondrial pathway.


The reduced concentration of citrate in cancer cells: An indicator of cancer aggressiveness and a possible therapeutic target.

Proliferating cells reduce their oxidative metabolism and rely more on glycolysis, even in the presence of O2 (Warburg effect). This shift in metabolism reduces citrate biosynthesis and diminishes intracellular acidity, both of which promote glycolysis sustaining tumor growth. Because citrate is the donor of acetyl-CoA, its reduced production favors a deacetylation state of proteins favoring resistance to apoptosis and epigenetic changes, both processes contributing to tumor aggressiveness. Citrate levels could be monitored as an indicator of cancer aggressiveness (as already shown in human prostate cancer) and/or could serve as a biomarker for response to therapy. Strategies aiming to increase cytosolic citrate should be developed and tested in humans, knowing that experimental studies have shown that administration of citrate and/or inhibition of ACLY arrest tumor growth, inhibit the expression of the key anti-apoptotic factor Mcl-1, reverse cell dedifferentiation and increase sensibility to cisplatin.


This site is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. Through this site and linkages to other sites, I provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. I am not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this site. This is just my own personal opinion regarding what we have learned on this road.

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887 thoughts on “Citric Acid Inhibits Fermentation

  1. I have a 5lb bag of CA arriving tomorrow. I’m going to start taking high dose citric acid along with no other treatment and see what happens. I’ll report the results back to the thread. I’ve been eating 8-10 whole lemons the last few days after stumbling on to this post and have been suprised by what appears to be a reduction in inflammation and pain.

    1. Hi EZ Johnson,

      Thanks for the comment! Great to hear that you see a reduction in inflammation and pain. What is the tumor type?
      Yes, please keep us up to date! I hope we will hear very good news from you!

      Kind regards,

    2. Just wanted to update this post. I’ve decided to discontinue using citric acid due to disease progression. I took it for 8 weeks at 40g/day for the first two weeks and 20g/day for the remainder.

            1. We both know that it does not make any sense to publish a case of a non-working treatment.

              Ezjohnson is a patient and has written here several messages, why would he lie about citric acid?

              This is paranoia.

            2. This should be “science”… and science is a human benefit… at least, that’s what Alfred Nobel wished..

            3. No, this would be chaos. Imagine every oncologist publishing every single non-working treatment for every individual. it would be even funny.

            4. Another infertil comment…

              All the new and experimental treatments that are not effective must be reported, examples: Salvarsan, the first antibiotic, insulin from cow that had to be replaced with insulin from pork, and recently, the drug Vioxx..

            5. New treatments and experimental treatments when they are not effective must be reported, examples:
              – Salvarsan, the first antibiotic
              – Insulin from cow that had to be replaced with insulin from pork
              – Recently, the drug Vioxx

            6. Alberto,
              In which paper do you expect the doctor s to publish cases like this? Your comment had one purpose, to discredit.

              You are a salesman.

            7. W, I agree. Expecting an oncologist will publish this result is beyond expectations. First reason is simply that most oncologist will not want or have the time to consider alternative options. Second major reason is that patients do not have the time to spend with putting the details together to have an article written. Time is of essence, and patients have to focus their time on their treatments and next steps.

              Finally, for patients, just posting the outcome here may be more valuable and of more impact than publishing in a scientific journal, since most people are not reading scientific journals.

      1. Clear ezjohnson! Thank you very much for your report!
        That means there are two people with lung cancer stage IV (you and Alex’s mother) not responding to high dose Citric Acid.
        What are your current treatments options and plans?

        Kind regards,

          1. Dear Dr. Halabe, please let’s not be defensive. Let’s not argue against every non-responding report here.
            People would like to share their experience.
            Instead of arguing against them, you can always take the opportunity to ask those people good questions from which we all can learn. Like, what are the other treatment you used during CA? How often did you took it every day? Before or after food? All days, or sometimes you forgot to take it? etc …


            1. Daniel, maybe what these 2 patients have is toxicity and not cancer, many, many treatments can cause lung fibrosis, the difference is that lung fibrosis is very fast, patients have wordten respiratory symptoms in less than one month, lung cancer in general is slow, patients can be stable for months or years, that’s why people that smoke can perform a chest X ray once a year…

        1. I’m presently taking this list at varying schedules/rotation as some don’t play well with others:

          Fish oil + cox2 inhibitor (currently aspirin)
          Tetracycline or doxycycline
          Mebendazole + cimetidine
          Very high dosages of topical vitamin D
          High dose liposomal vitamin C
          Magnesium L threonate
          Ginger cooked to produce (6)-shogaol

          I’m also researching Methylene Blue and Berberine (not related just reading about both of them right now). There seems to be conflicting opinions/studies on these so if anyone else has experience or research I would like to hear about it.

          1. Thank you for the details. Methylene Blue is an interesting one and I did looked into it some years ago. It is on the list of substances I want to come back to and research in more details. Berberine – I had a good opinion about it. Just that I am not sure about its absorption. I think could be a good idea to pick one of them, and start a forum topic sharing the info you have so far on it and the questions you have. Maybe starting with Methylene Blue. I will also contribute to that.

  2. What bothers me is that i have not found any comment, post, report from anybody who used CA alone or in combination resulting in objective success (markers,CT) even if temporary. Its not like this with Ala, DCA, hca, 3bp.

    1. I would not expect to find much coherent reports on Citric Acid. Personally, I didn’t know anyone taking Citric Acid as a cancer treatment, before writing this post. I only know articles moving around of FB suggesting to drink lemon juice against cancer – but that was probably not containing the Citric acid level required for a response. So if you really like to search for anecdotal reports related to Citric Acid, you should search for those who used intensively lemon juice, I think.

    2. I use CA after my treatment by cyberknife + chemos. Started in summer 2016, coz my doctors said that chance of new relapse is high and i wanted something to prevent this. My radiosurgery was in 24 march 2016. Chemos ended in june 2016 and i began to take CA (+ omeprazole for GI problems +metformin +mebendazole). By now there is no signs of tumor, im in good condition. There is no signs of tumor on my PET/CT. Last checked by doctor week ago (visual inspection) – no signs of tumor. Ofc i can’t say for sure this is thanks to CA but i want to believe that CA helps. Many others who were treated at the same time with me already dead (my first surgery was in 22 june 2015, local relapse in january 2016).

      My diagnosis is nasopharyngeal cancer, 3 stage.

      Sorry for my english.

      1. Thank you Menace.

        Next to CA, Metformin and Mebendazole are also extremely good in my opinion. Regardless on what is working, the fact is that you are alive and tumor free, and that is all that matters. Continuing with these elements for longer time should be easy given that typically there are no (or very little) side effects.

        Your English is great! Are you from Russia, if I remember well?

        Kind regards,

            1. No, i didnt use them.

              And it’s antiviral drugs, right? Tell me please where can i read for its anticancer properties?

            2. Ok, thanks. These drugs are fairly cheap indeed. About 10 euro for a box.

              But citric acid here in Russia is even cheaper: 0.4 euro for 80g. 🙂

  3. This comment in Spanish was published by Sergio Garcia, one of my patients:

    “checa en la red el postulado del dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay. La mafia farmaceutica y la médica con su gran negocio no quiere ceder terreno porque no les conviene. yo mismo soy un caso viviente de su maravilloso efecto…”

    In this Forum on February 21, 2014:


    1. Dear Alberto,

      I read the referenced thread about “Rob” and also this (written by you): “…Sorry Rob, but as you already know, the “commercialization” of my treatment of cancer with citric acid already belongs to a very important international Business firm, with all the legal agreements, you already contacted them…” How is this possible, I wonder? Will they withdraw citric acid from shops and ban lemons to commercialize it for cancer treatment? I have difficulty to believe it is possible to do that. I also hope they won’t be able to do it. Is Rob still well? You seem to have fallen out with each other over some unfathomable (to me) issues.

  4. I can confirm there is something to citric acid for sure. About 3 weeks ago I started to take it because I have every indication I have ovarian cancer (no diagnosis yet as I was not rushing one but also it is difficult for me to get hold of an English-speaking obgyn here for some reason). I had frequent urge to empty my bladder and also a lot of gas in my intestines, both of which are symptoms. In addition, I have a bulge on the left side of my abdomen when compared to the right. In addition, I started to have fullness and nausea after meals. Strangely enough, I also seemed to have overactive hormones like a greasy forehead (like in teenagehood), etc. I got exhausted very easily, esp. after meals. Whenever I lied down I usually quickly fell asleep (usually after lunch on weekends). What really scared me was the extreme pain in my left shoulder whenever I wanted to raise my arm. I learned that ovarian cancer frequently metastasizes into the diaphragm, which can cause this called “referred pain”. Here is a blog:

    I also need to mention that I had a horrible case of sweating, usually after meals or when my blood sugar drops suddenly.

    All these symptoms improved tremendously since I am taking CA for about 3 weeks now. Bloating, overactive bladder and sweating all went away. My hair looks visibly healthier as I usually have now a thick and shiny mane whereas it was beforehand kind of lackluster (I have long hair). I have more energy. Even before I tried to eat cautiously but now I stopped eating meat and drinking alcohol. I also added dried ginger to my diet. I take about 6-8 grams per day, in fizzy mineral water (the latter helps absorption I feel). I am taking supplements as well but these are the changes only I added to also taking CA 6 times a day (2 grams a dose = 12g per day).

    My shoulder pain also improved.

    1. Very impressive dear Helga.
      I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing all this.
      I am curious about the other suplements or things you may be doing.
      Thanks to Daniel and this community, i have just started my mother today on CA, HCA, ALA, Aspirin, Metformin, Resveratrol.
      I would like to add some more things mentioned here as soon as i can aford it. Any good suggestions are most welcomed.
      Congrats on the diet, make sure you stay away from sweets.

