Citric Acid Inhibits Fermentation


Update 03 September 2018: Today I became aware of a recent (2017) scientific paper published in the journal Scientific Reports of Nature Group , discussing work on Citric Acid performed at Harvard School of Medicine, and concluding the following: “Our data suggests that citrate can inhibit tumor growth in diverse tumor types and via multiple mechanisms. Dietary supplementation with citrate may be beneficial as a cancer therapy.” (Ref.) Given the fact that this work was performed by a world leading medical school including an author that I very much trust, I see this as a strong support for the work of Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay reporting response in various cancer patients (see below). I’ve also wrote a short update post here.

Citric acid exists in large amounts in a variety of fruits and vegetables, most notably citrus fruits and was first time isolated from lemon juice.  Its salt form, Citrate, is an intermediate in the citric acid cycle (also called TCA cycle, TriCarboxylic Acid cycle, Krebs cycle, Szent-Györgyi – Krebs cycle), a central metabolic pathway for animals, plants and bacteria.

LemonIn others words, Citrate is a major product of mitochondria, the engine of the cell. When there is to much Citrate going out of the engine, it means there is enough energy produced by the engine and a feedback mechanism will “talk” to the glycolisis (Ref.), the path through which fuel is provided to the engine, and ask to reduce the amount of fuel. As a result, the more Citrate builds up in the cell, the more the cell will think it has enough of what it needs and will reduce or even shut down the glycolisis process.

Since glycolisis (or fermentation) is essential in most cancers to obtain various elements required for the survival of the cancer cells (e.g. fast energy production, anti-oxidants, etc.), glycolisis inhibition may directly lead to the eradication of cancer cells. Inhibiting glycolisis will also lead to a lower amount of acidity produced and exported by the cancer cells and thus a better tumor environment in which the immune system (T cells) will reactivate (Ref.) or chemo therapies can go through without being deactivated (protonated). From this point of view, I would expect that Citrate can both work alone but also enhance chemo therapy (Ref.) and immunotheraphy.

From a scientific point of view, the inhibitory effect of glycolisis triggered by Citrate is well understood and recognized (see references in the Mechanism section and Reference section). So there is no question about that. This is why Citrate has been indeed proposed as an anti cancer agent. However, the questions is whether the same theoretical and laboratory results can be achieved in humans.

Interestingly, Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay in Mexico, was one of the few proposing and using Citric Acid to treat and cure c. patients so far. While Dr. Alberto reports are typically very short, of anecdotal stile, the results emerging out of that indicate that in some advanced cancer patients Citric Acid used as stand alone therapy may lead to tumor regression in patients with various tumor types. His number of published case reports is truly impressive to me. Yet, it is a pity to see the anecdotal stile of the published reports as they are difficult to judge. Here is Dr. Alberto’s Twitter account where he is constantly sharing links to new published successful cases:, and here is the Facebook page

Off course, the questions that remains open to me is how many patients were treated with Citric Acid to get to those successful cases reported.

Update 25-02-2017: If Dr. Alberto would be the only one to claim curing cancer patients with Citric Acid, the story would not stand so strong and more evidence would be required. Yet, one of the contributors on this website (thank you Dr. Helga) has recently pointed out that Citric Acid has been used successfully against cancer since 1866 and reported at that time in the respectable scientific journal “British Medical Journal”

So what we have here is an element that is cheap, safe, easy to administrate (orally), accessible, with acceptable theory regarding the anti cancer mechanism and as Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay and those before him suggested, relevant in various types of tumors.

However, it is my personal opinion that Citric Acid comes with a risk as well. This is just my theory, and that is due to the fact that it may also represent a fuel for cancer cells out of which some cancer cells may produce cholesterol, much needed for fast cellular division and hormone production. To reduce or eliminate this risk, as discussed below, I would always combine Citric Acid with a Statin and HCA. These drugs/supplements will not only reduce this risk but also are drugs/supplements with well known anti cancer effect as well.

Funny enough, while writing the end of this article I realize it now may make scientific sense to drink lemon juice in order to kill cancer (see the estimations on how much lemon juice or grapefruit juice we would need to drink daily, in the Source section of this post). I never believed this is possible before, but now, based on all these references and mathematics, it may makes sense. Note: Lemonade therapy is also suggested / used in hospitals as a therapy to address kidney stone formation / nephrolithiasis (Ref.1, Ref.2, Ref.3)

Results in Humans:

There are various case reports, nearly all from Dr. Halabe, indicating Citric Acid is effective against various forms of cancer, in humans:

Hypothesis proved…citric acid (citrate) does improve cancer: A case of a patient suffering from medullary thyroid cancer
A patient with Glioblastoma Multiforme who improved after taking citric acid orally
A Comment to the Article Published in the APJCP by Choi and Co-workers about the Treatment of Cancer with Citric Acid
Effects of sodium citrate on proliferation and apoptosis of ovarian cancer cells
Case Report: A Patient With Pancreatic Cancer Who Improved After the Treatment with Citric Acid That She Received
A Patient with Metastatic Colon Cancer who Improved after the Treatment with Citric Acid that He Received.
Pathological report of a patient with cancer of the esophagus improved considerably after receiving citric acid orally
Remission of multiple myeloma after receiving only citric acid orally
Case Report: A Patient With Invasive Bladder Cancer Who Improved After The Treatment With Citric Acid That He Received
Effect of citrate on malignant pleural mesothelioma cells: a synergistic effect with cisplatin.
Here are some more anecdotal reports:

However, since I wrote this article, two visitors of this website (both Lung Cancer stage IV) who tried Citric Acid are reporting no improvements after one or two months of Citric Acid usage:

Comment 1

Comment 2

Therefore, the wide effectiveness of Citric Acid against various forms of cancer has still to be demonstrated by sources other than Dr. Halabe.


Citrate is a key intermediate in both catabolism and anabolism and occupies a prominent position in cell energy metabolism. There are two sources of  intracellular citrate:

1. Citrate is produced inside the mitochondria within the Krebs cycle. When the cell has excess energy, citrate is transported out of the mitochondrial matrix across the inner membrane via the mitochondrial citrate transport protein (CTP). In the cytoplasm, is then broken down by the ACLY (ACL) enzyme into

  • acetyl-CoA
    • for fatty acid synthesis and
    • cholesterol production
  • oxaloacetate
    • to be converted back to pyruvate and enter mitochondria again

This process is depicted in this picture and this one

pipelineHigh concentrations of cytosolic citrate can inhibit phosphofructokinase, one of the most important control “knob” in the mammalian glycolytic pathway. A high level of citrate means that biosynthetic precursors are abundant and additional glucose should not be degraded for this purpose (Ref.)

Therefore, high concentrations of citrate will inhibit the conversion of fructose 6-phosphate, into its next step in glycolysis, i.e. fructose 2,6-bisphosphate (F-2,6-BP).

Interestingly, a fall in pH also inhibits phosphofructokinase activity (Ref.) representing a link between the cancer treatment strategy focused on cancer cell acidification I discussed in another post (Ref.) and glycolisis inhibition.

Obviously, the inhibition of glycolisis is highly relevant in cancer cells and it can lead to cancer cell death. Indeed this fact has been demonstrated in several papers (please see the Reference section).

2. Citrate is not only produced by mitochondria but can also be taken up from blood through PMCT plasma membrane transporters (Ref.) or the so called NaCT (Ref.). Because NaCT is more activated in the acidic environments (Ref.1, Ref.2), cancer cells may absorb higher levels of Citrate compared to normal cells.

Here is a good reference to get a better feeling on the above processes

As a side note, Prostate gland, is known to produce and release large amounts of citrate during its normal secretory function. (Ref.) This may be a reason why not to use Citric Acid for prostate cancer and possibly other cancers of hormone producing cells.

Other anti cancer effects of Citrate may be related with its capability to promote acetylation of histones, to inhibit tumor angiogenesis and other potential mechanism (Ref.)

Citrate also causes anticoagulation by chelation of calcium, and is likely to lead to magnesium chelation as well. (Ref.)

Update 30-March-2017: 

Citric Acid seems to also inhibit pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH): “Citrate inhibits the interconversion of the inactive form of pyruvate dehydrogenase to the active form of the enzyme.” (Ref.) I did not know this, and if this is true, Citrate should not be used with DCA since the whole point of DCA is to re activate PDH by inhibiting PDK

In other words, if the results presented in this paper are true, when using Citrate + DCA we may need to make a choice between the use of DCA and that of Citrate since DCA will try to activate PDH while Citrate will inhibit PDH. If Citrate indeed inhibits PDH, I expect Citrate will win the fight since it may act directly on PDH while DCA acts indirectly through PDK.

Citrate also inhibits Citrate Synthase, an enzyme acting the first step of the citric acid cycle (or Krebs cycle):

The inhibition of PDH and Citrate Synthase by Citrate, indicates that Citrate may not only interfere with glycolisis but also mitochondria function in cancer cells.

Dose & Administration:

Although there are publications suggesting sodium citrate as an anti cancer element too, Dr. Alberto insists in using Citric Acid only as that was clearly demonstrated to be effective.

The daily dose seems to be min 4g/day and up to 30g/day. Yet 4g to 8g/day seems the most common dose used by Dr. Alberto.

It has been found to be completely safe. A few more references on the safety subject can be found here. It is recommend to be combined with juices or meals (as powder or capsules). Some people are taking it with antacids like omeprazole to reduce the GI side effects.

Start with 500mg 3x/day and move up to the target dose of for example 10g/day.

Some more ideas for its application:

  • In order not to have Citrate converted to acetyl-CoA, and also to build up faster Citrate in the cytosol, inhibit ACYL with HCA ( That means, it may be wise to add HCA capsules (1. to 3 g/day) during Citrate administration. HCA is also an anti cancer supplement that may increase the chance to a positive outcome.
  • In case Citrate is still converted to acetyl-CoA even if HCA is used, use Statins (FDA approved drugs) to inhibit further cholesterol production. Statin is also an anti cancer supplement that may increase the chance to a positive outcome.
  • It may also be wise to target and slow down mitochondria during Citrate administration with e.g. Metformin, Doxycicline, etc.
    • Note: I read somewhere that Metformin may also downregulate ACLY but cannot find the reference right now.
  • Update 25-02-2017: Interesting enough, it has previously suggested that DCA, another well known anticancer drug, can induce the accumulation of high level of citrate inside the cytoplasm and with that inhibit glycolisis (Ref.). Therefore, a good addition to the Citric Acid treatment may be DCA. DCA is also an anti cancer supplement that may increase the chance to a positive outcome.
    • Update 30-March-2017: According to additional info I came across and shared as an update in the “Mechanism” section, it doesn’t make sense to add DCA to Citric acid since DCA will try to reactivate PDH while Citric acid will inhibit that. Therefore, based on the latest info, I would not use CA+DCA at the same time but try one for longer time, if I would see progression I would switch to the other. So maybe one month try and observe the markers?

Actually, if I think more, due to the ACLY over activation in many cancers (Ref.), I would always take Citrate combined with HCA supplement. I would also use a Statin (preferably lipophilic) to make sure the cholesterol production will be limited while on CA. Specifically, hormone producing cells such as prostate cells are very capable to convert Citrate into acetyl-CoA as they typically have to do that in order to obtain the cholesterol required for hormone production (Ref.). 

Because Citarte is transported inside the cells by a Na coupled transporter (Ref.), I guess table salt may enhance Citrate absorption.

Update 27-02-2017: Ergin, one of the contributors on this website, has recently pointed out a relevant paper This paper suggest (but is not totally clear) that CA may boost gluconeogenesis (that is different than glycolisis) leading to a high glucose level in the blood. If this is true, it is something we do not want. So what we can do about it?
First, anyone who is using CA can measure his blood glucose levels using a typical measurement toll that can be used to measure glucose at home. If indeed, the glucose levels are increasing after CA, what I would do is to always use Metformin before CA administration. That is because Metformin is an inhibitor of the gluconeogenesis.

Update 28-02-2017: Following our discussion on the potential increase in blood glucose level after taking CA, I did check if there is any such increase in my case. I mixed 4g of CA with water and took that at once. Measured blood glucose once before taking CA and a few times after, at 5min, 30min and one hour. During this time, there was no specific increase of the blood glucose.
This may be specific to my case, so others may want to check for themselves, but these results are not supporting the claims in the article Yet, everyone should check this for himself. Based on this result, Metformin would not be necessarily required when using CA but I would probably use it anyway given its important benefits in cancer.

As a result of our discussions so far, to address the potential weak spots of CA treatment, I would combine CA treatment with Metformin (1000mg/day) and HCA (1000mg/day) (both ingested about 30 min prior to taking CA). Metformin would address potential increase of gluconeogenesis by CA, and HCA will address potential conversion of CA in cholesterol and other fuels for cancer via the potentially upregulated mevalonate pathway as previously discussed.

There is a good amount of scientific evidence suggesting that both HCA and Metformin have good potential against cancer. As a result, including the two will only increase the chance of success.

Update 01-07-2017: Here is a relevant questions and a relevant answer that I thought may be good to add it here too:

Indeed pentose phosphate pathway (PPP) is very relevant in cancer and inhibition of glyco may redirect glucose and in turn fuel PPP. And as explained here “PPP is especially critical for cancer cells because it generates not only pentose phosphates to supply their high rate of nucleic acid synthesis, but also provides NADPH, which is required for both the synthesis of fatty acids and cell survival under stress conditions.”
Therefore, if we inhibit glycolisis after G6P (see, which is what CA may do, we also need to make sure we inhibit or reduce PPP or alternatively the activity of mithocondria (with e.g. Metformin) which otherwise will switch on fatty acids.

Interestingly, PPP can be reduced/inhibited by DHEA supplement, which seems to inhibit glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, the rate-limiting enzyme in the pentose phosphate pathway. DHEA can be found as a supplement online

Auranofin drug also inhibits PPP.

BUT, we need to be careful because as the reference above states, “in contrast to the expected resistance exerted by the elevated PPP in response to certain drugs, the PPP may sensitize cells to other therapeutic drugs. Indeed, it appears that the high levels of NADPH generated by a hyperactive PPP sensitize cells to anthracyclines. Anthracyclines are a class of antibiotics used in cancer therapy, and the most commonly used member of this class is adriamycin, also known as doxorubicin. Anthracyclines are metabolized by cytochrome p450 reductase to produce free radicals, which induce cytotoxicity. Because NADPH is a cofactor that is required for this activity of cytochrome p450, the high levels of NADPH generated by the PPP may sensitize cancer cells to doxorubicin”. In other words, when on chemo such as doxorubicin it may make sense not to inhibit PPP patway (using e.g. DHEA or auranofin).

In summary:
– CA may lead to increased activity of PPP
– PPP is relevant in cancer and its inhibition may help fighting cancer
– PPP may be inhibited by DHEA, which can be found as a supplement online
– some tumors (such as adrenocortical carcinoma) naturally produce high levels of intracellular DHEA, inhibiting PPP
– but active PPP may help some specific chemos such as doxorubicin – therefore CA during doxorubicin may be beneficial


Safe but here are some attention points:

Contraindicated in severe renal impairment with oliguria or azotemia, untreated Addison’s disease, adynamia episodica hereditaria, acute dehydration, heat cramps, anuria, severe myocardial damage, and hyperkalemia from any cause. (Ref.)

Large doses may cause hyperkalemia and alkalosis, especially in the presence of renal disease. Concurrent administration of potassium-containing medication, potassium-sparing diuretics, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, or cardiac glycosides may lead to toxicity. (Ref.)

Academic investigations are currently running focused on limiting absorption of Citrate as this approach might mimic caloric restriction, decrease fatty acid and cholesterol biosyntheses, prevent obesity, and extend life-span (Ref.). Consequently, long term use of Citric Acid may be detrimental.


It can be found everywhere including at iHerb:

It can also be obtained from the lemon or lime juice but also from other sources:

  • The juice of lemons and limes squeezed from the fruits contained the most citric acid (48 and 46 g/L, respectively) (Ref.)
  • Grapefruit juice and orange juice from ready-to-consume, 100% juice formulations contained 25 and 17 g/L, respectively. Orange juice squeezed directly from oranges had a lower citric acid content than ready-to-consume orange juice. (Ref.)

So based on the above it seems that in order to ingest e.g. 10g of citric acid/day we need to drink about 250ml lemon juice. This seems feasible to me and offcourse, I would drink this mixed with water during one day. Alternatively, I would drink about 500ml of grapefruit juice daily, which I think is very easy to achieve. What is not clear to be yet is the bio availability difference between using the fruit as a source or the commercially available powder.

Funny enough, I now realize that with this article and the enclosed references it now makes scientific sense to drink lemon juice in order to kill cancer. I never believed this is possible before, but now, based on all these references and mathematics, it makes sense. 🙂


More research supporting the anti cancer activity of Citric Acid, published at the end of 2020: Extracellular Citrate Is a Trojan Horse for Cancer Cells


Phosphofructokinase 1 glycosylation regulates cell growth and metabolism

Cancer cells must satisfy the metabolic demands of rapid cell growth within a continually changing microenvironment. We demonstrated that the dynamic posttranslational modification of proteins by O-linked β-N-acetylglucosamine (O-GlcNAcylation) is a key metabolic regulator of glucose metabolism. O-GlcNAcylation was induced at serine 529 of phosphofructokinase 1 (PFK1) in response to hypoxia. Glycosylation inhibited PFK1 activity and redirected glucose flux through the pentose phosphate pathway, thereby conferring a selective growth advantage on cancer cells. Blocking glycosylation of PFK1 at serine 529 reduced cancer cell proliferation in vitro and impaired tumor formation in vivo. These studies reveal a previously uncharacterized mechanism for the regulation of metabolic pathways in cancer and a possible target for therapeutic intervention.

Glycolytic enzyme inhibitors effectively kill cancer cells

Metabolic quirks yield tumour hope

Citric Acid Induces Cell-cycle Arrest and Apoptosis of Human Immortalized Keratinocyte Cell Line (HaCaT) via Caspase- and Mitochondrial-dependent Signaling Pathways

Citric acid is an alpha-hydroxyacid (AHA) widely used in cosmetic dermatology and skincare products. However, there is concern regarding its safety for the skin. In this study, we investigated the cytotoxic effects of citric acid on the human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT. HaCaT cells were treated with citric acid at 2.5-12.5 mM for different time periods. Cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis were investigated by 4,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole dihydrochloride (DAPI) staining, flow cytometry, western blot and confocal microscopy. Citric acid not only inhibited proliferation of HaCaT cells in a dose-dependent manner, but also induced apoptosis and cell cycle-arrest at the G2/M phase (before 24 h) and S phase (after 24 h). Citric acid increased the level of Bcl-2-associated X protein (BAX) and reduced the levels of B-cell lymphoma-2 (BCL-2), B-cell lymphoma-extra large (BCL-XL) and activated caspase-9 and caspase-3, which subsequently induced apoptosis via caspase-dependent and caspase-independent pathways. Citric acid also activated death receptors and increased the levels of caspase-8, activated BH3 interacting-domain death agonist (BID) protein, Apoptosis-inducing factor (AIF), and Endonuclease G (EndoG). Therefore, citric acid induces apoptosis through the mitochondrial pathway in the human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT. The study results suggest that citric acid is cytotoxic to HaCaT cells via induction of apoptosis and cell-cycle arrest in vitro.

The biological significance of cancer: mitochondria as a cause of cancer and the inhibition of glycolysis with citrate as a cancer treatment

In this article, I present the hypothesis that cancer presents due to the domination of the cell by mitochondria, which, from an evolution viewpoint, appeared in multi-cellular living being with the incorporation of a bacteria into a primitive cell, the bacteria sustained itself as mitochondria and these conserved their identity and bacterial characteristics, based on this, the hypothesis is suggested of the biological competition between the cell and the mitochondria; the mitochondria, on establishing itself as an independent entity within the cell, created the need to permanently remain in the cytoplasm of the cell, thus, from an energy viewpoint, when a cell becomes malignant, the mitochondria are the sole beneficiaries, as there is an ideal environment at the cellular level for the mitochondria to sustain their functions, and from this hypothesis, the treatment for fighting cancer consists of inhibiting glycolysis, being the principal source of energy for the mitochondria, this is achieved by administering citrate to cancer patients, as the citrate inhibits the phosphofructokinase enzyme, the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and the succinate dehydrogenase enzyme of Krebs cycle, thus, the mitochondria will be forced to limit their metabolism and, secondarily, will lower the reproduction capacity of the cell in general.

Inhibition of Mcl-1 expression by citrate enhances the effect of Bcl-xL inhibitors on human ovarian carcinoma cells.

The inhibition of two major anti-apoptotic proteins, Bcl-xL and Mcl-1, appears essential to destroy chemoresistant cancer cells. We have studied their concomitant inhibition, using ABT 737 or siRNA targeting XL1 and citrate, a molecule which reduces the expression level of Mcl-1.Two cisplatin-chemoresistant ovarian cell lines (SKOV3 and IGROV1-R10) were exposed to ABT 737 or siRNA targeting XL1 and citrate at various individual concentrations, or combined. Cell proliferation, cell cycle repartition and nuclear staining with DAPI were recorded. Western blot analyses were performed to detect various proteins implied in apoptotic cell death pathways.Mcl-1 expression was barely reduced when cells were exposed to citrate alone, whereas a mild reduction was observed after ABT 737 treatment. Concomitant inhibition of Bcl-xL and Mcl-1 using ABT 737 or siXL1 associated with citrate was far more effective in inhibiting cell proliferation and inducing cell death than treatment alone.Given that few, if any, specific inhibitors of Mcl-1 are currently available, anti-glycolytic agents such as citrate could be tested in association with synthetic inhibitors of Bcl-xL.

Citrate Induces Apoptotic Cell Death: A Promising Way to Treat Gastric Carcinoma?

