Autoimmune disease & Quercetin

Autoimmune disease is aabnormal immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body. In other words the immune system starts attacking healthy parts of the body.

I decided to shortly write about thisdisease since it is a potential side effect following treatments with immunotherapies such as DendriticCells or anti PD1/PDL1 therapies.

It has been recently shown that MCT1 activity is not required for lymphocyte activation, such as cytokine production, or for most normal physiological functions. However,inhibition of MCT1 during T lymphocyte activation results in selective and profound inhibition of the extremely rapid phase of T cell division essential for an effective immune response. As a result, it has been indicated that MCT1 is a target for immunosuppressive therapy. Ref1 (As a short reminder, MCT1 is the transporter that is required from 3BP anticancer function.)

One of the well known inhibitor of MCT1 is Quercetin. Quercetin is a natural extract available at the online shops as a supplement. Other MCT1 inhibitors are Luteolin, Atorvastatin (and other statins), Diclofenac, Phloretin, Naringenin, Apigenin, Genistein, Ibuprofen, Silybin.

Great presentation onMonocarboxylate Transporters: list of elements interacting with MCTs and some studies of MCTs in different tissues.

Personally, I know someone who as a result of her cancer had an auto immune disease triggered, targeting her eyes. Against all doctors expectations, after a few months, instead of being strongly affected by the immune system her eyes were totally recovered. What she did during those months when the recovery has occurred, was an intensive IV Quercetin administration (1g/day). Note that this person is a medical doctor.

Therefore, whenever there is an autoimmune disease present I would consider intensive treatments with MCT1 inhibitors such as Quercetin. The best would probably be the IV administration, since the bioavailability of natural extracts such as Quercetin given via the oral route is relatively low.

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2 thoughts on “Autoimmune disease & Quercetin

  1. I have small intestine adenocarcinoma with MSI status. I am taking turkey tail mushrooms (rich source of polysaccharides) to prevent angiogenesis and also keep my immune system strong. I was planning to take quertecin supplement also. So does that mean now I shouldnt be taking querticin? As it would counteract the turkey tail supplement?

    1. Hi V, Thanks for your comment. I would not be worried about that. If Quercetin will reach the blood level required for MCT1 reduction, it will also reduce MCT4. This will have positive impact on the action of the immune system around the tumors due to the reduction of lactate (lactate disables Teff cells and enables Tregs (Ref.). Therefore, from an immune sys point of view, if enough high levels of Quercetin can reach the blood, Quercetin will reduce the over reaction of the immune system systemically on one hand, and will enable the action of the immune system around the tumors on the other hand. From a tumor point of view, MCT1 and MCT4 reduction will slow down the cancer cells. However, there are more anti cancer mechansims associated to Quercetin

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