      Best Wishes,

      1. Dear Alex,

        Thanks for the kind words. As for supplements I also take beta-glucan, silymarin, Boswellia, propolis, probiotic capsules, Wobenzym, coenzyme 10, cimetidine. As I mentioned in my posts, I also take dried ginger (6-8 grams per day) and I feel it works quite well with citric acid. And once a day we make a Budwig concoction: 120 g cottage cheese, 20-30 ml flaxseed oil, a piece of aloe vera, green leaves (baby spinach or arugula) and some wheat grass. I feel it is quite invigorating! I would add bitter almonds/apricot seeds, Lapacho tea, cats’ claw capsules if the above list would prove insufficient. But this is just for me, there are a lot of other advice here by Daniel, like adding Mebendazole (a medicine against worms), etc. And mushroom extracts, like Maitake, Chaga, Reishi, etc (I would add). We bought in the supermarket a mushroom starter packet but we never started it as you need sawdust as well. But we grow the wheatgrass in pots. Very cheap and very health-promoting.

        1. Thank you very much dear Helga.
          I understand you feel much better now, i am most happy to hear that.
          What is your opinion on CA compatibility with other treatment elements ? I ask because you obviously have more experience and from a science point of view, chemical reactions in the body and such. I would hate to add things and have them cancel eachother inside.

          Best wishes,

          1. Dear Alex,

            Thanks for your nice words. I am not sure my scientific knowledge helps a lot when it comes to self-treatment and compatibility with other treatments. Daniel thinks that citric acid is an oxidant, rather than an anti-oxidant. You can easily take immune system boosting stuff (like beta-glucan, propolis, Boswellia) with it. I think the Budwig mix is more on the antioxidant side. However, I doubt they would cancel each other out. The most important thing in my opinion to spread out the CA doses over the whole day.

            How is your Mom, is she improving as I hope? You mentioned that her tumors are palpable on her arm. What kind of cancer does she have? In that 150 year old publication about treatment the doctor tried vinegar: “It now occurred to me, remembering the
            solvent power of acetic acid over cancer cell walls, to try what effect that acid would have when applied to
            the tumour.” Here is the full paper:
            True, he talks about treating tumors on the surface but I am pretty sure vinegar would enter tissues more deeply. I recently broke my hand and after the cast was removed it was sore and swollen and painful for a long time. I put on a vinegar-soaked tissue paper and covered it with a scarf and the overnight improvement was quite remarkable. Because cancer and inflammation have a lot in common I’d imagine such a vinegar pack might work on tumors under the surface of the skin as well.

            Kind regards,

            1. Thank you Helga for everything,
              I would love to be able to obtain beta glucan, raw milk from a goat for budwig, so many things to add or consider.
              Funny thing is i live in a poor village with people who own animals like that but they all refuse to sell the milk because it’s currently needed by the goat cub, timing is also an issue.
              Then comes the financial problems we face.
              As for doses spread across the day, we also have HCA and i understand that should always come after CA, hence i ask about a optimum dose/timing/compatibility/order of things since i am not trained in anything close to the topic but i do my best to learn.
              Mother is feeling better since starting treatment, we did blood work before for comparison results.
              Less pain overall, an increase in mobility
              It looks like the oncologist suggested the wrong markers for lung adenocarcinoma…………………………… pffff….
              We noticed a bump on her arm at the start of january, ever since it had fluctuated in size a bit
              Lately it’s grown and is quite resistant to pressure from the outside like an abcess.
              A day or two after begining treatment it deflated and became softer to the touch, but the next day it came back to what it was before.
              My mother used to drink STRONG ginger tea she made home. We stopped it thinking it may have something to do with her back pain/kidneys. Urine is showing strong foam, quite polluted. ( We look at that )
              So we did not ignore your suggestion, however i still don’t know what would be best, ginger, curcumin, curcuma……
              so many names, and so much confusion, i wonder if the real thing is the real deal or should we use extracts?!?!
              I keep thinking maybe the combination of elements or dosage or order is not right.
              We’re doing the following:
              5 drops of resveratrol under the tongue X3
              omeprazol X1
              Cabbage brine X3
              metformin 500 mg X3
              aspirin 500mg X3
              ALA X3 or X2
              CA 5g X3
              30 min pause
              HCA 2 capsules X3

              Still waiting for DCA to arrive.
              Mother keeps having these unusual migranes, i wonder if this is something to be blamed on the treatment. And if so what element?! Did you experience these?

              Someone is offering the posibility of a vaccine made by extracting tumour cells from my mother’s body to stimulate the immune system. I see people claim incredible things all over but offering little to no proof, i fear this could be one of them and my mother is feeling all negative about this procedure.
              I am very interested to know your opinion on this and everyone else’s but especially Daniel’s because i believe he will have something to say about this from experience or from talking to so many people about this issue, treating cancer.
              Without this website, i fear the world would be much more dark for so many of us. And here we are looking for the light.
              I think it would be most beneficial for us to get together on skype.
              Again i am sorry for the long reply.
              Let me know,


            2. Hi Alex,

              regarding ginger and tea I doubt it has any contribution to her cancer but if she doesn’t feel good about it, she could drop it for now. Try green tea instead. Re:curcumin, the spice itself is called turmeric (kurkuma in some other languages) and curcumin is the extract from it I believe. If you want to try the spice version, make sure you add about 10% black pepper because that helps the absorption. If you cannot afford beta-glucan, here is my suggestion: there is a natural medicine called Avemar which has a proven anti-cancer effect. While it is not cheap, once I googled the patent claim making it. This is what I found: you take wheatgerm (dried, you can usually buy that by the pound or you can make your own by germinating wheat), then add yeast (the one to make bread) and put the mix in a warm place leaving it to ferment. I am not sure though you can ferment wet wheatgerm without risking growing mold on it but you can experiment. Dry wheatgerm would be better. You just leave it to ferment (make sure you won’t kill it by placing it in too hot an environment) at about 38 Celsius for a few days (I think 2-3). Then you can drink this concoction. It won’t taste very good but that is a little price to pay, I believe. Here is an article:

              “It shows potent anticancer activity on cell lines by deeply interfering with glucose metabolism and affecting expressions of several kinases. In in vivo experimental models, Avemar is also effective by enhancing the activity of the immune system such as stimulating NK cell activity (by reducing MHC I molecule expression), enhancing TNF secretion of the macrophages, increasing ICAM 1 molecule expression on the vascular endothelial cells. All of these lead to apoptosis of tumor cells.”

              This may support your hypothesis about fermented foods being good against cancer, like fermented cabbage (sauerkraut) which your mom seems to be taking already. Do you have access to propolis? If there is a honey-maker in the village, you could get it from them. Propolis has very strong anticancer potential. Also, if you can collect rosehips, they also have anticancer effect.

            3. ps. If you cannot have goat milk, cottage cheese made from cow’s milk is also good. The Budwig is basically a mix of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil, blended well. Everything else is optional.

            4. Dear Helga,
              As always your replies are full of valuable content. I’m somewhat envious 🙂 In a nice way 🙂
              Since DCA needs to be taken 2 weeks on and 1 week off for maximum effectiveness, my mother stopped it for this week. And interestingly, she feels better than before, may be that DCA-CA problem…?!?…. This newly found conflict between them.
              To be honest i had my gut feelings telling me DCA may not be a good addition but i believed i must be wrong since i am not fully aware of the science facts.
              Still i had this feeling that if one treatment is working towards slowing things down to nothing and the other is trying to speed things up….. anyway….
              On that note i would like to throw this question, idea out there… maybe Budwig would also be a mistake to add on top of CA, ALA, HCA, Metformin, Aspirin, Diclofenac, Mebendazol etc
              As i understand it, Budwig protocol would attempt to do similar things as DCA. Please do correct me if i am wrong here.
              I did not know that black pepper would help with absorbtion of curcumin.
              About avemar, sounds tempting, as well as beta-glucan, any good brands suggested/used?
              Now that i have the help so much needed, i could buy these products for mother. However i wish to get her tested before deciding on anymore treatment additions or changes. Because i fear things could worsen her situation if i would give her anything without prior testing. Even if proven beneficial, may work against our goal in her case due to chemistry etc.
              I love the idea of home cooked remedies but i fear i may fail in getting it right.
              I will look for more propolis, possibly from manuka.
              Back to Budwig:
              Cancertutor quote;
              “Use raw milk and raw milk products if you can get them.
              Use goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk products.
              Take the enzyme Lactase with quark or cottage cheese.”

              Personally out of my own mind, based on what i feel and read and believe…
              This Budwig thing sounds like a stupid idea. There is sufficient evidence all over that suggests milk is a stupid idea with cancer, same as with sugar.
              Then you have people saying, oh but wait… it’s not milk anymore, it’s not sweet anymore, it’s a magic coco jambo tricking solution that will trick cancer :)) ROFL :))) 🙂
              If that’s the case then i should recommend the use of Cola in large quantities for chelation, as it can do that over time. (i know it first hand)
              Those people are editors or cancertutor, “mix honey with turmeric and you get a trojan horse”, i fear those people don’t know what they are talking about….. just like me.
              I may be wrong about budwig, i understand there’s science behind it, only saying what i feel i should say in hopes of not making the same mistake as with the other treatment elements and DCA. Where i said nothing in fear of being wrong. Better be wrong than say nothing when you feel something may not be right. Our instincts can be quite extraordinary sometimes. Without them i fear none of us would be here.
              I believe there may be some useful information there and i respect and appreciate that, but when i look here i realize i’m in a better place with the right people who share and prove their statements based on actual science and facts. Same goes for the other popular sites.
              So i appreciate you dear Helga, but to be honest, a good heart is all that matters, and i know and feel you have such a nice personality besides valuable replies.
              So many things to be said… sorry for making it long again.

              Thank you very very much for everything.

            5. I finally think I understand the mystery of the acidic treatment of cancer as noted on my recent comment on this thread (somewhere), adding acid forces acid to remain inside of the cancer cells which then leads to acidosis.