Gastric carcinoma is frequent, particularly in China, and therapy is often inefficient. Because cancer cells are partly or mainly dependent on glycolysis to generate adenosine triphosphate ATP (Warburg effect) and/or to produce precursors (of lipid, nucleotides, etc.) for building new cells, any inhibition of glycolysis may slow down the cell proliferation and/or may kill cells. The antitumor effect of citrate, an anti-glycolytic agent inhibiting phosphofructokinase (PFK) was tested on two human gastric carcinoma cell lines. Materials and Methods: Cell viability and morphology were assessed after 24-72 h exposure to citrate (5, 10, 220 mM). Apoptosis was assessed by annexin V-FITC/PI staining and Western immunobloting. Results: A 3-day continuous exposure to citrate led to near destruction of the cell population in both cell lines, apoptotic cell death occurred through the mitochondrial pathway in a dose- and time-dependent manner, associated with the reduction of the anti-apoptotic Mcl-1 protein in both lines. Conclusion: Citrate demonstrates strong cytotoxic activity against two gastric cancer lines, leading to an early diminution of expression of Mcl-1 and to massive apoptotic cell death involving the mitochondrial pathway.


The reduced concentration of citrate in cancer cells: An indicator of cancer aggressiveness and a possible therapeutic target.

Proliferating cells reduce their oxidative metabolism and rely more on glycolysis, even in the presence of O2 (Warburg effect). This shift in metabolism reduces citrate biosynthesis and diminishes intracellular acidity, both of which promote glycolysis sustaining tumor growth. Because citrate is the donor of acetyl-CoA, its reduced production favors a deacetylation state of proteins favoring resistance to apoptosis and epigenetic changes, both processes contributing to tumor aggressiveness. Citrate levels could be monitored as an indicator of cancer aggressiveness (as already shown in human prostate cancer) and/or could serve as a biomarker for response to therapy. Strategies aiming to increase cytosolic citrate should be developed and tested in humans, knowing that experimental studies have shown that administration of citrate and/or inhibition of ACLY arrest tumor growth, inhibit the expression of the key anti-apoptotic factor Mcl-1, reverse cell dedifferentiation and increase sensibility to cisplatin.

Targeting citrate as a novel therapeutic strategy in cancer treatment

An important feature shared by many cancer cells is drastically altered metabolism that is critical for rapid growth and proliferation. The distinctly reprogrammed metabolism in cancer cells makes it possible to manipulate the levels of metabolites for cancer treatment. Citrate is a key metabolite that bridges many important metabolic pathways. Recent studies indicate that manipulating the level of citrate can impact the behaviors of both cancer and immune cells, resulting in induction of cancer cell apoptosis, boosting immune responses, and enhanced cancer immunotherapy. In this review, we discuss the recent developments in this emerging area of targeting citrate in cancer treatment. Specifically, we summarize the molecular basis of altered citrate metabolism in both tumors and immune cells, explore the seemingly conflicted growth promoting and growth inhibiting roles of citrate in various tumors, discuss the use of citrate in the clinic as a novel biomarker for cancer progression and outcomes, and highlight the new development of combining citrate with other therapeutic strategies in cancer therapy. An improved understanding of complex roles of citrate in the suppressive tumor microenvironment should open new avenues for cancer therapy.


This site is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. Through this site and linkages to other sites, I provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. I am not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this site. This is just my own personal opinion regarding what we have learned on this road.

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  1. Important:

    1. I published that citric acid cures cancer, not lemon or grape juice, the citric acid in fruits doesn’t have the same effect.

    2. My articles are not short, they are consecutive to my work published since March, 2007, the first time published in History that citric acid (citrate) is effective as a Cancer treatment. In the articles cited here my articles are part of their references.

    3. Don’t get confused, my work is described in 8 simple words: Citric acid is effective as a Cancer treatment.

    1. Dear Dr. Alberto, thank you for your comment. Can you please let me know what is in your view the reason why Citric Acid in fruits is not leading to the same anti cancer effect compared to the citric acid administrated as a supplement, assuming we take them in the same quantity? Is this opinion based on theoretical mechanisms, or based on your personal observation in patients? Any reference to support this view would help.

    2. Hi Dr Alberto,

      Daniel was very gracious and quick with a reply referring me to your knowledge. I am researching and have a few questions with what I am currently using to assist my mothers myeloid Leukaemia.
      1. Is the Citric Acid the “baking” substitute for lemon I can get in the supermarket ?
      2. My mother is on ; daily febendazole- “Panacur C, full spectrum CBD, tumeric 600mg for the past two months and mebendazole 100mg x2 daily, Cimetidine 400mg for Meyloid Leukaemia. Also is getting Azacitadine CH chemo injections into her stomach 7 days in a row, and approximately 2 weeks off.
      She is also on Tranexamic acid tablets 1000mg for blood clotting every night.
      My question relates as if there would be any interference or adverse side affects from taking Citric acid with all of these ?

      Obviously if the Fenbendazoleand Mebendazole doesn’t start doing anything in the next month or so I am tempted to discontinue in hopes of the Citric Acid working.
      Unless it reacts badly with the essential Tranexamic and
      She is currently getting blood transfusions every two weeks as she is getting weak and out of breath.
      I know this is a lot of information, any advice would be most appreciated.

      Bless you all !

  2. Thanks, citric acid in fruits is combined with other compounds including malic acid and cellulose, so it can not be absorbed from the intestine to the blood… pure citric acid, as I published, can…

  3. … and, if we use our intelligence in this point, all of the people who eat fruits, will never develop cancer… and that must be more than 95% of the World population…

    Citric acid is the cure of cancer, not fruits.

    1. Thank you. I understand that you are questioning the bio availability of citric acid in the fruits including Lemon. I will search and see if I find anything on that so that we have a clear number on its bio availability.

      Regarding the daily ingestion of citric acid from fruits, I am not sure how that is in other regions, but in Europe people are far from drinking 500ml of grapefruit juice or 250ml of lemon juice every day. I personally tried to drink every morning 250ml of grapefruit juice and it was challenging to do that every day.

      Nevertheless, I would agree with the following: since you have seen that citric acid supplementation as powder or capsules can (in some cases?) lead to cancer suppression it may be best for the patient to start with that instead of the fruits. If however, a patient would not want to take all that citric acid as powder or capsule, the other option is to try the lemon juice or others.

  4. All right, Daniel, Thanks to God we live in a free World, so you can beleive anything you want, just consider that those compounds may be toxic… and that is published that citric acid “alone” cures cancer, scientifically in 25 consecutive articles…

    1. So you do not like my proposal to inhibit ACLY 🙂

      While I very much appreciate your work and contribution to society, I do believe it would be very constructive to inhibit ACLY during Citric Acid administration, specifically in those cancer recognized to have high ACLY expression. (these cancer know very well how to handle Citrate and they may otherwise use Citrate for their own benefit instead).

      On this line, have you ever saw prostate or ovarian cancer cured with Citric Acid?
      So far I found these types of cancers in your reports: Glioblastoma, thyroid, esophagus, HEPATIC, Breast, Colon, Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia, Blader, Pancreatic, Leukemia.

    1. Indeed, but that is difficult to judge objectively. In order to get to the citric acid dose required for the anti cancer action which you demonstrated, people have to specifically target that. On this line, I think very few would just take that high amount of citric acid by chance as they need to do make an effort to get to the required dose. I do know a patient taking sodium citrate in high dose (but I think you do not agree with using sodium citrate as a solution?).
      Based on my “statistics” so far, very few are taking pure citric acid but possibly many are drinking high dose citric juices that may help them to get to the required daily dose. While the news are claiming President Jimmy Carter was cured by anti PD1 drugs, it is possible that those well informed like him may have been cured with other substances such as citric acid. But off course we will never know that and it is difficult to argue one way or another.

  5. Just 4-5 grams of citric acid each day cures cancer ( less than a table spoon) anyone can add this to a juice, or to a medical product like Immunocal.

    Again, citric acid and sodium citrate are different compounds.

    PD1 has not cure alone any other patient in the same condition that Jimmy Carter was…

    (By the way, I admire Jimmy Carter, he signed the peace between Israel and Egypt)

    And Daniel, thanks for your last email.

  6. Dr: Halabe
    I would like to communicate with you regarding your protocol . I am a doctor here in California and would like to also invite you to a radio program to interview you for Spanish radio here. There are so many patients in this community that don’t know about these alternatives ..

  7. Dr Alberto , is there any statistics available regarding effectiveness of citric acid ?

    how many patients responded good , and how many didn’t show a good response ?

    Daniel , Dr. Alberto , Thank you so much with the helpful information you provide 🙂

    1. Thank you Emad! I so much like to have some statistics too. But I also understand that in reality it is difficult to track and get any statics out of that, being one Dr. only and not knowing what is the patient compliance, etc. This is why I didn’t ask anything on this line.

      1. yes I agree with you

        anyway , it’s cheap and I’m thinking about adding it , but just I want to make sure it will not interfere with any other thing we are using , my best wishes for all of you

  8. dear Daniel,
    hope this is a relevant question to ask; would supplementing with Citric Acid be considered a pro-oxidant or an anti-oxidant approach?

  9. Hi Pouya. Due to its mechanism of action (inhibition of PFK), Citrate is a glycolisis inhibitor. In my view, all glycolisis inhibitors (some more than others) are enforcing a higher rate of energy (ATP) production in mitochondria which is well known to lead to ROS generation. Assuming this is true, Citrate anti cancer effects are pro-oxidant.

  10. Daniel, I am busy to read all your blog and I would like to tell you how impressed I am about your job. I still do not understand many things, ( I believe you have to be scientist for that) but I am learning something everyday. Are there any things which would counteract citric acid? I really want to believe that it works and we are busy with it. Just wonder, but it is a question to dr Halabe, if there are any people with cancer who didn’t respond?

    1. Hi Ann, thank you. I guess there are people who respond and people who are not responding. We do not have any statistics available but like with all potential treatments it also very much depends on the dynamics of the specific substance in each patient. In our case, in order to increase the chance of success, we are trying to add more treatments (such as Citrate) that are working in the same direction and not opposite to each other.

        1. In that case you may need to add more magnesium or make a choice if it makes sense to use citrate or better magnesium, Ann. Can you please send me the reference on how magnesium helps fighting cachexia? Thank you.

            1. Hi Ann, can you please register as an user? Otherwise I have to approve each comment you add. If you are an user I just approve once and than all the other comments will be published directly with no need for my approval.
              Thank you for the link. They do not explain the mechanism behind Mg anti cachexia – I will check if there is anything real when I have time.
              Citrate doesn’t have to reach mito but cytoplasm. I am not sure what will happen if there is a large amount of Mg supplementation in a patient that takes Citrate. Just search the literature and see what you can find on that. Now I go to sleep 🙂

  11. And question number two :
    If we will supplement with citric acid to stop or reduce glycolysis, will cancer switch to another way to produce energy/to grow/ to survive – in that case should be try to do something more if only citric acid will not help?

    1. Hi Ann, very good question in my opinion. This is what I thought too so I wrote in the post above that I would combine Citrate with mitochondria targeting elements such as Metformin, Doxycicline, etc.
      Just in case we are dealing with cancer cells able to convert higher levels of Citrate fast to acetyl-CoA, I would use HCA always and possibly statins.

          1. Dear Daniel,
            Could Paw Paw be beneficial, or Graviola? Or something else.
            Inhibition of fermentation with CA is very interesting, but what about the /other/ part of it’s metabolism?
            Beyond Warburg
            It may be that you already know about that article. Ann is asking the right question i believe. RO power LOL.

            Thank you very very much,

    2. I love your question Ann. Thank you!

      I hope you are not in pain, if so, does Citric Acid help?
      Looking forward to find out more about your condition and treatment.
      Anything you would recommend? All i managed to try with my mother with some modest results are Aspirin+CBD oil.
      But the aspirin dosage was toooo much to mentain. If only there was some solution to the side effects of aspirin, truly it would be a miracle cure, i believe. At least for many. But now i look forward to see how Citric Acid works for my mother.
      Thanks to Daniel and those who contribute, we now have the chance to try some of the things talked about here.
      I’m in a terrible financial pit, just like so many of us are in RO/TR but i soon hope to be able to afford to get more treatment items for my mother.
      I made efforts to get Paw Paw and Graviola for my mother, in hope that it will be “THE CURE” as promised by so many.
      Most likely it did not work since markers almost doubled in 20 days of use.
      I still hope the entire effort was not in vain and that it may still prove to be something good to add.

      Thank you so much and i wish you all the best.

  12. Should the daily diet be considered when using the citric acid treatment, eg. Sugar, alcohol and red meat tend to make the blood more acid, in which environment cancer thrives, while cancer should not thrive in a blood level of pH 7,4. So if you have a big intake of sugar you would decrease the influence of citric acid?

    1. The elements in the diet you mentioned are those that should be eliminated by all cancer patients in my view. Or at least no sugar and reduced red meat and alcohol. Also, I would always try to reduce the acidic balance in cancer patients. I previously discussed pH lowering strategies here Actually, citrate should be able to reduce that since it may inhibit glycolisis and as a result lactic acid production.
      Regarding the effectiveness of Citrate as a function of the blood pH, I do not have a reference on that.

  13. Hi Daniel,
    Unfortunately I can not add comments as registered user – problems of registered user informataion of data spam. I do not know where to fix it.

    I was checking bioavalibity of citric acid and I didn’t find nothing scientific. but I found one article where it states that:

    Citric acid is also a common food additive because it has a sour flavor and is used as a flavoring agent. You take up citric acid that you consume into the bloodstream, but most of it simply passes from there into your urine and is excreted from the body.

    Cellular Uptake
    A small amount of the citric acid you consume gets taken up by cells — mainly liver cells — explains K. Inoue and colleagues in a 2002 study published in “Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.” When your cells take up citrate, they can convert it to fat. While this sounds like a bad thing, only a very small amount of the citrate you consume ever ends up in the cells, so the effect is minimal.

    We still give it a try, but I am not sure if we can really have something from it.

    1. Hi Ann,

      Here are references suggesting that citric acid absorption is fast and can lead to high serum citrate: “Serum citrate concentration increased significantly (p less than 0.05) 30 minutes after a single oral dose of citric acid and remained significantly elevated for 3 hours after citric acid load.”

      And here is an even more clear reference “Fegan and associates,35 using an intestinal washout technique, reported 96% to 98% absorption of an oral citrate load within 3 hours in both stone-forming and normal subjects. Others have demonstrated a significant increase in serum citrate after an oral citrate load.36”

    1. Thank you Paul. Very good point indeed. I know some of the authors personally and also cited them in some of the other posts. Indeed, they had good results with that combination and I would expect that adding Citrate to that would accelerate the cancer cell death. Offcourse we can argue that if some of the cancer cells are relying on mito, than those would survive to this strategy and only HCA may stay (a bit) in their way. So the “perfect” combination on this line may be ALA (or DCA) + HCA + Citrate +Ibuprofen + Metformin + Doxycicline + Pyrvinium Pamoate + Salinomycin + Meclizine. ALA or DCA pushes pyruvate in mitho, HCA leads to accumulation of Citrate, Citrate adds to that to inhibit Glyco, Ibuprofen (or other MCT4) inhibitors would lower the option of lactate to be pushed out of the cell in case that is still produced. All the others will target mito via different mechanisms.

      1. Hi Daniel.
        Yes yes, here to keep you away from your free time again. 😀 Sorry.

        Would you be nice and give more information about dosage and timing for this “perfect” combo?
        With or without food, combinations in one administration if any.
        I’m sure everyone would appreciate to have a page where we list the best strategy in theory or practice even.
        In the end i feel we must come to some conclusions, what works and what doesn’t an overall thing. I’m sure you understand.
        Some kind of general protocol.

        Take care, don’t forget about your health Daniel. We need you! We must complete the project and i wish to join you ASAP.
        Thank you!

  14. You are just to strong for me guys! I wish I could borrow your brain for few days.

    What a cocktail! I am still missing few ingredients.

    My husband’s markers cea raised from 58 to 135 in 3 weeks and I hope it is citrate doing his job and cancer is dying releasing cea.

  15. Oh,then only two ingredients are missing to the perfect combination in our home treatment Doxycycline and Salinomycin. Salinomycin is the difficult one to buy, found 99.9% purity for $5/g on Alibaba.The question is if they want to sell to private customers.
    You are great help Daniel,thank you.

    1. Thanks Paul. For Salinomycin I would go to a professional clinic and certainly would not buy from Alibaba. There is no way 99.9% Sal would be 5USD/g, not even from China. (Note: I did spend time to find a good and high purity Sal source in China and would suggest not to spend your time with that).

  16. hello guys I can’t post as registered user.why??
    Anyway..Hello, I didn’t know anything about citric acid and cancer.Dr Alberto is the first one who developed CA as effective anticancer protocol, no question about it. I don’t know about the eficacy but Dr says it is the cure..I believe him, he is working with it for 27 years, and the published case reports show this.My father 64 yo has metastatic gastric cancer in liver and peritoneum.Had chemo with little to zero results.Now he had jejunostomy because he could swallow and after this he developed edema and ascites. Albumin level is low…The doctors told us that he has maybe less than a month to live.He is really bad..I started giving him about 6 grams citric acid five days ago, nothing to report, it is too early, but it is our last hope. I will let you know.
    question: I give him 1 gram in the morning 4 grams at noon and 1 gram at night. Do I have to split the dose accurately 2 grams/3 times daily?

  17. In spanish.
    Desafortunadamente, el paciente en cuestión ya se encuentra muy grave, y las complicaciones que puede tener por su descompensacion metabólica son de mal pronóstico… Ojalá que los médicos que lo tratan manejen la situación médica del paciente adecuadamente y apoyen la decisión del hijo de darle ácido cítrico… es una pena que no se haya hecho esto antes.. cuando recién se duagnosticó..

    1. hi kos, OK so that doesn’t help. if you want to try this route, I would make sure I add HCA next to Citrate and DCA if possible. Metformin if possible – this is my opinion. HCA is easy to order from iHerb and will arrive in less then a week. DCA from Metformin from the pharmacy if your doctor is willing to help. This is what I would do, but you have to think what is best for your needs.

      1. As an aside: in some countries, Metformin is available without a prescription (or maybe the regulatory bodies in the nation’s are relaxed). In Bosnia, I was able to just ask for it at a pharmacy and was given as many boxes of it as I could carry. If you have family or friends in some lesser developed countries, you might be able to obtain it without a physician’s help.

  18. Thank you for your interest Daniel and Meech. I appreciate your help. I can’t give him HCA and Metformin right now. He lost much weight in one month, he couldn’t eat anything for 14 days and then he had surgery…after this he couldn’t eat more than 900 kcals a day because intestines have to reprogrammed…Our shortly goal is to make him consume 1800-2000 kcals per day with high protein level. It is too risky to add HCA or/and Metformin in this stage.Luckily we are from Greece and can obtain Metformin. Tomorrow I’m going to add Alpha Lipoic Acid to the regimen.
    Daniel, how DCA will help? I’m having a terrible migraine headache, due to lack of sleep and I can’t search on my pc.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Kos, ALA will do the same as DCA but better to use DCA when is available. DCA will facilitate the move of pyruvate in to the mitochondria so that ther ewill be more Citrate created out of Glucose. Citric Acid will further increase the cytosolic level of Citrate. HCA will lower the chance that Citrate is converted in cholesterol or fatty acids so that there is an enhanced accumulation of Citrate. Metformin help in many ways. That is the theory.

    2. A very simple way to add calories are oils and fats. Since I’m on a ketogenic diet I have trouble meeting caloric goals, so what I do is make a daily smoothie:

      -A handful of raspberries
      -2 TBSP olive oil
      -2 TBSP flaxseed oil
      -1 TBSP coconut oil (too much of this can cause diarrhea and stomach upset so maybe even 1 TSP)
      -2 TBSP peanut butter
      Macadamia/coconut/hazelnut/almond -Milk or water (if water, you’ll have to constantly stir since oils and water do not mix and the constituents will separate)

      Then mix it in a blender. This is around 800 kcal in one drink 2 which comes out to about 500mL.

      Oils and nuts are loaded with healthy fats and are high in calories. Best of luck.

  19. So we had control today, and tumors grew unfortuantely, bilirubine is decreased ( oeuf), there is no more situataion which I would call ‘life in danger’. I must say that in the last two weeks I didn’t use anything, because we were all scared that Freddy will not make it. But apparently liver is recuperating little by little.
    Freddy will be put under chemo FOLFIRI plus Avastin, for some time, to let the sickness under control and then we will think about TACE. For the moment TACE is too dangerous.
    I want to come back to something as treatment.
    I want to use HCA, Citric acid , DCA and metformin plus Quercetin .
    But question about DCA -as this can be toxic to liver ( and I do not want to add something in plus, as next week Folfiri will surely damage a lot in liver) is it better maybe to use ALA – it help regenerate liver I think.
    And later, is DCA compatible with FOLIRI?

    1. Hi Ann, if I would be you I would not combine ALA IV (only oral) with Chemo. That is based on personal experience not a good combination and I think every oncologist would suggest the same.

      1. Thank you Daniel!
        We will use only oral ala and dca , at least for the moment.

        Question is if you would if you were me, use ALA instead of dca so long that liver will be ok.
        And if oral dca will not interfere with chemo.

        I plan to add also salinomycin to potentiate chemo.
        I have to dismiss curcumine, as curcumine is not compatible with folfiri.

          1. Thanks Daniel.
            I use also Essentiale forte, it works very good for liver.
            But about hepa-merz – it helps to reduce ammonia. So if level of ammonia is ok in the blood, is there need to use it? Does it addres any other problems of liver?

  20. Hello Daniel.
    What do you think of supplementing with Citric Acid while on MG? Is there any reason to believe they might contradict eachother?

