An Update and a Recent Finding Related to the Immune System Activity

Author: Daniel S, PhD; Last update: January 31st, 2021

Dear Friends,

I will use this post to address two points: one related to the recently launched food supplement company MCS Formulas and the other related to a recent and relevant finding on modulating immune cell activation:

Several points related to MCS Formulas and related activities

Recently, we just started the supplement company with own savings again, to create a mechanism to contribute to society. This is the only chance to convert what we are doing here into something professional.  This is extreme hard work and if I would not have very clear for whom I am doing this, I would stop immediately and go back to a normal life.

On top of that, I would like to clarify that I recently applied at the Tax Office with a request (which was approved) so that I will not receive any salary from MCS Formulas during 2020, while working for this more than for any job I ever had (which was typically more than the average). This is because I want to have everything going back into the company to be able to growth fast and make an important difference to life as soon as possible through the projects that we support and others to come. This means that I continue to run on own savings as I did since the beginning of 2019 when I left behind a very good job, to dedicate my full time to oncology and help people.

Of course, I hope and expect that next year I will have a normal salary and we will be able to have payed colleagues to help expand our activity. 

(There are a few donations that come via “Donate” button but those were typically enough each month to pay for the web-services in order to keep this website up and running. Thank you to those kind enough to support this website.)

The point with all this is so that everything is transparent and you know what happens behind the “scenes” of

  • Cancer Treatments Research
  • MCS Foundation for Life
  • MCS Formulas

Regarding the sales at MCS Formulas during the first weeks of its existence, I am happy to let you know that it is going well, above the initial expectations. People find the products very good and the price fair, i.e. the value that we indeed intended to offer. As a result, we also started to get the support of some people that we all appreciate, the name of which I will share with you soon.

Kind regards,

The point related to the Immune System A ‘Switch’ to Modulate Immune Cell Activation: Relevant to Cancer and Autoimmunity

I recently came across this very relevant research that I would like to share with you:

Essentially, this study addresses the following points:

  • The balance between immune activation and suppression in the human body is regulated by “T regulatory cells”. When the immune systems over reacts, Tregs proliferate and as a result are suppressing T cells
  • So we could argue that by controlling T regulatory cells we determine the balance between autoimmunity and anti-cancer activity. The more active Treg cells, the less active is the immune system.
  • The study above, found that there is a relation between Glutathione and Treg cells
    • High Glutathione -> High activity in Treg cells -> lower activity of the immune system
    • Low Glutathione -> Low activity in Treg cells -> high activity of the immune system

Therefore, controlling GSH level may help control Treg activity. This is a great piece of information since there are cases when we want to have the immune system acting more intensively (such as in the cases when patients use immuno therapies) and other cases when we prefer to reduce the immune reaction (such as in cases of auto immune disease).

There are various supplements and drugs that can help control the GSH level inside cells. HERE I discussed a strategy to suppress Glutathione (and other anti-oxidants) that, based on the above study, could be implemented to support immuno therapy.

The same study also found that when Glutathione is reduced in Treg cells, serine metabolism increases in an effort to produce Glutathione and prevent Reactive Oxygen Species accumulation but that still did not activated Tregs. Interestingly, when serine is depleted (via e.g. diet) T regs, can recover their function even if the Glutathione level is low, uncovering a more important role of Serine in Tregs function.

One other important point made in this study was that regulatory T cells had about three times as much Glutathione as other T cells. This means that near the tumours where Reactive Oxygen Spices are higher, T reg cells can survive and proliferate much better compared to T cells, and in turn inhibit the immune function.

In conclusion, it seems that controlling Glutathione levels is key in controlling the activity of the immune system. This is very important for us since

  • during immuno-therapy we want to enable or increase the activity of the immune cells
  • while immediately after therapies that induce tumor necrosis we may want to reduce the over reaction of the immune system connected to inflammatory activity that could even lead to fast re-growth of tumors


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8 thoughts on “An Update and a Recent Finding Related to the Immune System Activity

  1. Dear Daniel,
    Many of us visiting this website come here out of personal motivation. Either to learn more for ourselves or for one of our loved ones. Your contribution and drive however are intrinsic and commendable. Please continue your work, because truly the world will become a better place with your contributions.
    Cheers and a big thank you.

  2. Daniel, transparency is necessary in any enterprise and all too often absent. You have given such extraordinary time to this website and helping others at your own expense. I would like to know you are taking a salary, you deserve it.
    Please do not feel like you need to apologize for earning money from an excellent product created for the benefit of others. I am happy to support you in every way. Jill

    1. Dear Jill,

      Thank you so much for your very kind comment, for thinking about me and for being one of the few who are also doing efforts to support this website as well as MCS Formulas as a customer. I work so much for all this that it would not make sense for me just to have a salary. Either we succeed to do something important for the World, or if not naturally I will stop all in 2021 when my savings are gone, and go back to a normal life. However, I will do my best for MCS Formulas to succeed and there is good chance for that to happen as very valuable people are brought into my path. Your comments show that you are one of them and I thank you for that.

      Kind regards,

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