      1. Dear friends, let me say hello to everybody, this is my first post on this forum.
        Dr. Alberto, all what you described looks amazing, I’m very impressed. I’ve read carefully all threads and only one question remain (I understand that you cannot reply on questions like – “what is your recommendation about using CA with chemo?” because you always worked with CA alone). So, my question is: have you ever seen that CA doesn’t help at all?
        @Daniel – your posts are really cool. I gathered same amount info, but I spent a couple of months scrabbing and Unfortunately, I’ve met with the site just yesterday.
        @Menace2 – I’m from Russia either. Not sure do you know or not, but there is a couple of more immunostimulators: refnot and ronkoleikin. In some scenarios they are very efficient, but no so cheap (several hundreds dollars per course of treatment)

        1. Hi Vasis,

          Welcome and thank you for your words of appreciation. I haven’t heard of refnot and ronkoleikin so far and I am very curious to check them. You in your search you found other interesting elements please let me know as I am always happy to look at new potential treatments.

          Kind regards,

          1. Hi Daniel,
            Both immunostimulators (one of them is practically immunomodulator – not sure what is the difference, still studying) are officially approved in Russia and might be bought in many pharmacies.
            Refnot –, there were clinical trials in most famous Russian oncoclinic named after Blokhina, results are available, but in Russian only (the links are on refnot site)
            The second one is Ronkoleikin Originally, it was designed for animals, but now also approved fo humans. I believe there is Europe/US analog since its well-known Recombinant human INTERLEUKIN-2 . AFAIK, Ronald Reagan was cured with such drug.
            I’m personally (my mom) has positive experience using Refnot

      2. Dear Alberto,

        Please be kind with Helga as she is also very kind with you. Also please note that it was her guess that she may have cancer but that is not a fact and as a result her improvement may be not related to CA.

        We should only have constructive comments here and I think Helga did. Please read all her post, and note that pattern of kindness towards you.

        From a scientific point of view there was and still is a lot of room to challenge your statements. That is fair and we should be fair here. You are strongly biased on CA and we all hope that is for good reasons. But while we all have hopes we need to question everything as claims are easy to be made, but strong and unquestionable evidence is difficult to produce. Challenging each other in a respectful way will only help us to bring more clarity on each subject. While your papers and the statements of others + scientific view are good starting points towards the believe in CA, to me there is no strong evidence yet that CA is THE solutions to cancer as you are stating. I hope we will see that soon.

        As a result, I encourage anyone here to challenge each other in a respectful manner and acknowledge when something proves to be true or not, based on facts, regardless of our initial bias. Nobody in this world knows everything and only communicating and expressing what we know and what we don’t will help us advance.

        Kind regards,

      3. I am grateful to you, as I expressed it several times already, dr Alberto. You are my hero. I just told my husband about you having Syrian origin as we follow the plight of the poor Syrians currently suffering in their own country. Please, don’t be so self-conscious. It doesn’t take away from your ingenuity and selfless desire to help people if one asks questions in order to clarify certain things.

  5. The more I study the more I understand that Russian immunology may be still best over the world. I have a couple of presentations where described dozens of immunostimulators, but most part of them not studied to treat cancer. Just several additionals examples –, interferon. But even here in Russia most part of people is not aware about them (or that they can be used to treat cancer)

  6. One of the main things related to immumostimulators (I’ve read a lot of feedbacks in Russia) that it can be used in terminal stages when doctors refuse to make chemistry. After immunostimulators there is a chance that patient might be taken for surgery/radiology/chemistry.

    1. Thanks for this info Vasis. Indeed, Russia had and still has a lot of very very good scientists and as a result I would expect good and at the same time different advancements in oncology-related drugs as well. The drawback is that they are not accessible to most of those from outside – but at least you have access to them.

      1. I have a feeling that if we were to combine World Scientists with Western $$$ we would have the solutions in front of us for each type of cancer by now.
        Maybe i am wrong. Just a feeling….
        Oh how i wish i had a big lab and the funds with a dedicated team.
        Another sci-fi method would be to simulate the entire human body on a computer and simulate cancer+treatment but all sorts of other things so that we could dial in the factors for a more realistic result in the simulation.
        Computing cancer, good and sound theory, if only we would all around the world dedicate CPU time in a worldwide network that already exists to compute these things…..


        1. Dear Dr. Alberto Halabe.

          Congrats on your research and results. The findings may indeed prove to have benefits for so many suffering, my mother included, and those of us who are trying to save our loved ones.
          That being said, i am curious as to what is your best suggestion for treatment with Citric Acid.
          Best method of administration
          Best dosage and time intervals /kg/h
          Peak levels in the blood, half life.
          Best synergy with? Incompatible with?
          Comments on the role of diet?
          Any side effects?
          I would be most interested to know treatment response rates, types of tumour the treatment worked on.
          Statistics if available.
          I am very sure everyone else will as well be very interested about these things and more.
          Thank you very much for your help, most appreciated!

          Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hi! I am interested in the citric acid studies on cancer. I was wondering if anyone might have used this for pets and if so, what was the dosage. My cat is 3kg (6.6lbs).

      I am not sure I can use the citric acid right now since she had a depo-shot and is also on 10mg of prednisolone each day. She is taking an appetite stimulant of cyproheptadine. I am currently using DCA on my cat for carcinoma at .03g twice a day. She is also getting 70ml of ringers solution every other day for hydration.

      Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi Callendula,

        I am sure it would work on cats as well. Is it an external/internal tumor in your kitty? Just try to adjust the dose according to weight. Cats/dogs have a faster metabolism than humans. I am about 60kg and take 12 grams per day. Based on weight, your cat should take about 0.6 gram but because of the metabolism issue, I guess, it could take about 1g per day.


        1. Hello Helga! It is internal. A pretty large mass that surrounds her heart and lungs which affects her lungs. Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate the insight!

      2. Hi Callendula,

        Could a change in diet and water source be helpful as well?
        Should Metformin and the others be considered?
        Keep us posted.

        Best Wishes,

        1. Hello Alex! I took her off her dry food and buy the canned which is is only real meat plus vitamins. I heard dry food creates sugar which could feed cancer. I offer her several fresh bowls of filtered water daily. The vet said we could do surgery but they would have no idea if they could get it all until they opened her up. She is over 14 years old and I think the stress would be too much for her. Plus, I am sure it would be difficult since it wraps around her heart and lungs. We opted for hospice care with the steroids. Then I read about DCA so that is what we started. Then I happened upon the citric acid, so thought as a last effort we could try it out. I don’t want it to die off too quickly but we likely don;t have a ton of time. We’ve only used the DCA about 4 days so far. I was suggested to only use .03g for 2x a day, so I hope it is effective but not harsh.

          Thank you for your reply and suggestions! Much appreciated to have some other options to consider!

          1. Hi Callendula,
            If i were you and the tumor is palpable,i make tests to see the responce.
            Citric acid works perfect when direct contact on tumors.
            Also i see a bird healed with collodial silver.
            You can spray on tumor both of them.And put some into her water.

            1. Thank you, Ergin! I don’t think I can feel least I feel nothing I think is a tumor. It is inside the rib cage so I can’t feel past her bones. A shame, since the direct application would be likely easier since I doubt she will like tasting the CA. If I just apply it on her skin would it still absorb into the bloodstream and get to the tumor that way or must it be taken orally to be effective if not in direct contact on the growth?
              I will have to look into the colllodial silver you mentioned. That is interesting. Is it flavorless?

              Thank you for your feedback!

          2. Hi Callendula, I think the operation is probably a waste of money and possibly would make the kitty’s condition worse. We planted wheat in a pot and the cat likes to graze on it on her own. It has anticancer potential. Also, when our cat was ill (rectal bleeding) the vet gave us probiotics specifically made for pets (it is the dispenser that is specific) but if you cannot have that, probiotics capsules for human are just as good (also told us by a vet). Our cat nicely recovered from her problem with this.

            1. That’s a great idea! Thank you Helga. I do have wheat has tablets in my cupboard. I may be able to get her to eat some of that. I’ll look for the probiotics. I have a refrigerated one called The Ultimate Acidophilus that might work in the meantime.
              Thank you so much for your suggestions!

        2. Is there a special citric acid to be used? I have a bottle of caning citric acid (with less than 2% silicon dioxide for anti caking)…can I use that? I figured citric acid is citric acid?

          Also, i tried to read all the above conversations and someone said upon taking the citric acid they felt like they had more energy and I understand this to be freeing up the glucose from going to tumor cells and allowing normal cells to utilize it. If so, then is an increase in energy/well-being a sign the acid is working as expected on the tumor cells and halting the glycolosis?

          1. Dear Callendula
            I would agree with all you said.
            BUT, since i have limited experience, i can’t say for sure. Mother just began treatment with CA for about a week now and then others.
            I would look for the best supplier of CA on the internet and order that if money is not a major concern, as well as with the other treatment elements.
            I don’t know and will not say for sure that CA is the only thing working, she is feeling better these days.
            We’re also using quite a few of the things talked about here. Thanks to this foundation and the community but also personal resources.
            I wouldn’t want to risk another stand-alone treatment, and lose valuable time again.
            Since i don’t have education in farmacy or medicine, what i would do is try to do my best to scale down the treatment elements that are talked about here so that they would probably work for the cat and hope for the best.
            My mother is just begining here with:
            Omeprazol, Alfa Lipoic Acid
            30 min pause
            Citric Acid
            Things look quite optimistic from the first days of experience but sadly there is no guarantee so then i must make sure i will add as many elements as possible that may increase her chance to heal, but doing so with regards to many things talked about here. Some elements don’t work with others, dosage dependence, etc.
            Thankfully Daniel’s work on this site is very very very very relevant so i encourage you to try to wrap your head around it a bit and then step back and see what treatment elements would be best for your situation.

            I hope you find my reply of some value.