  21. I have a silly question. In most of studies are using citrate salts, not citric acid and find this citrate (anion?) as drastic agent against tumors. Citric acid comes to market as anhydrous or monohydrate but manufactures don’t mention which form are selling, at least in Greece. So when citric acid dilutes in water, releases this “citrate” in the solution?

    btw sodium citrate is more efficient than 5fu in gastric cancer according to this study

    1. Thank you for your wishes Daniel!
      Indeed citric acid has the safest profile of these “citrate” compounds…
      Dr.Alberto, you treated a patient with primary peritoneal mesothelioma with citric acid , but you used much higher dose than usual…30gr/24h…why? It has to do with tumor resistance against citric acid, the location, the tumor mass?
      In a patient with gastric adenocarcinoma with liver and peritoneum metastasis, what dosage do you suggest to use? Currently he is at 7gr/day.
      Thank you.

  22. hello there

    i have another question for doctor:

    is it advisable/better to use citric acid in iv directly?

    if yes how much could we use

    p.s:message for daniel, i m waiting your email


  23. Answers:

    1. I treated the patient with peritoneal mesothelioma on 2010, with 30-40 grams each day of citric acid, 5 months later a patient with ovarian cancer didn’t tolerate that amount of citric acid, so I told her to take only 5-7 grams of citric acid orally each day, and she get cured from cancer, then you know the history.. all the next patients only received 5-7 grams of citric acid orally each day… and I published some of them as this..

    2. No, I don’t recommend citric acid iv.

  24. Dr Halabe,
    Please , could you let me know if citric acid is toxic on liver when liver is really working badly? We are struggling with very serious radiation hepatitis. My husband has colon cancer with metastases to the liver. Since more than two months we are trying to get biliruibin down. It was 5 two weeks ago, now we are on cortison and one week ago it was 3.5. We have to get at least 2.5 to start on chemo. I am scared for the moment to do whatever, please advice if we need to wait with citric acid.

  25. I know it is bad. Doctors say that they cannot do anything – just give cortisone and wait and see. If you have any directions for us, please let me know. And if you would use in that case citric acid or not. Nobody wants or is able to help us.

    1. Dr. Halabe,

      Is there anything in particular that you do to manage GI symptoms in patients taking citric acid?

      I’ve been taking 5-7g mixed with water daily for a number of months and I get frequent GI upset.

        1. It’s difficult to say but I’m leaning towards “not extremely”. It’s quite possible that it is aiding in stability, or slowing growth. But I haven’t really seen shrinkage of any lesions systemically since I began taking it. Of course, I’m taking several other substances, including DCA and Metformin and others and I suppose the same thing can be said for them as well.

          1. By “a number of months” I mean around 2 months probably and I’ve stopped treatment for a few weeks while undergoing TACE, as I’m not sure if it would interfere with the chemo. So it may not be a sufficient amount of time to say, as some of Dr. Halabe’s patients were on it for a number of months while seeing only modest responses – but still responses.

            I take it with Garcinia.

          1. I can not say exactly. Ive got cyberknife after my tumor had relapse in march 2016. In june i started to get cytric acid (after reading this article) to prevent new relapse. In jule 2016 i did PET/CT. No traces of the tumor. And still no traces. Also Im taking metformin (500 + 500 mg) and mebendazole (100 + 100 mg) in morning and evening. Im taking cytric acid after omeprazole (20 mg) in the middle of day.

            Sorry for my English. Its not my native language.

      1. Hi Meech,

        No, but it was the only change. Since May she is getting chemo and all the things what Daniel suggested. Her albumin was low until now. Her values were like this: 30,29,31,34,34,33,33,32,34,37 – first value on 4th of June then sample every fortnight. It is not a proof or statistically significant yet but if she hits 40 I will be convinced.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thank you for updating us. I’m sorry to hear that it is back down slightly. I don’t know too much about albumin as a marker but to me it seems that it is staying within a relatively stable range after picking up initially from a bit of a lower range.

      1. Hi Meech,

        What I have learned albumin has an excellent prognostic value, seen studies calculating survival days from it. Wife’s CEA cancer marker went up from 13 to 36 at the same time – the highest ever for her.

  26. Patients with cancer that only receive citric acid as their treatment get cured, as is described in my articles (that is called Scientific Methdo)… patients with cancer that receive many treatments, medical and alternative, and citric acid, get confused, and develop many complications related to those “treatments”… more than the complications of cancer…

  27. Wife’s albumin is 35g/l on day 70. Of course Dr.Halabe has right – this is not a scientific method but maybe it can show some effect of added citric acid to treatment.

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for reporting that. Beyond the variation or stability of the albumin, is there any delta in terms of other blood parameters and/or the way she is feeling? All the best!

      1. Hi Daniel, she feels great all the time, no symptoms from chemo or cancer ever.The only change I could find in her blood values beside albumin was ALP. It was higher since 5th of August 2.1-2.3 instead of max. 1.8 – it is normal now 1.2 – every other values were always OK. I’m still waiting for cancer marker CEA results, should get them on Friday.Her last CT scan for three weeks ago showed no change.Last week our BMI analysis scale started to indicate changes but I need to double check that as it showed more muscle and more water but more bone mass too.

          1. Well Daniel it’s a long list.Chemo +probiotics+prebiotics+glutamin to set off side effects. Metformin+omeprazol+HCA+DCA+ALA.Curcumin+cimetidine+mebendazol.EGCG+silymarin+magnolol+quercetin+lutein+D-limonene+omega3+astragalus+boswelia extract+caffein+GSE.Doxycycline,meklozinhydroklrorid,pyrvinium pamoate,saccharomyces boulardi,LDN,ibuprofen,aspirin,cetrizindihydrocloride,paracetamol,betaglucan,sulforaphane,ginger. Artemisinin+artesunate+artemether+my own cook artemisinglycinate+artemisin glucosaminate+lactoferrin+Fe+K,Nabutyrate. A+B1+D3 vitamine.DMSO inhalation.Sometimes PQQ+ADH. I separate oxidant and antioxidant days,trying to support chemo therapy and not working against it.That’s all ,I think.

            1. I found your comment in “Trash” probably because there is no space between the words and it was suspected as a bot.
              Nice list, thanks. From my point of view Fe and Glutamine are debatable and would only use in extreme case of need.
              Beyond that, it look very good I think. May I ask, what is the primary tumor, current stage and location? Also the chemo used? Thank you.

    1. Do you think Dr.Halabe that it is advisable to take citric acid when one is treated with Heparin? Citric acid has blood-thinning properties too but I don’t know how strong it is.

  28. Daniel, she takes Fe as a trigger two hours before artemisinin only on oxidant days (2x4d/month)and glutamine only on chemo days ( for protecting microvilli) what is 44 hours every second week.Chemo is irinotecan+5-FU+calcium folate since Mars 2015. Primary tumor is is sitting in sigmoideum just next to rectum. It is a stage IV. KRAS+ inoperable colorectal cancer in the beginning with metastasis in liver and abdomen. KRAS+ is very difficult to treat like pancreatic cancer. Anyhow we managed so that in February all metastasis were gone and primary tumor shrank to 25% volume from 13cm to 6cm in diameter. She became operable -we were happy.
    Then came a disastrous three month hiatus in treatment. Tumor exploded now it is 17 cm in diameter, metastasis were back again too – inoperable once more at the end of May. Back to chemo. As of today metastasis are gone from liver but primary tumor at the same size.

    1. Dear Paul, can you specify on the dosages of each treatment you’re using as my mom is fighting Colon Cancer with KRAS mutation.
      unfortunately I still can not post here as a registered user.
      thanks in advance.

  29. Dear Pouya, doses on chemo days: curcumin Solgar 185x 2h before chemo 1 capsule, simvastatin 20mg, omeprazol 20mg, paracetamol 3x500mg,
    cimetidine 2x400mg (carefully with this one -it can double the power of chemo, try first just 1x200mg) , mebendazol 2x100mg,
    probiotics: no less than 30 billion should include lactobacillus plantarum, lac.rhamnosus, lac.acidofilus, primadofilus reuteri, yoghurt, Russian kefir, prebiotics: beta glucan 1 cap., prune 1,saccharomyces boulardii 10 billion, omega3 630mg, doxycycline 1x100mg, LDN 45ml (from 1 tablet dissolved in 500ml H2O), DCA 2x100ml (5.6g dissolv. in 1600ml for a person of 70 kg), lactoferrin 2x250mg + 1 capsule iron bisglycinate 18mg two hours before taking 3x50mg artesunate + artemisia annua 1x425mg + K-Na butyrate 1x500mg, 2-3 hours later 3x40mg artemether with cream + artemisia annua 1x425mg + K-Na butyrate 1x500mg. In the mean time home made artemisinin glycinate 2ml( made of 200mg artemisinin)+ DMSO 3ml solution dropped on paper tissue placed on tummy. Belly button is a good place to absorb it deeply. The rest of artemisinin glycinate solution 2ml can be used in nebulizer or for rectal administration.
    One day before and one day after are oxidant days everything is the same minus curcumin.
    Non-chemo days: curcumin Solgar 185x 1 capsule, simvastatin 20mg, omeprazol 20mg, ibuprofen 3x400mg, paracetamol 1x500mg, pro-, pre- biotics the same, metformin 3x250mg, EGCG 300mg, GSE 1 tablet, lutein 50mg, D-limonen 2x1000mg, magnolol 200mg, AKBA 20mg, quercetin 800mg, LDN and DCA (9d on 4d off)same dose + B1 vitamin 100mg + ALA 250mg, pyrvinium pamoate 7 tablets in 7days, ginger 1 tab.spoon, silymarin 150mg, astragalus 1 capsule, omega3 630mg, sulforaphane 400mcg, A vitamin 10.000IU, D3 25mcg, lactoferrin 2x250mg, aspirin 125mg, raspberry ketone 650mg, meklozinhydroklorid 2x25mg, cetirizindihydrocloride 10mg.
    I use PQQ 10mg + NADH 10mg in three days before chemo now – be very careful with this one it makes cancer grow but in a somewhat controlled way, it turns hypoxy cells into normoxy cells – they are less evil and easier to kill. If tumor pressing blood vessels or nerves – don’t use it then. Be careful with paracetamol too, it can damage liver – I will double the dose for my wife because her liver looks healthy and KRAS+ cancer is glutathion dependent. I wish the best for your mom.

    1. thanks dear Paul for the detailed response. I wish the best for your wife too. problem now is mostly ascites and constipation which made my mom stop all her treatments (MG,Mebendazole,Metformin,Cimetidine,etc) altogether because they all had to be taken with water and made her feel more bloated. she quickly deteriorated after stopping those and now hardly moves. so considering her current liver status I probably have to choose only a few treatments and start with those.

    2. Hi Paul,
      Here are shortly my comments:
      Mebendazole – may be too little – 2x500mg may help more
      Omega3 – too little -> 5-7 or maybe even 9g/day
      DCA on the low side but maybe be fine
      Iron may actually reduce the effect of Artemisinin due to teh same reason as explained in the Vitamin C post on this website. Here is an article that you may want to read
      DMSO- I expect lower concentration? as it may irritate if it is too high concentration
      Sylimarin – too low dose
      Quercetin – too low dose …
      Astragalus – too low
      In general, Paul, you are using good elements but you are on the low side with most – maybe is a good idea to reduce the number of supplements and increase the dose of those you keep … but this is just my opinion.

      1. Hi Daniel,
        To added citric acid treatment, my wife’s latest cancer marker result CEA decreased from 36 to 12.
        Thank you for your suggestions and taking the time to go through my list. The truth is when I’m hesitant I take the low dose approach – don’t want to do harm.What I’ve read about mebendazol is confusing one study stated that taking 2x100mg or 2x200mg is equally efficient and not dose dependent, another study’s conclusion was dose dependence and one can take even 4.3 g/d. So I don’t know, afraid to block the regrowth of villi in small intestine after chemo – maybe using really high dosage 2x2000mg for 5 days then 9 days off?
        Omega3 is highly concentrated with 300mg EPA and 200mg DHA content plus she eats flax seed every day , earlier she drank 50ml/d flax seed oil too but hates it now. Yes, she needs more omega3.
        DCA, she had numbed fingers and foot after she started taking it – I never dared to raise dosage. Recently MRI showed pinched nerves in the spine – it was a relief. Now I’m thinking about to skip ALA , as strong antioxidant and glutathione builder maybe it provides support to KRAS+ cancer. What do you think Daniel?
        DMSO 60% for skin it’s itchy but tolerated, 33% for inhalation a little coughing but OK.
        Silymarin , quercetin, astragalus – my bad she takes double as much, it was too late or too early in the morning when I wrote that.She gets filgrastim injections too so her lymphocyte and neutrophil counts are sky high sometimes, three times the limit. Not sure if it’s any good, in 2015 those values were always within range.
        Forgot to mention she takes 400mg caffeine to boswelia AKBA and using diclofenac plus ibuprofen gel on her belly.
        Thank you for your time.

        1. Hi Paul,

          DCA: Each person responds differently to DCA. My wife never had the side effects of DCA even at higher doses but others did had at much lower doses. So you have to find the limit and go below that. The priority is for her to feel fine as pushing the dose up doesn’t guaranty response but will guaranty she will be less well and finally she may reject other good treatments in the future. Again, based on some specific mechanisms Metformin and Omeprazol will help DCA effectiveness. Anti GSH drugs and supplements will also help.

          Mebendazol: I would probably not go at such high doses as you suggest – 1000mg/day should be enough. Cimetidine will increase its plasma level. Taking it with a fatty meal will help as well.

          Again, in general I would better lower the number of drugs and increase their dose (step by step while staying in a safe dose). You could consider switching back and forward between some drugs every month. So if you now use 20 drugs/supplements, reduce to 10 at higher dose first months and next month switch to the other 10. In this way you will also reduce the chance for resistance to the drugs you are using. Cimetidine and Metformin I would keep continuously.

          1. Hi Daniel,

            Thank you, I will revise strategy and will be careful with DCA as she already has neuropathy because of pinched nerves and as we want avoid ALA.I will double anti GSH especially around chemo days. I’m thinking about high dose mebendazol days with provoked cell proliferation.If we could block autophagy everything would be much simpler.
            I like the thought of switching strategy. Now we have new problems, her TSH and T4 thyroidal values went above normal – will try to convince her oncologist to prescribe some pills, her house physician dared not.

            1. Thank you Daniel you are great help. Now we have an even bigger problem. Wife is in hospital in Athens with pulmonary embolism. She fell I’ll in midflight while we were on way to Salonica to arrange things after her mother’s death. This is the first time having Internet since Monday.

            2. Hi Paul, I am so sorry to hear that. I hope your dear wife will get well soon. Before flights I would always use some blood thinners that may help avoid such challenges when we really need to fly.

            3. Hi Daniel, we used to take 100mg Aspirin before flight, this time I gave her 300mg because she looked tired.Maybe tomorrow she can leave bed.

      2. Hi Daniel,
        Thinking about the iron supplement question, my theory is that KRAS+ cancer cells have a specially strong affinity for glycine and glutamine so if they are sensing Fe-bisglycinate they would grab the molecule at either end and removing it from extracellular fluid fairy quickly. Study used Fe-ammonium citrate and FeCl3, KRAS+ cells have a lower affinity to them than to Fe-bisglycinate . C-vitamin acts outside cells while artemisinin supposed to follow iron into cells. Artemisinin doesn’t seem to be neutralized by physiological concentrations of iron in plasma when fighting malaria, hopefully the same is valid for cancer too.

    1. If the constipation is not due to a blockage:
      Enema will greatly help.
      Magnesium in higher dose will help most.
      Vitamin C in higher dose will also help.
      Massaging the intestine area towards the flowing direction.
      Special suppositories with glycerin, etc.

    2. Dear Pouya, if I may suggest 5mg bisakodyl a day makes wonders, no need to keep running to bathroom everything is just easier, it is mild and effective. But if there is an obstruction of bowel the only help is a stent.

  30. How risky it really is to take citric acid along with diuretics? We use spirinolactone which doesn’t really help that much anyways so maybe we could avoid it and concentrate on a treatment. Maybe Dr. Halabe could help here.

  31. another question for Paul or anyone who can help, sorry about multiple posts;
    what does your wife eat? it seems that everything has something that needs to be avoided.

    1. Pouya, here it is how we do: no fast carbohydrates with high insulin load (potato, pasta, rice, white bread, bananas, grapes) on non-chemo days – on chemo days the opposite, you can eat what ever you want except those below.
      In generally no margarine but butter, no carrot (beta-carotene suspected cancer promoter), no food with high vitamin C or E, no processed meat with sodium nitrite, no food with acetic acid, avoid salmon, shrimps, muscles because of high copper content.
      No peanuts because of aflatoxines.
      Dairy products, meat are OK if they are without growth hormone as in EU. Vegetables are OK especially cooked, that destroys vitamin C. Use cold pressed virgin olive oil, the more harsh taste the better. Little fruit is OK especially raspberry or strawberry (ketones) but be aware of vitamin C. If you warm up vitamin C over 70C for a couple of minutes, it will be destroyed. Taking extra vitamin A and D is beneficial.
      My thought goes like this: feed the cancer, give it what it wants sugar, fat, amino-acids but coupled with some poison. It can take anyway what it wants. Dormant cancer cells are difficult to kill, it is better to wake them up with good (toxic) food.

  32. Paul, in re: DCA dosage, I’ve been taking 25mg/kg for almost a year now. I upped it to 30mg/kg and started feeling slight neuropathy in my extremities (mainly feet), so I lowered the dose and it has been fine since. I don’t take any days off with the DCA either.

    If possible, I would titrate your wife’s dose up a bit and if she doesn’t experience the neuropathy then to maintain at a higher dose. DCA has been shown to be dose dependent.

    1. I did take ALA but very inconsistently. My clinic gave me ALA, benfotiamine, and acetyl-L-carnatine to combat the peripheral neuropathy.

      I haven’t taken them in months.

  33. Thanks for everything dear Paul.
    To those who are using citric acid, if i encapsulate the required amount, does it have to be taken with lots of fluid? Because we are trying to reduce the liquid intake and my mom won’t take it if it needs to be taken with lots of fluid. I tried disolving it in limited amount of water and wasn’t successful because of the taste.

    1. Dear Pouya, it is ultimately a question for Dr.Halabe. As for myself I would try taking one 500mg/h the first days then decide to increase or decrease the dose.

    1. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid and generally supplementation with Omega-3s is intended to restore your body’s natural ratio of omega-6:omega 3 fatty acids back closer to its intended 1:1 state.

      In Western diets, the ratio is generally 15:1 Omega-6:Omega-3, which is incredibly slanted. This is due to the consumption of poor quality fats (grain fed beef, etc.). This poor ratio promotes inflammation as well as various types of disease. The reason why we supplement O-3 vs O-6 (another essential fatty acid), is because we already get more than enough of the O-6 if we eat a normal western diet.

      I know omega-3s have some sort of blood thinning effect as well so they can increase the risk of bleeding when taken with certain drugs, but I’m not 100% how high that risk is. In my opinion, logically, I would say that eating two cans of sardines wouldn’t increase your chance of bleeding too much so taking a supplement really shouldn’t either.

      1. Thank you Meech , probably you are right Omega3 is less of a problem. I’m very disappointed in myself. I’ve thought done enough to avoid blood clots by giving wife 125mg Aspirin /d and 3x400mg Ibuprofen /d and some diclofenac too . Question is if I can use them anymore.

        1. Hi Paul,
          How are you and your wife?I hope she is fine.I know you are living hard days after embolism.

          Some scientists uses citric acid for chelating metals from water as we know.(iron,copper etc)
          But when citric acid is digested and metabolised,does it gives the same affect?
          Did you see some changes on her blood count after using citric acid?
          Although you are using lots of weapons to fight,you said after adding citric acid there is an improvement in markers,
          Are you still thinking like that?
          Sorry for asking too many questions in your hard days but you are only the one that i know who is using citric acid with chemo.

          Kind Regards

          1. Hi ergin,
            The condition of my wife turned to very bad in Greece. She could not take her usual medicines like DCA, citric acid, LDN, Aspirin, ibuprofen ,diclofenac, artemisinin and so on in five weeks. Her tumor volume grew ~30% , the first time she has symptoms from her cancer like pain, vomiting, fever, weakness, weight-loss, internal bleedings. Embolism destroyed everything in a moment what we achieved in six months.She has got two blood transfusions in three weeks. Her albumin level is 27g/l. She has started again taking citric acid so we will see next week if it helps.

            Citric acid metabolism is rather individual , she is taking for its alkalizing effect and disturbing the energy production of cancer cells. Because citric acid is an antioxidant she doesn’t use it in 44 hours during chemo. About dosage and effects:

            Best Regards

            1. Hi Paul,
              I am very sorry to hear that.I hope she will be fine in several days with your powerful protocol again.
              And thank you for the links.

  34. Dear Dr Alberto Halabe Bucay,
    Tomorrow i am going to begin citric acid treatment for ovarian(peritoneal cancer).
    Could you please help me finding your case about ovarian cancer.How did she responded,when?,You wrote that she used it with chemo in another website.
    I wonder when we will see the improvements,weeks,months?Because it is risky to wait as a standalone threapy.
    And i dont understand the scientific method.Is there any explanation that why we must use citric acid as a standalone therapy?
    There should be something synergetic with citric acid.
    Do you have any statistics when using it with chemo?I wonder it too much No or less improvement?
    If you can help me,i would be very happy.
    Kind Regards

  35. That patient with ovarian cancer was treated 9 years ago, in the last 5 to 6 years I recommend only citric acid for the treatment of all types of cancer, as is described in my articles, Read them:


  36. Dear Dr Alberto Halabe,
    Firstly i have to say you thanks for your kind responce.
    Secondly as you see from past years we all are in chaos about citric acid cure.
    We know nothing about it.As i searched i didnt have find any clinical trials about it.
    For example,they are trying heparin on recurrance cancer patients.In conclusion they wrote the results.(good or bad)
    You only have good results,not partial responce nor reccurance.With chemo or without.Nor synergetic compounds.
    I always thinking from your side of view.If i were you and know the cure and people looks suspicious,i would be very agressive
    to people,as i see you are always in argument with people.
    May be you are bored of writing explanations and you have rights.I am totally agree with you.
    But the cancer patients and the one who is dealing with patients physocology is very different.
    It is very hard to deal DR,believe me.
    We dont have too much time.And we dont know what is waiting for us.
    I can not forget POUYA forever.He is genious and did lots of things for his mother,but at the end he feels guilty that why he didnt try more.He alraedy did more and more,but he will never know about it.This is the phsycology of patients sons or daughters.
    As i see,the one who is searching and trying to find solution for mom,dad,wife,husband etc has different physcology than the others.
    Unfortunatley it can make our whole future life upsidedown.Why and why forever.