            Best wishes,

            1. It is very much valuable to me and I appreciate you and everyone else taking the time to respond. My cat is part of our family and we love her dearly. It means a lot to me to have your feedback. I am sorry to hear of your mom’s issues and I pray for her recovery. Taking care of my cat is exhausting and I imagine you can relate. I am taking some time to look through this website as thoroughly as I can and make note of the suggestions that I feel can benefit my feline.
              So far I have DCA, CA, fish oil and artemisinin, non carb diet, high protein and fat. My cat loves sweet potatoes so I guess she’s getting plenty of Vit A, too. Also lots of support and love to keep her positive which I think is essential.

            2. Dear Callendula,
              I hope you and your cat are doing better.
              I got back to you to remind you to check with a vet about all these.
              If you can add HCA and Alfa Lipoic Acid to those i think it will be better for your cat. Also Vitamin B1, Silimarin *milk thisle*
              I wouldn’t combine DCA with Artemisinin.
              As for the aditives in the medicine i understand they are there for better absorbtion in the system.
              With or without aditives, i can’t be sure. Some say no others say yes. You don’t know what to believe these days so it’s important to just do it i think.

              Best wishes,

          2. Hi Callendula,

            yes, I can confirm I said I feel more energetic since taking citric acid. I agree with what Alex said too. I seem to be taking actually more than 12g, could be 18g per day. Do you have a dropper or how can you feed the citric acid to the cat? Yes, more energy means the treatment works I think/hope. Lactic acid is produced by cancer/other ailments too (microorganisms) so citric acid is good against a lot of diseases I believe.

            1. Dear Helga, while i wish to believe in the best outcome with CA, i must also warn that while mother was taking Graviola and Paw Paw she also felt good most of the time, however markers are warning of trouble.
              Do be careful.

              Best wishes, and Thanks!

            2. She hates the dropper and it stars her out quite a bit. Today i experimented. I measured out . 6g CA and set it aside. I took a tiny amount of purified water and added a small amount of CA to it until it dissolved. Then i mashed two of her treats in the solution until soaked up. I reformed the treats into balls and gave them to her. She ate them without complaint. I am not sure if I am to give the CA all in one dollar a day or can it be divided into smaller doses throughout the day. I did not give any acid reducer. Ive seen that cats can have pepcid ac and recommended 1/2 tablet 30 mins before CA. However, at this time i am not adding that because the drug interaction site said it could react to the depomedrol injection she had. I believe it stays in the system for 30 days so i have to check when it was administered.
              I have to say I’m mind of excited about this site here with so much awesome information. Alternative strategies are all we have and I still have hope something may work with this multi prong attack. It may or may not but at least I can say i tried everything!

            3. Dear Calledula.
              I write to you to notify you of this new found most likely countering of effects between DCA and CA. It looks like they don’t work well together. Please check the site articles related to this subject for updates.’
              Best wishes to you and your cat, take care.

  7. Daniel, thanks for warm words to the Russian scientists (its pretty hard to do research here). You are right, the main problem is that most research papers and drugs are Ru only (its from Soviet Union time, iron curtain 🙁 . But, If you need some materials about mentioned drugs or you need some help translating from Russian – please ping me, I’ll try to help

    1. I was looking for the documents , I found the same issue its all are Russian , hard to translate

      but I believe they have a good treatments and not expensive , hope I can access them one day

      Kind regards


    2. Hi Vasis, the links you sent above are already very helpful. In case you have time and you anyway do this for you, it could help if we can build up a new post with a summary on Russian drugs that may help activate immune system such as those you mentioned Ronkoleikin, Refnot, Ingaron and others such as Gepon. I think another one is Timalin. Immunomax I already discussed but will anyway add it to the list. It doesn’t have to be much. Just a summary with short statements on the name, mode of action, application (usually it is in the indication list), results if any (clinical trials result and/or anecdotes), perception in Russia on that specific drug, availability and cost. You can send me by e-mail the summary and I will make a post out of it. After that anyone can do its own research if it sounds interesting but in that way we can start to build a list of Russian anti cancer drugs that typically are unknown beyond Russian and as you said, sometimes even within Russia. Then, the post will be open for comments and enhancement. What do you think?

      1. Hi Daniel,
        Yep, let do it. You are right – Timalin was one of the first immonostimulators developed in Soviet Union. Give me several days and I’ll try to prepare such materials for the separate post (I already have good presentations in Russia made by scientists).

  8. Folks, just look at and their studies. Most part of cancer research is just studying of combination of diffrent chemo sponsored by big pharms. And even worse – look at number of participants – its statistically meanigless (for some trials just dozens). Its not a science, its something different. I sent several mail to some research guys who had most promising results. The answer is the same – “we dont have money, we did it using own funds for free, the system is completely broken”. Where is immunology research?! There are tons of side-effects free drugs – why almost nobody check them?

    1. Yes, Vasis. Very good point. The system is wrong as it is purely driven by business. It should be the other way around: the system should be driven by the needs of the people and business should be an outcome of that (if business at all).

      I am so impressed when I read reports like these:

      Sales of breast cancer treatments are set to increase by an average of 5.8% a year in nine major markets, increasing from a value of $9.8 billion in 2013 to $18.2 billion by 2023, according to new forecasts from IMS Health. The highest-growing segment of the market is the HER2-positive subtype, where sales are set to show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% over the period, rising from $5.6 billion to $12.5 billion, while the triple negative segment will increase at a CAGR of 4.6%, from $470 million o $760 million, it says.,_says_ims_1002558

      It’s amazing … those at the top of the companies developing drugs are seeing all the people suffering from cancer as markets, divided in market sectors and market segments. Each segment with its growth and profitability that represents business potential.

      So what can we expect? This industry will never deliver a solution against cancer as is. Because a solution to cancer will change the statements above from growth to decline. There will be no more recurring revenues to drive growth. And the investors will run away to other industries. Is as simple as that.

      That is where I intend to focus the other part of my life. To focus on changing the above. I have patience and perseverance.

      Kind regards,

      1. Maybe i am silly here but, i see in this the same problem with energy. Would people not buy alternative fuels too? Would we all have a power plant in our home to fuel our car? I doubt i would. And then why not patent the devices making the fuel to charge XXXXXX $ for the device making the fuel making the device inaccessible to the masses. I doubt i would be able to produce cancer medicine at home any time soon, why arent’ they going for non-toxic solutions? Because it’s hard!!!!!!!!!! Expensive! And profit would be slow to come. Instead we use that old mix of chemicals who works to some degree, enough to sell hope… so why not? I mean if you’re a maggot of the system, feeding on the dying and sick.
        It’s what i discovered is the case for TY Bollinger and Chris Wark, both well known in the alternative side of things and very popular to milions.
        TY was a bit more mature about it, but this Chris guy, he’s going online and doing all sorts of scheemes to trick people into buying his series now for just 100$.
        While i enjoyed both series, i rather wash public toilets with my bare hands than sell a compilation of information that may or may not help, to the sick and dying.
        I wrote a few comments there and they were removed and i was IP banned. Censorship.
        I understand things cost money, but with their following i am sure 2$ would have been more than enough from the milions visiting and milions to come in the future as the predictions above say.
        + sponsorships, product placement, donations etc.
        Told Chris to get a real job, didn’t like it………..
        These people want to live the king life as if they are immortal on the back of the sick and dying. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if i knew i was part of such a thing.
        Such people wield the power of life and death on milions, is this earth or hell? Could they be one and the same?

        Sorry for off toppic and for the long comment.

        I wish you all the best of health, everything else will then follow i am sure.

        1. Hi Alex,

          what does this person, Chris Wark sell for $100? His videos? He has apparently very good marketing tools. But I don’t think he does any harm. If people are willing to buy his series so let them do it. JMHO.

          1. Of course he does harm. There are people rejecting conventional treatment opting for carrott juice. I think, unlike this site, Chris does oversimplification, hence quackery

    2. Hi Vasis,

      welcome aboard, so happy to see a new bright mind to join the “team”. Good question, you are asking. Are these molecules you mention patentable? Are they patented in the US/Europe? Perhaps your colleagues should try to find a sponsor to get them patented and an investor to found a company. Possibly a mixed Russian/Western company? Or Russian/Eastern one?

  9. Hi Helga,
    International patents is just a small part of the puzzle. Even if they obtain that (I’m not sure, maybe some of drugs already internationally patented – we can do patents seek) the next step is international clinic trials which should be done with approved hospitals (this is how I understand the process). Then you need to get approval from regulators like FDA (one of the most complicated things). And, eventually, is to get access to international market (pharmacies, clinics).It might be OK for big companies like Phazer/Sanofi with some “possibilities” to influence on regulators and extended pharm networking, but almost impossible for Russian componies like “Nizhpharm” with budget 10000 times smaller than Phazer.
    Another problem is English, yes – stupid language issue. Almost all Russian scientists are publishing their manuscripts in Ru-only magazines plus they cannot communicate and collaborate with potential investors, other scientists, etc.
    Honestly, I was very surprised when I found so big number of immuno drugs, research papers, and other materials here in Russia. Originally, I thought that medical science is almost (or completely) died here, but its still alive and produces very optimistic results (at least in immunology area – absolutly, world-level research).
    Yes, I already have some requests to find “investor” (or help in communications, etc.) which can promote drugs, but for me it means that I have to completely change my life and move to this area.

  10. Hi Vasis,

    It surprises me that Russian scientists publish their work in Russian journals. They should change this practice if they/you want to break into international markets. BTW I read Solzhenitsyn’s wonderful book, “Cancer Ward” where he describes how he cured his own cancer with a fungi growing on some trees. It made a deep impression on me (apparently on the Nobel committee as well :-)). Do you know if it is used/made into a product in Russia? Once in a while I see mushroom combo products that also contain “chaga”, which was the name in the book. Is that the same as Solzhenitsyn used, do you know?

  11. Hi Helga,
    Unfortunately, its inheritance from Soviet Union time. Yes, everybody aware that you have to publish your manuscripts in good international journals with high IF, but it takes efforts and time to study English (especially if you are not young and have family, etc). About your question – I’m not aware about any drugs which created from this mushroom “chaga”, but I’m pretty familiar with the mushroom itself – its really positioned as anticancer. Of course, no clinic trial, no official proofs. Another mushroom which is popular here is “Veshenka” (lat Pleurotus ostreatus) and just recently I’ve found that this musroom contains statins!
    I’d say we have unofficial industry of different approaches to cure cancer (most part its based on animal drugs, because its not-approved for human yet) plus some rural/witchery things like muchrooms, herbs :).
    Daniel, I think we have to create one more post about that – its interesting, but, of course not officially confirmed

    1. Hi Vasis,
      Thanks. I will wait for the content to create a post on the Russian options. I do not understand the other point regarding another post on something else? What kind of content are you thinking of?

    2. Dear Vasis (and other Russian posters), Helga,

      that of Solzhenitsyn is a hell of a story.

      its not a fungus but the root of a herb which has been used as aphrodisicaum and hallucinogen since ages ago.there are many chemo drugs extracted from it.

      Is there more folk info on russian sites on the amount to be taken?

      in some countries people use this on a regular basis.

  12. Hi Daniel,
    I think it makes sense to create two posts – the first one – what is officially approved by Russian regulators (immonostimulators and others) and the second one – another drugs like mushrooms, herbs, drugs for animals (which just not passed official trials, but safe enough)

    1. Hi Vasis,

      Lets see if we can get quality enough for the second. I like to have science and case reports behind so that we have a good starting point – in this way we will not be lost in anecdotes. We need to be selective in order to identify value. Thanks.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel, sorry, still gathering info (cannot find pretty good foils which I found about Russian immunology). How can I send you a private message on this site (or where I can find your mail)?

  13. Dear friends.
    So it’s been a while since i started reading about alternative remedies, and after reading about this one… i kinda made a connection again, maybe i am on to something, or maybe i am not.

    Some or most of these remedies seem to me that they have a connection to alchool, milk, bread. fungi, bacteria, microbes.
    They all need fermenting.
    These remedies seem to have a drunk man – morning after/ connection as well. If you get what i mean. And cancer shows a few simptoms that are similar to being drunk or morning after. Or alchool addiction consequences.
    These remedies could well be used as food preservatives, and are used as that in many cases.
    They prevent mold from forming, this brings me back to cancer, Dr. Simocini, baking powder, anaerobic bacteria/cancer.
    Could there be a connection between the egiptian mummies preserving techniques and ingredients most importantly, and cancer?
    Did the elder know something we don’t? Are we lost in the fog of war?

    What am i missing here?

    Sorry for the high number of question marks, the questions may be irelevant, however i feel there is a need to ask the right questions to get the right answers, answers may not come now but the more questions, the more chances of getting the right answers. I may be just wasting your time reading this, if so then i am sorry, it is not my intention to do so. But what if?
    I feel there’s enough science behind them all, what if there’s a connection? The connection could point to something of value.

    Many thanks,

  14. Dear friends,
    There’s been talk about chelation of magnezium, i also notice some capsules contain magnezium serate.
    Would it make sense to still supplement with magnezium or other things?
    Also another question since we are talking citric acid and citrics. Does Vitamin C make sense to add to this?
    What about multi-vitamins and minerals in capsules?

    Best wishes to you all. And Good Luck!

  15. A question for Mr Halabe,
    As we know there are some tests on glyco inhibitors and it is very exact that they works for some time.
    So we have to use them between intervals.Hour by hour OR day by day OR 2 X day etc…
    Is there any test on citric acid that how many hours it blocks glycolisis?(It is very imporant for me to learn the answer of this question)So i will be relaxed and stop searching for other glyco inhibitors because it is must in all treatments.
    I like citric acid because it is not toxic.But we have to know the efficiency like the other inhibitors tested on labs.
    What is the idea about taking citric acid every hour with small dosages also at night?
    Because some inhibitors works perfect with bolus treatment.And when you interrupted the treatment, glucose levels comes to normal levels in hours sometimes more than the initial.
    Do we have clear information about it with citric acid?
    But i know your answer : dont ask anything,only drink 3 x day as i see very good results.but this answer is not enough.
    If it is really a treasure(if it really blocks glyco totally) you or we and some scientists have to spend some time and money for lab tests.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Ergin
      i have read through various english and spanish forums with Dr Halabe.
      There is no exact info from him, no studies (other than the case studies), no lab work, no nada on anything of the MECHANISM of CA.

        1. My question was about the duration of CA in blood.
          In lab experiment ,anti-apoptotic protein Mcl-1 expression completely disappeared after 72 h in citric acid.
          And what about in human?May be we have to drink CA everyhour in 3 days or when?But sure begin 3 days before chemo?
          And low dosage also works same but only after 72 h.

    2. Hi Ergin,

      I can only talk about my own experiences. It seems to me that taking citric acid 6 times a day is about right. It also depends on what and how frequently one eats. After meals, if I start sweating it will go away for two hours if I don’t eat anything during that time. As I said I also take powdered ginger. Here is an excellent article about its anticancer potential: “Ginger: 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo In Cancer Research Model” Ginger targets stem cells!


    Why we dont donate this foundation?Because we are ashamed if we donate 5-10euros.
    Please dont think like that.There is a serious enterance to this foundation each day.
    I am very sure that Daniel has lots of ideas about helping people around the world.
    I think he works in different jobs and it takes his all time.Imagine if he can work for only cancer what will he do.
    I think foundation has no money inside.There is no foundation now because we dont help him.
    This foundation is ours dont forget it.We are the part of the history.

    Kind Regards

    1. Dear Ergin,

      Unfortunately, people are only used to take and very very few to give. This is the world we are living in and I hope this will change.
      So far, there are 152.000 visitors in about 1.5 years. Out of these, maybe 20 have donated and most of those are actually people who became friends to me. So far, I am using those donations to help others.
      The dream is to help patients and family not just with money directly (for those that can not afford the basics). This would impact positively only a few. But I want to go beyond that. To build a Foundation that will grow and have people working full time to help Improve and Extend Life of Advanced Cancer Patients worldwide at a large scale.

      As soon as I will have the plan on the “how” and the “what” exactly will be done to achieve that I will share it with you all so that I get feedback and improve. That takes a bit of time since as you said Ergin, I also have a job that requires my attention at this point, next to all the e-mails and discussions from people that need cancer-related info support.

      As a result, I cannot promises when the plan will be available. I can only say that it will be available as soon as possible. But I can also say that nothing changed regarding what I already decided I will do with my life, and that is stated above.
      You are spot on Ergin: the Foundation will be of all the people. And I promise it will not be just another Foundation.

      One of the goals I have in mind (more it will come with the plan) is also to create coherence between “all” cancer Foundations worldwide so that we all move towards the same point. Today, there is a lot of energy but fragmented and spread everywhere, and than needs to be focused in order to make a difference in this world.

      Kind regards,

        1. Hi Helga. Thank you for considering that but just take care of yourself first. The e-mail address is fine – just an old one that I connected with a PayPal and now I keep that until I have an account for the Foundation.

          1. OK, thanks Daniel. Once I get over the hurdles I face I’ll donate I promise. Also, there should be grant schemes in Horizon 2020 that might apply to such an initiative (although I am not aware of anything specific right now).

            1. Thank you dear Helga for your courage and inspiration. I wish you all the best.
              Ergin is right obviously.
              I hope we can all pick-up on where we left before the diagnosis and restore our life to normal, i believe that is a priority.
              Once we are able to do that i strongly believe we can then focus on helping the foundation/community here more than we are doing now.
              I know for sure that me and my mother will do our best in that direction, financially and intelectually.
              We’ve been brought to our knees by this problem so many of us face now, and one of the results is sadly financial collapse. I wish we knew better before making all the mistakes we did.
              Another thing we can do is spread the word to our close ones about our adventure and the word will be passed out to others so that they could benefit from the information.

              What is going on with mother?

              5 drops under the tongue of Resveratrol
              15 min
              Cabbage Brine – About 200ml
              Omeprazol – 1x
              15 min
              3X Metformin/Aspirin – 500/500 + CA 5g + 2X ALA 1 capsule
              30 min
              3X HCA 2 capsules

              After a couple of days since treatment began, she feels better, and the lump on her left arm seems to have goten softer, the body odor went away mostly, and there is less pain.
              I am looking forward to add DCA to this as soon as it arrives, i thank Daniel and to those who donated to the foundation, without his help and so many others, i wouldn’t have been able to try these items.
              I would love to add some more things that are being talked about in here as soon as i can afford them.

              I wish to thank everyone for helping
              Warm huggs from Alex & Mother

  17. Just an idea: in some countries if you make a foundation, people can direct some percentage of their taxes (without further expense to them) to the foundation. Do you know if this is the case in Belgium maybe?

    1. Hi Helga, thank you. I am considering that option too. It will be part of the plan that I promise to share asap and where we can start generating ideas as well. I think that is an option in most European countries (at least).

    1. As you see Mihaela Catalina Stanciu Foundation has more enterance daily,but no donations.
      I have some ideas.
      Nothing is impossible,only time is needed.

        1. hey Ergin, Daniel

          sure, i read the article.

          But if i promote and sell something (the treatment in mexico) to people (mostly “terminally ill” and freaking desperate like myself), I would make sure to explain how it works and not just tell “take 10g and u will be fine, and dont ask anything”.

          I would conduct (or let conduct) animal or in vitro studies just to confirm the hypothesis & mechanism. of course i know the response. Also i would explain with my words and not refer to books online.

          I dont want to be offensive, who knows, maybe it works in itself sometimes and the PR is bad because nobody is listening to him and it freaks him out.

          i am taking currently CA too.

          1. Wondering what is your name:)?
            I am happy to hear that you began CA.Our clinical trial is getting larger each day,and we know no serious side effect.I hope we will see good results soon.I also asked lots of questions like you,more than you but it looks not good from outside after sometime.Unfortunatley we have to make our own clinical trial with his 10 gr CA:)

            1. All the serious readers from this Forum will realize that you haven’t read my articles..

            1. Hi Alternmed,
              There is one case of peritoneal mesothelioma with citric acid.
              Their treatments are same.How is your mother after PDT?I hope she is fine.