    And yes we are all agree with the cure by citric acid.You have serious papers.But what about the others that doesnt respond or heavily pretreated with chemo,stage?Please think from our side.And never think that i am not with you.

    If i were the patient,(hope never)i first try immunotherapy(nerium oleander) with citric acid.There is a serious
    mechanism behind citric acid.We all know it but is it enough to cure all CANCER types?This is my question.
    You gave your name and surname everywhere on internet.And you are very sure about the cure.You are brave enough to say this from years.And i didnt find any patient who didnt respond except late stages.
    But why we cannot try it with a cytotoxic compound.?Is our aim to show the ability of citric acid?
    With standalone therapies the cure possibility is low.We need more details.And i am not the patient,so i am sorry that we could not try it standalone.But i will talk with DR to add to her protocol.
    I hope one day i will meet you in Mexico,and drink your coffee or if you come to Turkey it is pleasure for me to entertain.
    Again thanks for your kind response.

    1. Hi Ergin,
      very nice response. I have two points to add/ask:
      1. Why are you calling Oleander immunotheraohy – to my knowledge it is a cardiac glicosides based in its main mechanism of action.
      2. In order to make sure Dr. Alberto sees your response, you should add your comment as Reply to his comment and not as a New comment. In that way he will receive a notification by e-mail. On the other hand, when you add a new comment you just have to hope that Dr. will be curious enough to come by again and read comments to see your questions and respond to you.
      All the best!

  37. Hi Daniel,
    When i think about Nerium Oleander,the time stops for me.
    As we talked with you ,i believe it.I was looking mothers blood counts yesterday(after first diagnosis,3 cycle chemo and oleander TOGETHER) and found very differences.Her CA125 declined from 400 to 100 in first month.than to only 5.
    Why i call it immunotherapy?
    I dont know:)May be i like it,may be i believe it,i think it is not cytotoxic.Really i wonder the mechanism.
    But i can not forget the sharp pains on tumors after high fever although ca125 is rising without chemo.
    Her WBC was 8.5 on 3th chemo cycle.(9th chemo).

    The citric acid is very important for MR Halabe.I am searching for him and found lots of messages he wrote and he got.
    He really believes it and that makes me more curious about it.He saw every message about citric acid,wherever it is.
    He cured a man with citric acid like a clinical trial on internet and i read it.
    May be he wants to talk about this.
    Kind Regards

  38. Think about a patient with syphilis in 1946, he (or she) will receive arsenic, mercury salts, Salvarsan, Neo-Salvarsan, urethral cauterizations, baths with salts and vinegar and penicillin…

    5 years later the treatment for syphilis will be only penicillin, until today..

    But a lot of patients will have a lot of complications and mortality with the use of arsenic and other products for syphilis..

    Just remember that Fleming published that penicillin is effective as treatment for infections in 1929..


    This is what we called: Scientific Method…


  39. Dear Dr Alberto Halabe,
    Thank you for your fast reply.
    I know the history of syphilis and penicillin.I have another history just like this.Scientfic method

    Nerium Oleander.May be you know the history of Dr Ziya Ozel.He said he found the cure lots of years ago.
    After the news,we thought that lots of people will be cured.But it didnt happen untill now.He showed everywhere the cured patients
    papers,history,x-ray images.Yes they where cured but he has founded the patients and make them agree to use oleander injections when newly diagnosed and ignored chemo.If you use it after treated by chemo,it doesnt work.No one found the answer.

    But he had a protocol.He said everytime that it doesnt work for heavily pretreated patients with chemo.
    We interrupted chemo and done oleander injections for two months.And it didnt work,or worked alittle bit.

    I hope you understand what i mean.My aim is not make you offend,Your work deserves too much respect.

    We have no second chance.My mother and friends on this website are all heavily pretreated by chemo mostly.(not all ofcourse)
    Please we need your experiences like above nerium oleander history.
    Can you say that citric acid works on patients who were heavily pretreated with chemo.?

    Kind Regards

  40. Nerium Oleander has NOTHING to do with the history of penicillin… sorry..

    Read my articles, one by one:

    Here: @Cancercuretop2

    I am really sorry, but I can not take care of patients that I don’t rule…

    And…. read about President Jimmy Carter, the only one explanation of his curation of cancer is that he received citric acid…

    1. Dear Dr Alberto Halabe,
      I have read your articles.Ofcourse Great work,PERFECT WORK.You saved lots of lifes.But my question was about the resistant cells(heavily preated)
      I found an article,if you can find time could you please read it.May be you already read.
      In summarry paclitaxel-resistant cells containes decreased levels of citric acid and DCA induces higher levels of citrate accumulation.And it helps to reduce the resistivity.
      I know you dont like DCA but it looks like DCA and citric acid are synergetic as Daniel said before.
      And according to this article,inducing higher levels of citrate may be not enough to kill all resistant cancer cells .
      OR Is DCA inducing not enough citrate to work?It says %80 or higher citrate accumulation after DCA in some articles.

      Although it is not possible for us to enter a scientfic method for now.i want to use citric acid with chemo and DCA.

      Kind Regards

  41. Dear Daniel,
    Do you know patients who uses citric acid with chemo and DCA?
    DCA is inducing citrate accumulation but may be oral citric acid can do the job without DCA,it reaches the higher levels?
    Is there any article that you know about it?Or may be there is another compound without side effect helps to accumulate higher levels of citrate?
    Doctors says dont take grape fruit while on chemo.I am in challange about it.I think that is not because of citric acid,
    but why exactly?
    Is there any mouse test on citric acid and cancer that you know?
    Sorry for too many questions,but i wonder why there is very little knowledge about citric acid and cancer?
    May be we have to arrange a mouse model with the help and permission of Dr Halabe.
    Kind Regards

    1. >Doctors says dont take grape fruit while on chemo

      Maybe there’s the answer:

      Grapefruit juice, although shown to have significantly higher levels of citrate than orange juice, does not seem to reduce urinary risk factors for stone formation. Additionally, grapefruit inhibits cytochrome p-450, thereby altering the metabolism of many commonly used medications.

      1. Hi Menace2,
        Thank you very much for your kind responce.
        I wonder after you got surgery,if doctors tell you that you have to take chemo and did you refuse it.?
        Are you still using citric acid?
        Have you ever checked your ceruloplasmin levels , cholesterol , hormones while using citric acid?
        I am thinking of how to monitor blood counts while on citric acid treatment.
        May there will be need to change the dosage or add something as Daniel always says.
        But really I like your strategy after surgery using citric acid to prevent disease.I hope it will work forver for you.
        Kind Regards

        1. Hi ergin.

          Oh, after my tumor had relapse i had cyberknife, not common surgery. Cyberknife is robotic radiosurgery system. Moreover i had 4 chemos before and after cyberknife (paclitaxel + carboplatin). Then, after doctor said enough chemos for me, and after reading this article i decide to take citric acid (+ metformin + mebendazole) to prevent new relapse. Yes, I’m still using citric acid, I’m going to take it for a year, as advised by dr. Alberto Halabe. I’m not take mebendazole anymore coz it begin to cause diarrhea. So only citric acid and metformin now. For this moment my doctors dont see any trace of tumor. Ofc i can’t be sure if this thanks to citric acid or my previous treatment (cyberknife + chemos). My level of cholesterol is normal (but it was normal before), I havent checked levels of ceruloplasmin or hormones sorry.

          Thanks ergin and good luck to you!

          1. Thank you Menace2.I am happy to hear that you are ok.It is not important which treatment helped you.Now you are ok
            and this gives hope to lots of people.Take care of yourself please.
            Sometimes i am asking questions and make empty words,sorry for that,BUT i belive that this forces all of us to search something.We need all idea good or bad to make conversation.I am sure that also doctors and scientists are reading our conversations and this forces them to search.

            Kind Regards

    2. Hi Ergin,

      The question about grapefruit juice is answered below by Menance2.
      I do not know someone that combines DCA and Citric Acid.
      If is to believe the article that you also referred to I would conclude that combining DCA and Citric Acid should be more effective than any of the two alone.

      Also, if it is to think on the lines discussed in this article, i.e.

      “Citric acid is generated by citrate synthase following DCA activation of PDC [29], and citrate can then enter the TCA cycle, be oxidized in mitochondria, or enter the cytoplasm via dedicated carrier proteins [39]. However, we found that the TCA cycle was not activated in cells with mitochondrial respiratory defects, suggesting accumulation of intermediates from the generation of acetyl-CoA (by activated PDC). Citrate is both a substrate of and intermediate in the TCA cycle, therefore DCA may induce the accumulation of citrate in cells with mitochondrial respiratory defects.”

      we could argue that slowing down mitochondria even more, with the help of Metformin, Doxycicline, Meclizine, etc. should further help Citric Acid accumulation and as a result glycolisis inhibition.

      Like I said before, in order to reduce the chance for the convertion of Citric Acid in acetyl-CoA, I would also use HCA supplements and maybe even Statins for downstream inhibition.

      In this case, for a good strategy around Citric Acid, I would use DCA, Metformin, HCA and possibly a statin drug.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel,

        We are combining just as you described above. What we desperately need now is a good COX-2 inhibitor which is not a blood thinner.

        Best Regards

        1. Hi Paul,

          I am so sorry to hear about the challenges you encounter during the last period. Could you please let me know again what was the tumor location that is the main challenge? If I can help with anything please let me know. Glucosamine would be a different COX-2 inhibitor but still with blood thinning effects. Now I actually realize that Thalidomide has COX-2 degradation capabilities and is not a blood thinner (actually it can have opposite side effects, i.e. increase the chances of a blood clot) In case you discuss with the doctor and he agrees is a good idea to use it, I can donate some I have to you. Just let me know.

          Kind regards,

          1. Hi Daniel,

            Thank you for your kindness Daniel, I will talk to her doctor. Her tumor originates from the sigmoid colon but the main mass is resting on the womb now (20cm in diameter ~2 kg). She looks like pregnant especially after a weight loss of 6kg in Greece.
            Cancer seems to went through peritoneum too so she has abdominal muscle spams all the time.
            Probably high T4 hormone values are responsible for her pulmonary embolism in combination of low dose Aspirin and NSAIDs, I think. Somehow the human body is capable to produce blood clots in a spot even if blood thinners are present. Her coagulation value INR is 1.2 – pretty low (should be 2-3) anyhow she has got bleedings , hard to understand.

            Kind Regards

            1. Hi Paul,
              Angiogenesis inhibitors such as Thalidomide are indeed relevant for large tumors. If the doctor agrees with it, just send me your postal address on my e-mail.
              Kind regards,

            2. Hi Paul,
              You are searching more than us and i dont know what does it do with bleeding but
              are you thinking of ozone therapy or hyperthermia?
              For palpable tumors heat works best.
              Just an idea.

            3. Hi ergin,

              Thank you for your time trying to help.
              Well, I would avoid ozone it is very toxic just like chlorine gas and carcinogenic too. Oxygen pressure chamber works better but not very usable in every day life. If you are in a chamber four hours then depressurizing takes even more hours. It can increase the response rate of chemo by 15-20%.
              Whole body hyperthermia can be double edged if patient is weak and coagulation is compromised it could cause fatal results. On the other hand HIPEC hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy is effective but hospital said no. It was too late for surgery from the beginning due to her doctors what turned out to be not true after a year.

              Kind regards

            4. Dear Paul,

              Below is a comment from Helga intended to be addressed to you but that was filtered by the spam filter due to multiple links included in the comment. She sent this to me by e-mail so here I post it:

              Dear Paul,

              I have been reading up on your wife’s illness in this blog and I feel this info might help you and her. It is about Coley’s toxins. As you might know, Coley created an early immunotherapy, after noticing that some cancer patients, after contracting a bacterial infection, with high fever, recovered. He was inspired by some hospital records where he found the name of a man, who, 6 years earlier than he was reading about him (in 1885 !) full of inoperable tumors, was dying at the hospital when he caught a common infection of the day called erysipelas (St. Anthony’s fire), caused by Streptococcus. Stein’s body naturally fought the infection, but incredibly, in so doing also dissolved all his malignancies! But was he still alive? Coley spent an entire month climbing stairs of lower Manhattan tenement houses in search of the German immigrant. One day he found him — bearded, healthy and bearing faint surgical scars, stunning the doctor. Here is an account: Coley’s toxins are enjoying a sort of a revival, there was a Phase I clinical trial:

              Unfortunately the toxins are not available any more. However, here is a recipe how to create it: Erypsipales is a common infection (I myself contracted it once from a tickbyte), caused by Streptococcus. The man who wrote the article died in 2013 as I found out: He was a low-carb, high-fat diet guru. The other bacteria, Serratia marcescens appears in warm, wet places, like in bathrooms, frequently in hospitals. It is known for its distinctive, red coloration:

              It seems that Jimmy Carter was cured with an immune therapy, called Keytruda:
              It was approved in 2016. However, it is not a very safe drug:
     It appears that Coley’s toxins have a better safety profile, losing only 6 patients to the treatment out of a thousand or so.

              Kind regards,

    3. One more addition: if the cancer is hormone dependent, I would specifically make sure I would add HCA and Statins since in my view there is a risk that increased cytosolic Citric Acid (due to DCA and/or Citric acid supplementation) represents fuel for mevalonate pathway which in many cancers is upregulated leading to increased intracellular production of cholesterol and finally hormones.

      1. Dear Daniel,
        Thank you very much again.
        My mother has always high cholestrol.But oncologiests didnt give her statin.
        I will ask our dr. but i am not sure he will say use statin.When he says no,i feel very very bad when using.
        Now we are using DCA despite him.
        She uses levotiron for thyroid hormones from several years.And she is using cipralex(serotonin) from several years.I told dr to stop it but he said no,she can use it.

        I found a doctor in Turkey who gives citric acid to his patients.I hope next week i ll go near him,and tell you about the news.

        Kind Regards

        1. Hi ergin, this is a very old article observing defects in the Krebs cycle of tumor cells. You can find more recent articles on the same and with an enhanced view – also, I am not sure what is the question you are trying to answer?

  42. None of the treatments and products mentioned in this Forum are 100% effective as a cancer treatment, only citric acid does, as is described in my articles, that’s what I am trying to explain, if patients take all of those treatments, and citric acid, the reason of their improvement/curation is because of the citric acid that they received…

    All this is explained in this article, including the curation of cancer of President Jimmy Carter:

    1. Dear Dr Alberto Halabe,
      I have read an article which belongs to you.You wrote more than 2000 patients you have treated with chemo and citric acid.
      And you wrote citric acid treats Wilson’s disease.Then is citric acid able to chelate copper?or works on another mechanism on
      Wilson’s disease?
      I wonder how did you control your patients blood counts,have you ever checked ceruloplasmin levels?
      Should we arrange dosages by looking at ceruloplasmin and copper levels?

      I met a patient(adenocarcinoma lung).She is newly diagnosed and didnt take chemo.She is 70 years old stage 4.She wants to begin citric acid treatment i think.In the following days they want to contact you.
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Helga,
      Welcome and how are you?
      I am very happy to see peoples writing here.This makes us and feel us strong.
      And thank you very much for your kind words in the other title.Sorry for late reply,we went 500 km for hyperthermia.
      I am trying to not to miss any words from our treatment.May be we did some faults.
      But I am sure that it helps someone.
      Please Keep with us

    2. Dear Helga,
      Daniel was kind to make your message visible .
      I am aware of Coley’s toxins and believe in them but cannot see a way to produce them and manage treatment at home. The only thing I could buy is an incubator, the rest is not for sale to private persons.

      There is another similar treatment maybe even better (less side effects) but so far had no luck to buy cow-pea mosaic virus. Big silence surrounds this research too just as the case was for Coley’s . Maybe because those are too cheap, too effective, too unbelievable – I don’t know. I would not dare to use hyperthermia or fever therapy right now due to her condition. Tomorrow she is going to have her third blood transfusion in five weeks.

      Kind regards

  43. I published that penicillamine, as a treatment for Wilson disease, can be also effective for cystic fibrosis:

    And you are also confused in the report of those 2000 patients treated, read carefully my article:

    And, finally, citric acid is the cure of cancer, is demonstrated and published…. no matter your confusions..

    1. You are welcome, Dr. Alberto. The article was sent automatically and waiting for my approval due to the links inside. Today i removed some of the filters and hope that the comments will run smoothly from now on.

    1. Hi Helga, I removed the spam filter that I think was creating the issues. From now, I hope there will be no major issues with posting comments. The only aspect that remains is that you have to be log in as a user in order to comment and have that immediately published. If on the other hand you are not registered as an user and log in, every comment will wait for my approval before being published.

  44. Hi Ergin,

    Thanks for writing back. Sorry to hear that you have to travel 500 km to get the hyperthermia treatment. Would you also consider the Coley’s toxins treatment? It is difficult to have access to it but I found a website where one can make one’s own. It will appear in an other post. However, one needs to get one’s hands on the two bacteria it consists of.

    I have a suspicion that I might have ovarian cancer (OC), that is how I came across this thread and Daniel’s site. Besides some sort of a bulge on the left side of my abdomen I also have problems of heavy sweating, either when I am very hungry and apparently my blood sugar dropped (didn’t check but I can feel like almost fainting, being so weak) and it usually goes away after I eat something. However, I also experience it after meals. Because of the sweating I thought I may have carcinoid syndrome originating in my pancreas, producing too much serotonin, causing the sweating. However, last week I had an abdominal ultrasound and the doctor said my pancreas, liver and gallbladder are all healthy. This brought my attention to my ovary. I particularly got overwhelmed when I read about other women with ovarian cancer who have pain in their shoulder. I myself have an unexplained pain in my left shoulder, which became so bad that I can hardly take off now my coat because of it. It is excruciating. At the same time when the doc touches the shoulder I feel no pain.

    Reading other people’s stories and articles about ov. cancer it appears that this pain is a so-called “referred pain”, originating somewhere else, in our cases in the diaphragm, (a muscle between the belly and lungs) where ovarian cancer likes to metastasize.

    However, after some consideration I think this pain is not so bad after all as I can monitor my disease through it. Yesterday I started to take citric acid and to my greatest surprise the pain got better (i.e. diminished). My lungs feel also clearer (not related to OC but I had a chronic bronchitis) and my frequent urge to empty my bladder (another symptom of OC) also subsided. I think I took almost 10g yesterday and will take the same today. I can hardly believe if this proves an effective cancer treatment considering how long it has been around and nobody tried to use it until now! However, it makes perfect sense biochemically speaking if it works like that.

    1. Hi Helga,
      I understand you about thinking that you are cancer.
      But as you know not all tumors are malign although there are ascites.There are lots of illness on abdomen
      which looks like cancer.Biopsy is essential if you have visible tumors ofcourse.First you have to take blood counts.CA125 may show you some results if you are thinking of ovarian ca.
      Now you are thinking that you are cancer and i am thinking that my mother is not cancer:)
      There is an illness called peritonitis tuberculosis which looks like peritoneal cancer.Same ascites,same ca125 high levels etc,
      because my mother does not have any tumors on the ovaries.
      But empty hopes….
      Are you using HCA and metformin near citric acid?
      Kind Regards

      1. Hi ERgin,

        I am trying to get a diagnosis but couldn’t find an appropriate gynecologist yet who has also ultrasound. Do you mean your mom was not completely diagnosed as having ovarian cancer? By the way, have you thought about getting an infrasauna? We bought one and am using it now almost every day. I continue taking citric acid (CA) (cca. 10-12 g per day). I’d like to thank here Dr Alberto for his great work on CA. I believe it is a fantastic molecule and his approach is a remarkable breakthrough, considering nobody thought to use it to treat cancer. Even Szentgyorgyi & Pauling put their bets on vitamin C.

        1. Hi Helga,
          They couldnt find the primary site of tumor of my mother.But they said it is ovarian origin.
          When i talked Dr about our family history(mesothelioma) he stopped and may be it can be mesothelioma of periton and other doctors also can not exactly find diagnosis.But their treatment is same.Unfortunately mesothelioma is more dangerous.

          Local hyperthermia machine and wholebody hyperthermia are very different.
          In local machine it can reach nearly 43 degrees centigrate on tumors(like a food in microwave),so drug flow increases also 24 hours later.And can damage cancer cells spearing normal cells.
          Whole body hyperthermia only reaches 38-39 degrees centigrate like a mild fever and increases immunity.
          I think infrared sauna works like this one.It can not reach high temp levels on tumors.If sweating is good for cancer patients,we have to use it.But i dont know.

          1. And the latest technology is sending nanometals by targetting them to tumor cells only and activating them with
            different frequencies of energy.(like the above machine or laser)
            So this is a real CURE,,but spearing normal cells is very hard for now.Because NPs can reach more than 50 degrees when activated.
            I am working 1 year on these but it goes very slow.I can talk about it if anyone interested.

  45. The woman with multiple myeloma (cancer) that I reported in this article began to feel better 24 hours after taking citric acid (less back pain), as Helga did, and, in 10 days, she was in total remission (cured):

    My work about treatment of cancer with citric acid is completely reproducible… that’s called: Scientific Method.

    Thanks again Daniel.

  46. Dear Paul,

    Good to hear from you and thanks Daniel for relaying my msg to Paul. I was thinking about your wife’s embolism and I wonder about her diet. Does she eat any raw food/vegetables/fruits? Connective tissue can be greatly helped by e.g. rose hips. I eat them regularly raw (or dried) and there is a noticeable effect when I eat 6-8 per day. (I find that eating the fruit as opposed to making tea of it has a much more profound effect. Plus, it is a great anticancer fruit.) I know it has Vitamin C but even cancer patients need a certain amount for their tissues to be in a good condition. I found you an excellent article on Fb about embolism, circulation in general and how to treat it: I wish her and you the best!