            2. hi ergin

              i m not sure if mesothelioma and high grade serous carnirnoma is working the same way.

              she is stable ,no improvment with pdt yet.

              thanks for asking

              how s yours?

            3. Hi Alternmed,
              There are lots of communications about peritoneal carcinoma that it looks like mesothelioma.
              It may begin because of talk powder etc…just like asbestos.
              And their treatments are same,you can search for it.
              Some of peritoneal carcinoma from ovarian may be wrong diagnosed as i searched.
              And i know you are very knowledgeable person from personal comunications,you have to search for intraperitoneal treatments,like citric acid.
              My mother is not good,very weak because of chemo.And vomiting after citric acid,so we had to interrupt it unfortunatley.

            4. Hi Ergin,

              sorry to hear that your mom cannot tolerate CA. It makes a bit nauseous me too sometimes. Again, I recommend ginger, which has an antiemetic effect, i.e. stops the vomiting/nausea. If the tumors are palpable under the skin, you could also try what they did in that old article, i.e. make a paste from CA, water and flour and paste that onto the affected areas. It could be that vinegar may work even better than CA.

    2. ergin: There is a new edition of Tripping over the Truth that has been published in the last month.
      They mention near the end of the book that a clinic in Turkey has had strongish results using a metabolic approach ( if you go to Amazon and click on the book
      you might be able to read this for free as a “preview”). Have you heard of this clinic? Are they using 3-BP?

      Best Wishes, J

        1. ergin: page 201 Istanbul Chemothermia Oncology Center

          They are using Metabolically supported Chemotherapy (MSCT)

          Their treatment plan includes ketogenic diet, 14 hour fast, insulin, 2DG, DCA, in hypoglycemic state normal doses of chemo along with hyperbaric oxygen and hyperthermia. Good published clinical results in pancreatic and especially lung.

          No mention of 3-BP, though they seem very familiar with the metabolic approach.

          The book describes this clinic in the context of what can be done when regulatory restrictions are relaxed. Before describing the clinic, the book described how over the last few decades we have transitioned from medicine taking bold risks with incremental progress achieved to today when almost no risk is acceptable along with almost no incremental progress.

          1. Hi J ,
            Again you made me too surprised.
            This is the clinic which we went for IPT.
            They have full knowledge but believe me not more than DANIEL.
            I have talked with them for months.We want to begin clinical trials about INCVAX,but we couldnt.
            There are 2 doctors in the clinic.
            They show me the responce with pictures and Pet results.
            I know their all protocol and i wrote here.

            1. erg, this is one thing that gives me confidence with 3-BP: many clinics around the world have reported good results. We have published patient reports from Germany and Egypt, there is also mention of a stage IV lung cancer patients treated in Columbia, several reports and clinics in the US, a named clinic in Canada, reports from India, also saw mention of a clinic treating with 3-BP in Russia. Red flags go up for me when I see that only one author or one clinic has found success with a treatment. It is not like that with 3-BP.

              erg, I have bored silly many on this thread with my sermons on minicells, well I’ll try again with you.
              Minicells appear to be an extremely powerful anti-cancer platform. The underlying science is very simple.

              First report for a cancer application for minicells was published ten years ago.
              This initial research found that minicells were anywhere up to 1 million times more effective than chemo.
              PMID: 17786046

              Recent report gave results for a phase 1 human clinical trial. Not overly exceptional results, yet …
              PMID: 26659127

              they were dosing just below the dose equivalent to a curative response in mice. There was a slight problem with toxicity using the gram negative bacteria.

              Here’s the research that demonstrates how to make a GRAS non-toxic gram positive minicell.
              PMID: 25341464

            2. erg, it looks like quite a few of the metabolic thought leaders are impressed with
              MSCT. It certainly makes quite a bit of sense, though no one had pieced it
              together before. There are so many combinations to work through, it should be
              be not that surprising that something this good could go missing.

              Predose-Fasting + IPT + Chemo , HT + HBOT + keto.
              They also seem to have others that they might add in such as 2DG, DCA, vitamin C,
              Would love to know whether adding in anything else might top it up.

              The website is showing some strong clinical results. Their 43 month Stage IV NSCLC
              numbers are almost too good to be true.


            3. Dear J,
              I only can say is i am still here and watching from outside..
              I still have projects about people who needs help.
              But we still dont know the right!!
              Will it be help or opposite?
              My language is not enough to tell…
              Pleasr keep with people here.
              And be honest forever.

            4. Do you know what latest dr said to me.
              Please dont use your mom as a tester.
              But i did.That was my truth.Still i am thinking it was the truth.
              J i very believe in oleuropein. I am testing it on myself.
              It is working man.
              It is the best antibiotic in the world.
              People will see it in the future.And Ancas mother saw some responce because of it not hydrazine.I am ready to send it to people.

            5. Hi Ergin,

              Nice to hear from you. It seems you very much like Oleuropein.
              Why don’t you write a post on it? I will publish that if we can get to the point that we see content well supported by science and some case reports. I would do that search but I do not know when I can ind the time. Thanks.

              Kind regards,

            6. erg, you pushed the glucose lowering idea quite a bit and the more I read, the more it makes sense.
              It’s great that we have contributors like you that can steer the discussion in the right direction.

              Would love to hear what D has to say about the Chemothermia clinic and what they might be able to do to push their protocol ahead even more. The Clinic uses a vanilla metabolic protocol; what would happen if they were to intensifiy it? Possibly use even greater glucose lowering with SGLT2 inhibitors such as phlorzin when people were in ketosis. The article that I quoted from Medical Hypotheses was very impressive. They showed that glucose levels could be greatly decreased. I would really like to know how this could be part of an anti-cancer strategy. Super-low glucose levels with chemo + HT + HBOT + Keto!

  18. One question Daniel, considering all the people that are reading this Forum, more than 650,000 visits, why medical doctors don’t participate here???

    1. There are Dr. who participated, and are participating here both medical and non-medical (scientists). Some actively, some just reading. Some are disclosing that some not. Some are exchanging e-mails with me, some are just registered to receive new posts while sitting in the background. Some are also using the info on this website (at least as a starting point) to consider new treatments within their clinics. What I do not appreciate is that many of the clinics (including Mexican clinics) are reading constantly the website but they do not (at least) write a “Thank you” note. What I like is that even if there is no “Thank you” at the end of the “value chain” a patient may be helped.

    1. I think that is fine. We should not appreciate the people based on who they write they are but based on the value they add to the discussions here. Specifically in the context in which this website is for education purpose.

  19. Dear friends, i would like to point out possible risks of a combination between citric acid and baking soda.
    As demonstrated here by this kid
    Baking soda is just one of the elements, i ask for help here in chemistry-biochemistry.
    We need more clear information on administration combinations.
    For example, would citric acid go well with aspirin, diclofenac, alfa lipoic acid, dca, other remedies talked about here, including chemo.
    Please dear readers, i ask for your opinion, clearing things out in this mater may prove very important.
    For i believe just getting something inside with no clear science can prove fatal.

    My best wishes to everyone.

  20. So, does it make sense to remove anti-oxidants when using CA?
    Such as, curcumin, aspirin, resveratrol, ALA.
    What should we avoid? Metformin? Foods? Drinks.

      1. No panic, just concern for chemical reactions in the body, possible side effects and treatment not going good.
        Helga also mentioned something about possible conflicts between CA and other things and i feel this should be a topic worth talking about.

        You once said you could perhaps help with some treatment, if you are still willing, i would need cimetidine, mebenzadole since i can’t seem to be able to get them in my area.
        Anything else you could spare, would be most welcomed. Thank you very much.
        Any experience with cancer vaccine made from tumor tissue?
        How is your mother?

        Best wishes,

    1. Dear Alex,

      as I said in my other response to you, I doubt we should remove the antioxidants when taking CA. However, it seems my other recommendation about ginger went unnoticed so I link it here again:

      They claim (based on scientific evidence) that ginger is effective against stem cells! I am taking rather large doses usually a few minutes after the CA. The other spice is fenugreek:
      They both contain saponins so I tend to imagine that they help dissolve the cancer like a soap would do.

      Please, say hi to your Mom. I wish her well and please keep us updated about her progress.

      Kind regards,

  21. Here to report the drop on PSA from a patient with metastatic (to the bone) Prostate Cancer from 34 to 0.4 after 21 days with the only use of 5gr of Citric acid a day. I wanted to explore the differences between this and the Budwig approach since i had obtained similar results with the Budwig Diet alone also in metastatic prostate cancer (never used chemo/radio since the prognostic value was negative) only it took 4 months(this was a very interesting case, all metastases resolved after 8 months and this was a caquectic, bed ridden patient, with linfedema and urinary sondage who after the treatment was riding a bycicle again, then he had a bone gammagram, everyone was amazed that now he only had a “tiny” spot on one knee, was started on zometa and died)…I report this since in México the PSA is widely used as a prognostic marker to decide about the treatment to follow. In the first case mentioned above the oncologist had told the patient he would be needing chemo, after the drop in PSA(from the use of citric acid alone) the patient was told he would only need anti-androgen medication(Leuprorelin). The patient has remained under this treatment along with the Budwig diet/ ALA 600mg twice a day for one year with all subsecuent PSA below 0, the patient feels great, full of energy. We are expecting a new bone gammagram on May 2017.

      1. I previously reported the case of a patient with Prostate Cancer with bone metastases whose PSA drop in one month from 34 to 0.4 after 21 days with the only use of 5gr of citric acid a day. The oncologist told the patient that he would be needing chemo but after this drop he decided to start the patient on Leuprorelin only. The patient has remained under the CA/Budwig diet/ALA600mg twice a day/Leuprorelin for 18months now, all subsecuent PSA below 0. Now the bone gammagram reports NO metastases in the places it previously said they were (this was a comparative bone gammagram). The only complaint: stomach discomfort from the citric acid, nothing serious treated with Omeprazole 20mg twice a day.———- DANIEL WHY DID YOU BLOCK ME (my IP) FROM ENTERING/MAKING COMMENTS ON THE WEBSITE?———– The oncologist told the patient that he will remain with the only use of Leuprorelin since all metastases disappeared Thank God..

  22. Dear friends, Daniel.
    I was scrolling down on my facebook only to see a friend who is a fitness trainer promote some products.
    One of them was Magnezium CItrate and the other was Keto something. (wink at Meech)
    I am wondering if the magnezium citrate would be a good replacement for the pure citric acid, if not.
    Since it chelates copper and calcium, would it make sense to add those to the protocol?

    “Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.” said Archimedes.

    Thank you very much.
    Best wishes,

  23. Gonna do a bit of experimenting here, gonna probably waste a good bottle of coke for no results but i think it’s worth it.
    Gonna have 4 cups of coke. 1 with nothing in, 1 with just yeast, 1 with yeast + aspirin and 1 with yeast + citric acid.
    250ml of coke in each and 250mg of aspirin as well as 250mg of citric acid in the other.
    I’m fairly convinced this has the potential to teach us all something.
    The temperature will be around 22C
    The amount of yeast needed will be imprecise but maybe close to 2g, will do my best in measurements. And if anything relevant will be reporting back.
    I’ll be back with more info.
    I hope that this will help prove or disprove some claims.
    Can i get some support for this DIY @ Home lab test?

    Many thanks,

  24. Hi friends,
    New report on my wife’s condition, her albumin level turned to normal 37g/l, actually all of her blood values are nominal now. She has less pain and more energy day by day. On her last CT (21. of February) tumor was 22 cm in diameter. Nowadays she is taking 6.6g CA/day. Her chemo changed from FOLFIRI to FOLFOX around the end of January.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Paul,

      It’s so great to hear that! I am very happy your dear wife has less pain and she is better and better every day! Is this happening since you switched the chemos?

      Kind regards,

  25. Hi Daniel,

    It is difficult to say if this is the effect of oxaliplatin or that she could start again with her “home” medicine like DCA, CA, curcumin, ginger, NSAIDs, silymarin, pyrvinium pamoate and my special cook of glycine artemisinin combination with DMSO. Added to treatment some new substances too, namely ashwagandha, triptolide, ginko and as of today naringin, apigenin while skipped quercetin.She is using diclofenac and ibuprofen gel too on her belly where we know tumor is close to surface. As you can see she is rather taking the risk of bleedings than the possibility of blood clots. It is far from scientific approach but I have the gut feeling that it was CA what helped her albumin back to track. Her general condition got dramatically better between the third and forth new chemo about a week ago. Before that she had problem just go to the kitchen for a glass of water, now she wants go alone to the city for shopping. I don’t know if we can figure out what helped her.
    Her doctor answered at last about Thalidomide what you so kindly offered, she is not backing the idea at all but prescribed celecoxib as COX2 inhibitor.

    Kind regards

    1. HI Paul,

      Thank you for the details. Very interesting to hear you are implementing Triptolide. I guess that is the whole plant and not pure Triptolide since it can be very toxic at very small amounts. Can you please let me know what is the source where you buy it and how you intend to use it? Triptolide is one of those elements I am following since 2014 and intend to write about it at some point.
      What was the reason the doctor did not supported Thalidomide? Did she used any specific arguments?
      It’s great to hear about the improvement Paul. So the improvement came between her 3rd FOLFOX and 4th FOLFOX? Where there any new supplements or drugs started around that time? When she started to take again her “home” medicine and for how long she stop taking those before starting again?
      Sorry for so many questions but regardless what works is great to hear she now wants to go alone for shopping 🙂 That would be the best treatment for your dear wife, actually, beyond all the drugs.

      Kind regards,

      1. PaulF

        Some recipes are recalculated for 200mg artemisinin (in brackets). For inhalation 2 part solution + 1 part DMSO, for topical use 2 part s. + 4 part DMSO, for internal use 1 part s. + 1 part DMSO.
        The first year I used glucosamine+artemisinin, it worked very well but not anymore. Theoretically glycine+artemisinin should be best for KRAS mutant cancers.

        Example 1 Preparation of N-(10-Deoxyartemisinylideneamino)acetic acid in water solution

        Ingredients. (1) Water 96.2(7g) (2) Artemisinine 2.8 (200mg)(3) Glycine 1.0.(71mg) Procedure.

        The mixture of all ingredients is heated at 90 to 95 C for 2 hours. A solution in water is


        Example 2 Preparation of N-(10-Deoxyartemisinylideneamino)acetic acid Sodium in water


        Ingredients. (1) Water 95.3 (6,8g)(2) Sodium Bicarbonate 0.9 (64mg)(3) Glycine 1.0 (71mg)(4)

        Artemisinin 2.8.(200mg) Procedure. Mix (1) to (3). A clear solution is obtained. Heat to 80 to 90

        C. Add (4). An instantaneous reaction occurs and a clear yellow solution is obtained. The mixing

        and heating is continued for 1 hour. A solution of Sodium salt in water is thus obtained.

        Example 3 Preparation of N-(10-Deoxyartemisinylideneamino)acetic acid from N-(10-

        deoxyartemisinylideneamino)acetic acid Sodium in water solution

        Ingredients. (1) Water 95.3 (2) Sodium Bicarbonate 0.9 (3) Glycine 1.0 (4) Artemisinin 2.8.

        Procedure. Mix (1) to (3). Heat to 70 to 80 C. Add (4). An instantaneous reaction occurs and a

        clear solution is obtained. The mixing and heating is continued for 1 hour. A solution of said

        sodium in water is thus obtained. Water is evaporated to one third in volume and the solution

        allowed to cool. The pH is adjusted to 6.5 with citric acid (2.0 grams of 50% solution). Said

        compound is obtained.

        Example 7 Preparation of N-(10-Deoxyartemisinylidene)glucosamine

        Ingredients. Ingredients. (1) Water 94.15 (6,0g)(2) Sodium Bicarbonate 0.9 (66mg)(3)

        Glucosamine Hydrochloride 2.15 (152mg)(4) Artemisinin 2.8.(200mg) Procedure. Mix (1) to (3).

        Heat to 70 to 80 C. Add (4). An instantaneous reaction occurs and a clear yellow solution is

        obtained. The mixing and heating is continued for 1 hour. A solution of said compound in water

        is obtained.

        Kind regards

    2. Dear Paul,

      so good to hear that your wife is feeling better. As mentioned in that old article Daniel linked also in his main article above, tumors were also treated externally with CA, vinegar and carbolic acid (phenol). Although oxiplatin is not on the list of the article but it lists a bunch of combinations of chemo and herbs/spices/plants that can potentially beneficially/synergistically act together: No references in the article so I am not sure how reliable these combinations are.

      1. Dear Helga,

        Great find! Amazingly I was doing the same thing like you a couple of days ago, checking synergistic or add-on reactions of herbal remedies with chemotherapy. I need to rewire my brain because many antioxidants are working fine with the oxidant 5-FU, to the contrary of my earlier belief. Most surprising was ginger+5-FU a 110% increase of efficacy. I have found Thunder God Vine+ sulforaphane+oxaliplatin synergism. Ashwagandha,GrapeSeedExtract,EGCG,astragalus,magnolol,milk thistle,boswellia, curcumin,ginkgo and ginger cooperates nicely with 5-FU.

        Kind regards

        1. Dear Paul,

          Yes, chemo can work with a lot of natural ingredients. Actually, oxaliplatin is also on their list, paired with aloe vera. The most universal nat product seems to be fermented wheat germ, that can work with “chemo”, acc. to this article. As I mentioned to Alex, you can make it at home if you have access to dry wheat germ, which you can ferment at home by adding baker’s yeast and some water and place it somewhere warm, cca. 38% for a day or two. Important thing is not to kill the yeast, so it can ferment and produce the beneficial ingredients. I imagine it augments some of the good stuff in the wheat germs. This is the basis for Avemar, an anticancer product, which you can but but is very expensive. There are scientific publications about the underlying molecular mechanisms, e.g.: If you don’t have dry wheat germs, you can germinate your own as well. We do that now, blending the wheat grass with the Budwig mix of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil. It is very tasty as well!

            1. Dear Helga,

              Thank you, you are brilliant finding articles, will take a closer look.

              Kind regards

            2. Dear Paul

              My mother had non metastatic but locally advanced colon cancer. She found avemar great in several aspects and never had a recurrence in 6 years.naybe not because of avemar but worth trying

    1. A most valuable packet of information,
      Thank you very much dear Helga for that link.

      PS, NFkB is also regulated by aspirin…. so i am looking for something to replace it 😀

      Best wishes,

  26. pps. It is particularly interesting the inverse relationship between the amount of spice and cancer occurrence in various countries, look at slide #78. It seems hat just about any spice is good for us and has anticancer effect.

  27. Hi Daniel,

    I have purchased Thunder God Vine powder from nabhealth on eBay, Australia. Its effect is pretty similar to rapamycin, I think.
    It is acting in two different ways, low dose promoting apoptosis while high dose senescence, we are aiming at apoptosis not dormant cells yet like Dr.Sehgal did My wife takes a quarter cup of powder in hot water daily -quite tasty- but beware there exists another name of TGV in Chinese, Seven Steps to Death.
    About Thalidomide doctor said there was some tests but little results were seen in colon cancer treatment then the risk of blood clotting was too high too. Anyhow she would not suggest any alternative treatment, doctors are not open minded here, they are afraid to take a detour from the central guide lines.
    Home medicine hiatus was almost total in the first 44 days (until 25th of January) as most herbal extracts are blood thinners then dosage was increased very gradually with set backs as she has got hemorrhages, full dosage was achieved just before the 3rd FOLFOX – 1st of Mars . New herbs around same time were ashwagandha, phellodendron, rosemary extract.
    Sadly there was no shopping for her today, she has got pain in the belly after a bathroom visit, nothing serious, shopping will come.