  47. Dear Helga,

    My wife feels much better now, her appetite and energy is back – no pain, no fever.Her albumin increased from 27 to 30g/l – still very low but better.Embolism is not a problem anymore but bleedings. Unfortunately her chemo (Oxaliplatin+5-FU) can cause blood clots and bleedings simultaneously – so it is a balancing act. She eats small amounts of fruits and vegetables trying to keep the daily intake of vitamin C under 50mg. She avoids anything with vitamin E, copper, selenium, iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, beta-carotene because her KRAS mutant cancer loves these but takes vitamin D3, A and B1.
    Glad to hear citric acid is helping you, my wife has also started taking it again for five weeks ago .

    Kind regards

      1. Hi Daniel,

        Thank you, it is a roller coaster ride, today she did not feel so well – low blood-pressure, high pulse, thirst and dizziness. Her doctor has not answered yet about the use of Thalidomide.

        Kind regards

    1. Dear Paul,

      so good to hear that your wife is feeling much better. I wonder if you could add wheatgrass to her diet? It is a wonderfully effective anticancer treatment. We started to grow it in pots and add some to a green smoothie made with a mixer. I also take Wobenzym, a German enzyme pill. I feel it is especially effective if I take it before a sauna. We bought an infrasauna and I use it daily now. I also did some research about citric acid and found many interesting articles. this is esp mind-boggling: Citric acid used to treat cancer in 1866!
      “In the beginning of September of last year, a paragraph was pointed out to me in a newspaper setting forth the wonderfully beneficial effects which had attended the use of citric acid as a remedy in a case of cancer; but I did not think of trying it, until a patient labouring under a large and excessively painful and cancerous tumour of the neck, behind the angle of the jaw, which from its size, situation, and the extent of its attachments, held out no hope of its successful removal by the knife, requested me to allow her to make a trial of the acid,
      as she said her clergyman had strongly recommended her to do so.”

      Her clergyman suggested the treatment and the doctor agreed! Does this ever happen in any country these days?
      “This I was the more astonished to hear, as nothing of the anodyne class seemed to have ‘afforded the slightest relief from the pain before, with the exception of the hypodermic injection of morphia, and even this, she said, did not remove the pain so effectually as the citric acid lotion; and besides, the relief from the latter was much more permanent.”

      It is well worth to read the entire article, there is a lot more to it, such as the use of vinegar and phenol to treat cancer (also quite successfully). Thanks to the NIH, we can read it there free of charge.

      1. Dear Helga,

        Amazing what an article you could find – a real treasure. Treating a tumor in situ is more effective than whole body chemo, I think.
        Wheatgrass is like a vitamin bomb, it is very good to prevent cancer but treating it is less so. I will investigate Wobenzyme, thank you for your suggestions.

        Kind regards

        1. Dear Paul,

          Thanks for your kind words. As for wheatgrass there is quite a bit of literature as to how it was used to treat successfully various cancers. Here is a particularly endearing account: The woman in question was 75 yo when her cancer returned (metastatic colon cancer) when her children arranged to grow wheatgrass. She lived 21 years after she recovered, peacefully dying at the age of 96. Quite an amazing story, I think. Wobenzym is quite good I think, especially if you haven’t used it yet.

          We grow wheatgrass in small pots and our flat is kind of mouldy. Nevertheless, the wheat grows all right. We added some granulated horse manure and it helps the growing. You in Greece are in a much better position, weather should fine to do it outdoors?

          Anyway, keep up your good work and your spirits.

          Kind regards,
          Kind regards

          1. Dear Helga,

            The story did not tell if the old lady had KRAS mutant (~40%) or wild type (~60%) colon cancer. Feeding a KRAS mutant cancer with Vitamin C and other antioxidants is contradicted and risky. KRAS+ cells are very focused on manufacturing their glutathione shield and absorbing antioxidants against ROS species if this process is disrupted they die. As my wife has KRAS mutant cancer we do everything to avoid strengthening their defense . On the other hand if someone has wild type or “normal” cancer, eating vitamins could help unless during chemo.

            We do not live in Greece, we stuck there for a month against our will. I think we produce more Northern Lights than wheat.

            Kind regards

            1. Hi Paul
              It’s very interesting what you wrote about KRAS, do you have any sources on this ?

            2. Hello Paul
              Yes , the question is what we can do about this now, waiting 5 years for a new drug that targets glutathione (gsh) , is not an option for me und not for you either I suppose. Daniel has written about this. As I know is that sulfalazine lower the gsh levels. Also omega 3 can push gsh out of the cell. The problem if I am right lower gsh levels can cause liver damage. So it’s quite intricate.

            3. That’s great , thank you Daniel. But it doesn’t protect against glutathione depletors by increasing glutathione ?

            4. Hello Andreas,

              We use paracetamol as GSH destroyer during chemo then ALA to rebuild it.

            5. Answering the question above, TM would not do that but ALA or NAC would. A strategy such as the one mentioned above by Paul could also work. But using low dose ALA or NAC and further away from the chemo days.

      2. Thank you Helga for this great reference showing that Citric Acid (and Acetic acid) have been used as effective cancer treatments >100 years ago! This is so useful reference that I will include it in the body of the article above. And thank you Paul for pointing out the finding of Helga as I somehow haven’t seen that earlier!

        Kind regards,

          1. Hi Helga,
            You came in this foundation like a sun.Now we are more powerful with you.
            Your searching may force lots of people to begin citric acid.And our lots of questions in our minds will be solved in weeks
            or months.

            1. Hi Ergin,

              Thanks, you are so sweet. I hope it will be useful to ordinary folks not having access to expensive treatments. And it surely does not have many side effects! By the way I now added ginger to my treatment, to prevent my body to become acidic. I take citric acid and ginger with a small interval between them. Again, thanks to dr. Alberto’s advice, I don’t want the two neutralize each other (in the chemical, not medical sense) because I suspect ginger is alkaline (by the way does anyone know if this is true?) and dr. A. said citrate is not working, it must be in acidic form. Anyway, I take 2 grams of CA, then usually wait a few minutes and take cca. 2g dried ginger. It is very invigorating! You can almost feel the goodness spreading in your veins and arteries. Thanks Alberto, again, for your great work!

            2. ps. As mentioned in this other old article citruses and citric acid removes alkalinity from the body, therefore we have to replenish it. This article also talks about arthritic patients consuming citruses being a bad idea because of acidity exacerbates arthritis. I can attest to this, feeling my joints after taking a good dose of CA, however the ginger seems to help to with this, too.

  48. Hi Paul,
    Thank you very much for your reply to Helga and the albumin update.I am happy about no pain and fever.
    First time we saw low albumin with my mother.33g/l
    Oxaliplatin changed lots of things in her blood counts and serious side effects occured.
    Ca125 came from 70 to 100 this week unfortunately.I hope thats because of adding HCA to our protocol and
    dead tumors.I hope!

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Ergin,

      Sorry to hear your mom is not tolerating Oxaliplatin very well. My wife has no side effects after two rounds of Oxaliplatin – she has low hemoglobin count but it can depend on internal bleedings. Before chemo she takes two Ca-Mg tablets+Ginkgo biloba, before we leave hospital she takes ALA – in this case used as chelator against Platinum – three more days on 5-FU then on the fourth day she starts with milk thistle as a detox agent. Thunder God Vine (triptolide) and sulforaphane has synergism with Oxaliplatin so maybe it is an idea to take them just before chemo. Tumor markers have always some lag, don’t worry about a single result. I wish the best to your mother.

      Kind regards

      1. Thank you very much Paul,
        I will use all before chemo,her magnesium is already very low,
        everytime nurse put mg inside vitc bag,but this time may be she forgut.She couldnt use ALA because of stomach upset
        despite omeprasole.
        I hope she can tolerate citric acid(tomorrow we are going to begin).
        And a question:Is lemon salt(monohydrate) which we can find easily,food grade citric acid?

        Kind Regards

        1. Hi Ergin,

          One thing I forgot to mention, as soon as we come home she takes MSM methylsulfonylmetan too for binding Platinum and continues doing so for a week. Try to combine citric acid with some juice and ALA maybe with yogurt.
          You can find citric acid on eBay or in a local diy wine shop.

          Kind regards

  49. Here is another article presented in 1947:
    I learned from it that citric acid makes the body acidic in itself so one must eat leafy vegetables to keep it sufficiently alkaline.
    “The universal use of citrus fruits in arthritis may be very unscientific, if we accept the idea that
    acidosis is a predisposing cause. The citrus juice has an alkaline ash, but the neutralization of the acid when
    ingested by the blood buffers certainly promotes acidosis. This alkaline reserve is NOT reclaimed until the
    acid is OXIDIZED. This may not happen, for it can be thrown out by the kidneys first. In fact, it is well
    known that the urine becomes ALKALINE as a result of citrus juice ingestion. That is due to the buffer salts
    abstracted from the blood in combination with the citric acid. If the patient happens to be getting a lot of
    green salad vegetables he may be able to tolerate this loss, but very often the arthritic patient on citrus juices
    is killing himself by inches.”

  50. I had a very strong discussion with the journal The Lancet when the article about treatment of cancer with citric acid from 1866 appeared suddenly in 2010, 3 years after I published my work, before 2010 that article was not available in internet… in that article the authors used citric acid to disolve a tumor, they never use it to inhibit glycolysis as my work describes… they even know that mitochondria exists… my work is about the role of mitochondria in cancer… and, before 2007 citric acid has never been used as a cancer treatment.. only one time in 1866 as a corrosive agent, not as a cancer treatment..

    1. It is unclear if the mechanism behind the results of the 1866 article is other than the glycolisis inhibition.
      However, that is not important for us here. What is important is the great outcome, based on facts not theory (as are all of your articles).

      In my view, the 1866 article it is only making your work stronger!

      If you would be the only one in this world claiming good results following the use of Citric Acid, it would be fair for some people to question that. But now the 1866 article (published in The Lancet) represents a second major reference point demonstrating the same, while fairly enough, no connection can be made between you and the 1866 authors. So again, thank you Helga for sharing with us your very valuable findings.

  51. It will be better to continue this discussion in order from here and not including comments in the middle… there are a lot of people reading this…

    1. I agree, I have to check if there is a way for the comments to be organized in a different way.
      Currently, the Advantage of a “Reply” is that the one to whom the comment is addressed is receiving immediately a notification, but the Disadvantage is that the comment is as you say located in the middle … maybe I can find a way so that the “Reply” comments are placed at the bottom of the comment list.

  52. Dear Dr. Alberto,

    Please, don’t feel bad about this old finding. It does not reduce your contribution in any way. And you are right, you based your hypothesis on scientific facts uncovered in the 20th-21th century about glycolysis, citrate cycle and so on. The old folks just tried it because they tried every new substance, I guess, and it worked. They used it as a lotion for tumors close to the skin.

    Daniel is right, it supports your work even more strongly. No question that you discovered this treatment on your own. Nevertheless, we should be grateful to The Lancet/NIH to make these old articles available. What is also striking about them how easy it is to understand them compared to modern-day scientific articles.

  53. Dear Helga:

    I read the BMJ article from 150 years ago.
    What greatly surprised me was that they found that carbolic acid worked even better than
    citric acid. There is a reasonably plausible mechanism of action for citrate (the first member
    of the TCA cycle) in that it inhibits phosphofructokinase. This has a clear logic.

    What I am unsure about is why would carbolic acid have an even stronger anti-cancer effect?

    1. Dear J,

      Thanks for the good question. I am not sure if they know the complete answer to it but carbolic acid is actually phenol. It is well known that a lot of phenolic compounds have anticancer potential. Here is a good article about them:

      And it is also known that a lot of plants contain a lot of such compounds. A good article about the plants and their phenolic compounds measured: “Antioxidant Activity of Plant Extracts Containing Phenolic Compounds” Interestingly, blackcurrant has one of the highest total phenolics content and it is also known to be a very health-promoting fruit.

  54. Here’s a funny one.

    On the compass thread a while back the question was asked why did a patient with lymphoma (NHS?) undergo a complete response to DCA? The only hint given was that he drank a can of Mountain Dew to wash down the DCA. I had thought perhaps this might be related to the glucose in the pop. Yet, I now notice that 50 ml of Mountain due contains 1 g of citric acid. A 250 ml can contains 5g.

    Wonder if this might solve the mystery? Funny that no one on the thread clued into this possibility before.

  55. Here it is:

    The patient had a complete response with his Mountain Dew DCA protocol.

    J Bioenerg Biomembr. 2013 Jun;45(3):307-15. doi: 10.1007/s10863-012-9496-2. Epub 2012 Dec 20.
    Case report: Sodium dichloroacetate (DCA) inhibition of the “Warburg Effect” in a human cancer patient: complete response in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after disease progression with rituximab-CHOP.

    PMID: 23263938

    “His “DCA protocol” consisted of: DCA 1,000 mg per day in one daily dose. The DCA was mixed with 10 ounces of Mountain Dew™ containing 55 mg of caffeine. TM also used vitamin B1 at 500 mg/d (through 12/10/08), alpha lipoic acid 600 mg bid, green tea (Jarrow™) 500 mg bid containing 74 mg of EGCG and 35 mg of caffeine per 500 mg. Within 2 weeks of starting this regimen, the patient reported significant reduction in night sweats, low grade fever, anorexia and fatigue. One month after initiation of the DCA protocol, the neck nodes were noticeably smaller, and at 2 months no nodes were palpable. At 71 days into the DCA protocol, complete resolution of all systemic symptoms had occurred. ”

    Those are American ounces. 10 US ounces = 296 ml
    This is equal to 6 g of citric acid!
    Hmm, I wonder!
    Perhaps it was not the caffeine!, nor the glucose!, but the citric acid!!
    This mystery has been out there for 4 years!

    From the Cancer Compass thread: “Jcancom Sat Aug 22, 2015 08:07 PM
    For example, the responder to DCA with NHL seemed to do especially well with a Mountain Dew with the DCA. We wondered whether this was related to the caffeine or the glucose. Perhaps it was the gluocse?? Not sure about that though.) “

    1. Hi Jcancom,
      I had asked a question about mountain dew in DCA post.Very happy about your findings.
      I am exactly thinking like you.
      DCA and citric acid works synergetic as we discussed on DCA post.
      Kind Regards

  56. With this message it is 260 thoughts in this post.
    I hope,i wish and i think we will see some cured peoples before it hits 1000 messages,if the theory is true.
    Today we begin citric acid.We will see.

  57. But… very important Ergin… if you are using other treatments for cancer AND citric acid we will never know if those treatments were better… or worst…

    1. Thanks Dr Halabe,
      I know it is not a scientfic method but we only use your protocol about dosage .May be later another people will use citric acid alone as described in your valuable articles.
      We give 1 week chance to citric acid without chemo(already stopped chemo 2 weeks ago).Her albumin is as low as 3,3.
      CA125 was 100 nearly.
      We can see some improvements on blood counts in next days.
      If yes forever weeks chance TO citric acid.
      Thats why i am always asking questions about heavily pretreated patients and citric acid and never get an ANSWER.CA125 is growing very fast these days without chemo.
      Thats my idea.I hope 1 week will be enough to see ANY improvements,especially ca125.Little chance but why not?


    2. I think you have seen lots of people using chemo+citric acid before.Did you see any worst happening?
      Can we say for example %20 cure with chemo and %100 citric acid alone.
      If you have datas could you please share them with us,so we stop chemo…

  58. Important: Ca-125 is not only a cancer marker, it also increase with inflammation and tissue damage that it can be second to chemotherapeutic agents and other treatments, immediately or weeks or months later..

    1. You are right about Ca-125
      Thats my fault writing here may be it will be declined because of late effect of chemo or higher with inflammation.
      But what can we do? we dont have MR at home,so only the thing is blood counts for now.
      And you never shared your experiences about citric acid with chemo.

    1. Ofcourse Dr Halabe you are not responsable for any patients here.Thats all our choice to use or not to use.
      We just need to hear some good words about heavily pretreated patients and citric acid with chemo.
      And i feel i am forcing you to fight with me so i am stopping here:)

    1. Ok i stopped asking about chemo and citric acid together.
      Because this may put a barrier infront of people who will use citric acid alone,after your answers.
      Thanks for the article,i didnt reach it for days.

      The second patient is an adult with terminal peritoneal
      mesothelioma that has been diagnosed as unresectable by
      PET and resistant to antineoplastic treatment since June,
      2010, when he began taking citric acid orally; his survival
      rate exceeded all published statistics for a case of peritoneal
      mesothelioma in these conditions (3).

      Dr Halabe are you still in communication with him(is he alive?) and with your other patients?
      Why dont we invite them here for giving us hope?

  59. Dear Helga:

    Thank you for the research about phenols.

    What I also find interesting from the BMJ article is that not only did citric acid and carbolic acid show anti-tumor effects, but so too did acetic acid. This was noted above as being a dissolving effect of these acids. However, this started me to think about whether acids as an anti-cancer strategy might work through pH. D has an entry exploring the potential of modifying pH within the tumor environment (He also has recently been an author of a paper discussing this approach).

    Perhaps increasing the acidity of the extracellular tumor environment during treatment might be helpful. For example, research found that the uptake of 3-BP was enhanced in an acidic environment. Citric acid might also do this for DCA. Possibly suddenly acidifying the tumor environment would cause the tumor to try to balance out the pH and retain lactic acid. Wonder how liposomal or chitosan citrate might apply. ( D noted on the compass thread that an acid would not be able to be retained by chitosan. Might there be some other formulation that could hold it?) This way the acid could be delivered right to the tumor environment and specifically increase e.g. 3-BP uptake and also perhaps influence the intracellular environment by e.g. modifying lactate release (as suggested above).

    1. Dear J,

      I wish to congratulate you two times for how cleaver you are 🙂
      1. Because you found me with the paper on pH
      2. Because of your idea on a potential benefit when increasing the acidity (reducing the pH) around the tumor.
      I was actually reading a paper recently exactly on that line, showing how tumors need to cope with that low pH and it seems that they use Glutamine for that: That means the lower the external pH, the higher the glutamine need which makes very much sense. On the same line, there is more research suggesting that lactate promotes glutamine uptake by cancer cells
      So we can argue, that the more aggressive cancer is the better chance will have the acids to work against the tumors, at least when applied topically.

      Kind regards,

  60. dear J,

    very interesting conclusion. add to that ALA (alpha lipoic acid), ellagic acid, etc. on the hand, lactic acid is very bad, and acidity in general leads to cancer.

    “The process of alkalizing cancer cells is slower and less effective than making them too acidic, because cancer cells naturally neutralize pH buildup with their lactic acid production. All cells, including cancer cells, die if they either get too alkaline or too acidic.

    So to explain again, cancer cells produce energy almost entirely by fermentation, breaking down sugars, as opposed to aerobically producing energy with oxygen. This fermentation process produces lactic acid as a byproduct. When you stop the elimination of lactic acid with BLA, lactic acid builds up in the cancer cell. At some point the lactic acid builds up to an amount that the cancer cells become so acidic they can no longer function, and die a natural death.”

    “The buildup of lactic acid works amazingly well for causing cancer cells to die a natural death — fast.

    One researcher, Dr. Rosenberg, MD, a leading cancer doctor, using a different process to block the lactic acid pumps in cancer cells, fed a patient a huge amount of sugar by giving him glucose IVs — once the lactic acid pumps were blocked.

    Feeding cancer cells sugar caused them to produce much more lactic acid then they normally would. In fact, the more sugar he gave his patient, the faster the cancer cells died because the lactic acid built up faster in the cells.

    He brought the tumor markers in one advanced cancer patient down to 0 in 30 days. A second patient’s markers dropped 40% in 2 weeks. Truly amazing results.”

    feeding the patients sugar?! weren’t we told sugar only feeds cancer? wow. (some stuff is recommended in the article so please, nobody should start eating sugar now without further informing themselves.)

    1. Hi Helga,

      I indeed wrote a post on this subject earlier
      What they are writing in the article you cited above is not completely correct from a scientific point of view as the inhibition of the lactic acid transporter would not necessarily lead to lactic acid accumulation. Cancer cells can still export acidity (protons) via other channels such as Na/H exchange, etc.

      What Dr. Rosenberg did was extremely risky. Feeding that patient with a lot of sugar is known it will feed cancer. That is a certainty. Using lactic acid transporter inhibitors dose not mean immediately that those will be inhibited.
      So I would certainly avoid such a treatment strategy although it sounds interesting from a scientific point of view.
      I believe tumors are having the fermentation process elevated enough so that if we succeed to inhibit well the proton pumps that will work well as a treatment strategy without the need for extra sugar

      Answering the last question, if Citric Acid would indeed fully inhibit glycolissi, giving sugar to the patient will only make him fat but nothing else … but again I would avoid that since I heard some airlines will put a weight limit for those who want to fly with them 🙂

      Kind regards,

      1. LOL Daniel, i am on their blacklist, too much sugar, they need rocket fuel for me so that the airplane can stay in the air.
        Would it make sense to not take Metformin with CA?
        Things are a bit confusing.

          1. If you’re asking about me being banned from flying, it’s Cola.
            About metformin and CA, there was talk about feeding cancer too much sugar and over-acidification with CA
            Also compatibility with anti-oxidants since CA is pro-oxidant

            I’m still wondering if there are ways to better the treatment with regards to timing, combinations and dosage of treatment elements.
            CA and Baking Soda doesn’t seem like a good idea for example. I feel that these things are of great importance and possibly life saving. But that’s just my uneducated opinion for now

            Thank you very very much,

      2. D, I found this one interesting. PMID: 24976724
        Lactic acid is good?

        “Accumulating recent evidence shows that LAB {lactic acid bacteria} inhibit initiation or progression of carcinogenesis through various pathways, thus paving the way for potential therapeutic methods for colorectal cancer ” Table 1 from the article shows a list of these bacteria that attack cancer in multiple ways. Considering that colorectal cancer is near the top of the cancer risks this it might be wise to think of supplementing with LABs before all the multi-decades phase 3s read out.