    Kind regards

    1. Dear Paul,

      I just read a previously overlooked comment saying you produce more Northern Light than wheat so… you are probably in Scandinavia (or Canada or Alaska, anyway, you don’t have to reveal of course). Anyway, I was researching now fenugreek for you wsr to KRAS+ cancer. I found a patent, could be relevant, am not sure: It is diosgenin that is found in fenugreek.

      As it goes with patents, they are difficult to understand so they are not copied easily. Nevertheless the title “Organic compositions to treat kras-related diseases” indicates just that, and one of the compounds is diosgenin, isolated from fenugreek. The RNAi might have been put there only for distraction (although probably not completely). RNAi is RNA interference, when small RNAs interfere with gene expression. There are some efforts to manufacture RNA-medicine but they are far from succeeding as far as I know.

      I wish your wife well and lots of interesting shops to go around 🙂

      Kind regards,

      1. ps. One last find for today:

        mentions diosgenin. The most effective compounds (isolated from devil’s apple, a relative of potato and tomato) are poisonous sadly but diosgenin is also effective. It is a KRAS+ cell line.

        1. Dear Helga,

          Thank you very much for your new superb finds! RNAi is not easy to make at home, saw three different diosgenin products for sale: wild yam extract, fenugreek and pure diosgenin, fenugreek is the least toxic.
          Sadly my wife’s shopping is off the table, she has been on morphine for the last two days.

          Kind regards

          1. Dear Paul,

            I hope you can use some of the info and jumpstart your wife’s treatment so to speak. Did you find wobenzym by the way?

            Fenugreek is certainly not toxic as it is a spice. I recently take it with soda water and turmeric and pepper. Makes a foamy drink, which I believe helps the absorption.

            Kind regards,

            1. Dear Helga,

              I think my choice will be pure diosgenin as fenugreek has high iron and copper content. I have found Wobenzym but did not see the need to buy it because inflammations are under control now. Anyway she takes bromelain daily.

              I hope you feel well, your symptoms reminded me when I had ulcer, it was very similar.

              Kind regards

            2. Dear Paul,
              You had problems with high T4 hormone levels before pulmonary embolism.
              Did you have chance to solve this problem?
              Did she using T4 pills or why did it rise?
              Also what about the testosterone levels now?
              Now we are on T4 depletion treatment and may be you want to look at ovarian post.
              Kind Regards

            3. Dear ergin,

              She took 75 micro-gram T4 pills daily, now taking 25 micro-gram every second day, her latest T4 level just in the middle of the range but TSH level is too high – it used to be when T4 is low – she had thyroid surgery for many years ago. Her oncologist is concerned about this.

              Kind regards

            4. Interesting Paul. When did she changed from 75 to 25 micro? And what is the concern of the oncologist regarding this? Is because TSH is high?

              Kind regards,

          2. When my mother was in big pain, instead of morphine / opium etc.
            I choose to give her 500mg aspirin next to CBD oil,
            The result was so incredible, in just 2 hours after taking….
            She got out of bed, flexing and crying tears of joy.
            In our case, citric acid seems not to do what aspirin did.
            Still as Daniel said before plenty of times, this is not the answer for long due to side effects. But aspirin in these situations actually does kill pain… and i believe the CBD oil also helped a great deal.
            That’s my experience with mother.

            Best wishes,

            1. Yes, NSAIDs as COX-2 inhibitors are big help against pain and cancer. My wife took ibuprofen, diclofenac, aspirin+omeprazol until her lung embolism, now it is not advisable anymore because of bleeding risk- she takes herbal COX-2 inhibitors and occasionally nimesulide or celecoxib those are better than morphine. CBD oil is not suitable for her KRAS mutant tumor – she would need THC oil what is illegal here.
              Citric acid is not a pain killer its effect can take days or weeks depending on person and cancer.

              Best regards

            2. Dear Paul
              Thank you for your valuable reply.
              I wonder what are those herbal COX-2 inhibitors
              Thank you very much.

            3. Dear Alex,

              My wife takes phellodendron and nettle leaf extract, hope it helps.

              Kind regards

  28. Dear Daniel,
    I’ve been thinking about everything, i measured your words very much and have told mother to stop aspirin, she has and she is feeling better, she decided to replace aspirin with 50mg diclofenac X3.
    Sadly the bump on her arm got harder after this. As expected sadly, Aspirin is great but bad. This makes me think that Citric Acid is not that great in fermentation inhibition. I know i don’t have any data etc, i am sorry for that, so it may still mean that Citric Acid is good against this illness but apparently in our situation it doesn’t do what aspirin does. (if only side effects weren’t an issue). 🙁
    After all the thinking and reading, i feel it may be best to do as many possibly relevant tests possible.
    I believe this may also be cost effective, time-saving.
    Afterwards, a search for remedies and targeted strategy, followed by monitoring.

    THANK YOU!!! Thank you to everyone supporting this foundation – Real people, real science, real help.

    Best wishes,
    Alex & Mother

    1. Thank you. It would help if sometimes you could expend your answers on the scientific part and share with us what you think/know. I am saying that because I just went to the paper you suggested above and found a PDF:

      Within your paper I then found the following reference suggesting that citrate can inhibit pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH) next to the well known inhibition of phosphofructokinase enzyme: “Citrate inhibits the interconversion of the inactive form of pyruvate dehydrogenase to the active form of the enzyme. ” I did not know this, and if this is true, Citrate should not be used with DCA since the whole point of DCA is to re activate PDH by inhibiting PDK

      In other words, if the results presented in this paper are true, when using Citrate + DCA we may need to make a choice between the use of DCA and that of Citrate since DCA will try to activate PDH while Citrate will inhibit PDH. If Citrate indeed inhibits PDH, I expect Citrate will win the fight since it may act directly on PDH while DCA acts indirectly through PDK.

      I apologize to all for this conclusion but as you see, we are still learning.

        1. Dear Daniel.
          Today i had a very small argument with my mother about not taking citric acid.
          She feels it’s causing accelerated hair loss, this may be due to the addition of DCA, now that i read this.
          I would like to have our dear Dr Alberto comment on this if possible.
          Looking forward to hear about your new opinion on these.

          Many many thanks,

            1. Hi Alex,

              Welcome. It looks like you are usually here for the night shift (European time) 🙂
              I go to sleep 🙂 Good night!

              Kind regards,

            2. LOL @ Daniel,
              My dear friend, don’t leave me alone… i still have much to learn.
              I need your help to save my mother, afterwards i can try to learn more to help others.
              I sleep very little, no time to waste, too many things to do, gf threatening to leave me cause i’m not spending time with her for months, not understanding the urgency of the situation, thinking of other things.
              What about this DCA-CA problem?

              I was out, got back in shape… i needed to look decent to go with mother out for tests and consultations.
     LOL 🙂
              I sacrificed so much…. still i would give anything i have to save her.
              With this enormous help received from you and those who donated (THANK YOU). We feel very lucky.
              I still feel i need guidance… i’m too uneducated about all this. We made mistakes in the past.
              I don’t want to look back and feel bad about wasting this new fighting chance due to ignorance.
              I want to learn… but time…. it’s always against us.
              Tomorrow we go for tests. Any suggestions welcomed please.
              My father always used to say to me “as long as you’re stupid, money will be useless”.
              I feel pretty stupid now, not something i’m used to. I had hopes that surgery will be the end of it. But no.

              Do have a lovely night and take care.
              Huggs from Alex & Mother.

        1. hey Emad

          ALA works well with HCA (there is a hca +ala protocoll called metabloc, that can be further enhanced by ldn according to some reports), its very good against neuropathy caused by chemo including DCA, and its cheap, so maybe you can add too.

          good luck

  29. No relation between DCA and citric acid, Daniel, is scientifically demonstrated that only citric acid is effective as a cancer treatment and other diseases..

    1. Dear Alberto,

      To be fair I would like to reformulate your statement: … is scientifically demonstrated that ALSO (not “only”) citric acid MAY BE (not “is”) effective as a cancer treatment …

      However, I was not debating that. What I was writing about is that I came to realize Citric acid, due to its mode of action, may also inhibit exactly the same enzyme that DCA is re activating. That is an interesting and new mode of action of CA, for me. However, there is not that much literature on that so I will need to further verify. In addition, Citrate is also an inhibitor of the TCA cycle via the inhibition of Citrate synthase. This should be new for you as well since I haven’t read it in your article.

      According to these mechanisms, we may want to reconsider the use of DCA, i.e. not combine with Citric Acid as there will be no benefit from DCA when on Citric Acid.

      You do not have to agree with this conclusion, but your paper helped me to get to this conclusion.

      Kind regards,

        1. Hi Paul, Alex,

          Based on the latest info, I would try one for longer time, if I would see progression I would switch to the other. So maybe one month try and observe the markers? The point is that they act somehow in opposite ways since CA would slow down both Glycolisis and Mitochondria while DCA will fuel Mito. Regarless of the choice, both have the risk to add extra fuel for the mevalonate pathway and as a result I would add next to them HCA and a Statin.

          Kind regards,

        1. Hi Alberto, I take CA but its more because of this article and not your case studies.

          The people cured dont want to underlie these claims.. .you also complained about this. are they old? dont they have access to net? why aren’t they loud as hell? if an acid cures me i shout, i support, I am enthusiastic etc….

          but you cant just keep repeating this. There are people on the net who tried without success. So you cant claim for sure that it always works, in all cancers etc… if it works in one case out of 100 that is already a big thing, dont get me wrong.

          please do some studies with animals or in vitro, find colleagues for this – there you can more easily isolate the exact impact of CA……. Theory is clear from above, fine.

          Now you can again repeat that ca is the only cure … and that i dont read your (very short) articles but its not true….

          all the best,

          pls dont take this personal,

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