  61. However, citric acid increased the level of blood glucose and expression of the phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase gene. These results indicate that citric acid ingestion may eliminate fatigue by promoting gluconeogenesis.

    1. Than do we have to use glycolitic inhibitors near citric acid,or leave it alone as scientfic method.

      Can we say blood glucose is a different thing and does not have correlation with cancer cells?

      Are we playing gamble with using citric acid?

  62. Thank you D. I have read through your article. If you like I and others on the thread could help you with copy editing.
    There were some repeated sentences etc. in the article.

    Dear Helga:

    What I am particularly interested in is the idea that acute acid treatment combined with e.g. 3-BP might be helpful.
    It is known that 3-BP has better cancer cell entry in a more acidic environment.

    “…The higher the proton availability in the extracellular environment, the more the inward symport flux of protons will be favoured and thus 3BP-mediated uptake via MCTs. Therefore, based on our results, we propose that the specific cytotoxic effect of 3BP towards cancer cells is directly related to its transport across the plasma membrane dependent on an acidic extracellular pH that increases the affinity for 3BP uptake. In addition, we speculate that the results of the present study may be very significant in designing future anti-cancer 3BP treatment protocols for cancer patients in a clinical setting. Due to the high affinity and selectivity of cancer cells for 3BP uptake, low dosages can be used, thus avoiding potential side effects and systemic treatments should be less problematic.”

    PMID: 25641640

    Intentionally manipulating the extracellular environment in vivo toward a more acidic phenotype as was done in in vitro study above could be helpful. This might be done with perhaps a formulation (though not chitosan). Would be interested to know whether the prior research on this question.

    1. Dear J,

      I wonder now if 3BP is available to the public? There is a blogger out there who criticizes everything not officially approved by the FDA and this is also on his list saying that people out there claim that “they” don’t want you to know about it/use it against cancer.

      I also congratulate you on connecting the dots bw the beneficial effect of Mountain Dew and its citric acid content. Great thinking. You are a cancer researcher, can you tell us? I am also linking your pmid here:

    2. Dear Helga:

      Yes, it has been such a frustration to us on the compass thread talking about 3-BP for all these years without a clinical trial in progress. A phase 1 clinical trial was supposed to have started years ago, but never has. It is very frustrating.

      We certainly believe in the scientific method and rigorous science based medicine, though we have been forced into arguing with anecdotes and the two published reports. The concession that needs to be appreciated is that science exists within the context of a commercial constraint. Often this basic reality of life is not fully disclosed during conversation. So, those who talk about a wish for medicine to be science based need to be willing to freely admit that medicine is primarily money based.

      There need be no hoping or praying or wishing for that. The biotech industry has firmly established and rationalized criteria for developing a product which prominently includes highly elaborate net present values related to their investments.

      I myself do not fully understand it, though 3-BP is available to the public through Dayspring (Arizona).

      As I said I firmly believe in the scientific method, though for some people (e.g. those with metastatic cancer that have no available treatment options) it does not seem entirely unreasonable for them to consider additional options. For a boy treated in Germany
      for terminal stage liver cancer treatment with 3-BP appeared to have a somewhat successful outcome.

      There are now several other reasonably successful reports that have also appeared on the Dayspring website.

      It is of interest that the last 3-BP on pubmed actually notes that 3-BP has some fairly unique safety properties that are not
      available for chemotherapy. For example, there is an off switch that can be used with GSH that stops the toxicity of 3-BP.
      The safety issue that resulted from the Bracht incident was the main reason that many websites picked up on the story. They wanted to be front and centre telling everyone that they told them so and that this was such a dangerous treatment. Might these same people be interested in commenting with regards to the available antidotes that exist for other cancer therapies?

      For Mountain Dew, I would have to note that this is simply guess work. I would love to see the scientific method applied to see whether it were in fact true. It could have been the glucose, could have been the caffeine. Problem is that is not clear what it was.

      Not so much a cancer researcher per se, though I am very interested in the research.
      Best Wishes

      1. Dear J, All,

        Based on my personal experience (my wife used 3BP from time to time for >1.5 years, mostly IV but also oral and nebulized), when used correctly 3BP is safe and in our case it was effective without question. If I could give time back we would use it more often and would start earlier. The origin of the issue in Germany is either an unlucky coincidence not related to 3BP or misuse of 3BP. As a side note, I have heard of people making mistake with 3BP and administrating 10x higher dose in an IV manner, and they survived that. To us, 3BP did wonders.

        Kind regards,

  63. Dear ergin, the article Effects of dietary effects of citric acid … that you quote above used non-cancer mice.

    “Meanwhile, increased ATP production is believed to occur when citric acid is supplied to the mitochondria, where it accelerates the TCA cycle and the electron transport chain …”

    In cancer, problems can arise because mitochondria do not function properly. It is not entirely clear what the effect of a ketogenic diet combined with citrate in cancer affected mice would be. It is important nonetheless to realize that the translational relevance of mice research depends on creating conditions in mice as much as possible that are similar to those that humans would experience. In terms of dosing, administration, disease etc.

  64. Dear Jcancom,
    After reading this page everthing changed in my mind.
    Please use Google translator.
    It makes me to think is using citric acid with others can feed cancer or not?
    Low dosages may feed.Or as Daniel said before we have to use it with HCA.
    Or does it works only alone?
    And another question does it have cytotoxic effects only in direct contact with cells?

    1. When we doubled the DCA dose ,ca125 was doubled after citric acid accumulation increased by DCA we thought.
      May be it is special for ovarian+prostat cancers .SO we began HCA.
      Now Chemo+DCA+HCA+Citric A.+Metformin+2DG+Curcumin iv+Vitamin c iv+omeprasole+others.
      On monday we will see the blood counts.I hope we are not feeding tumors.

  65. Dear ergin:

    One thing that you need to be aware of is that typically doctors might only want to treat with three or maybe four drugs at any one time because adding more will simply result in interference. More is not always better.

    For instance, in some of the research it has been found that 2DG and metformin seems to make a good combo.
    2DG for glycolysis and metformin for OXPHOS.

    I wonder if D has an opinion on perhaps DCA and alpha lipoic acid. The idea here would be that they both work on PDK so perhaps you could combine and see if they worked well together without adding side effects (e.g. DCA can lead to problems with neuropathy).

    1. Dear J.
      The best thought now for us is enhancing chemo efficiency,before it kills her.
      It is really an opportunity lost if you are not using for example phlorizin just before chemo.
      It makes cancer cells partially or totally naked and unarmed for some time..But noone talks on it.
      I prefer talking on that after 1-2 week of citric acid treatment.(i hope citric acid will work forever for all patients).

    2. Hi J,

      Dr. Khan from Medicor recommends supplementing DCA with ALA, Benfotiamine, and Acetyl-L-Carnatine specifically to combat peripheral neuropathy.

      I would assume that ALA and DCA are thus probably not antagonistic agents as he would likely have taken that into account.

      1. Hi J and Meech,

        Both ALA and DCA seem to work in a similar way on PDK but ALA has also the anti oxidant action. Due to this reason, I would not use ALA in high dose while using any other pro oxidant agent, including DCA. I may take some oral ALA like 300mg or even 600mg to protect liver etc. but not more than that probably and specifically not IV.

        How much ALA did you used with DCA, Meech?

        Kind regards,

    3. Also, I was taking DCA and ALA on and off together. It wasn’t with an incredible deal of consistency but it was generally daily for 4 weeks, followed by a few months without ALA, then again for 4 weeks, etc. And I experienced no ill effects.

    1. Dear Alberto, I indeed received two comments under two different names claiming they were cured by Citric Acid. I did my research (based on IP, e-mail address, etc.) and so far there is no evidence to me that those are real people. As a result, I did requested to send me evidence before publishing their comments. Not to speak about the fact that I would expect anyone who was cured has more to say then just “My name is John, and I was cured by citric acid”. I worked hard to connect everything I write to (scientific) evidence and I cannot allow this website become something else. I hope you understand and agree.

  66. I contacted 25 of my patients that are already cured from cancer with citric acid and as a favor to me I told them to participate here and only 2 did that…. incredible..

    I can’t believe this…

  67. Dear Halabe,
    You will have thousands of patients here although you dont rule and have no responsibility.
    World History and People know how to write your name on the sky with GOLDEN words.
    We all hope you will erase oncology with citric acid.
    Question is scientfic method?

    1. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
      We have a good chance in this week.Hyperthermia.
      If we can really totally block glycolisis,it should work perfect with hyperthermia.
      I will talk with our Dr. about this situation.In Phlorizin example,they see very good responces without chemo with hyperthermia.

  68. Dear Daniel & all,

    Just wanted to say again how great it is that smart/thinking people use here their collective wisdom to try to cure cancer. It is completely unique on the entire internet. I regularly read alternative sites about cancer but none of them is nearly as smart as this one. I also hail Daniel’s decision not to publish accounts of people of their cancer cure without making them sufficiently detailed to be believable. Could it be that their English is not good enough to describe their cases?

    After reading again the Daniel’s article I was looking around in our household and found some Omeprazole. I took a 40 mg capsule with my citric acid and actually feel physically better than without using it. Do you have info about the dosing? I take CA now 6 times a day, 2g each.

    1. Hi Helga,
      (I also hail Daniel’s decision not to publish accounts ………)
      Thats why i am here.He is special and honest.

      A question to all:
      Citric acid inhibits fermentation and kills cancer in humans.Is it a theory or reality?
      How we are so sure that it blocks glycolisis when digested and metabolised in HUMAN?
      May be works only on lab tests.Because it is not digested there.Shouldnt we have to see stg positive on blood counts.Like low blood sugar count.As we know there is no correlation between lactic acid and citric acid.It depletes ketones on mice.
      If it totally blocks glucose uptake and make them unarmed,use it just before chemo and forget about cancer!
      I am thinking about mechanism when digested but not sure about the theory.

        1. Hi Ergin. I am not sure I understand your question. Citric Acid should actually work as a glycolitic inhibitor. Omeprazole mentioned above is a proton pump inhibitor which is expected to reduce the protons exported by the cancer cells and as a result the acidity around the tumor.

          Now, as Helga asked, the questions is what is the right dose. First, I should say Lanzoprazole seems to be more effective than Omeprazole (I will later search for the reference). Next, here is a very relevant study performed on dogs showing how the administration of high dose Lanzoprazole next to Chemo lead to extreme increase of chemo effectiveness (partial or complete responses in 67.6% cases using Lanzoprazole, vs. 17% who experienced only short lived partial responses in the control group): In this case they used 5mg/kg/day during 3 days, followed by four days at the dose of 1 mg/Kg/day to prevent gastric hyperacidity rebound.

          Assuming this conversion factor I would assume that the human dose would be half of that used for dogs, i.e. 2.5mg/kg/day for 3 days during chemo and 0.5mg/day for the four days after that.

          1. Hi Daniel,
            While i was searching 3 weeks ago,
            I understand that obesity forums talks about citric acid much more than cancer forums.
            Because it depletes ketons,and we have to search more and more,is it a glycolitic inhibitor or booster?

            1. Dear Ergin,

              I was looking through your earlier comments and I understand your concerns regarding Citric Acid. Just to make it clear, I think you are not questioning whether CA is inhibitor of glycolisis process. Scientifically, so far there is no evidence to suggest CA would be a booster, and all the theory suggest that it may be an inhibitor of glycolisis.

              However, I very much understand and agree with your concern when I read this paper you cited earlier This paper suggest (but is not totally clear) that CA may boost gluconeogenesis (that is different than glycolisis) leading to a high glucose lever in the blood.

              If this is true, it is something we do not want. So what we can do about it?
              First, anyone who is using CA can measure his blood glucose levels using a typical measurement toll that can be used to measure glucose at home. If indeed, the glucose levels are going high what I would do is to always use Metformin before CA administration. That is because Metformin is an inhibitor of the gluconeogenesis.

              Thank you for pointing that out to us Ergin!

              As a result of our discussions so far, to address the potential weak spots of CA treatment, I would combine CA treatment with Metformin and HCA (both ingested about 30 min prior to taking CA).

              Metformin would address potential increase of gluconeogenesis by CA, and HCA will address potential conversion of CA in cholesterol and other fuels for cancer via the potentially upregulated mevalonate pathway as previously discussed.

              Kind regards,

  69. Daniel, please, citric acid does not increase glucose level in the blood….
    But, adrenaline increases blood glucose, so ,if patients are confused reading all this and that generates to them stress and anxiety, theIr blood glucose will increase..

      1. Dear Ergin:

        With metastatic cancer it is very important to have backup plans for the time that progression occurs and options might seem limited.

        Here is a suggestion for you to be prepared for such a time. This is probably more of a last resort, though I hope you find it helpful.
        PMID: 25999714

        Best Wishes, Jcancom

    1. Dear Alberto,

      When you have to deal with cancer there are other factors that may indeed rise your adrenaline level such as the results of a CT scan. In this context, taking CA would be nothing compared to the events that are taking place in the life of a cancer patient.

      But OK, let’s make the experiment even more fair: when I find the time, I will take a good amount of CA and measure several times my blood glucose level at e.g. 5 min after, 30 min after, one hour, etc. as much as I have the time

      This would be a fair experiment and anyone can do it other than the patient.
      I expect you agree with such an experiment?
      I will let you know when I have the results.

      Kind regards,

  70. Hi Mr Halabe,
    Your mysterical words boosts my adrenalin:).
    If you answered our questions clearly before(blood count questions),we dont need any search.
    Tomorrow blood count day for us,i always shared with peoole without adding no mystery .

        1. Adding some humor is good for us.I hope you are not angry with me Mr Halabe.
          Latest blood counts after 4 day of CA treatment:
          Albumin:rised feom 3,3 to 3,7
          CRP:declined from 7 to nearly zero.
          CA125:unfortunatley 115.

          1. sorry to hear that Ergin

            but isn’t it too much early for this protocol to show any improvement ?

            I would not judge any protocol in a very short time

            as example : several months ago my mother took chemo alone , after 3 weeks ca-15-3 declined from 712 to 685 ,

            then she took chemo + DCA , and ca-15-3 raised to 699 !!!

            but after another DCA + chemo it declined to 517

            even when I give DCA as IV , it took time for it to work , even Sal I will continue on it and use it more and more , many times before chemo and many times after , at that moment when I have more results , at that time I can judge a protocol if it works or not

            continue what you are doing , and always have another strategy as the next plan , there are a lot of people who used to try a lot of things and feel hopeless until they find the treatment that could really work

            hope the best for me and you my brother

    1. Excellent news Ergin… albumin is predictive in prognosis of cancer… and, as I told you, ca 125 increased also if there us inflammation of any kind in the body…

      … and I really liked that you called me Mr… Stalin called to Winston Churchill: Mr. Churchill..

      1. Hi Mr Halabe,
        I searched a little bit about prognostic value of albumin.It looks it is a good thing but not %100
        Ofcourse like ca125.
        She has catheter on chest 2 weeks ago.
        May be the rise in markers is because of it.
        I hope so much that citric acid works for her.

        1. Hi Ergin,

          You asked about citric acid (CA) and glycolysis. While I didn’t make any rigorous measurements like Daniel did, selflessly, I must say CA almost surely blocks glycolysis, and thus the production of lactic acid. Since I started to take it I have more energy and also if I sweat and take CA it always helps. I think it is best to take it with the proton pump inhibitors Daniel suggested in his article and comments. I haven’t ordered any supplements by mail because the post is horrendous in this country, they confiscated my cimetidine from two different sources, twice.

          1. Hi Helga,

            This is exactly the results when using one of the well known glycolissi inhibitors, 3BP: when used at the right dose (max 2mg/kg) the one using it will feel more energy after taking it, which makes very much sense. Slowing down glycolisis in cancer cells (a mechanism that uses inefficiently high amounts of glucose) lives more glucose for the healthy cells, experienced as an increase of energy.

            Kind regards,

  71. Update: Following our discussion on the potential increase in blood glucose level after taking CA, as promised, I did checked if there is any such increase in my case. I mixed 4g of CA with water and took that at once. Measured blood glucose once before taking CA and a few times after, at 5min, 30min and one hour. During this time, there was no specific increase of the blood glucose.
    This may be specific to my case, so others may want to check for themselves, but these results are not supporting the claims in the article

    1. I told you Daniel… if citric acid could increase glucose level it had to be prohibited for diabetic people… and that has never been stablished..

  72. Dear Dr Halabe,

    Does citrid acid cross the blood brain barrier? I might have leptomeningeal mets…

    I googled but did not find anything.

    thank you.

      1. hi Daniel

        thanks, i found this in the meantime. Its interesting that these cases did not receive much attention.

        I am not believing in theories about big pharmas hiding the truth, maybe its not taken seriously because it sounds too simply and silly (using an acid against cancer..)? If these cases are REAL it should receive more attention…and investigation on the exact biochemical mechanisms…because to me the exact mechanism is not clear.

        I will give it a try with a high amount. What can I lose .. I mailed Doctor Alberto Halabe.

        1. You are welcome!

          I also do not think anyone is hiding the truth.

          However, what is clear is that
          1. the drug industry is responsible for and leading the choices the humanity makes in what areas to explore when searching for solutions to cancer
          2. the drug industry is represented by Businesses and not Charity organisations

          When you add the two together you know that Citric Acid like solutions will never fit the picture as there is simply no business behind. Same for many other discoveries. They will remain forever confined to academic space. There will be always someone jumping up and down, there in the corner of academic research, screaming : “I found it, I found it!!!” But no company will care about that. I am not saying that Citric Acid is one of those solutions. We still need to see facts supporting that from more sources. But the fact that there is clear science behind and at least two different medical sources stating the same and its effectiveness going back >100 years ago it means to me that there may be something serious behind CA.

          Regarding the above, I am not judging the drug companies. They are business and from a business perspective it is normal to chose routes for drug development that will lead to both growth of the business and increased profitability. I am sure, most of the people acting in those industries are very well intended and strongly believing in what they are doing.

          The issue is the current society (all of us) accepting the overlap between health care and business as the SINGLE route to advancement. With the constant growth of cancer impact on our life (according to statistics 2 out of 3 people on this planet will be affected by cancer during their life time), the time has come for humanity to start supporting and focus its resources on an additional route for drug development, not driven by business.

          In case you are going to use it please keep us up-to date regarding the results you see. Thank you in advance for that.

          Kind regards,

  73. Dear Wondering,

    I am pretty sure citric acid (CA) crosses the blood-brain barrier, being a small molecule. Also, in mice it did have an attenating effect in the brain: CA being such a universal molecule we can take it for granted that human brain behaves the same in this respect. I remember rose hips are also beneficial for brain cancer and kurkuma (turmeric), too.

    Also, here is an interesting article about parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme:

    I am a bit tongue-in-cheek here as thyme does not appear in the article, basil does (anybody recognises the song?). They all seem to have anticancer effect, sage having the strongest. I eat about 4 leaves of sage every day now, after taking my CA. Did anybody else notice that CA is also good at cleaning your teeth from tartar? I am thinking if CA could do that then it might help with the elimination of tumors, too (I know it is totally naive conclusion but I like it anyway).

    1. cheers, Helga. i will read the article.

      I think its always good to use whatever you can against the b*tch called cancer. (I’m probably in deep (undiagnosed) trouble (lept mets) and my oncologist does not seem to care about my symptoms as MRI is clean.

      I give DCA and CA a try and of course will report back ( inc my tumor marker which is now OK).

      (@Daniel, its me who mailed you couple of days ago).

        1. Dear MR Halabe,
          I like your way to communicate with us..We are all sure that you are very different than the other doctors.
          It is also a very big QUIZZ for you .But be very sure that we will never tell any lie about CA.Because we are different as you are.
          As i said before,we know how to write your name in history…and if you are sure about a cure,imagine where your name will be written although you never mind.I hope we will be a part of the Halabe’s Cure History.
          And i prefer to get into silence for sometime from now on.
          Kind Regards
          Ergin Inal

  74. Dear Alberto,

    its really nice to read about the patients improving on CA. Can you please conform how many patients did you treat with CA only? I saw you mentioned the difficulties in determiningt he efficacy in patients who get chemo and radiation in parallel.

    There are around 12 report of successful treatments – but i assume that since 2007 you handled more patients on CA only. what are those experieces??

    muchas gracias.

      1. hi Alberto
        I did, and i think Daniel linked most of these above. but i do not find info on those patients NOT included in the case reports. Even a partial response or a temporary response is nice, dont get me wrong.
        thank you.

  75. I guess you are referring to the article in which you explain why you dont report about more patient (because they use other treatments, let i be conventional or alternative.) which i understand,

    does this mean that you handled only around 12 patients who were on CA ONLY?

    1. OK – and you published 12 case reports. does this mean that in 1988 cases the patients were receiving another treatment in parallel and hence you don’t publish ?
      How many of the 2000 patients were in remission?

  76. Good question… all of them were in remission since the first 10-15 days of treatment with citric acid… believe it or not…

  77. Dear Dr. Alberto,

    Unfortunately, your statements above cannot be supported with reference and as a result are not credible. Lets keep our discussion limited to the facts that can be supported by evidence. For example, you will never be able to support your statement regarding 2000 patients in remission and even more from the first 10-15 days. Like I said earlier, I do not want to convert this website in something else then it is. As a result, until we have evidence please refrain from making such statements on this website. Thanks in advance for your understanding and alignment with these guidelines.

    Kind regards,

  78. To be honest I am starting to lose my faith in the claims.

    Alberto says that 2000 out of 2000 people were in remission after 10-15 days. sounds like a fairytale. there was no non-responder, at all. And all the mets responded at the same time.

    I mean, even the cases studies can be fabricated but I truly believed those. Now this is far too much for my liking.

    We all know cancer is much more complicated……

    1. Dear Wondering,

      I think Dr. Alberto is over excited about Citric acid and as a result he steps into a dangerous zone making claims that cannot be supported. I very much appreciate his enthusiasm and I believe he is a well intended man, but we also have to act more professional here so that we do not deviate from the path of learning the truth to the path of dreaming (although I do like dreaming).

      Having said that, as discussed in the article, I do believe CA has good potential . This believe is based on multiple scientific evidence some of which is reverenced in the article, as well as case reports presented by dr. Alberto and since recently (thanks to Helga) we also have case reports going back to 1866.

      So, potentially there is something very good about CA. Given that potential, next to the fact that the substance is available, cheap and with no side effects, CA becomes an element that can give us all hope.

      Cancer is complicated because we do not understand it good enough today. I did experienced during my PhD a moment where the whole world was seeing a physics mechanism impossible due to so much complexity. And all the physics books and the theoretical physicists were showing why it is not possible, with a lot of theories on that. Experimental scientists in the best companies and universities around the world were also performing experiments showing it is impossible, in line with the theory.
      One day, during my experiments in the lab, while looking with very complex and expensive tools I saw something strange in my experiments. Something the physicist would consider noise in the experiments.

      I felt and thought there is something valuable about that and I started investigating it. The more I was looking at “the noise” the more interesting it was indicating that what the whole world believed impossible, may actually be possible. I discussed with my direct thesis supervisor but he did not believe me and I could see how his attention was going away when I was explaining what I see. However, I found a colleague and good friend who believed me and we started to build together a simple experiment to see if what I saw is true.

      And guess what: using the simplest experiment that would be available in any high-school we could show that what was believed impossible by the best scientist of this world (from Stanford University, MIT, etc., IBM, Hitachi, Sony, Philips, Seagate, Western Digital, etc.) was there and was so simple that any student could see it if he would look after it. Finally, my former thesis supervisor won the “Dutch Nobel Prize” with it of 2 million euros and has hopes that one day he will have the real one as well.

      Funny enough, today all those scientists who believed impossible the mechanisms, now they can see it happening everywhere in all the places even in those experiments where before they could not see it, because they were not expecting it.

      The point of this long story is to show that what we are discussing here on this website, for the best scientist in cancer field may be the “noise” in my experiments. This “noise” however may lead to the real breakthroughs in cancer field.

      Coming back to what triggered me to write the story above, you said “we all know cancer is much more complicated …” My opinion is that we know that just because someone said so long time ago, as he she was not looking from the right perspective at it.
      Once the world finds the right perspective, I am sure cancer will be so simple and the solution will be simple as well.
      It may be that the perspective & solution has been found already. That may be CA or something else. And since CA is so accessible and cheap and with no side effects I would strongly consider it as an exploration path, but very probably not as a stand alone “treatment”.

      Kind regards,

      1. Good post and it easily might be that you are right. Also we have the spontaneous remissions – science does not know much about these – we cant just say that some tumor types are prone to it – something must trigger (OK, maybe a gene – but why then? why not sooner? what impacts that gene?).

        To be honest, if the case reports are real its understandable why Alberto is overenthusiastic – he saved lives. Its just with these claims, oversimplification (you need no sports, chemo, no dca, etc. ) and a bit defensive behaviour he is not representing the case well. But this does not mean he is not right whit the hypothesis “CA can cure cancer” – but i am sure we cant say “CA alone cures all cancers.” A

        lso, the science will accept the case reports etc better if there are in vitro and in vivo experiments showing how it can work. Anecdotes are no real proof for the profs.

        Nevertheless, i do believe the case reports ( if there were fabricated there would be more) and that the Dr has good intentions. And i am taking now CA, 10g per day with water.

        1. Dear wondering,

          What is your experience with CA? if i may know.
          Any other treatments you use?
          I hope things are going well for you, looking forward for your reply.

          Best wishes,

          1. hi Alex,
            so far no impact but i have been taking it for 3 days only. its very easy to take. at the moment i only take some supplements and CA. i will report back in 2 weeks.

      1. … the treatment with immunotherapy that Jimmy Carter received has never been effective alone with other patients with the same stage of cancer that Jimmy Carter presented on August, 2015, when I sent to him the project about treatment of cancer with citric acid…

    1. Hi Dr. Halabe,

      Are there any unspeculative metrics for this patient (tumour markers, scans). I don’t doubt her condition got much better and I don’t doubt that CA was the cause. I do doubt that she was cured just based on the small panel of bloodwork shown.

      My albumin/all my other bloodwork has been immaculate outside of chemo but I still quite obviously have stage iv disease with tumours visible on CT scans as well as palpable tumours.

  79. Dear Daniel,

    I already sent the email for the invitation for the people of The Carter Center to participate here, I sent you a copy.

    I also invited them through Twitter from my account: @Cancercuretop

    I also sent to you a few days ago the letter that I sent to Donald J. Trump, Former President of the UniteD States of America, soliciting an interview for presenting him my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid.

    And I also sent to you now the cover of the letter that I sent to the White House for the same purpose.

  80. I have a 5lb bag of CA arriving tomorrow. I’m going to start taking high dose citric acid along with no other treatment and see what happens. I’ll report the results back to the thread. I’ve been eating 8-10 whole lemons the last few days after stumbling on to this post and have been suprised by what appears to be a reduction in inflammation and pain.

    1. Hi EZ Johnson,

      Thanks for the comment! Great to hear that you see a reduction in inflammation and pain. What is the tumor type?
      Yes, please keep us up to date! I hope we will hear very good news from you!

      Kind regards,

    2. Just wanted to update this post. I’ve decided to discontinue using citric acid due to disease progression. I took it for 8 weeks at 40g/day for the first two weeks and 20g/day for the remainder.

            1. We both know that it does not make any sense to publish a case of a non-working treatment.

              Ezjohnson is a patient and has written here several messages, why would he lie about citric acid?

              This is paranoia.

            2. This should be “science”… and science is a human benefit… at least, that’s what Alfred Nobel wished..

            3. No, this would be chaos. Imagine every oncologist publishing every single non-working treatment for every individual. it would be even funny.

            4. Another infertil comment…

              All the new and experimental treatments that are not effective must be reported, examples: Salvarsan, the first antibiotic, insulin from cow that had to be replaced with insulin from pork, and recently, the drug Vioxx..

            5. New treatments and experimental treatments when they are not effective must be reported, examples:
              – Salvarsan, the first antibiotic
              – Insulin from cow that had to be replaced with insulin from pork
              – Recently, the drug Vioxx

            6. Alberto,
              In which paper do you expect the doctor s to publish cases like this? Your comment had one purpose, to discredit.

              You are a salesman.

            7. W, I agree. Expecting an oncologist will publish this result is beyond expectations. First reason is simply that most oncologist will not want or have the time to consider alternative options. Second major reason is that patients do not have the time to spend with putting the details together to have an article written. Time is of essence, and patients have to focus their time on their treatments and next steps.

              Finally, for patients, just posting the outcome here may be more valuable and of more impact than publishing in a scientific journal, since most people are not reading scientific journals.

      1. Clear ezjohnson! Thank you very much for your report!
        That means there are two people with lung cancer stage IV (you and Alex’s mother) not responding to high dose Citric Acid.
        What are your current treatments options and plans?

        Kind regards,

          1. Dear Dr. Halabe, please let’s not be defensive. Let’s not argue against every non-responding report here.
            People would like to share their experience.
            Instead of arguing against them, you can always take the opportunity to ask those people good questions from which we all can learn. Like, what are the other treatment you used during CA? How often did you took it every day? Before or after food? All days, or sometimes you forgot to take it? etc …


            1. Daniel, maybe what these 2 patients have is toxicity and not cancer, many, many treatments can cause lung fibrosis, the difference is that lung fibrosis is very fast, patients have wordten respiratory symptoms in less than one month, lung cancer in general is slow, patients can be stable for months or years, that’s why people that smoke can perform a chest X ray once a year…

        1. I’m presently taking this list at varying schedules/rotation as some don’t play well with others:

          Fish oil + cox2 inhibitor (currently aspirin)
          Tetracycline or doxycycline
          Mebendazole + cimetidine
          Very high dosages of topical vitamin D
          High dose liposomal vitamin C
          Magnesium L threonate
          Ginger cooked to produce (6)-shogaol

          I’m also researching Methylene Blue and Berberine (not related just reading about both of them right now). There seems to be conflicting opinions/studies on these so if anyone else has experience or research I would like to hear about it.

          1. Thank you for the details. Methylene Blue is an interesting one and I did looked into it some years ago. It is on the list of substances I want to come back to and research in more details. Berberine – I had a good opinion about it. Just that I am not sure about its absorption. I think could be a good idea to pick one of them, and start a forum topic sharing the info you have so far on it and the questions you have. Maybe starting with Methylene Blue. I will also contribute to that.

  81. What bothers me is that i have not found any comment, post, report from anybody who used CA alone or in combination resulting in objective success (markers,CT) even if temporary. Its not like this with Ala, DCA, hca, 3bp.

    1. I would not expect to find much coherent reports on Citric Acid. Personally, I didn’t know anyone taking Citric Acid as a cancer treatment, before writing this post. I only know articles moving around of FB suggesting to drink lemon juice against cancer – but that was probably not containing the Citric acid level required for a response. So if you really like to search for anecdotal reports related to Citric Acid, you should search for those who used intensively lemon juice, I think.

    2. I use CA after my treatment by cyberknife + chemos. Started in summer 2016, coz my doctors said that chance of new relapse is high and i wanted something to prevent this. My radiosurgery was in 24 march 2016. Chemos ended in june 2016 and i began to take CA (+ omeprazole for GI problems +metformin +mebendazole). By now there is no signs of tumor, im in good condition. There is no signs of tumor on my PET/CT. Last checked by doctor week ago (visual inspection) – no signs of tumor. Ofc i can’t say for sure this is thanks to CA but i want to believe that CA helps. Many others who were treated at the same time with me already dead (my first surgery was in 22 june 2015, local relapse in january 2016).

      My diagnosis is nasopharyngeal cancer, 3 stage.

      Sorry for my english.

      1. Thank you Menace.

        Next to CA, Metformin and Mebendazole are also extremely good in my opinion. Regardless on what is working, the fact is that you are alive and tumor free, and that is all that matters. Continuing with these elements for longer time should be easy given that typically there are no (or very little) side effects.

        Your English is great! Are you from Russia, if I remember well?

        Kind regards,

            1. No, i didnt use them.

              And it’s antiviral drugs, right? Tell me please where can i read for its anticancer properties?

            2. Ok, thanks. These drugs are fairly cheap indeed. About 10 euro for a box.

              But citric acid here in Russia is even cheaper: 0.4 euro for 80g. 🙂

  82. This comment in Spanish was published by Sergio Garcia, one of my patients:

    “checa en la red el postulado del dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay. La mafia farmaceutica y la médica con su gran negocio no quiere ceder terreno porque no les conviene. yo mismo soy un caso viviente de su maravilloso efecto…”

    In this Forum on February 21, 2014:


    1. Dear Alberto,

      I read the referenced thread about “Rob” and also this (written by you): “…Sorry Rob, but as you already know, the “commercialization” of my treatment of cancer with citric acid already belongs to a very important international Business firm, with all the legal agreements, you already contacted them…” How is this possible, I wonder? Will they withdraw citric acid from shops and ban lemons to commercialize it for cancer treatment? I have difficulty to believe it is possible to do that. I also hope they won’t be able to do it. Is Rob still well? You seem to have fallen out with each other over some unfathomable (to me) issues.

  83. I can confirm there is something to citric acid for sure. About 3 weeks ago I started to take it because I have every indication I have ovarian cancer (no diagnosis yet as I was not rushing one but also it is difficult for me to get hold of an English-speaking obgyn here for some reason). I had frequent urge to empty my bladder and also a lot of gas in my intestines, both of which are symptoms. In addition, I have a bulge on the left side of my abdomen when compared to the right. In addition, I started to have fullness and nausea after meals. Strangely enough, I also seemed to have overactive hormones like a greasy forehead (like in teenagehood), etc. I got exhausted very easily, esp. after meals. Whenever I lied down I usually quickly fell asleep (usually after lunch on weekends). What really scared me was the extreme pain in my left shoulder whenever I wanted to raise my arm. I learned that ovarian cancer frequently metastasizes into the diaphragm, which can cause this called “referred pain”. Here is a blog:

    I also need to mention that I had a horrible case of sweating, usually after meals or when my blood sugar drops suddenly.

    All these symptoms improved tremendously since I am taking CA for about 3 weeks now. Bloating, overactive bladder and sweating all went away. My hair looks visibly healthier as I usually have now a thick and shiny mane whereas it was beforehand kind of lackluster (I have long hair). I have more energy. Even before I tried to eat cautiously but now I stopped eating meat and drinking alcohol. I also added dried ginger to my diet. I take about 6-8 grams per day, in fizzy mineral water (the latter helps absorption I feel). I am taking supplements as well but these are the changes only I added to also taking CA 6 times a day (2 grams a dose = 12g per day).

    My shoulder pain also improved.

    1. Very impressive dear Helga.
      I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing all this.
      I am curious about the other suplements or things you may be doing.
      Thanks to Daniel and this community, i have just started my mother today on CA, HCA, ALA, Aspirin, Metformin, Resveratrol.
      I would like to add some more things mentioned here as soon as i can aford it. Any good suggestions are most welcomed.
      Congrats on the diet, make sure you stay away from sweets.

      Best Wishes,

      1. Dear Alex,

        Thanks for the kind words. As for supplements I also take beta-glucan, silymarin, Boswellia, propolis, probiotic capsules, Wobenzym, coenzyme 10, cimetidine. As I mentioned in my posts, I also take dried ginger (6-8 grams per day) and I feel it works quite well with citric acid. And once a day we make a Budwig concoction: 120 g cottage cheese, 20-30 ml flaxseed oil, a piece of aloe vera, green leaves (baby spinach or arugula) and some wheat grass. I feel it is quite invigorating! I would add bitter almonds/apricot seeds, Lapacho tea, cats’ claw capsules if the above list would prove insufficient. But this is just for me, there are a lot of other advice here by Daniel, like adding Mebendazole (a medicine against worms), etc. And mushroom extracts, like Maitake, Chaga, Reishi, etc (I would add). We bought in the supermarket a mushroom starter packet but we never started it as you need sawdust as well. But we grow the wheatgrass in pots. Very cheap and very health-promoting.

        1. Thank you very much dear Helga.
          I understand you feel much better now, i am most happy to hear that.
          What is your opinion on CA compatibility with other treatment elements ? I ask because you obviously have more experience and from a science point of view, chemical reactions in the body and such. I would hate to add things and have them cancel eachother inside.

          Best wishes,

          1. Dear Alex,

            Thanks for your nice words. I am not sure my scientific knowledge helps a lot when it comes to self-treatment and compatibility with other treatments. Daniel thinks that citric acid is an oxidant, rather than an anti-oxidant. You can easily take immune system boosting stuff (like beta-glucan, propolis, Boswellia) with it. I think the Budwig mix is more on the antioxidant side. However, I doubt they would cancel each other out. The most important thing in my opinion to spread out the CA doses over the whole day.

            How is your Mom, is she improving as I hope? You mentioned that her tumors are palpable on her arm. What kind of cancer does she have? In that 150 year old publication about treatment the doctor tried vinegar: “It now occurred to me, remembering the
            solvent power of acetic acid over cancer cell walls, to try what effect that acid would have when applied to
            the tumour.” Here is the full paper:
            True, he talks about treating tumors on the surface but I am pretty sure vinegar would enter tissues more deeply. I recently broke my hand and after the cast was removed it was sore and swollen and painful for a long time. I put on a vinegar-soaked tissue paper and covered it with a scarf and the overnight improvement was quite remarkable. Because cancer and inflammation have a lot in common I’d imagine such a vinegar pack might work on tumors under the surface of the skin as well.

            Kind regards,

            1. Thank you Helga for everything,
              I would love to be able to obtain beta glucan, raw milk from a goat for budwig, so many things to add or consider.
              Funny thing is i live in a poor village with people who own animals like that but they all refuse to sell the milk because it’s currently needed by the goat cub, timing is also an issue.
              Then comes the financial problems we face.
              As for doses spread across the day, we also have HCA and i understand that should always come after CA, hence i ask about a optimum dose/timing/compatibility/order of things since i am not trained in anything close to the topic but i do my best to learn.
              Mother is feeling better since starting treatment, we did blood work before for comparison results.
              Less pain overall, an increase in mobility
              It looks like the oncologist suggested the wrong markers for lung adenocarcinoma…………………………… pffff….
              We noticed a bump on her arm at the start of january, ever since it had fluctuated in size a bit
              Lately it’s grown and is quite resistant to pressure from the outside like an abcess.
              A day or two after begining treatment it deflated and became softer to the touch, but the next day it came back to what it was before.
              My mother used to drink STRONG ginger tea she made home. We stopped it thinking it may have something to do with her back pain/kidneys. Urine is showing strong foam, quite polluted. ( We look at that )
              So we did not ignore your suggestion, however i still don’t know what would be best, ginger, curcumin, curcuma……
              so many names, and so much confusion, i wonder if the real thing is the real deal or should we use extracts?!?!
              I keep thinking maybe the combination of elements or dosage or order is not right.
              We’re doing the following:
              5 drops of resveratrol under the tongue X3
              omeprazol X1
              Cabbage brine X3
              metformin 500 mg X3
              aspirin 500mg X3
              ALA X3 or X2
              CA 5g X3
              30 min pause
              HCA 2 capsules X3

              Still waiting for DCA to arrive.
              Mother keeps having these unusual migranes, i wonder if this is something to be blamed on the treatment. And if so what element?! Did you experience these?

              Someone is offering the posibility of a vaccine made by extracting tumour cells from my mother’s body to stimulate the immune system. I see people claim incredible things all over but offering little to no proof, i fear this could be one of them and my mother is feeling all negative about this procedure.
              I am very interested to know your opinion on this and everyone else’s but especially Daniel’s because i believe he will have something to say about this from experience or from talking to so many people about this issue, treating cancer.
              Without this website, i fear the world would be much more dark for so many of us. And here we are looking for the light.
              I think it would be most beneficial for us to get together on skype.
              Again i am sorry for the long reply.
              Let me know,


            2. Hi Alex,

              regarding ginger and tea I doubt it has any contribution to her cancer but if she doesn’t feel good about it, she could drop it for now. Try green tea instead. Re:curcumin, the spice itself is called turmeric (kurkuma in some other languages) and curcumin is the extract from it I believe. If you want to try the spice version, make sure you add about 10% black pepper because that helps the absorption. If you cannot afford beta-glucan, here is my suggestion: there is a natural medicine called Avemar which has a proven anti-cancer effect. While it is not cheap, once I googled the patent claim making it. This is what I found: you take wheatgerm (dried, you can usually buy that by the pound or you can make your own by germinating wheat), then add yeast (the one to make bread) and put the mix in a warm place leaving it to ferment. I am not sure though you can ferment wet wheatgerm without risking growing mold on it but you can experiment. Dry wheatgerm would be better. You just leave it to ferment (make sure you won’t kill it by placing it in too hot an environment) at about 38 Celsius for a few days (I think 2-3). Then you can drink this concoction. It won’t taste very good but that is a little price to pay, I believe. Here is an article:

              “It shows potent anticancer activity on cell lines by deeply interfering with glucose metabolism and affecting expressions of several kinases. In in vivo experimental models, Avemar is also effective by enhancing the activity of the immune system such as stimulating NK cell activity (by reducing MHC I molecule expression), enhancing TNF secretion of the macrophages, increasing ICAM 1 molecule expression on the vascular endothelial cells. All of these lead to apoptosis of tumor cells.”

              This may support your hypothesis about fermented foods being good against cancer, like fermented cabbage (sauerkraut) which your mom seems to be taking already. Do you have access to propolis? If there is a honey-maker in the village, you could get it from them. Propolis has very strong anticancer potential. Also, if you can collect rosehips, they also have anticancer effect.

            3. ps. If you cannot have goat milk, cottage cheese made from cow’s milk is also good. The Budwig is basically a mix of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil, blended well. Everything else is optional.

            4. Dear Helga,
              As always your replies are full of valuable content. I’m somewhat envious 🙂 In a nice way 🙂
              Since DCA needs to be taken 2 weeks on and 1 week off for maximum effectiveness, my mother stopped it for this week. And interestingly, she feels better than before, may be that DCA-CA problem…?!?…. This newly found conflict between them.
              To be honest i had my gut feelings telling me DCA may not be a good addition but i believed i must be wrong since i am not fully aware of the science facts.
              Still i had this feeling that if one treatment is working towards slowing things down to nothing and the other is trying to speed things up….. anyway….
              On that note i would like to throw this question, idea out there… maybe Budwig would also be a mistake to add on top of CA, ALA, HCA, Metformin, Aspirin, Diclofenac, Mebendazol etc
              As i understand it, Budwig protocol would attempt to do similar things as DCA. Please do correct me if i am wrong here.
              I did not know that black pepper would help with absorbtion of curcumin.
              About avemar, sounds tempting, as well as beta-glucan, any good brands suggested/used?
              Now that i have the help so much needed, i could buy these products for mother. However i wish to get her tested before deciding on anymore treatment additions or changes. Because i fear things could worsen her situation if i would give her anything without prior testing. Even if proven beneficial, may work against our goal in her case due to chemistry etc.
              I love the idea of home cooked remedies but i fear i may fail in getting it right.
              I will look for more propolis, possibly from manuka.
              Back to Budwig:
              Cancertutor quote;
              “Use raw milk and raw milk products if you can get them.
              Use goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk products.
              Take the enzyme Lactase with quark or cottage cheese.”

              Personally out of my own mind, based on what i feel and read and believe…
              This Budwig thing sounds like a stupid idea. There is sufficient evidence all over that suggests milk is a stupid idea with cancer, same as with sugar.
              Then you have people saying, oh but wait… it’s not milk anymore, it’s not sweet anymore, it’s a magic coco jambo tricking solution that will trick cancer :)) ROFL :))) 🙂
              If that’s the case then i should recommend the use of Cola in large quantities for chelation, as it can do that over time. (i know it first hand)
              Those people are editors or cancertutor, “mix honey with turmeric and you get a trojan horse”, i fear those people don’t know what they are talking about….. just like me.
              I may be wrong about budwig, i understand there’s science behind it, only saying what i feel i should say in hopes of not making the same mistake as with the other treatment elements and DCA. Where i said nothing in fear of being wrong. Better be wrong than say nothing when you feel something may not be right. Our instincts can be quite extraordinary sometimes. Without them i fear none of us would be here.
              I believe there may be some useful information there and i respect and appreciate that, but when i look here i realize i’m in a better place with the right people who share and prove their statements based on actual science and facts. Same goes for the other popular sites.
              So i appreciate you dear Helga, but to be honest, a good heart is all that matters, and i know and feel you have such a nice personality besides valuable replies.
              So many things to be said… sorry for making it long again.

              Thank you very very much for everything.

            5. I finally think I understand the mystery of the acidic treatment of cancer as noted on my recent comment on this thread (somewhere), adding acid forces acid to remain inside of the cancer cells which then leads to acidosis.

      1. Dear friends, let me say hello to everybody, this is my first post on this forum.
        Dr. Alberto, all what you described looks amazing, I’m very impressed. I’ve read carefully all threads and only one question remain (I understand that you cannot reply on questions like – “what is your recommendation about using CA with chemo?” because you always worked with CA alone). So, my question is: have you ever seen that CA doesn’t help at all?
        @Daniel – your posts are really cool. I gathered same amount info, but I spent a couple of months scrabbing and Unfortunately, I’ve met with the site just yesterday.
        @Menace2 – I’m from Russia either. Not sure do you know or not, but there is a couple of more immunostimulators: refnot and ronkoleikin. In some scenarios they are very efficient, but no so cheap (several hundreds dollars per course of treatment)

        1. Hi Vasis,

          Welcome and thank you for your words of appreciation. I haven’t heard of refnot and ronkoleikin so far and I am very curious to check them. You in your search you found other interesting elements please let me know as I am always happy to look at new potential treatments.

          Kind regards,

          1. Hi Daniel,
            Both immunostimulators (one of them is practically immunomodulator – not sure what is the difference, still studying) are officially approved in Russia and might be bought in many pharmacies.
            Refnot –, there were clinical trials in most famous Russian oncoclinic named after Blokhina, results are available, but in Russian only (the links are on refnot site)
            The second one is Ronkoleikin Originally, it was designed for animals, but now also approved fo humans. I believe there is Europe/US analog since its well-known Recombinant human INTERLEUKIN-2 . AFAIK, Ronald Reagan was cured with such drug.
            I’m personally (my mom) has positive experience using Refnot

      2. Dear Alberto,

        Please be kind with Helga as she is also very kind with you. Also please note that it was her guess that she may have cancer but that is not a fact and as a result her improvement may be not related to CA.

        We should only have constructive comments here and I think Helga did. Please read all her post, and note that pattern of kindness towards you.

        From a scientific point of view there was and still is a lot of room to challenge your statements. That is fair and we should be fair here. You are strongly biased on CA and we all hope that is for good reasons. But while we all have hopes we need to question everything as claims are easy to be made, but strong and unquestionable evidence is difficult to produce. Challenging each other in a respectful way will only help us to bring more clarity on each subject. While your papers and the statements of others + scientific view are good starting points towards the believe in CA, to me there is no strong evidence yet that CA is THE solutions to cancer as you are stating. I hope we will see that soon.

        As a result, I encourage anyone here to challenge each other in a respectful manner and acknowledge when something proves to be true or not, based on facts, regardless of our initial bias. Nobody in this world knows everything and only communicating and expressing what we know and what we don’t will help us advance.

        Kind regards,

      3. I am grateful to you, as I expressed it several times already, dr Alberto. You are my hero. I just told my husband about you having Syrian origin as we follow the plight of the poor Syrians currently suffering in their own country. Please, don’t be so self-conscious. It doesn’t take away from your ingenuity and selfless desire to help people if one asks questions in order to clarify certain things.

  84. The more I study the more I understand that Russian immunology may be still best over the world. I have a couple of presentations where described dozens of immunostimulators, but most part of them not studied to treat cancer. Just several additionals examples –, interferon. But even here in Russia most part of people is not aware about them (or that they can be used to treat cancer)

  85. One of the main things related to immumostimulators (I’ve read a lot of feedbacks in Russia) that it can be used in terminal stages when doctors refuse to make chemistry. After immunostimulators there is a chance that patient might be taken for surgery/radiology/chemistry.

    1. Thanks for this info Vasis. Indeed, Russia had and still has a lot of very very good scientists and as a result I would expect good and at the same time different advancements in oncology-related drugs as well. The drawback is that they are not accessible to most of those from outside – but at least you have access to them.

      1. I have a feeling that if we were to combine World Scientists with Western $$$ we would have the solutions in front of us for each type of cancer by now.
        Maybe i am wrong. Just a feeling….
        Oh how i wish i had a big lab and the funds with a dedicated team.
        Another sci-fi method would be to simulate the entire human body on a computer and simulate cancer+treatment but all sorts of other things so that we could dial in the factors for a more realistic result in the simulation.
        Computing cancer, good and sound theory, if only we would all around the world dedicate CPU time in a worldwide network that already exists to compute these things…..


        1. Dear Dr. Alberto Halabe.

          Congrats on your research and results. The findings may indeed prove to have benefits for so many suffering, my mother included, and those of us who are trying to save our loved ones.
          That being said, i am curious as to what is your best suggestion for treatment with Citric Acid.
          Best method of administration
          Best dosage and time intervals /kg/h
          Peak levels in the blood, half life.
          Best synergy with? Incompatible with?
          Comments on the role of diet?
          Any side effects?
          I would be most interested to know treatment response rates, types of tumour the treatment worked on.
          Statistics if available.
          I am very sure everyone else will as well be very interested about these things and more.
          Thank you very much for your help, most appreciated!

          Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hi! I am interested in the citric acid studies on cancer. I was wondering if anyone might have used this for pets and if so, what was the dosage. My cat is 3kg (6.6lbs).

      I am not sure I can use the citric acid right now since she had a depo-shot and is also on 10mg of prednisolone each day. She is taking an appetite stimulant of cyproheptadine. I am currently using DCA on my cat for carcinoma at .03g twice a day. She is also getting 70ml of ringers solution every other day for hydration.

      Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi Callendula,

        I am sure it would work on cats as well. Is it an external/internal tumor in your kitty? Just try to adjust the dose according to weight. Cats/dogs have a faster metabolism than humans. I am about 60kg and take 12 grams per day. Based on weight, your cat should take about 0.6 gram but because of the metabolism issue, I guess, it could take about 1g per day.


        1. Hello Helga! It is internal. A pretty large mass that surrounds her heart and lungs which affects her lungs. Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate the insight!

      2. Hi Callendula,

        Could a change in diet and water source be helpful as well?
        Should Metformin and the others be considered?
        Keep us posted.

        Best Wishes,

        1. Hello Alex! I took her off her dry food and buy the canned which is is only real meat plus vitamins. I heard dry food creates sugar which could feed cancer. I offer her several fresh bowls of filtered water daily. The vet said we could do surgery but they would have no idea if they could get it all until they opened her up. She is over 14 years old and I think the stress would be too much for her. Plus, I am sure it would be difficult since it wraps around her heart and lungs. We opted for hospice care with the steroids. Then I read about DCA so that is what we started. Then I happened upon the citric acid, so thought as a last effort we could try it out. I don’t want it to die off too quickly but we likely don;t have a ton of time. We’ve only used the DCA about 4 days so far. I was suggested to only use .03g for 2x a day, so I hope it is effective but not harsh.

          Thank you for your reply and suggestions! Much appreciated to have some other options to consider!

          1. Hi Callendula,
            If i were you and the tumor is palpable,i make tests to see the responce.
            Citric acid works perfect when direct contact on tumors.
            Also i see a bird healed with collodial silver.
            You can spray on tumor both of them.And put some into her water.

            1. Thank you, Ergin! I don’t think I can feel least I feel nothing I think is a tumor. It is inside the rib cage so I can’t feel past her bones. A shame, since the direct application would be likely easier since I doubt she will like tasting the CA. If I just apply it on her skin would it still absorb into the bloodstream and get to the tumor that way or must it be taken orally to be effective if not in direct contact on the growth?
              I will have to look into the colllodial silver you mentioned. That is interesting. Is it flavorless?

              Thank you for your feedback!

          2. Hi Callendula, I think the operation is probably a waste of money and possibly would make the kitty’s condition worse. We planted wheat in a pot and the cat likes to graze on it on her own. It has anticancer potential. Also, when our cat was ill (rectal bleeding) the vet gave us probiotics specifically made for pets (it is the dispenser that is specific) but if you cannot have that, probiotics capsules for human are just as good (also told us by a vet). Our cat nicely recovered from her problem with this.

            1. That’s a great idea! Thank you Helga. I do have wheat has tablets in my cupboard. I may be able to get her to eat some of that. I’ll look for the probiotics. I have a refrigerated one called The Ultimate Acidophilus that might work in the meantime.
              Thank you so much for your suggestions!

        2. Is there a special citric acid to be used? I have a bottle of caning citric acid (with less than 2% silicon dioxide for anti caking)…can I use that? I figured citric acid is citric acid?

          Also, i tried to read all the above conversations and someone said upon taking the citric acid they felt like they had more energy and I understand this to be freeing up the glucose from going to tumor cells and allowing normal cells to utilize it. If so, then is an increase in energy/well-being a sign the acid is working as expected on the tumor cells and halting the glycolosis?

          1. Dear Callendula
            I would agree with all you said.
            BUT, since i have limited experience, i can’t say for sure. Mother just began treatment with CA for about a week now and then others.
            I would look for the best supplier of CA on the internet and order that if money is not a major concern, as well as with the other treatment elements.
            I don’t know and will not say for sure that CA is the only thing working, she is feeling better these days.
            We’re also using quite a few of the things talked about here. Thanks to this foundation and the community but also personal resources.
            I wouldn’t want to risk another stand-alone treatment, and lose valuable time again.
            Since i don’t have education in farmacy or medicine, what i would do is try to do my best to scale down the treatment elements that are talked about here so that they would probably work for the cat and hope for the best.
            My mother is just begining here with:
            Omeprazol, Alfa Lipoic Acid
            30 min pause
            Citric Acid
            Things look quite optimistic from the first days of experience but sadly there is no guarantee so then i must make sure i will add as many elements as possible that may increase her chance to heal, but doing so with regards to many things talked about here. Some elements don’t work with others, dosage dependence, etc.
            Thankfully Daniel’s work on this site is very very very very relevant so i encourage you to try to wrap your head around it a bit and then step back and see what treatment elements would be best for your situation.

            I hope you find my reply of some value.

            Best wishes,

            1. It is very much valuable to me and I appreciate you and everyone else taking the time to respond. My cat is part of our family and we love her dearly. It means a lot to me to have your feedback. I am sorry to hear of your mom’s issues and I pray for her recovery. Taking care of my cat is exhausting and I imagine you can relate. I am taking some time to look through this website as thoroughly as I can and make note of the suggestions that I feel can benefit my feline.
              So far I have DCA, CA, fish oil and artemisinin, non carb diet, high protein and fat. My cat loves sweet potatoes so I guess she’s getting plenty of Vit A, too. Also lots of support and love to keep her positive which I think is essential.

            2. Dear Callendula,
              I hope you and your cat are doing better.
              I got back to you to remind you to check with a vet about all these.
              If you can add HCA and Alfa Lipoic Acid to those i think it will be better for your cat. Also Vitamin B1, Silimarin *milk thisle*
              I wouldn’t combine DCA with Artemisinin.
              As for the aditives in the medicine i understand they are there for better absorbtion in the system.
              With or without aditives, i can’t be sure. Some say no others say yes. You don’t know what to believe these days so it’s important to just do it i think.

              Best wishes,

          2. Hi Callendula,

            yes, I can confirm I said I feel more energetic since taking citric acid. I agree with what Alex said too. I seem to be taking actually more than 12g, could be 18g per day. Do you have a dropper or how can you feed the citric acid to the cat? Yes, more energy means the treatment works I think/hope. Lactic acid is produced by cancer/other ailments too (microorganisms) so citric acid is good against a lot of diseases I believe.

            1. Dear Helga, while i wish to believe in the best outcome with CA, i must also warn that while mother was taking Graviola and Paw Paw she also felt good most of the time, however markers are warning of trouble.
              Do be careful.

              Best wishes, and Thanks!

            2. She hates the dropper and it stars her out quite a bit. Today i experimented. I measured out . 6g CA and set it aside. I took a tiny amount of purified water and added a small amount of CA to it until it dissolved. Then i mashed two of her treats in the solution until soaked up. I reformed the treats into balls and gave them to her. She ate them without complaint. I am not sure if I am to give the CA all in one dollar a day or can it be divided into smaller doses throughout the day. I did not give any acid reducer. Ive seen that cats can have pepcid ac and recommended 1/2 tablet 30 mins before CA. However, at this time i am not adding that because the drug interaction site said it could react to the depomedrol injection she had. I believe it stays in the system for 30 days so i have to check when it was administered.
              I have to say I’m mind of excited about this site here with so much awesome information. Alternative strategies are all we have and I still have hope something may work with this multi prong attack. It may or may not but at least I can say i tried everything!

            3. Dear Calledula.
              I write to you to notify you of this new found most likely countering of effects between DCA and CA. It looks like they don’t work well together. Please check the site articles related to this subject for updates.’
              Best wishes to you and your cat, take care.

  86. Daniel, thanks for warm words to the Russian scientists (its pretty hard to do research here). You are right, the main problem is that most research papers and drugs are Ru only (its from Soviet Union time, iron curtain 🙁 . But, If you need some materials about mentioned drugs or you need some help translating from Russian – please ping me, I’ll try to help

    1. I was looking for the documents , I found the same issue its all are Russian , hard to translate

      but I believe they have a good treatments and not expensive , hope I can access them one day

      Kind regards


    2. Hi Vasis, the links you sent above are already very helpful. In case you have time and you anyway do this for you, it could help if we can build up a new post with a summary on Russian drugs that may help activate immune system such as those you mentioned Ronkoleikin, Refnot, Ingaron and others such as Gepon. I think another one is Timalin. Immunomax I already discussed but will anyway add it to the list. It doesn’t have to be much. Just a summary with short statements on the name, mode of action, application (usually it is in the indication list), results if any (clinical trials result and/or anecdotes), perception in Russia on that specific drug, availability and cost. You can send me by e-mail the summary and I will make a post out of it. After that anyone can do its own research if it sounds interesting but in that way we can start to build a list of Russian anti cancer drugs that typically are unknown beyond Russian and as you said, sometimes even within Russia. Then, the post will be open for comments and enhancement. What do you think?

      1. Hi Daniel,
        Yep, let do it. You are right – Timalin was one of the first immonostimulators developed in Soviet Union. Give me several days and I’ll try to prepare such materials for the separate post (I already have good presentations in Russia made by scientists).

  87. Folks, just look at and their studies. Most part of cancer research is just studying of combination of diffrent chemo sponsored by big pharms. And even worse – look at number of participants – its statistically meanigless (for some trials just dozens). Its not a science, its something different. I sent several mail to some research guys who had most promising results. The answer is the same – “we dont have money, we did it using own funds for free, the system is completely broken”. Where is immunology research?! There are tons of side-effects free drugs – why almost nobody check them?

    1. Yes, Vasis. Very good point. The system is wrong as it is purely driven by business. It should be the other way around: the system should be driven by the needs of the people and business should be an outcome of that (if business at all).

      I am so impressed when I read reports like these:

      Sales of breast cancer treatments are set to increase by an average of 5.8% a year in nine major markets, increasing from a value of $9.8 billion in 2013 to $18.2 billion by 2023, according to new forecasts from IMS Health. The highest-growing segment of the market is the HER2-positive subtype, where sales are set to show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% over the period, rising from $5.6 billion to $12.5 billion, while the triple negative segment will increase at a CAGR of 4.6%, from $470 million o $760 million, it says.,_says_ims_1002558

      It’s amazing … those at the top of the companies developing drugs are seeing all the people suffering from cancer as markets, divided in market sectors and market segments. Each segment with its growth and profitability that represents business potential.

      So what can we expect? This industry will never deliver a solution against cancer as is. Because a solution to cancer will change the statements above from growth to decline. There will be no more recurring revenues to drive growth. And the investors will run away to other industries. Is as simple as that.

      That is where I intend to focus the other part of my life. To focus on changing the above. I have patience and perseverance.

      Kind regards,

      1. Maybe i am silly here but, i see in this the same problem with energy. Would people not buy alternative fuels too? Would we all have a power plant in our home to fuel our car? I doubt i would. And then why not patent the devices making the fuel to charge XXXXXX $ for the device making the fuel making the device inaccessible to the masses. I doubt i would be able to produce cancer medicine at home any time soon, why arent’ they going for non-toxic solutions? Because it’s hard!!!!!!!!!! Expensive! And profit would be slow to come. Instead we use that old mix of chemicals who works to some degree, enough to sell hope… so why not? I mean if you’re a maggot of the system, feeding on the dying and sick.
        It’s what i discovered is the case for TY Bollinger and Chris Wark, both well known in the alternative side of things and very popular to milions.
        TY was a bit more mature about it, but this Chris guy, he’s going online and doing all sorts of scheemes to trick people into buying his series now for just 100$.
        While i enjoyed both series, i rather wash public toilets with my bare hands than sell a compilation of information that may or may not help, to the sick and dying.
        I wrote a few comments there and they were removed and i was IP banned. Censorship.
        I understand things cost money, but with their following i am sure 2$ would have been more than enough from the milions visiting and milions to come in the future as the predictions above say.
        + sponsorships, product placement, donations etc.
        Told Chris to get a real job, didn’t like it………..
        These people want to live the king life as if they are immortal on the back of the sick and dying. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if i knew i was part of such a thing.
        Such people wield the power of life and death on milions, is this earth or hell? Could they be one and the same?

        Sorry for off toppic and for the long comment.

        I wish you all the best of health, everything else will then follow i am sure.

        1. Hi Alex,

          what does this person, Chris Wark sell for $100? His videos? He has apparently very good marketing tools. But I don’t think he does any harm. If people are willing to buy his series so let them do it. JMHO.

          1. Of course he does harm. There are people rejecting conventional treatment opting for carrott juice. I think, unlike this site, Chris does oversimplification, hence quackery

    2. Hi Vasis,

      welcome aboard, so happy to see a new bright mind to join the “team”. Good question, you are asking. Are these molecules you mention patentable? Are they patented in the US/Europe? Perhaps your colleagues should try to find a sponsor to get them patented and an investor to found a company. Possibly a mixed Russian/Western company? Or Russian/Eastern one?

  88. Hi Helga,
    International patents is just a small part of the puzzle. Even if they obtain that (I’m not sure, maybe some of drugs already internationally patented – we can do patents seek) the next step is international clinic trials which should be done with approved hospitals (this is how I understand the process). Then you need to get approval from regulators like FDA (one of the most complicated things). And, eventually, is to get access to international market (pharmacies, clinics).It might be OK for big companies like Phazer/Sanofi with some “possibilities” to influence on regulators and extended pharm networking, but almost impossible for Russian componies like “Nizhpharm” with budget 10000 times smaller than Phazer.
    Another problem is English, yes – stupid language issue. Almost all Russian scientists are publishing their manuscripts in Ru-only magazines plus they cannot communicate and collaborate with potential investors, other scientists, etc.
    Honestly, I was very surprised when I found so big number of immuno drugs, research papers, and other materials here in Russia. Originally, I thought that medical science is almost (or completely) died here, but its still alive and produces very optimistic results (at least in immunology area – absolutly, world-level research).
    Yes, I already have some requests to find “investor” (or help in communications, etc.) which can promote drugs, but for me it means that I have to completely change my life and move to this area.

  89. Hi Vasis,

    It surprises me that Russian scientists publish their work in Russian journals. They should change this practice if they/you want to break into international markets. BTW I read Solzhenitsyn’s wonderful book, “Cancer Ward” where he describes how he cured his own cancer with a fungi growing on some trees. It made a deep impression on me (apparently on the Nobel committee as well :-)). Do you know if it is used/made into a product in Russia? Once in a while I see mushroom combo products that also contain “chaga”, which was the name in the book. Is that the same as Solzhenitsyn used, do you know?

  90. Hi Helga,
    Unfortunately, its inheritance from Soviet Union time. Yes, everybody aware that you have to publish your manuscripts in good international journals with high IF, but it takes efforts and time to study English (especially if you are not young and have family, etc). About your question – I’m not aware about any drugs which created from this mushroom “chaga”, but I’m pretty familiar with the mushroom itself – its really positioned as anticancer. Of course, no clinic trial, no official proofs. Another mushroom which is popular here is “Veshenka” (lat Pleurotus ostreatus) and just recently I’ve found that this musroom contains statins!
    I’d say we have unofficial industry of different approaches to cure cancer (most part its based on animal drugs, because its not-approved for human yet) plus some rural/witchery things like muchrooms, herbs :).
    Daniel, I think we have to create one more post about that – its interesting, but, of course not officially confirmed

    1. Hi Vasis,
      Thanks. I will wait for the content to create a post on the Russian options. I do not understand the other point regarding another post on something else? What kind of content are you thinking of?

    2. Dear Vasis (and other Russian posters), Helga,

      that of Solzhenitsyn is a hell of a story.

      its not a fungus but the root of a herb which has been used as aphrodisicaum and hallucinogen since ages ago.there are many chemo drugs extracted from it.

      Is there more folk info on russian sites on the amount to be taken?

      in some countries people use this on a regular basis.

  91. Hi Daniel,
    I think it makes sense to create two posts – the first one – what is officially approved by Russian regulators (immonostimulators and others) and the second one – another drugs like mushrooms, herbs, drugs for animals (which just not passed official trials, but safe enough)